dokoslangasek, yes, forgot to prmote it, I'll look if anything explicitly b-d's on swig2.000:46
slangasekdoko: I sorted out the revdeps now00:49
slangasekand am working on dolfin00:49
dokoahh, good. then I'm afk00:49
slangasekpitti: this failure doesn't look to me like it's caused by audit; that shouldn't change the nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf... :) http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/s/systemd/xenial/amd64/00:56
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dupingpinghey, everybody.03:16
dupingpingHow to register new localization?03:16
decciHello developers10:34
decciI am new to .DEB packaging system.I tried tools like checkinstall but it lacks rules making feature10:35
decciAnyone with experience on how rules are written10:35
rbasakdecci: easiest to use debhlper's dh sequencer nowadays.11:17
rbasakdecci: install debhelper and then see dh(1)11:17
deccirbasak: do you mean checkinstall might not help with rule part11:17
rbasakI don't know about checkinstall11:17
deccirbasak: debreate looks good tool but sometimes it doesnt help to see what goes behind the hood11:18
sdfgsdfghey, i'm wondering if there is some inotify-esque interface that instead of pooling resources can just match for any fs event with a certain dir prefix. or possibly every fs event and then i can filter myself11:57
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eloszwhat's the difference between extended security and trusted extended attributes ? http://linux.die.net/man/5/attr15:49
eloszextended security -> normal process can read , superuser can read and write15:50
elosztrusted -> only superuser can read and write15:50
eloszis my understanding correct?15:50
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vthompsonIs there a recommended way to install the latest UI Toolkit that's installed on the rc-proposed image on your development machine? The one in wily (and in the SDK team PPA) appears to be 1.3.1627+15.10.20150908-0ubuntu1 whereas the version in rc-proposed is 1.3.1688+15.04.20151018.1-0ubuntu116:40
tsimonq2does nayone know if I could push a package from Debian Experimental to a Launchpad ppa?20:33
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