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elimisteveHi everyone. I'm not here to be one of _those_ people and ask yet again about WhatsApp. Wait, wait yes I am...07:31
elimisteveBUT, I have a more specific question :-)07:31
elimisteveI thought that there couldn't be a WhatsApp Ubuntu Phone app made because the WhatsApp APIs are closed. But I just found http://www.whatsappfor.org/software/whatsapp-ubuntu-phone-touch/ and am wondering if it's possible for us to do the same thing?07:32
nhaineselimisteve: you may provisionally ask your question!  ;)07:32
elimisteveI'm not actually a WhatsApp user -- I use TextSecure/Signal -- but I know there is a TON of demand for WhatsApp07:33
nhaineselimisteve: you could, but that's likewise an unlicensed third-party app and you'll get banned from the servers.07:33
elimisteveand I want Ubuntu Phone to be desirable to as many people as possible07:33
nhainesAlso you won't be able to update your phone again, because the instructions require you to disable that.07:33
nhainesThey left all that out of their instrucitons, at least.07:34
elimistevehmm, interesting07:34
nhainesIn any case, the only thing to be done is to ask WhatsApp to support Ubuntu.07:34
elimisteveGotcha. Okay, thanks!07:38
daaaachuhello! was wondering if anyone could explain how hard it would be to get a voip client like linphone or csipsimple or something that is already available in ubuntu to run under touch?08:21
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Dragonkeeperanyone here actually write qml code ?08:57
daaaachudoes anyone even talk here?08:58
Dragonkeeperi just spoke  so ..yes ?08:59
daaaachuha, i asked a question 1/2 hr ago and nothing else since08:59
Dragonkeeperwell its 9am in UK   so might be why08:59
daaaachumy biggest problem with touch is the lack of apps from day one. i am disapointed that there are so many good apps available in linux but everytbing has to be ported to touch09:00
daaaachui guess the devs are trying to maintain a consistent user interface]09:01
Dragonkeeperanything should run on phone if u have the deps.  as for gui stuff u need apps with qml interface09:01
Dragonkeeperalot of apsp on deskto are gtk09:02
daaaachui'll go google that now, cheers09:02
daaaachudo you mean gtk apps will run on touch?09:02
Dragonkeeperthey will when the desktop part is introduced ,  but for the phones gui  its qml09:03
daaaachuby qml do you mean qt?09:03
daaaachui see that someone has got openoffice running on touch09:04
Dragonkeeperim learning qml atm   just popped in to see if i could pick someones brain lol09:04
daaaachuahh, i only just installed touch tonight to see how advanced it is09:05
daaaachui love that the whole os is there, apt-get install09:05
Dragonkeepersomeone has gimp running too but its just a preview of things to come.  as far as i can tell atm it kinda breaks things09:05
Dragonkeeperapt-get only runs if u have rootfs rw mode     default ro     rw disables  OTA updates iirc09:06
daaaachuyeah that was fairly quick to change09:06
daaaachuoverall, impressed with what they have done - just feel it is probably still a year or two away from being a serious contender against android09:06
Dragonkeeperi think it will take over android when its at a better standard.   lack of apps is annoying  so thats why i ecided to try learn qml make my own apps that i need09:08
DanChapmanDragonkeeper: Hey! what problem you having in qml?09:13
Dragonkeeperhey DanChapman !  no problem, just a curiousity09:13
Dragonkeeperwas wondering if/how there was a way to display a small term that would be used to only display output from a cpp command09:14
DanChapmanDragonkeeper: AFAIK you should be able to use re-use the terminal widget from the terminal app. http://www.unixarea.de/bq/bq-aquaris-e45-ubuntu.txt chapter 32 & 33 have some hints on what to do. Any reason it has to be a terminal if your just displaying output?09:20
DragonkeeperDanChapman: well im not sure it has to be a terminal .    e.g.  one of my buttons will call dmesg   so id want to output that .09:22
Dragonkeeperits not going to have any input to that terminal   the only input will ne text fields and buttons09:23
daaaachuagree it will smash android eventually, just needs usable apps now - thats why i was disapointed that things that already are stable and working on a normal ubuntu machine arent already available09:23
Dragonkeeperdaaaachu: cant expect them to make all the apps.   linux is a community after all ...09:24
Dragonkeepercore apps for basic daily use are there09:25
daaaachunot make all the apps - make the OS re-use what already works on a desktop09:26
Dragonkeeperbeing worked on for when desktop mode is avalible to devices09:26
daaaachuwhat is this desktop mode09:26
Dragonkeeperwhen u plug the device into a tv a full desktop boots09:26
daaaachuoh crazy09:27
daaaachubut they arent making that available for the small touch screen?09:27
Dragonkeeperwell i assume (dont quote me)   that when gtk-mir is packaged in  then it will allow gtk apps on both sides ...09:28
Dragonkeepermost apps might not fit on screen for just phone tho o.O09:29
daaaachubut thats when the app developers could sense they are running in touch and adjust09:29
daaaachuit would put the development back on the other teams09:30
DanChapmanDragonkeeper: I presume you are using QProcess for that? personally I would create simple list model and append the output line-by-line using process->readLine(); then you can use it in a listview and save yourself some pain trying to get a terminal embedded09:30
DragonkeeperDanChapman: i have no cpp code as of yet ...  just started making the main gui  so just grabbing ideas09:30
DragonkeeperDanChapman: do you have an example of that so i have a kinda idea how to implement it ?09:32
DanChapmanerrrm I might have... let me look09:33
daaaachuall that said, i have tried all the alternatives today and touch is clearly the most advanced and most stable - look forward to seeing what it can do in another 6 months09:33
Dragonkeeperdaaaachu: what desktop apps do u need on the phone ?  or was it just a bonus to have ?09:34
daaaachuthe first thing i wanted was linphone or csipsimpe09:36
daaaachubut maybe the dev09:36
daaaachus will use liblinphone or similar and embed the sip client into touch09:36
Dragonkeeperi wonder about tox  tho  i know that has a qml front end09:38
daaaachuhaha, i just put android back on09:40
daaaachui'll reflash and try tox - thank you for the heads up09:40
Dragonkeepermight need look into it abit find out what client + version  but its worth a go .  let me know  haha    HF09:41
daaaachumust say, i am impressed with how simple the touch dev's have made the process to flash a device. years ago this was one of the biggest hurdles to getting more people to use linux09:43
Dragonkeeperu use android... thats linux ... :')09:44
daaaachuohhh it's not the same09:44
Dragonkeepersure it is ... linux is just a kernel09:44
daaaachugoogle modified it so heavily09:44
daaaachuand im sure some of their source is still closed09:44
daaaachumaybe i am wrong09:45
Dragonkeeperkernel is modular   they removed alot of unneeded stuff.. not really modified so much09:45
daaaachuearly days of android google had forked and were trying to push their changed upstream, a lot of it got rejected09:46
daaaachuive not kept up to date, so maybe those issues are all gone09:47
* Dragonkeeper hasnt used android in such a long time09:48
daaaachuhaha, i havent /me in 20 years09:49
Dragonkeeperwow o.O   what u been using in that time ?09:49
daaaachulife got in the way09:50
Dragonkeeperyeah real life sucks right --- graphics arent that good :P09:51
daaaachuthats right! i'd be happy with cmd line linphone but i doubt any of my customers would be09:51
* Dragonkeeper isnt really a fan of voip09:52
DragonkeeperDanChapman: :( dekko crashes when selecting full list of emails and deleting09:53
daaaachuits actually really good if you have full control over the whole network09:53
Dragonkeeperahh right . guess it could be useful in work env09:55
daaaachurunning dd on a mobile phone10:12
daaaachunever thought I would do this in my life10:13
ogra_yeah, the curse of a linux phone ... you never know, is it a server, is it a PC or is it juat a phone :)10:14
daaaachubut all the amazing tools that have already been written10:17
daaaachuits a developer's dream10:17
DanChapmanDragonkeeper: sorry got dragged away by kids. Here's a quick example of using qprocess in qml take a look at Command.h/cpp in backend/modules and in main.qml https://code.launchpad.net/~dpniel/+junk/qprocess-example10:17
DragonkeeperDanChapman: no problem ! appreciate it10:18
DanChapmanyou can either just append each newline to a text area or append it to a listmodel the choice is up to you10:18
Dragonkeeperty sir :P10:19
DragonkeeperDanChapman: how can i delete everything in my inbox :'D10:20
DragonkeeperDanChapman: i cant do select all because dekko crashes and i dont seem to see a option to delete all in folder  i have 5000++ emails there lolz :P10:22
DanChapmanDragonkeeper: atm the UI initially only loads 50 messages then it will load another 50 when you hit load more and so on.... So the multi select action will only work on the loaded messages and not select _all_ you mail in that mailbox. It seems to be working fine for me here. Does the log file under ~/.cache/dekko.dekkoproject/logs/IMAP show any issues?10:24
DanChapmanI wonder if an action in the folder list view to "Delete all messages in mailbox" would be handy10:27
DanChapmanI can see it being tedious having to do it in increments if all you want to do is wipe the whole folder10:28
DragonkeeperDanChapman: i hold to give selection . click the tick to select all in view , click delete ,  it waits  then app crashes .. i check logs but seems like no errors . emails did delete  but .. yeah annoying :P10:29
Dragonkeeperwell i would welcome a empty folder button at folder selection :)10:31
DragonkeeperDanChapman: oh i know its annoying me pointing stuff out lol  but  also on my server i have extra folder to send stuff i want to save.  so maybe an option to add extra folders  or read the folders server as ?10:33
daaaachu& i have a voip session running from touch - thank you for making me try again dragonkeeper :)10:35
DanChapmaninteresting... so it does set the deleted flags. I'll look into it.10:35
Dragonkeeperty :)10:35
Dragonkeeperdaaaachu: u used tox ?10:36
DanChapmanDragonkeeper: could you please file a bug for the extra folders thing https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko/+filebug10:36
daaaachui started down that path and it gave a fatal error as it was missing something - didnt spend a lot of time on it, went back to linphone10:36
daaaachuso my next step would be to make a new front end for linphone10:37
DragonkeeperDanChapman: done :)10:39
Dragonkeeperdaaaachu: ah so your using linphone in cli ... good to know10:40
daaaachuyeah that worked and has good codec support, just not the GUI10:42
daaaachuipsec works too10:43
daaaachuits really a very good platform - i am impressed10:43
daaaachumiles ahead of what any other projects has done10:43
Dragonkeeperwell load up ubuntu-sdk  make a frontend and publish it ;)10:44
* Dragonkeeper feels like there isnt enough apps in the store and too many webapps that arent useful10:46
daaaachui agree with you10:46
daaaachuthats why i was disapointed that the existing apps like linphone wouldnt just work out of the box10:46
daaaachuit would have given touch a massive head start - maybe in the next release they will get there - I still havent read much about it, only found it today10:47
Dragonkeeperim working on something that will do multiple things  so i have a kinda all in one app10:48
Dragonkeeperjust to mape term commands more friendly10:49
Dragonkeeperwhich also made me wonder why sshfs isnt included in OS by default10:50
Dragonkeepernot a problem scp is  so i cna work with that10:51
daaaachuwhat do you need ssshfs for10:54
Dragonkeeperjust thought it would be nice to mount a external fs onto device and use it to stream music/video from10:54
daaaachutrue - scp works then10:55
daaaachuas long as you dont have a slow link10:55
Dragonkeeperscp works to move files to the device.  but if u have alot of files u want  u might find sshfs to stream a better choice10:56
daaaachuthere is a protocol that tv's and nas's implement for streaming10:56
daaaachustarts with d - my memory fails me10:56
daaaachubut if you implemented that client side, it would fit with a lot of other existing products10:57
Dragonkeepersshfs would work for any device that has ssh tho10:57
Dragonkeeperwouldnt need to stream to a tv  because when desktop mode is avalible ud have a tv there :P10:58
daaaachuyou'll need an account on the other end though10:59
daaaachuand have to put password in every time, or cache the ssh key10:59
daaaachui like the idea though, touch will be amazing with the desktop mode10:59
daaaachuim converted10:59
Dragonkeepero.O save password or use a key file .  only one time setup as with most things11:00
daaaachutouch > android11:00
daaaachuhaha, vi and python on my mobile now11:01
Dragonkeeperwhy not just install java while your at it :')11:02
daaaachunever a fan11:02
daaaachupython so good though, quick to prototype11:02
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Dragonkeeperpython is ok11:03
daaaachugot to go to bed - cheers again for your help & good luck with your app!11:10
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JanCDragonkeeper: there is also #ubuntu-app-devel BTW12:35
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DragonkeeperJanC: ty12:43
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shannHi, i should clear evolution-contacts database, i not found command for this i have 73 contacts in db.13:28
shanni go to contacts and option for select all items and click on delete option, confirm delete all :).13:33
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pdq_chromium browser running on my phone: https://youtu.be/6e9lsT_Yh1U14:20
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lotuspsychjepdq_: nice one, how did you do it?15:44
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vthompsonbzoltan_, zbenjamin, zsombi Is there a recommended way to install the latest UI Toolkit that's installed on the rc-proposed image on your development machine? The one in wily (and in the SDK team PPA) appears to be 1.3.1627+15.10.20150908-0ubuntu1 whereas the version in rc-proposed is 1.3.1688+15.04.20151018.1-0ubuntu1. Does the PPA just need to be updated?17:01
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bzoltan_vthompson:  the Staging PPA has the latest possible UITK https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages that is rev170618:38
bzoltan_vthompson:  But if you want the real deal :) then pull the ubuntu-sdk-ide and ubuntu-sdk-dev packags from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ubuntu/tools-development/+packages18:39
bzoltan_vthompson:  that is release candidate of the future SDK's .. The Desktop Kit in that release is exactly what is on the rc-proposed.18:39
vthompsonbzoltan_, thanks, I tried to build from source, but I was missing dependencies. I'm in the process of upgrading to xenial now18:42
bzoltan_vthompson:  The best SDK experience you get on LTS and on Vivid...18:43
vthompsonbzoltan_, no turning back now though! :)18:43
bzoltan_vthompson: I have enabled the 16.04 build for that new package... I hope in 24 hours the packages will be available18:45
vthompsonbzoltan_, awesome thanks!18:47
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