mappshi all06:24
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:14
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zleapAre there any instructions on using ubuntu server for a NAS box ?14:14
zleapi think i found something http://askubuntu.com/questions/1266/how-to-set-up-ubuntu-server-as-a-nas14:16
Renfriedfor some reason, when I try and watch ITVplayer in firefox it wont start playing the video, but works on chrome. Anyone else have that issue?16:50
m0nkey_Probably like Netflix, ITV probably has some DRM which Chrome supports.16:55
Renfriedmaybe, doesnt give an error though like netflix does. It buffers like it is going to start, just never does16:56
Renfriedinteresting, i just got a few crash messages from firefox after i tried itvplayer saying a plug in crashed, even though i dont have firefox anymore, and closed it down manually17:02
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NokajiHi, I've got a canon printer newly installed, (not rebooted yet), it does not display ink levels (but I can send files to be printed). Should I install the poorly rated 'Mtink' (primarily for Epson) or is there a Plan 'B'?19:57
NokajiCanon PIXMA MX92519:58
Nokaji(920 series)19:58
directhexgeneral case: canon are poorly supported. *anything* working without paying for a proprietary driver is a huge stroke of luck19:59
Nokajidirecthex: canon supplies linux drivers for print and scan, I'm aprehensive about installing them without doing so via ubuntu software centre etc20:16
MartijnVdSNokaji: canon's linux drivers aren't the best quality20:16
MartijnVdSthey're some of the worst20:17
Nokajihmh, doesn't sound encouraging. Luckily i can at least achieve the basics such as printing from libreoffice with it20:18
NokajiI thought if it supported CUPS then you were at least half-way home?20:18
penguin42if it prints that's way more than half-way :-)20:18
Nokajiwell it printed without me having to do a thing, other than plug the leads in20:19
zmoylan-pimaybe there's a way to make the printer on it's todd to print a printer status page which will tell you how much ink is left...20:19
Nokajizmoylan-pi: Yes there is, it has a neat graphical display20:19
zmoylan-piand hopefully doesn't use a lot of ink doing it20:20
Nokajirumlur has it it won;t work with compatible cartridges though, which i shall revert to20:20
directhexi once told a canon rep that we would have to be smoking crack, as a department, to accept their printer drivers20:20
directhexthis was for a £10k departmental printer20:20
Nokajiink price is good for compatible - $5 for a set of five inks20:20
triplecloneswe were recently told by a canon rep that a number of HP printers these days are re-branded canon devices20:21
triplecloneswe still didn't go with them20:21
directhexnot actually true20:21
directhexjust an attempt to get a sale20:21
zmoylan-pisalesmen lie through their teeth to make sale20:22
directhexthe canon drivers for this room-sized thing were... the quality you would expect for an intern's first project20:22
Nokajiso what about MTLINK? - should I try it out at least?20:22
directhexe.g. i386/2.2-kernel-only20:22
zmoylan-pione of my proudest moments was making a printout go twice as fast for a fraction of the price quoted by salesman who was trying to get foot in the door of one of our customers20:24
zmoylan-pioooooh, fireworks outside....20:24
ali1234better than fireworks inside20:45
* zmoylan-pi sets screensaver to fireworks.... :-)20:47
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bittinhttp://www.twitch.tv/twitchinstallsarchlinux :D23:20
penguin42oh have they actually got it showing now, the first attempt didn't get off the ground23:25
m0nkey_feed just died23:37
m0nkey_chat is going ape23:38
m0nkey_this is how you halloween! http://imgur.com/gallery/6Gv0ROk/new23:39

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