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trimetaI'm having trouble getting the installer to work from a USB flash drive. I used dd to directly copy ubuntu-15.10-server-amd64.iso onto a drive, and while it boots initially, and I can hit "enter" at the "Install Ubuntu" screen, on the next screen (where it wants you to choose a language), it freezes and refuses to respond to any input.04:58
trimeta(Note, there are two "choose language" screens, the one before the "Install Ubuntu" option, and the one after. I can get through the first screen no problem, it's the second one where there's an issue.)04:59
CardingiSFunHello, does anyone know how to setup postfix?05:55
it_i used this to backup                                                      sudo tar -cvpzf backuphome.tar.gz /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/                                                                          should i type this to restore will it restore everything back??                                                              sudo tar -xvpzf /cdrom/backuphome.tar.gz -C /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/ --numeri05:57
quanticCardingiSFun: beyond "dpkg-reconfigure postfix" ?06:03
CardingiSFuni have it installed just i dont know what to put as the settings. i have a webmin panel that is easy to configure it. i just dont know how i would do so with all the settings06:04
CardingiSFundoes anyone know how to fix a email problem? my server wont send emails06:43
quanticCardingiSFun: Where is this server? Home, hosted, what?06:43
quanticCardingiSFun: because, honestly, postfix is very easy to configure via dpkg-reconfigure. I get the distinct feeling that you haven't done your own research.06:44
CardingiSFunits a server built at my friends house in flordia. i have full tv access and webmin access. and i just dont know what half the stuff does. like im not good with stuff like that besides the game servers i host.06:45
quanticCardingiSFun: Then this is an excellent learning opportunity for you.06:46
quanticCardingiSFun: But I'll give you something to get you started: You should configure it as a satellite host. You'll use a smarthost for delivery, and that smarthost is your friend's ISP's outbound email server.06:46
CardingiSFunhow do i set it up so it uses my domain name after the @?06:49
CardingiSFuni have wolfbrotech.com forwarded to the server and the web-server works.  just when people register it doesnt send the activation email out.06:50
quanticCardingiSFun: You need to search for and read documentation.06:53
quanticCardingiSFun: The answer to your question already exists in some eleventy-billion places on the internet.06:53
quanticCardingiSFun: And I've given you a pretty good starting point for your search already.06:54
mnathani_CardingiSFun: look for mx records07:01
mnathani_in dns and in reference to setting up email for a domain07:02
quanticmnathani_: that has nothing to do with his server sending emails out. he's not trying to receive email.07:03
CardingiSFuni was checking /var/mail/ttb and all i see is this http://pastebin.com/wzcGavx707:07
quanticCardingiSFun: I already told you what you need to start looking for.07:09
CardingiSFuni followed that07:09
quanticCardingiSFun: That doesn't fully apply to you. You're not hosting anything at DO. You're hosting it out of your friend's house.07:10
quanticCardingiSFun: The difference being what I already told you.07:10
CardingiSFuni dont understand.. i cant understand what you mean..07:11
quanticCardingiSFun: Because you keep asking for answers instead of doing your own research.07:12
quanticCardingiSFun: But I'll give you something to get you started: You should configure it as a satellite host. You'll use a smarthost for delivery, and that smarthost is your friend's ISP's outbound email server.07:12
quanticCardingiSFun: I said that earlier. That, quite literally, is the answer you're looking for. How to actually DO that is an exercise left to you.07:13
quanticCardingiSFun: To explain: Your friend's server isn't capable of sending emails the way normal not-hosted-at-home servers do. It can't just send an email straight to the destination - it'll get flagged as spam almost 100% of the time, if it's even accepted at all.07:14
quanticCardingiSFun: His internet service provider, whoever that might be, has an email server for this use. You'll have to configure postfix to use that server as a relay when it sends mail.07:15
quanticCardingiSFun: It's very easy to configure postfix to do this, but you have to Read The Furnished Materials to figure out how to do it.07:15
CardingiSFuni cant read well07:16
quantic... Then that would appear to be your first issue.07:16
quanticAnd you might want to tackle that before trying to configure an email server, to be frank.07:16
CardingiSFundyslexia doesnt help much07:17
quanticYou're going to have to learn to conpensate. :/ It's unfortunate, but the expectation is that you can do your own research.07:19
it_i used this to backup                                                      sudo tar -cvpzf backuphome.tar.gz /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/                                                                          should i type this to restore will it restore everything back??                                                              sudo tar -xvpzf /cdrom/backuphome.tar.gz -C /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/ --numeri07:35
lordievaderGood morning08:22
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mrtAkdenizhey there13:02
mrtAkdenizmy nslookup IP returns wrong information13:03
SlingmrtAkdeniz: what do you mean with wrong information?13:26
Slingwhat did you do, what did you expect to happen, what happened instead13:26
mrtAkdenizSling, my hostname is : roomworks.site13:27
mrtAkdenizmy hostname -f is roomworks.site13:27
mrtAkdenizbut when I try to send mail with postfix13:27
mrtAkdenizit returns http://pastie.org/private/zpqv7egmbmkleugp1qfoga13:27
mrtAkdenizas you see, it think my hostname is room.site13:27
mrtAkdeniznslookup IP returns13:27
Slingno, room.team13:27
mrtAkdeniz211.10.196.82.in-addr.arpaname = room.team.13:28
mrtAkdenizSling, yeah room.team .. I mean not my hostname13:28
mrtAkdenizSomebody told that, my reverse lookups are wrong13:28
Slingso fix the PTR record to make the reverse and forward records point to each other13:28
mrtAkdenizgoogling it for 1.5 hours.. stil no answer13:28
Slingthen your google skills must be bad :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_DNS_lookup13:29
mrtAkdenizSling, I mean I did not find a solution to do that13:29
mrtAkdenizShould I change my dns addresses?13:29
mrtAkdenizon resolv.conf?13:29
Slingwhichever company assigned you the IP should have a way of setting those PTR records13:29
Slingno this has nothing to do with your resolvers13:29
mrtAkdenizit is digitalocean13:30
mrtAkdenizi think i can check domains part, there must be an option for ptr13:30
mrtAkdenizrofl, i found it13:30
mrtAkdenizi need to rename droplet to change it :313:30
Slinglooks like it yes13:31
Sling30 minutes ttl13:31
mrtAkdenizSling, thank you, I'll inform you if it works13:31
Slingso can take up to 30 minutes to work13:31
Slinglooks good13:32
mrtAkdenizyeah but no luck :\13:33
Slingprobably dns cache13:35
mrtAkdenizdns flush?13:35
Slingunless you have permission to do that on the dns resolvers you are using, you will have to wait until their cache expires13:36
Slingor change to other resolvers that don't have this lookup cached yet13:36
mrtAkdenizthis may up to take 30 min?13:37
mrtAkdenizor longer?13:37
Slingdepends on the TTL of the record13:37
Slingwhich is 1800 seconds in this case13:37
Sling211.10.196.82.in-addr.arpa. 1800 InfoTest PTRroomworks.site.13:37
mrtAkdenizthank you so much13:38
Slinghm not sure where that InfoTest came from, but ok13:38
mrtAkdenizI think after that my problem become postfix problem13:38
Slingoh wow, there are tab chars in my copy buffer and irssi uses that to autocomplete, heh13:39
mrtAkdenizso InfoTest was not on there:D13:39
mrtAkdenizsorry @ InfoTest :313:39
SlingIN <tab> PTR <tab> roomworks.site13:40
mrtAkdenizSling, can you check it "http://pastie.org/10519917" is there any restriction?13:41
Slingim not a postfix expert, but the myhostname looks fine13:44
Slingif it still doesn't work in 20-30 mins, you can always check with #postfix13:44
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maddawg2anyone here have experience configuring VLANs in Ubuntu-server16:14
maddawg2i am attemtping to have one ubuntu server act as a router for two seperate vlans on the same NIC16:14
quanticmaddawg2: I think it's a matter of installing the "vlan" package, then creating interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces with the "vlan-raw-device" stanza.16:16
quanticmaddawg2: Have you reviewed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/vlan ?16:17
maddawg2quantic that was my assumption too... we use ubuntu server where i work and we've never used vlans before, but we use ubuntu as our router and vpn server for all of the facilties.  However we have some local IT people who are not well verse in Linux and as such we made it slightly easier to manage aspects of the server using webmin.  I am curious as to whether creating a vlan in the interfaces file would appear to the dhcp module as a seperate16:19
maddawg2also wondering if there are any best practices when assignling vlan tags... I.e. i want a public network and a corporate network... is it best to leave the corporate network tagged and leave public untagged or does it matter?16:20
quanticmaddawg2: If you're going to use vlans at all, tag EVERY network. Properly segregate your stuff.16:21
maddawg2someone in another channel told me that most switches pass vlan tags regardless if they are managed or not.  Is this true?16:22
maddawg2i was under the assumption that switches stripped the vlan tags out16:23
maddawg2and the switches would have to be configured in order to route traffic16:23
quanticmaddawg2: depends on port configuration, I believe. Admittedly, the finer points of 802.1q aren't my forte. :/16:26
maddawg2yea i've never used vlans before lol16:27
maddawg2used to just use seperate physical networks, but some our facilities dont have a physically seperate network, and also our wifi APs will allow us to use multiple SSIDs bonded wth a vlan16:27
maddawg2i want to take advantage of that so our public wifi is available throughout the whole facility16:28
TJ-some switches will tag the ports (so the clients don't need to know about tagging)16:32
jak2000hi all17:05
jak2000http://pastie.org/10517424#15   cant do the job, i need copy a file from server1 to server2, i try generate a ssh certificate, and ask and ask me the password any adivce?17:06
tewardjak2000: did you upload the public key to server2's authorized_keys file for the user you're trying to login as?17:26
tewardfor example, to add my SSH key to 'teward' on server2.tewardnet, i'd have to SSH in to there first, and put it into /home/teward/.ssh/authorized_keys17:26
tewardthen try and SSH over with the key and not the password17:26
tewardif the key is not accepted then it will prompt for PW auth of course17:27
teward(and if you're trying to do this as root, well, there's one of your problems)17:27
tewards/there's one of your problems//17:27
jak2000teward reading17:36
TJ-jak2000: see "man ssh-copy-id"17:40
jak2000in both boxes i do with user: jak17:40
jak2000and http://pastie.org/10517424#15   line 54 (password OK), and copied the file17:41
jak2000and yes i copyed the key generated on server 1 copied to server 117:41
jak2000(i do this steps much times, here sarnold and TJ- try help me)17:41
jak2000but not work17:41
tewardjak2000: i assume when you generated the key you just hit 'enter' at the password generation?17:42
tewardbecause it's always going to ask when you generate, if you leave it blank there's no pw17:42
jak2000only hit 'enter'17:46
tewardjak2000: well, it looks like rsync is working there.17:47
teward"sending incremental file list" is typical of what I see17:47
tewardand it got past the authentication based on that (it'd have errored out before sending data, usually).17:47
tewardso what's wrong here?17:47
jak2000yes line 52, but see line 5117:47
jak2000and line 58 and line 5717:48
jak2000ask the password17:48
jak2000(i need generate a crontab task for copy a file from server1 to server2) without ask me a password17:48
jak2000see please: http://postimg.org/image/5e385aizd/17:49
tewardjak2000: image isn't useful, we know what you're trying to achieve (you've said it 3 times after all)17:55
tewardjak2000: `ssh -v` from server1 to server2.  Pastebin the output.  Check to make sure that the key is being provided during the connection phase, you'll maybe see something like this in the verbose output:  debug1: identity file /home/teward/.ssh/id_rsa type -117:55
tewardwe just need to make sure the key is actually being tried17:56
teward(assuming you remember where you said the key should be saved, when you generated it)17:56
dtsdwarakhi everyone!17:59
dtsdwarakI am currently trying to strip down the ubuntu-server kernel to remove the modules that I don't want18:00
dtsdwarakCan someone point me to a link from which I can obtain the kernel source code for ubuntu server images?18:00
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)18:00
tewarddtsdwarak: that last link there may be what you want, as well as the first one18:00
dtsdwarakteward: and ubottu : Thanks a lot guys. Maybe I put my question wrong. I wanted a way to compile minimal kernel for ubuntu server. The one that resides in kernel.org is too heavy and way too much stuff seems to be taken care of18:04
tewarddtsdwarak: compiling remains the same either way, you still have to first *obtain* the source code, and to start you have to get a copy of the kernel18:05
tewardthen strip it down18:05
tewardthen follow compilation18:05
tewardhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel may be useful too18:05
tewarddownload, modify, compile.18:05
tewardhow is that different from what you're asking?18:06
dtsdwarakThe ubuntu server's built in kernel is already stripped down version right? I wanted way so I can start off from where it left - to strip it further down easily.18:06
jak2000teward: i type: ssh -v on server1, and tell me a man page: usage: ssh [-118:06
* teward grumbles18:08
jak2000following: <teward> jak2000: `ssh -v` from server1 to server2.  Pastebin the output.  Check to make sure that the key is being provided during the connection phase, you'll maybe see something like this in the verbose output:  debug1: identity file /home/teward/.ssh/id_rsa type -118:08
tewardjak2000: "from server 1 to server 2"18:08
tewardproviding you use the same exact ssh command but add a -v to the arguments18:09
tewardwhich you failed to do18:09
tewardfrom server2: `ssh -v foo@server2`18:09
dtsdwarakteward: !18:09
tewardor w/e it is18:09
tewarddtsdwarak: then why are you not referring to the documentation on how to get the kernel?18:09
teward"Obtaining the source for an Ubuntu release" on the link I gave you18:10
teward(for BuildYourOwnKernel)18:10
tewardadapt and compile as you see fit18:10
dtsdwarakThanks teward for your help. Let me check that first18:10
jak2000teward: http://pastie.org/1052048718:11
tewardjak2000: lines 37 and 38 suggest that the key was offered but it was not accepted by the server.  So either the public key is not in the correct place on server2, or it's incorrectly copied, or one of many other issues18:12
tewardjak2000: how did you copy the key over to server2?  Via ssh-copy-id ?18:14
jak2000in both servers.... i have ubuntu 14.04 installed18:15
jak2000i connect to each one via putty (from windows 8.1 pc)18:15
jak2000in server 1 i do a cat: cat id_rsa.pub18:15
jak2000and select (with mouse) and and paste on server 218:15
jak2000http://pastie.org/10517424#15,22,24   (line 24 and line 40)018:16
jak2000is wrong?18:16
tewardjak2000: don't use sudo to edit it, if the 'jak' user is the one it needs to be in18:16
tewardon server 2: `sudo chown --recursive jak:jak /home/jak/.ssh`18:17
tewardtry again after that18:17
tewardhttp://pastie.org/10517424#40  <-- this is where your mistake was, line 4018:17
jak2000:( http://pastie.org/1052052618:20
jak2000wich is wrong?18:21
quanticjak2000: what are the permissions on your id_rsa file?18:43
jak2000quantic in server 1? or server 2?18:46
quanticjak2000: either.18:47
quanticjak2000: which one are you copying FROM?18:47
jak2000see please: http://postimg.org/image/5e385aizd/18:47
quanticjak2000: then server 1. You could have just answered that instead of linking me to that.18:48
jak2000on server1: ls -l id_rsa.pub18:48
quanticjak2000: No.18:48
jak2000-rw-r--r-- 1 jak jak 395 Oct 29 23:54 id_rsa.pub18:48
quanticls -l id_rsa18:48
jak2000jak@swManzana:~/.ssh$ ls -l id_rsa18:48
jak2000-rw------- 1 jak jak 1679 Oct 29 23:54 id_rsa18:48
jak2000on server 118:48
quanticjak2000: try to ssh to server 2, see if key auth works. If not, ssh -vv to server 2 and pastebin the log. It's going to be quite spammy.18:49
quanticjak2000: is there an authorized_keys file in your .ssh directory on server 2?18:50
jak2000quantic: http://pastie.org/1052062518:52
quanticjak2000: And the answer to my second question?18:53
jak2000i paste in the first lines18:53
jak2000quantic: http://pastie.org/10517424#15,22,24      i hit only 'enter' key when ask me a password (3 times)18:55
quanticjak2000: The contents of /var/log/auth.log on server 2 should indicate why key authentication is being refused.18:56
trimetaI'm having trouble getting the installer to work from a USB flash drive. I used dd to directly copy ubuntu-15.10-server-amd64.iso onto a drive, and while it boots initially (using either regular USB boot or UEFI), and I can hit "enter" at the "Install Ubuntu" screen, on the next screen after that (where it wants you to choose a language), it freezes and refuses to respond to any input.18:57
jak2000quantic ok i do on server2: sudo tail -f /var/log/auth.log19:00
jak2000ons erfver 1: scp  /backup/tari.sql jak@frigorificos.noip.me:/home/jak/sql/19:00
jak2000quantic: http://pastie.org/1052064919:02
quanticjak2000: your key is corrupt somehow.19:02
quanticjak2000: regenerate it. ensure that the private key is in id_rsa, the public key in id_rsa.pub, and that public key copied to authorized_keys on the destination server.19:03
jak20001) on server1: cd /home/jak/.ssh    2) rm * -f   (same on server 2)19:05
jak20003) server1: ssh-keygen -t rsa  9 ask me file an 2 times password( in all 3 ENTER)19:07
jak2000generated 2 files: -rw------- 1 jak jak 1679 Oct 31 13:06 id_rsa   and -rw-r--r-- 1 jak jak  395 Oct 31 13:06 id_rsa.pub19:07
trimetaSorry about that; I fell off the net. If I missed any replies, please resend them.19:07
jak2000quantic can i do: scp id_rsa.pub jak@domain.noip.me:/home/jak/ftp   ?19:08
jak2000or better cat and paste?19:08
TJ-jak2000: did you not read "man ssh-copy-id" ?19:10
jak2000TJ- sorry, no19:11
jak2000i read now19:11
jak2000ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub remote-host19:15
jak2000TJ-, http://pastie.org/10520689    quantic: http://pastie.org/1052068919:17
jak2000ooooo not ask me a password19:18
TJ-jak2000: that looks correct. Now try an ssh log-in to the target(s) and you ought not to need to enter a password19:19
jak2000testingo now copying the file19:19
TJ-jak2000: so now your scp/rsync will do the same19:19
jak2000TJ- uf............ done the thing19:22
jak2000done..... :) i am happyy19:23
trimetaI'm in the ubuntu-server ncurses-based installer, and I'm trying to configure some encrypted volumes manually. I set up a couple of disks and was able to do this successfully (by formatting the disk as encrypted volume, then going to "configure encrypted volumes" and activating those volumes), but some other partitions refuse to appear in the "configure encrypted volumes" options even though they also were set up as "physical21:07
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bittinhttp://www.twitch.tv/twitchinstallsarchlinux :D23:19

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