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magespawngood evening20:56
clrhey, good night, have to say goodbye20:57
grembleHey magespawn 21:01
grembleYou're on quite late21:01
magespawnhi gremble 21:09
magespawnyup sleep patterns all over the place this week21:09
magespawni had a couple of really late nights at work this week, and long work hours generally21:11
magespawnjust playing around with byobu, running irssi ib=n it at the moment21:24
grembleOh nice21:42
magespawnoh wow, did not realise it was that late22:10
magespawnhah time flies when you are having fun22:10
grembleHaha It is 30C here tonight, there is no way that I will be able to sleep22:11
magespawngot the fns going full ball tonight22:12
magespawnwhoops pressed ctrl+a k too many times 22:17
grembleDecided that you didn't like byobu? :P22:17
magespawnno, if anything i am liking it more and more22:18
magespawnjust playing around with the key bindings etc22:18
grembleHave you tried i3?22:18
grembleor one of the other tiling window managers?22:19
magespawni also have tilda installed, and i use the F3 key to hind/unhide, so i might need to change that 22:19
magespawni a have terminator and i have used screen a bit22:19
magespawnno have not tried i322:20
magespawnwill check it out, but it is now bedtime, good night all22:29

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