HeadlessHorsemanOr just plain makes things better/nicer/easier/more secure.  Technically some things aren't "needed", but they do make things better.00:01
aedendbetter/nicer/easier/more secure for what? A desktop computer, a private server... just curious00:02
HeadlessHorsemanDepends on what you're referring to.  I already have/had gvpe setup as a VPN so I could securely access other computers (creating a virtual LAN), now I've got it so I can actually route all traffic from, say my netbook, over the VPN so if I'm at a coffee shop or whatnot nobody can sniff out what I'm doing.00:08
aedendIf you're not doing anything other than simply browsing the web, say, reading up on current events etc... nothing personally data sensitive, why the vpn at a coffee shop?00:14
aedendI understand the benefits of having a vpn to tunnel traffic thru, but who goes to a coffee shop to manage a roth ira or to purchase items thru online retailers?00:17
HeadlessHorsemanEmail, checking into anywhere, or just for those of us that don't think we need to be monitored that much really.  Hospital, hotel, etc, etc too.00:35
aedendI understand and respect that point. I'm assuming you visit hospitals, hotels, coffee shops etc often. In that case I understand the need for protection from prying eyes. But even without a vpn a https connection _should_ be enough.00:38
aedendIf you're running your vpn thru a server hosted by some company, how can you be certain that they are not monitoring your activity? The DoD can't even secure they're own information so are we supposed to expect our traffic is secure on third party hosting companies?00:55
cyberangeraedend: I like knowing that nobody is cookie snarfing me, everyone should be running https, but not everyone does01:02
cyberangeralso, I like watching Hulu in Canada, and the BBC's iPlayer here in the US ;-)01:02
cyberangerAnd some places do lack the freedoms we have here, and I like to help fix that, the only way a crypto anarchist can.01:03
cyberanger(I don't really like the term "crypto anarchist" and don't think it really fits with me too well, but it's the best fit for what I'm describing)01:04
cyberanger(Cypherpunk would be a close second)01:06
HeadlessHorsemanaedend: Well that presumes you route through a server, I can route through the server, home, or a third location.  And either way, passive monitoring vs active.  There's also a saying about privacy and stuff.01:08
cyberangerNot to mention, send all your VPN traffic over tor, and makes it next to impossible to map point A to point B & C01:10
cyberangerthere is a reason I aim to keep my stuff in house too01:10
cyberangerOr at least, a subset of it01:11
cyberangerIt's not that I'm paranoid, it's just that.....welll....you see....uhh.........everybody's out to get me.......that's all.01:12
HeadlessHorsemanI should look to see how to do that.01:13
cyberangerthe tor part?01:15
cyberangeraedend: also wrst isn't so much elusive as quiet (same problem I have, for perhaps slightly different reasons)01:18
* cyberanger wishes for the days where busy didn't feel so overwhelming01:18
wrstaedend: I don't know, big question is did you?02:17
aedendcyberanger, Not to mention, send all your VPN traffic over tor - I've used that method but it would _probably_ be faster to drive to the nearest library, check out a book, drive home, read the book...13:45
aedendBy then the site I'm trying to access might be loaded - that is, after I've confirmed a hundred times that I am not a robot13:46
aedendbeing a little sarcastic here, but I understand there are certain sacrifices that have to be made in using certain methods13:47
aedendwrst, I never got the discount. Everytime I loaded the promo code it would disappear after the page reloaded13:49
wrstaedend: hmm well crud let me get you a code that will work retroactively...14:01
wrstaedend: I forget where it is at but there is a place to enter a code and enter lasdigital14:04
aedendwrst, ok, I've tried several times. Checked the referral stats and it still shows empty.14:07
wrsthmm that one worked for me and is still active a year after the fact14:07
aedendI can try again, I just did a rebuild on my droplet14:10
wrstditigtal ocean can be a lot of fun14:10
aedendyeah, I'm just basically playing14:10
aedendI set up a mincraft server for my daughters. They live in east tn. I was surprised how easy it was to setup14:11
wrstyeah you can spin one up in no time its pretty good14:21
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* aedend wishes openvpn were a person... he really wants to hurt it right now...21:18

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