daftykins20m from my front door to a pub00:10
daftykinsislands can be great00:10
wileeelocation, location, location, same here00:17
wileeeless than a block from 3 pubs, cuban and german food, couple more block even better retaurants00:18
daftykinsmmm nice :D00:22
Bashing-omBut, but ... I am 4 miles away from anything and anyone ---- that is nice too ,00:25
daftykinsnothing but country roads?00:32
Bashing-omdaftykins: Sadly, a few years back the "country road" was black topped .. When I was a kid, we might get 5 cars a day pass by ... now it is 5 cars a minute .00:34
daftykinsthat's a pain00:37
daftykinshow many lanes are we talking? just the one each way?00:37
Bashing-omYeah, even in our moderen day ... just a country (county) road . one lane each way .00:38
daftykinsthere aren't any roads on the island here with any more than 200:44
daftykinsmaybe more turning lanes at points, but not the whole way :)00:45
Bashing-omLiving on a island, must have it "moments" in stormy weather .00:52
daftykinsoh we get beautiful thunderstorms over the English Channel yeah :) and the wind on the coast can be bad at times, but nothing serious00:54
Bashing-omLovely living !00:57
daftykinsvery mild weather here too, typically nothing below 5 deg C for winter - and nothing above 25 deg C for summer01:03
OerHeks!find werewolf01:48
ubot5Found: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:01:48
daftykins5 of them!01:48
OerHekstold ya01:48
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pauljwgnite all02:25
Dylan____How do I get wifi on my MacBook Pro 2010 with Ubuntu mate05:07
Dylan____There's no driver and like my Ethernet cable doesn't hook upto to it and also there's no where to get a Ethernet to wifi05:07
Dylan____But I get my nvidia drivers and stuff but no wifi05:07
wileee#ubuntu is the support channel05:08
lotuspsychjemorning guys05:30
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: morningggg05:34
cfhowletthey!  I got banned from ##opensource!05:34
lotuspsychjeuh why05:35
cfhowlettafter getting my invite, I entered the room to find an ongoing discussion of anal assault and sexual orientation questioning.  I pm'd the person who invited me and was informed this was a "opensource business oriented channel" and the conversation was part of that.  I NOPED my way out despite the invite to return.05:36
cfhowlettit seems I offended macrox with my questions05:37
lotuspsychjeis that the op?05:37
cfhowletthe invited me.  either way, y'all are stuck with me here in *buntu land.05:37
lotuspsychjelemme go idle there some tim05:38
lotuspsychjeand see how nasty the ops are05:38
lotuspsychje* You have been kicked from ##opensource by ChanServ (This channel has been closed)05:39
cfhowlettI hope that means freenode has closed the channel05:39
wileeeI'm banned05:39
wileeenever been there05:40
cfhowlettwileee, dammit wileee!  what did YOU do!  I was hoping I was a member of an exclusive club ...05:40
wileeeheh, I was fibbing, I wanted to be cool, Doh05:40
lotuspsychjesome chans are real nasty05:40
lotuspsychjei got banned from ##cars aswell05:41
lotuspsychjethose ops are dumbbb05:41
wileeemust of been the support for all OS I espout05:42
Dylan____How do I get my MacBook to get wifi correctly working on Ubuntu mate07:32
Dylan____Cause with other distros the things been detected07:32
Dylan____But mate isn't07:32
wileeehappy halloween https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyQZ13jobIY07:39
wileeeI remember installing that once just for fun07:42
cfhowlettwileee, cool artwork07:42
wileeeyeah for sure07:43
wileeeI like metal bans with a little costuming, viva Gwar07:44
lordievaderGood morning08:23
cfhowletttrolling senses tingling ....09:21
lotuspsychje|XENgood morning to all09:24
lotuspsychje|XENwhat does that mean linux-firmware is set to manual install09:25
=== lotuspsychje|XEN is now known as lotus|xenial
* lotus|xenial upgrading xenial09:32
lotus|xeniallets see if things start to break09:32
lotus|xenialok done, quick reboot :p09:36
lotus|xenialfirefox 42 and libreoffice 509:39
lotus|xenialEriC^^: morning mate09:41
EriC^^morning lotus|xenial10:00
lotus|xenialwifi card is gone again on xenial grrr10:07
lotus|xenialand linux-firmware is installed with cable10:07
lotus|xenialsudo lshw -C network even doesnt show my card10:08
lotus|xenialits a linksys pci card with 2 antenna's and plugged it for sure10:09
lotus|xenialand syslog doesnt show me usefull stuff on it10:09
EriC^^it works on another os?10:12
lotus|xenialyeah worked on trusty10:13
lotus|xenialmaybe its still 15.10/xenial issue10:13
lotus|xenialits like the card has vanished lol10:14
EriC^^maybe the new kernel10:14
lotus|xenialyeah think it might be kernel related10:14
EriC^^first time you've tried 4.x on it?10:14
EriC^^maybe there's a kernel parameter you can pass10:15
EriC^^/join #kernel maybe10:15
lotus|xenialbbl bios tuning10:42
BluesKajHiyas all11:26
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lotuspsychjehi OerHeks14:05
OerHeksHi lotus :-)14:07
lotuspsychjeafternoon EriC^^14:55
EriC^^afternoon lotuspsychje14:56
pauljwHi everyone15:08
lotuspsychjehey pauljw15:10
pauljwlotuspsychje: how ya doin'?15:10
lotuspsychjefine tnx15:11
ioriahow are you ding ?15:15
lotuspsychjefine mate and you?15:15
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: wb15:22
EriC^^upgrading arch for the 4th time maybe15:22
EriC^^keeps breaking15:22
lotuspsychjewhats your plan EriC^^15:22
EriC^^on arch?15:22
lotuspsychjetesting latest arch?15:22
EriC^^oh, no i have arch on a usb15:23
lotuspsychjeah yeah15:23
EriC^^just for kicks15:23
pauljwi just installed latest mint this morning, seems like a nice enough distro.15:23
EriC^^after i upgrade though, sometimes it would hang while shutting down, i press power button, distro destroyed15:23
EriC^^so i started running a "sync" command after upgrading15:24
EriC^^and it would shutdown quickly, i guess it was running sync before and i didnt wait long enough ( took like 5 mins to complete O.o )15:24
EriC^^anyways lately after upgrading it gave me block errors and stuff about the usb, i ran badblocks nothing showed up though15:25
EriC^^odd, anyways i dd the image, now upgrading again, maybe the usb sucks i dunno15:26
EriC^^it's a kingston15:26
lotuspsychjenormally thats not very bad15:26
EriC^^it does hang a lot too while arch is running it'll freeze sometimes15:26
lotuspsychjewell usb can get bottlenecks for sure15:27
EriC^^like freeze for couple secs then continue15:27
lotuspsychjewould ge better with usb 3.0 perhaps?15:27
EriC^^it is a 3.015:28
EriC^^dunno if it's using it right though, none of the ports are blue on the laptop15:28
lotuspsychjethen arch take a lot of recources maybe15:28
EriC^^lsusb does say Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub15:28
lotuspsychjeyeah thats 3.0 for sure then15:28
EriC^^it's for one though not all in lsusb15:29
lotuspsychjeyes one port will be15:29
EriC^^how can i tell if the port isn't blue though? i tried once to copy data and they all copy the same15:29
lotuspsychjehmm maybe with a realtime tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin the ports15:29
lotuspsychjeperhaps youl get lucky and catch usefull stuff15:30
EriC^^yeah will give it a go15:30
lotuspsychjeive seen warnings like slow usb device or something15:31
lotuspsychjeor usb >1.1 stuff15:31
BluesKajnew ssd installed, working great :-)15:32
lotuspsychjenice mate15:33
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: check the topic in my ##linux-ssd channel15:33
lotuspsychjemight help you wteak15:33
BluesKajlotuspsychje, ok thanks15:33
lotuspsychje!info preload | BluesKaj and if you dont got this1 yet15:33
ubot5BluesKaj and if you dont got this1 yet: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2 (vivid), package size 34 kB, installed size 135 kB15:33
BluesKajlotuspsychje, I'm running/testing 16.0416:02
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: on your ssd?16:05
BluesKajlotuspsychje, yes16:13
BluesKajwas going to dd from my other hdd, but I went for a clean install instead. A lttler more work, but it's set up now.16:14
BluesKajdd only worked once for copying / and /home to another drive, the partitions have to be almost exactly the same size16:17
BluesKajcheck on gparted didn't fix the size difference16:17
wileeeeveryone luvs their music compressed thanks to dolby17:55
wileeeor sounds anyway17:55
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