slookDoes the Website administrator or designer visit the IRC of Ubuntu Gnome?00:48
slookIf not, I have one concern about the website - its very confusing to find the download link. You literally have to go through 3 pages to get to it. Download -> Latest Release -> Ubuntu Wiki -> [Download Links] - they should simplify this and list those links on the Download page instead of page hopping00:49
slookI'm dling the 32-bit version now, finally; take care all - thanks for the support and hard work =D00:49
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sftrabbitJust installed 15.10 today, and reducing my screen brightness (either with the function key or through the power settings) is causing my display to turn off. I've been having to do a hard shutdown when it happens. Increasing the brightness is fine. It's an Asus N56V laptop. Any ideas?21:44
sftrabbitThere is a separate function key intended for turning off/on the display, which also works fine.21:45
globalistHello guys! I'm very much enjoying the new release, so thanks to everybody involved! :) I have one minor issue though which which I can't seem to resolve on my own: At boot, all I get is a black screen (setting a different grub timeout has no effect) and after a few seconds my monitor goes into standby... I then have to press ESC to reach a tty passphrase query (i have an encrypted installation, Ubuntu Gnome is the only OS inst22:25
globalistalled) after that everything works as it should. I can not for the life of me determine what's causing this. It also happens on my laptop. As I said, it's not really a big deal for me but would appreciate any help!22:25
globalistI might have to add that the only "solutions" that I found online suggested to edit the grub timeout and hidden_timeout options. But that didn't help in my case. Basically I can display the Grub menu if I wanted but after the countdown I'm returned to a black screen and i have to press ESC to proceed.22:33
globalistGot to go. Have a good one, everybody!23:11

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