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rom-is there any program I can use to snap my desktop00:06
wileee!prtsc  | rom-00:07
wileeerom-, prtsc takes a pic00:07
rom-prtsc: command not found00:09
wileeerom-, key on the keyboard, hopefully.00:09
rom-kk ty00:09
wileeeprtsc/sysrq here00:09
wileeeno prob00:09
rom-how I prtsc my window only not the full screen00:12
daftykinsrom-: add 'alt'00:13
rom-how i upload pic here like paste.ubuntu.com00:16
rom-boss ty00:17
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rom-I have 350GB HDD. win10 is 260GB .. I'm thiniking of assigning it 60GB more of it's original 19GB00:22
AqDhey guys, how come the default-jdk is still jdk 7 even after 8 has been out for a year??00:22
AqDam I forced to install jdk 7 for java apps even if I have jdk 8??00:22
k1lAqD: if the apps you use want java7?00:23
AqDk1l: no they only depend on "default-jdk"00:23
Bashing-omrom-: That GParted shot must be from the install . no can alter partitions while in use ( keys, show locked as inuse ) .00:24
AqDbut then "default-jdk" still requires jdk 7 not 8. Since default-jdk is a stub package, can I just override the setting somewhere ?00:24
rom-Bashing-om what do I do00:25
daftykinsrom-: why do you have 6GB doing nothing?00:26
Bashing-omrom-: Boot a liveDVD, unmount swap in GParted ... If ya going to mess with Windows' partitions, best practice is to use Windows' tools .00:27
SchrodingersScatAqD: sometimes I install multiple java's and switch between them with sudo update-alternatives --config java00:27
rom-good.. how I put the 6gb to use to 19gb00:28
rom-i dont want to mess with windows00:28
daftykinsrom-: right click swap, swapoff -> delete swap -> delete sda4 -> resize sda3 -> recreate swap -> mount sda3 -> update mount points00:29
rom-with no errors right? windows wont be a problem or touched.00:30
rom-and ubuntu wont be a problem either00:30
daftykinswell like i said it needs some work after.00:30
rom-what work again00:31
daftykinsre-read my message00:31
daftykins"update mount points"00:31
daftykinsswap will have changed from deleting it then recreating it, so changes will need to be made to reflect that.00:31
daftykinsrom-: we can help with this, but you'll need to do the earlier steps first00:33
rom-which is00:33
rom-right click swap, swapoff -> delete swap -> delete sda4 -> resize sda3 -> recreate swap -> mount sda3 -> update mount points00:33
speakerAny UK people who can rec a good 'netbook' style budget laptop to stick ubuntu on, ultra portable, just basic browsing, word documents etc00:35
speakerI've been looking at just getting a Chromebook but any others?00:35
daftykinsspeaker: they don't really exist anymore.00:36
speakerah... :(00:36
daftykinsnetbooks require modifications that are unsupported, so they don't get my vote00:36
ptr_2_mobileCan someone tell me why i get a resolution error during installing ubuntu?00:36
daftykinscan you provide more detail?00:37
ptr_2_mobileIt's like if the installer required too high of a resolution from my monitor00:37
ptr_2_mobileMy monitor shows me that the mode is not supported and that i should switch to my native res.00:38
daftykinsah ok this is on booting a live USB? which version?00:38
ptr_2_mobileJust after trying the live mode or installation. No difference00:39
ptr_2_mobileYep usb. The 14. Version00:39
daftykinsyeah both boot to the same GUI. do you know your graphics card?00:39
ptr_2_mobileGtx 970 Gaming 4GB 256 bit00:40
daftykinsvanilla, not Ti?00:40
daftykinsdo you get the white text on black background boot menu (EFI) or purple logo boot with language choosing menu?00:40
ptr_2_mobileVanilla. Native res for the monitor is 1366x76800:40
daftykinscool, press F6 and enable 'nomodeset' to install and you should be able to get through installation just fine00:41
ptr_2_mobileI suspect that ubuntu is throwing full res on my gfx and the monitor cant handle it00:41
daftykinsi'd guess you use VGA with that monitor?00:41
ptr_2_mobileYea i read about that. The problem is that it doesnt help. Even with that option on00:42
rom-daftykins: resize sda3 wont select. option only is unmount manage flags and information00:42
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: does pressing ctrl+alt+F1 give you a TTY? terminal login?00:42
ptr_2_mobileI tried on a dvi monitor. No signal at the same point as the vga one00:42
daftykinsrom-: unmount before resize00:42
ptr_2_mobileI can try that key combo in a moment00:43
ptr_2_mobileSorry for slow typing im on a mobile00:43
mingleoops, ignore me ^_^00:43
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: no problem, during the DVI test - that was the only monitor plugged in i take it?00:44
ptr_2_mobileYes. I tried all mathematically possible combos with the monitors00:44
rom-daftykins: the partition could not be unmounted from the following mount points: /00:45
daftykinsrom-: do you have any file manager windows open in the background looking at that drive?00:46
ptr_2_mobileDaftykins when should i press the key combo u mentioned00:46
daftykinsrom-: oh are you running gparted from this installation?00:46
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: flash drive boot or DVD?00:46
ptr_2_mobileFlash usb00:46
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: you can just keep trying it really and see if you get a TTY login screen appear00:47
ptr_2_mobileTTY is the CLI version? sorry im a first time user00:47
daftykinsyeah command line only login00:47
rom-<daftykins> rom-: oh are you running gparted from this installation? I dont understand please00:48
daftykinsrom-: is this a live session booted from a flash drive, or is it the installation on the hard disk?00:48
AqDall right I gave up, just install both 7 and 8 :(00:48
heroi just added vmware player on my computer but when i click on the desktop icon it want run what shall i do?00:48
rom-nope it's from the installation00:49
ptr_2_mobileDaftykins nope, no CLI in the menu with that combo, but pressing ESC gives me the boot prompt in CLI00:49
daftykinsrom-: ok, you can't resize a disk that you're booted from.00:49
daftykinsrom-: you'll need to prepare a USB flash drive or DVD to boot into a live session to fix this.00:49
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: oh? is that the computer's BIOS provided boot menu, or?00:50
ptr_2_mobileIt lools like ubuntu boot menu where i can get help with function keys and type in boot parameters00:51
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: hmm, ok do you know this flash drive is good? does it work on any other computers? (if you have another to test)00:51
ptr_2_mobileYes i even verified the installation with ubuntu. It said no errors. I know it works coz i once tried instaling a corrupted iso and it detected the error00:52
ptr_2_mobileSo i am in that gui installation and can switch to that boot CLI screen with ESC00:54
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: try applying nomodeset anyway and booting 'try' mode00:54
ptr_2_mobileOkay i tried. The ctrl alt F1 worked when it tried to run the system but it also lost the resolution00:56
ptr_2_mobileThe same way00:56
daftykinsand pressing it again does nothing?00:56
ptr_2_mobileSo i was able to see the text for about 5 secs00:56
ptr_2_mobileYay pressing it again brang back the console00:57
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: does this PC have a cabled internet connection right now?00:57
ptr_2_mobileI can install ubuntu from here?00:57
daftykinsnot quite, but it likely wouldn't help anyway00:57
zacwallsDoes anyone know how to install flash in vivaldi?00:58
ptr_2_mobileYes i have cable ethernet00:58
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: cool, can you run "xrandr | nc termbin.com 9999"00:58
daftykinsthen share the link here (type carefully :) )00:58
daftykinszacwalls: what's that, some FF version rebranded? or an entirely alternate browser?00:58
ptr_2_mobileCant open display. Use netcat.00:59
ptr_2_mobileThats the msg00:59
zacwallsdaftykins, its in beta I think but it is like opera and chromium...00:59
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: try "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && xrandr | pastebinit"00:59
daftykinszacwalls: try "sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree" (with Vivaldi _closed_ )01:00
rom-daftykins: So I should undo the last two operations and boot from a live dvd or usb right?01:00
zacwallsdaftykins, ok01:00
ptr_2_mobileIt seems as if it installed but the xrandr command gave the same message as before01:01
ptr_2_mobileOr wait01:01
daftykinsrom-: not sure you can undo them, likely a reboot will give you errors now so you'll need to prepare a USB now or from Windows01:02
ptr_2_mobileThe xrandr said cant open display. You are trying to send an empty document. Exiting01:02
ptr_2_mobileJust after it performed the instalation01:02
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: ok, try "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"01:02
rom-I undo them01:03
rom-and no errors01:03
daftykinsrom-: ok01:03
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zacwallsdaftykins, wow, that actually worked....01:04
daftykinszacwalls: hey don't act so surprised ;)01:04
ptr_2_mobileIs that url helpful?01:05
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: yeah just reading01:06
ptr_2_mobileBy the way thank you for this help01:07
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: yeah so right now it's trying to use 1024x768 over DVI, which obviously isn't happy01:07
daftykinswhat is your Linux/ubuntu experience level? could you install with the text mode installer?01:07
ptr_2_mobileI might have to get the 15. Version01:08
ptr_2_mobile0 experience sadly01:08
daftykinsyou could try 15.10, that might work better yeah01:08
ptr_2_mobileI am a web developer so OSes never mattered that much to me01:08
ptr_2_mobileYea ppl said it helped them01:09
ptr_2_mobileAs it has a new kernel01:09
* quantic has been meaning to check out xubuntu 15.10...01:09
daftykins*nod* essentially the open source driver can't handle your card very well so it's not even reading the monitor properly01:09
ptr_2_mobileSo i would have to basically rip intestines from 15.10 and install them with that CLI to my 14. Ver01:10
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: i'm 100% confident i could help you install 14.04 from the mini ISO but 15.10 would be an easier test :)01:10
quanticptr_2_mobile: eh, please don't do that...01:10
daftykins37MB ^01:10
ptr_2_mobileYep im gonna go for 15.10. Are there any drawbacks to that?01:10
daftykinsptr_2_mobile: no just download 15.10's ISO and put it on the flash drive01:11
daftykinserr just that you'll have to upgrade again before too long, working with web dev you'd probably want LTS... but equally you may also prefer the newer software with 15.1001:11
ptr_2_mobileYea yea i was only partially serious with those intestines. That was a metaphore for installing that stuff you talked abouf01:11
quantictbh, i've been testing 15.10 as a webserver. it's been delightful.01:11
ptr_2_mobileDoes update mean a full reinstall?01:12
daftykinsno, just the upgrade01:13
daftykinsquantic: heh total mistake for a server.01:13
quanticdaftykins: don't do that. Don't assume that because people don't use LTS for a server that they don't know what they're doing and why.01:13
wesslesAnyone here good with nvidia-settings and stuff? I'm having trouble making my changes stick after rebooting.01:14
daftykinstoo late :)01:14
ptr_2_mobileThank you for help i really appreciate your time01:14
quanticdaftykins: You know what assuming does.01:14
daftykinswessles: setting up multi monitor? don't use nvidia-settings, use the ubuntu monitors app01:14
wesslesthey're resolution / positioning changes for my dual monitors01:14
wesslesdaftykins, I don't have that01:14
daftykinsquantic: upsets someone on the internet apparently ;) hehe ok lets not speak of it01:14
wesslesI just installed ubuntu server, then i3wm01:14
wesslesI've been adding to it for a bit.01:15
quanticdaftykins: dude, EVERYTHING upsets someone on the internet. xd01:15
daftykinsugh these alternate DE folks :)01:15
wesslesit's not a DE though01:15
wesslesit's a bare WM IIRC01:15
daftykinsok ok it's WM01:15
daftykinssorry it's Friday night.01:15
wesslesso I have no DE, I guess :P01:15
daftykinswessles: so essentially you're probably falling into the trap that nvidia-settings wants to write the config to xorg.conf - but it's running as your user so it doesn't have permission01:15
wesslesdaftykins, I did gksu01:16
daftykinsso you can either run nvidia-settings with gksu, or save the config elsewhere then move it into place01:16
wesslesor however you say it01:16
wessleswhen I run it01:16
daftykinswhat's *actually* happening at boot?01:16
wesslesand save (under root) it says "missing xorg-server" or something01:16
wessleslemme get the exact text01:16
wesslesand also, at boot, it goes to lightdm with my settings for a moment, then it flashes the screen, and it's back to the crap one.01:17
wesslesindeed :P01:17
wesslesit may be something to do with lightdm, perhaps?01:18
CodeGosuin nvidia-settings i can adjust "digital vibriance" on ubuntu, i havent seen such thingy on intel, is there any saturation control for amd gpus on linux?01:18
daftykinsis that greeter even meant to work with i3 o001:19
wesslesdaftykins, http://hastebin.com/raw/xafawakixe01:19
wessleshere's what it tells me01:19
wessleswhen I try to save under root01:19
wesslessudo and gksudo01:19
daftykinsCodeGosu: when it comes to AMD, be glad if the driver is even usable for the most part01:20
wesslesdaftykins, am I making a mistake in just using i3wm?01:22
daftykins*shrug* well it's definitely the thing that's breaking things, but then you shouldn't let challenges change your preferences01:23
daftykinsunfortunately i don't know enough about the architecture of a functioning desktop to advise which parts go with what to resolve this situation01:23
daftykinsi'd probably research what other folks use with i301:23
wesslesmaybe I should read the entire manual start to finish :P01:24
wesslesI've just been reading the parts I can immediately google until now01:24
daftykinsheh i doubt the ubuntu manual covers that :D01:24
wesslesi3 user manual01:24
wesslesyou know01:24
wesslesI'd REALLY like some book that tells me all the conventions of unix01:24
wesslesI don't understand at all how and where all the configuration files are / work01:25
daftykinseh just learn the 'find' command then you're sorted :>01:25
wileeekeep going others do01:25
wessleswileee, huh?01:25
wessleskeep going with what?01:25
magesingHi everyone, I just installed the latest-greatest ubuntu desktop... I told it to encrypt my home directory, however, I closed the terminal which was giving me the passphrase for my encrypted directory before I managed to record it (oops)... How can I get it back? I tried encryptfs-unwrap-passphrase but it returns "command not found"01:25
wileeewessles, keep working on it, "I don't understand at all how and where all the configuration files are / work"01:26
wessleswileee, I've been using linux since late 2012 and still have no clue.01:26
daftykins2012 is nothing01:26
daftykinsi've been here helping for like 7 years and still can't answer your question :D01:27
vfwsukee_: magesing That is one of the dangers of using that type of encryption.  If it were easy to defeat, it would not be effective.01:27
vfwmagesing: ^^^^01:27
wesslesI figured by 2 and a half years I'd have at least a clue as to what etc, lib, var, or usr are.01:27
Bashing-ommagesing: Friad you are high and dry ,,, with out that pass-phrase , nothing you can do .. That is the nature of encryption . NO ACCESS .01:28
magesingvfw: As I understand it, there's a command to get that terminal window back so I can record the passphrase... The way I think it works is that my home directory gets unencrypted each time I log in (automatically)  and it's only if I had to get-at the files from a different OS that I'd need the passphrase01:28
vfwmagesing: I know of no way of recovering the passphrase.  Maybe someone else does.  Sorry.01:29
Stmetermagesing: I doubt you can get that window back01:29
wileeewessles, Little longer for me, best thing learned was things not to do in general, hobby here though.01:30
magesinghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/159139/how-do-i-know-the-password-for-my-encrypted-home-directory mentions the command "encryptfs-unwrap-passphrase" but when I try that command, the command is not found... what do I need to install to get the encryptfs commands?01:33
cyphixwessles: What are your problem with i3wm?01:33
Bashing-omwessles: Good beginners place : http://www.reallylinux.com/ .01:33
wesslesprobably not even a problem with i3, cyphix01:33
petesteris there a way to sync between a virtual machine and an actual drive install?  sometimes i want to use ubuntu while in windows, but there are certain things that I need to do on 'bare wire'01:34
wesslesmore likely it's lightdm messing up something01:34
cyphixwessles: So it's just a problem at the login screen?01:35
wesslesit's as problem that starts a few seconds into lightdm01:35
wesslesso it could be something else, too01:35
wesslesI have two monitors, and they are backwards01:36
wesslesso I fix it with sudo in nvidia-settings01:36
Stmetermagesing: Try sudo ecryptfs-recover-private01:36
cyphixwessles: What do you mean 'backwards'?01:36
wesslesI save it to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d and /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:37
wesslesright to left instead of left to right01:37
daftykinswessles: like primary is secondary, secondary is primary?01:37
daftykinsare they the same cable type?01:37
wesslesand that, daftykins01:37
magesingStmeter: sudo: encryptfs-recover-private: command not found01:37
cyphixOne solution might be to simply switch the cables on your computer01:37
magesingStmeter Where do the encryptfs-* executables live?01:37
wesslesthat is besides the point though; I should be able to specify the main monitor from the computer01:37
wesslesthey are different cables; out of the question :P01:37
daftykinsworth a go ;)01:37
Stmetermagesing: It's not "encrypt" it's "ecrypt"01:37
Stmeterfor even the command you said01:38
wesslesI tried to fix this problem manually when I set it up years ago01:38
daftykinswessles: does xrandr work in a terminal in your funky special WM?01:38
magesingStmeter: lol, dammit, I'm such an idiot01:38
wesslesdaftykins, yup01:38
wesslesworks fine01:38
wessleswhen I set the settings manually, it shows on xrandr normally01:39
blah-WARNING : Shell not installed or running01:39
blah-WARNING : Shell not running01:39
blah-INFO    : GSettings missing key org.gnome.nautilus.desktop (key computer-icon-visible)01:39
blah-WARNING : Error detecting shell01:39
daftykinswessles: can you share it in a pastebin?01:39
blah-Traceback (most recent call last):01:39
daftykinsblah-: _do not paste here_01:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:39
cyphixwessles: So you're able to manually set your display correctly, but it does not remain at reboot?01:39
wesslescyphix, you got it.01:40
wesslesit starts out fine for a few seconds at lightdm, then flashes into the broken layout01:40
cyphixwessles: Do you know how to set it up with the command line?01:40
wesslescyphix, set what up with commandline01:40
cyphixwessles: your correct layout01:41
daftykinswessles: so can you tell me which display is which side of which right now?01:41
daftykinsi see DVI and HDMI01:41
wesslesdaftykins, DVI-0 is right, HDMI-0 is left01:41
blah-how to fix it pls"?01:41
wesslescyphix, no, I just use nvidia-settings and save to xorg configs01:41
daftykinswessles: what happens if you run "xrandr --output DVI-0 --left-of HDMI-0" ?01:42
magesingStmeter: thanks for setting me straight on ecryptfs vs encryptfs... ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase worked like  a charm.01:42
Stmeterfantastic :)01:42
wesslesdaftykins, I used to use xrandr at some point in the past to fix this01:42
wesslesdifferent issue though01:42
daftykinswessles: ok, but does it work?01:42
wesslesit made it broken01:43
wesslesas expected01:43
wesslesit should be DVI right of HDMI01:43
Windows3Hello I just installed 14.04 on a mid-2010 macbook pro 13 inch and I installed the firmware-b43-installer for wifi which only works after I suspend the computer and wake it back up. How can I get it to always work?01:43
cyphixwessles: what do you mean 'broken'?01:44
wesslesright to left01:44
cyphixeven if you type the command daftykins gave you?01:44
daftykinswessles: so just swap the output names or change it to left of?01:44
wesslesI just fixed it again by reversing the command01:44
wesslesyou got the command wrong, daftykins, it's the other way around.01:44
wesslesDVI is to the right01:44
wesslesHDMI to the left01:44
daftykinsno you answered my initial question wrong XD01:44
wesslesI did?01:45
daftykinsi asked what it was, not what you wanted it to be01:45
daftykinsso i guess you already had it changed to how you wanted01:45
wesslesoh :P01:45
daftykinsalbeit manually01:45
wesslesthought you mean physically01:45
daftykinsanyway, you could just script that to run at login - dirty but works01:45
wesslessilly me :P01:45
wesslesI'd rather figure out what is changing it at lightdm01:45
wesslesmessy solutions aren't happy solutions :(01:46
cyphixwessles: If it works, then add 'exec xrandr --output HDMI-0 --left-of DVI-0" inside your ~/.i3/config file and it should be loaded at boot01:46
daftykinssure, but until you meet someone who knows more to solve it...01:46
wesslesdaftykins, that's why I came here :(01:46
daftykinsyeah well it's Friday night01:47
vfwwessles: Messy solutions suffice till better ones come along.01:47
PMunchI'm having a little trouble getting my machine to hibernate. It seems to work only once in a while but most of the time this happens: First my screens go black, with only a prompt cursor in the top left corner, then after a while everything simply starts up again. The fans never spin down (at least not noticeably) and sometimes I get various error messages (not enough memory, unable to get hibernate file etc.) but most of the time I get nothing. What's going01:47
PMunch on?01:47
cyphixit will be properly positioned once you load i3, so after you log in01:47
wessleswhere can I put it so it fixes it at lightdm?01:48
cyphixwessles: that I sadly don't know01:48
vfwwessles: It will need to be run after initial display is rendered.01:49
wesslesso after exec lightdm?01:49
wesslesI found the startup script01:49
PMunchwessles, not sure if that is even possible. It would be a bit of a flaw if user scripts could run before log-in. Joined late so I'm not sure what you are asking but I tried to get my machine to switch key mapping there so I could type my password properly but no luck..01:49
daftykinsPMunch: can you share "free -m" in a http://paste.ubuntu.com ?01:49
wessleslemme log out and test this01:50
wessleswill brb01:50
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cyphixPMunch: you can do that01:50
PMunchThere you go01:50
PMunchcyphix, how?01:51
wesslesPMunch, just add a line to the init scripts..01:51
cyphixPMunch: You can load a specific key mapping even before the initial shell01:51
* wessles leaves01:51
vfwwessles: There is a GUI interface for setting it up.  In xfce, it's:  Applications Menu -> Settings -> Session and Startup -> Application Autostart01:52
PMunchI'll admit I didn't look to much into it. I only had to type a single character differently and I had plenty of other things to fix while I was having this issue.01:52
daftykinsPMunch: so you have 8GB RAM and a 1.9GB swap - you don't have enough swap to hibernate - you need to up that to 8GB minimum01:52
PMunchvfw, isn't that run after log-in though? I'm using i3 so none of those changes seem to stick anyway..01:53
cyphixPMunch: I don't have the answer at the top of my head, but I sucessfully did it once because I had a complex keyword I wanted to use to unlock my root partition01:53
PMunchdaftykins, that's was what I thought it would be. A shame that this SSD is so cramped..01:53
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cyphixdaftykins: Don't you need 8G of swap only if you try to hibernate when youw RAM is full, which is rarely the case?01:54
daftykinscyphix: yes.01:54
daftykinsi would think that an obvious connection right now :)01:54
PMunchcyphix, I'll have a look into the key mapping thing next time I need it.01:54
cyphixdaftykins: You you still can hibernate with less swap than ram01:54
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daftykinsyes i know, which is what PMunch came in asking01:55
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daftykinscyphix: if you don't mind me saying so, i think you're arguing about a detail which does not need to be said.01:55
PMunchWell, as I'm running three monitors I often have quite a few programs open (not to mention my horrible browser tab usage) so right now I'm sitting at about 40% of th 8GB.01:55
iceyballzHey all, anyone have vis on the elementaryOS project? Uses Ubuntu as the base to start, seems pretty decent. Thoughts?01:55
wileeenot supported here01:56
daftykinsiceyballz: unsupported here, support is non-existant - don't use it.01:56
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.01:56
cyphixdaftykins: Ah sorry, I thought you were saying it was necessary to increase the swap equally to the ram. My bad then :)01:56
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daftykinscyphix: well it will be if PMunch runs enough programs that the physical RAM is full, but i think PMunch can see the connection there01:56
PMunchiceyballz, tried it a while ago. Pretty nice but nothing I would use for my daily driver. This was at least a year ago though so that has probably changed.01:56
iceyballzNo no, I do not need nor want support.  I wanted the ubuntu communities thoughts on it, because I would think opinions in their channel might be slanted.01:56
daftykinsPMunch: which of course explains why it works sometimes and not others :)01:56
PMunchdaftykins, true01:57
=== seriously is now known as Metacreepy
cyphixIndeed. I'll shut up :D01:57
daftykinsiceyballz: put it this way, they're always trying to pretend they're actually using ubuntu so that this channel will help them ;)01:57
PMunchdaftykins, that's probably the reason. Maybe if I can spare a couple extra gigabytes I could have it work in more cases :)01:57
iceyballz@daftykins: Ah that would make sense haha ;) thanks for the input!01:58
PMunchdaftykins, I assume there is no way to create a secondary swap? I have ample HDD space which I could use but I like to keep my swap on the SSD in case I actually need it (which is surprisingly seldom, pretty much only when I run into memory leaks in my programs).01:59
cyphixPMunch: For the mapping issue, I actually run gentoo with OpenRC. It's different than systemd, so maybe it wont work. But apparently, systemd uses 'localectl set-keymap <your choice> to set it for the console.01:59
PMunchOr infinate recursions.01:59
PMunchcyphix, I'll look into that02:00
daftykinsno idea if multiple swaps work02:00
R0sehello! do i have to add the new repos myself before upgrading to a new release ?02:00
daftykinsR0se: you can't upgrade debian style, it'll break02:01
daftykinsit's unsupported02:01
R0seso they get updated automatically then ?02:01
PMunchiceyballz, daftykins, that's actually one of the main reasons why I'm stilling using Ubuntu as my base I have modified it quite a bit so it's nothing like the regular Ubuntu flavours but it's close enough so that I can get help from the large Ubuntu user base. And not only in the form of direct chat like IRC but there is also a lot of guides and documentation for Ubuntu in general.02:01
daftykinsR0se: start from the beginning, what are you running right now and what do you want to upgrade to?02:02
cyphixPMunch: According to http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/84453/what-is-the-purpose-of-multiple-swap-files, it's possible to have multiple swap areas. And in particular for a case like yours. It does not explain how to do it, but it gives you hope :)02:02
daftykinsR0se: so just run "do-release-upgrade" and you should be good.02:02
daftykinsdon't modify sources.list manually02:03
PMunchcyphix, oh cool I was actually half joking when I asked that.02:03
finch_how are you friends02:03
daftykinsPMunch: i'd think it a mess because if you hibernate, it could have two 'pieces' of system RAM and you might end up with a monster in your RAM on resume ;)02:03
cyphixPMunch: Apparently, you even can set priorities, so it will first use your ssd swap, and then the hdd one02:03
iceyballzPMunch: That makes a good point. Of course best idea is to start with base and customize to your need. And base Ubuntu does seem the have the most active community support, something that elementary exlcuded themselves from with their "customized" apps and services.02:04
finch_how to upgrade my computer02:04
daftykinsfinch_: from what to what?02:04
PMunchdaftykins, could be but realistically it would put the pages to different caches and keep some kind of lookup to find them all.02:04
finch_ubuntu 15.04 to 15 1002:05
PMunchSo I'm not so sure it would be very prone to breaking.02:05
daftykinsfinch_: run "do-release-upgrade" and you should be good.02:05
finch_how to install xd,02:05
daftykinsyou're going to want to focus on the upgrade before installing other things02:05
PMunchcyphix, yea I see that, that would actually be exactly what I need. Hmm...02:05
R0sehm, daftykins may I pm you pls ?02:06
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.02:06
daftykinssupport questions can remain here02:06
PMunchI should probably wait until I have no looming work of high importance though. Would be a shame to finish my work on my laptop if I break my install..02:06
daftykinsPMunch: but you have great backups so that's not a problem! right?02:07
R0sei'm curious about how ubuntu handles updating repos02:07
PMunchdaftykins, right, about that..02:07
daftykinsoh dear...02:07
daftykinsdon't tell me...02:07
cyphix hahahaha02:07
PMunchdaftykins, I have a tab open in my web-browser with duplicity. Does that count?02:07
daftykinsan article about it? XD02:07
lubuntu2222hi there02:08
daftykinsis that like "have you read the boy who cried wolf?" - "i swear i'm halfway through it!"02:08
PMunchdaftykins, their home page actually02:08
daftykinslubuntu2222: lo02:08
lubuntu2222someone needs me to put this in a file: set root=(hd0,1)02:08
lubuntu2222how do i set the correct values?02:08
PMunchdaftykins, haha good one. I don't really know why I haven't set anything up already. Especially since I've been banging my head against the desk on multiple occasions from the lack of them..02:09
R0sealso what's the difference between dist-upgrade and do-release-upgrade ?02:09
daftykinsdist-upgrade does not upgrade to a new release.02:10
=== GitGud is now known as SpookyGitGud
PMunchdaftykins, confusingly.02:11
Bashing-omlubuntu2222: Tnat command we generally see for booting the kernel from grub . What is your issue ?02:11
R0sethank you :)02:11
lubuntu2222I need to use plop02:11
daftykinsyeah dist-upgrade was written to trick new users02:12
daftykins(that's my opinion)02:12
lubuntu2222but im getting a file not found error02:12
lubuntu2222what should I set for /dev/sd602:12
lubuntu2222pls lemme know02:12
lubuntu2222   dev/sda602:13
Bashing-omlubuntu2222: That syntax " (hd0,1) " is grub speak for the 1st hard drive, 1st partition . to tell grub where the root partiton on the install is located .02:13
daftykinslubuntu2222: i think it's fair to say nobody can follow you, so plop is a CD image to chainload a flash drive...02:14
PMunchdaftykins, wasn't that it's intended use but it grew out of it or something Think I read something like that somewhere (read: take with a large grain of salt).02:14
daftykinsah ok02:14
Bashing-omlub in grub speak sda6 would be (hd0,6) .02:15
=== phunyguy is now known as phunyghost
wesslesso, daftykins, I tried a ton of stuff02:19
wesslesI added xrandr configuration scripts to all the init scripts I could find02:20
daftykinsyeah won't work imo02:20
wesslesthe closest to success I got was the window manager, and it F'd up the bottom bars02:20
wesslesthey were both stacked on each other on the left screen02:20
wesslesso yeah, I guess that won't work :P02:20
cyphixwessles: even inside the ~/.i3/config file?02:21
daftykinsdoes it at least work if you run it manually at login?02:21
wesslescyphix, yup.02:21
daftykinsafter login, rather02:21
wesslesdaftykins, if I run it now, it works02:21
daftykinsah well02:21
cyphixwessles: Did you try to start x without lightdm?02:23
wesslesI did not02:23
wessleshow do I do that?02:23
cyphixwessles: You log off (Meta-shift-e), type Ctrl-Alt-F1 to enter the 1 initial shell and type 'startx'02:24
boodllebati am two ip's pointing at my localhost i.e and i want only one02:24
boodllebathave tow ip's*02:24
boodllebathave two itp's*02:24
=== klaas_ is now known as klaas
cyphixwessles: maybe you have to kill the current running lightdm first with 'killall lightdm'02:24
wesslesor just block lightdm from starting02:25
cyphixindeed yes02:25
* wessles comments out exec lightdm02:26
daftykinsno you'd stop the service, heh02:26
asdffffwas ubuntu always free?02:27
asdffffmicrosoft used to be free?02:27
asdffffyou dont have to answer that one...02:27
asdffffwhy not?02:27
daftykinsnow go ask in another channel because you're off topic, thanks02:27
daftykinsOS support only in here, the clue is in the topic.02:28
asdffffimma quit running ubuntu .....02:28
daftykinsasdffff: cool, bye then02:28
daftykins##windows might have you02:28
asdffffi aint kidding....02:28
iceyballzasdffff: OSX for life02:28
daftykinsneither am i, we don't care :)02:28
asdffffwhich ones older?02:28
asdffffif you dont mind me asking.....02:29
daftykinsasdffff: leave.02:29
cyphixAdam is probably the oldest.02:29
asdffffis this not ontopic stuff?02:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:29
wesslesno luck :P02:30
wesslesI can't start i3 without lightdm running02:31
cyphixwessles: Do you have a ~/.xinitrc file?02:31
cyphixwhat's inside?02:31
wesslesexec i302:32
wesslesI tried adding in xrandr stuff02:32
wesslesbut no luck :P02:32
cyphixwhat does it tell you when you run 'startx'?02:32
wesslesint a tty?02:32
wesslesor just regular02:33
cyphixfrom a tty02:33
wessleslemme do that02:33
wesslesIT WORKS02:34
wesslesit booted in perfectly!02:34
wessleshow do I make this work normally now02:34
wesslesso we know it's lightdm causing this atrocity02:34
wessleseverything is root02:34
wesslesthis is so unsafe02:34
daftykinsmaybe try another greeter02:34
daftykinswhy the hell are you root in a TTY?02:34
cyphixyep, should shoudnt do that02:35
wesslesbecause it said I can't do startx in regular user02:35
wessleshow do I start it without root :P02:35
daftykinsoh man did you run 'sudo startx' ?02:35
nikitamogTime to not-so-sudo.02:35
nerdwhen starting ufw i am getting this error WARN: uid is 0 but '/' is owned by 100002:35
daftykinsyou just broke your users file permissions :(02:35
nerdERROR: problem running iptables: modprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod.c:556 kmod_search_moddep() could not open mod02:35
cyphixthat was my question. What does it say when you run startx with your standard user?02:35
wesslescyphix, dammit :(02:35
wesslesdaftykins, can it be fixed?02:36
cyphixbut from a tty02:36
daftykinssudo chown -R username: /home/username/02:36
wesslesthat's all?02:36
daftykinsif you did sudo startx, yip02:36
adminxxnoud pav02:37
daftykinsyou'll have to close the X session of course02:37
wesslesanywho, cyphix it said I couldn't startx from regular user02:37
wessleswhat do I do though, do I install a new greeter?02:37
daftykinslike i said install another greeter instead of lightdm, that might be the best approach02:37
cyphixwessles: what does it tell you? Why can't you?02:37
nerddaftykins: i broke users file permissions ?02:37
wesslesit said something like "this user can't run startx" or something about permissions02:37
wesslesso I did sudo and it worked stupidly :P02:38
daftykinsnerd: no that was for another user.02:38
wesslesnerd, t'was I.02:38
daftykinsnerd: are you using sudo ufw blah?02:38
cyphixwessles: You might need to be in the video group. Not sure02:38
daftykinsregardless, this guy does not want to boot, login at TTY then startx :P02:39
wesslescyphix, well, I just need to get me some new, lightweight greeter02:39
daftykinsso just try another greeter instead of pursuing that test angle perhaps?02:39
nerddaftykins: yes using sudo ufw blah  :P02:39
wesslesthen i'm golden.02:39
wesslesso, what is the lightest, sleekest looking greeter02:39
daftykinsnerd: and what are you running?02:39
nerdi am running wordpress02:39
nerdon it..02:39
daftykinsno the OS...02:39
daftykinswe're in an OS support channel.02:40
cyphixOf course, but it would have been a good way to be sure it comes from lightdm.02:40
wesslescyphix, any ideas?02:40
wesslesI can't google right now02:40
wessleschromium + root = death02:40
daftykinsso quit and reload02:40
wesslesoops; right :P02:40
cyphixwessles: maybe lxde ?02:41
daftykinsaren't we talking alternative *dm's such as xdm or gdm?02:42
wesslesso, what greeter02:42
daftykinsup to you (:02:42
wesslesI need ideas02:43
cyphixlxde seems pretty light02:43
daftykinsi'm going to call it a night here, too much effort for too little gain - plus you've given up thinking for yourself and just want answers handed02:43
cyphixwessles: That said, I use i3 with lightdm without any problem. I'm sure it can be fixed.02:44
wesslessorry :/02:44
=== asdffff is now known as roflllolololasdf
cyphixwessles: You could try to uninstall lightdm, purging the config files, and reinstalling it again02:45
byabbablabb_is it possible to map ctrl+alt+backspace to what it should be? :)02:45
daftykinszapping has been disabled for approximately 7 years02:45
daftykinsbyabbablabb_: so, not really nah - why would you want that back?02:46
=== GitGud is now known as SpookyGitGud
byabbablabb_because i want it!02:49
daftykinssorry, it got disabled because it doesn't work right with unity02:50
daftykinsso just learn the new (supported) way to restart the GUI instead02:50
byabbablabb_how about kde?02:50
daftykinsproblematic too02:50
byabbablabb_ok thx02:50
amazingalex224can anyone help me kubuntu, noone was in it, but all i have is a grub problem, and noone was in the #kubuntu channel02:50
daftykinsor better yet - resolve your issues so you don't desire zapping02:50
daftykinsyou mean nobody was active02:50
daftykinsamazingalex224: just ask02:51
amazingalex224ok, well i have 2 hard drives and I want grub on my second 1 not my first... and i tried installing onto my first using "sudo grub-install dev/sdb" but it came with an error02:52
amazingalex224the error says this02:52
amazingalex224grub-install: error: cannot find a GRUB drive for dev/sdb.  Check your device.map.02:52
daftykinsnot dev/sdb02:52
amazingalex224let me try that02:53
wesslesit worked02:54
cyphixwith the new greeted?02:54
byabbablabb_daftykins: or ubuntu resolve their issues so I don't require zapping.... :P02:54
wesslesalthough I think lxdm installed lxde for me or something02:54
amazingalex224ok it worked, but ik this is for linux/ubuntu but where can I find and reinstall a windows, because its on my first drive as well, and I dont want to use grub to boot windows, and only way ik how to fix it is reinstalling windows02:54
wesslesit asked if I want to use lxde, openbox, and stuff02:54
wesslesI may go with another DM.02:54
daftykinsbyabbablabb_: no, it's definitely whatever you're doing02:54
amazingalex224is there a way to remove grub from sdb?02:55
macroxactually i got paid by ubuntu to support you all ... .02:55
daftykinsamazingalex224: to multiboot you have to chainload one OS from the other.02:55
amazingalex224since i have it on sdb?02:55
macroxbut i am in so many channel02:55
=== roflllolololasdf is now known as asdfff
macroxjust come to channel ##opensource02:55
amazingalex224dafty i normally put grub on my second hard drive not my first02:55
daftykinsamazingalex224: are you saying you're going to use your BIOS boot menu to pick drive every power on?02:56
macroxput drive /boot02:56
macroxor normal install /02:56
macroxthat's all02:56
daftykinsmacrox: you're off topic, leave please.02:56
amazingalex224no, when i press esp then go to drive 2 the grub comes up02:56
amazingalex224and when i let it boot automaticly windows will boot up02:56
cyphixwessles: It triggers some dependecies, it's normal. You can still use it02:56
byabbablabb_daftykins: you are telling me that *ubuntu is not broken out of the box for some people.... and if it is it is MY fault lol02:56
macroxoh so you mean dual boot02:56
amazingalex224but, the grub comes up automaticly02:56
macroxinstall windows first02:56
macroxthan ubuntu02:57
amazingalex224yes dual boot, but using another hard drive02:57
daftykinsamazingalex224: ok, weird preference - and no you can't use Linux to remove grub from sda - you'll have to go ask in ##windows how to restore your bootloader.02:57
amazingalex224i can install windows 2nd since i have 2 hard drives02:57
amazingalex224but wheres a download for win 7?02:57
macroxinstall windows before ubuntu02:57
daftykinsbyabbablabb_: i'm saying whatever you are doing to make you think you need to restart X is what you need to work on fixing.02:57
macroxbecause mbr will be override by windows02:57
daftykinsamazingalex224: that is not an appropriate question for this channel, you will not get a windows download from a channel for Linux02:57
amazingalex224well, sorry for the spam, but I have windows, but grub overlays it, how do i remove grub and use win bootloader?02:58
amazingalex224cuz grub is on 2nd hard drive already02:58
daftykinsamazingalex224: like i just told you, go to ##windows and ask for help restoring your windows bootloader.02:58
cyphixmacrox: not if you have it installed on another disk02:58
=== asdfff is now known as victim
amazingalex224is ##windows active?02:59
yao_ziyuani have a problem with my xubuntu 15.04. if i have chrome running, and lock the screen, and then unlock the screen, chrome becomes nearly freezing.02:59
SkullGreymonamazingalex224: define "active"02:59
cric32anyone here good with madm by any chance? i might have got my self in a pickle02:59
macroxuse firefox03:00
daftykinsamazingalex224: you'll have to be patient to ask a question, better yet look it up.03:00
macroxchrome is not developed and iso03:00
yao_ziyuanif i close chrome and restart it, it's still near freezing.03:00
daftykinsamazingalex224: you'll need a win7 disc regardless (and no, don't ask here again)03:00
macroxonly firefox03:00
macroxchrome is buggy03:00
daftykinsSkullGreymon: users reply, obviously03:00
amazingalex224yah i use usb03:00
daftykinsamazingalex224: disc, flash drive - same thing, jesus.03:01
macrox##windows is bullshit03:01
daftykins!language | macrox03:01
ubottumacrox: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:01
macroxthe real ##windows is ##opensource03:01
daftykinsmacrox: stop it and leave please.03:01
yao_ziyuandoes anyone use ubuntu + chrome here? if you run chrome and lock and then unlock screen, will your chrome near-freeze?03:02
Renfriedworks fine for me (chrome and ubuntu mate)03:02
macroxdraftykins are you developer ? if not just shut up , i got paid 700 million US DOLLAR TO SUPPORT UBUNTU03:02
daftykinsyao_ziyuan: google make chrome, so its' issues can't be helped if you're already up to date.03:02
byabbablabb_fine with kubuntu03:02
daftykinsmacrox: leave. now.03:02
cyphixyao_ziyuan: if you like chrome, have you tried chromium instead?03:03
yao_ziyuanmaybe it has something to do with xubuntu's screen locker.03:03
yao_ziyuancyphix: what does chromium lack? pdf viewing?03:03
cyphixyao_ziyuan: nothing really. It's just the open source base of chrome03:04
* jp01 waits for a Drone` strike03:04
yao_ziyuani'll try chromium now03:04
qkzoo1978I'm actually using Lubuntu, but creating a custom action for PcMan, and need to know what to set MimeTypes= to so it only opens m3u8 extension files?03:05
yao_ziyuanchromium near-freezes too!03:05
crayolarxI think you will be disappointed with chromium unfortunately03:05
yao_ziyuanmaybe it's something with my video card driver03:06
yao_ziyuanfirefox isn't affected.03:06
daftykinscould well be03:07
yao_ziyuanmaybe i should try ubuntu 15.10.03:07
cyphixyao_ziyuan: maybe you should stay with firefox :)03:07
yao_ziyuani'll switch to the open source video driver and see.03:07
=== it is now known as Guest2547
yao_ziyuananother symptom is that my xubuntu's screen locker no longer shows a login box; i have to type my password in a black screen to unlock the screen.03:10
yao_ziyuanso it's definitely related to my amd video driver...03:10
daftykinstypical AMD :)03:11
amazingalex224one thing, is there a software i can use on linux to install windows iso to usb flash drive using linux?503:16
Ben64amazingalex224: ask ##windows about putting windows on a flash drive03:17
=== OneM_Industries is now known as back
=== back is now known as OneM_Industries
amazingalex224well they said use winusb, if ur using linux03:18
cfhowlettamazingalex224, so you already had a solution --- why are you asking then?03:18
amazingalex224to ask yall if It worked or not, cuz I really dont know who to really ask03:19
dupingpingHow to register new localization?03:19
daftykinssomeone earlier today said no, it doesn't work03:19
cfhowlettamazingalex224, download app.  try it.  test it yourself.03:19
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=== Blaster is now known as Guest80229
amazingalex224ok how would I launch winusb? I installed a apt repo (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:colingille/freshlight && sudo apt-get update)03:25
amazingalex224all the debian and sources download says not found03:26
amazingalex224only the repo worked....03:26
cyphixdupingping: edit /etc/default/locale to set a new locale03:26
dupingpingcyphix, i mean that i want to enter permanently new local to ubuntu.03:28
cyphixdupingping: maybe locale-gen <your new locale>03:29
dupingpingcyphix, locale-gen?03:33
cfhowlettdupingping, open a terminal    man locale-gen           read.03:34
dupingpingcfhowlett, i see.03:34
cyphixdupingping: if 'locale -a' does not show the locale you want, then yes, locale-gen is your friend03:35
dupingpingcyphix, yes, i see.03:35
dupingpingcyphix, can i publish a new locale on Ubuntu?03:36
dupingpingcyphix, where can i find related man?03:36
victimubuntu have an application to fill out?03:37
cyphixdupingping: I don't understand what you mean by 'publish' your new locale03:37
cfhowlettvictim, you mean like a job application?03:37
dupingpingfor example, there is no locale for dprk.03:37
wileeeamazingalex224, if you got it installed it is an app look in the menu?03:38
victimyeah....i files one in like 1999903:38
cfhowlettvictim, no idea what you are on about ...03:38
victimyou under?03:38
dupingpingcyphix, do you know about this locale?03:38
cfhowlettvictim, pretty sure you are in the wrong channel.  this is ubuntu support.03:39
victimits hard to program in jail.03:39
dupingpingcyphix, you there?03:39
daftykinssekrit: i think we have another customer if you wouldn't mind03:40
cfhowlettvictim, you're trolling and I'm ignoring your from hereon.03:40
wileeeamazingalex224, as far as I know the last ppa for winusb stopped at saucy03:40
victimdont FUCK with me03:40
cyphixdupingping: Be patient. I'm searching.03:40
victimyouve been warned./03:40
victimsearching for what.....03:41
marian_chrobi are you there03:41
cyphixvictim: mind your language03:41
dupingpingvictim, what do u want?03:41
daftykinsignore the troll people, you're just feeding it.03:42
cyphixdupingping: Try 'locale-gen ko_KR.UTF-8'03:42
victimi want freedom03:42
cfhowlettif you are on hexchat, right click on trollnick and add it to your /ignore file.  instant disappearance.03:43
dupingpingcyphix, wow, ko_KR is not for the country, okay, it's just example.03:44
cyphixdupingping: search on google the locale you want, and add it with the command I gave you03:44
dupingpingcyphix, maybe. but i already searched. no.03:45
cyphixdupingping: are you looking for korean locale?03:46
dupingpingcyphix, yes. There are two countries in ko. And NK's locale is no.03:46
cyphixI didn't know it meant two different locales.03:47
dupingpingcyphix, :)03:47
=== Hamed is now known as Guest17871
Guest17871Hi I configure a repeater and can access it from android mobile but I can't access it from my ubuntu03:53
Guest17871Could any one help03:55
Ben64!details | Guest1787103:55
ubottuGuest17871: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)03:55
Guest17871Could you please tell me what the information or details you need.  I bought access point (to link) and my friend tried to configure it as as a repeater and he success when we using our android phone but when we try to connect to the repeater from Ubuntu laptop we see searching icon and no errors just we can't see connected04:01
daftykinsGuest17871: that's not an ubuntu issue, ##networking perhaps04:01
Guest17871I found some issues about this problem in Ubuntu not in windows04:03
juzzy_yo team04:10
juzzy_whats the ubuntu 15.10 kernel supposed to be04:10
juzzy_mine says 3.1904:10
juzzy_but was expecting 4.204:10
=== lil_grepper is now known as spookness
=== NickG365_ is now known as NickG365
it_i used this to backup                                                      sudo tar -cvpzf backuphome.tar.gz /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/04:19
it_                                                                          should i type this to restore will it restore everything back                                                              sudo tar -xvpzf /cdrom/backuphome.tar.gz -C /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/ --numeric-owner04:19
it_                                                                          should i type this to restore will it restore everything back??                                                              sudo tar -xvpzf /cdrom/backuphome.tar.gz -C /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/ --numeric-owner04:22
vijuThey faced the same problem as me, found a workaround but isn't what I want it.04:26
vijuHow to escape lines in .desktop files.04:27
vijulines = spaces*04:27
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest66979
wessleswow, that was annoying. I just went through one of those debugging sprees where you solve nothing, and forget what you were originally trying to fix :P04:28
wessleson the bright side, I forgot what I was originally annoyed it04:28
wesslesregardless, my wacom and multimonitor are working flawlessly04:29
wesslesthanks cyphix04:30
=== sins-_o is now known as sins-
UniFreakI'm tring to install wine1.7 following this: https://www.winehq.org/download/ubuntu04:56
UniFreakbut the soft ware center said it depends on wine1.7-i386, and it's a virtual package04:56
UniFreakso I did `sudo apt-get install wine1.7-i386`, here is the output:04:57
UniFreakwhat do I do now?04:57
UniFreakwhat `not installable` mean?04:58
wileeeUniFreak, you might talk with #winehq ppa's are not supported here as well.05:00
UniFreakwileee: ok, thank you05:00
juzzy_hey whats the kernel version of ubuntu 15.10 - can anybody check for me?05:00
=== brayden_ is now known as Blaster
trimetaI'm having trouble getting the installer to work from a USB flash drive. I used dd to directly copy ubuntu-15.10-server-amd64.iso onto a drive, and while it boots initially, and I can hit "enter" at the "Install Ubuntu" screen, on the next screen (where it wants you to choose a language), it freezes and refuses to respond to any input.05:04
trimeta(Note, there are two "choose language" screens, the one before the "Install Ubuntu" option, and the one after. I can get through the first screen no problem, it's the second one where there's an issue.)05:05
byabbablabb_juzzy_: 4.2.0-16-generic05:05
CardingiSFuncan anyone help mew with postfix?05:07
Dylan____Hi guys05:08
Dylan____Can someone help me with my MacBook Pro 201005:08
Dylan____I installed Ubuntu mate and there's not wifi05:08
Dylan____Like what do I do05:08
Dylan____My nvidia drivers and stuff are in there05:09
Dylan____But no wifi05:09
CardingiSFunDo you have the correct drivers for your wificard?05:09
Dylan____My wifi card I know is a Broadcom05:10
CardingiSFunin your terminal type lspci | Network05:10
Dylan____That's all I know05:10
wileeetrimeta, You have a chance to check the sum on the iso? Is there a check the disk anywhere like the desktop installs?05:10
Dylan____Alright let me get my install ion sub05:10
Dylan____U s b05:10
Dylan____And I'll plug it into my MacBook05:10
wileeedone mini's but not the server, not sure the text install on them05:11
trimetawileee: I checked the md5, sha1, and sha256 hashes, they all look good.05:11
Dylan____I'm booting into the live session05:11
Dylan____So what do I do again05:11
CardingiSFun@Dylan in your terminal type ' lspci | Network ' then upload the resaults to pastebin and send a link05:12
CardingiSFunwith out the '05:12
=== anonymous is now known as Guest83257
Dylan____Carding the just gave me stuff about pic access methods and stuff05:12
CardingiSFunThere is no official support yet in Ubuntu 11.10, but you can get it working with the following repository:   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mpodroid/mactel sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer Then install the linux-backports-modules-cw-3.2-oneiric-generic or, if you have the pae kernel installed, the linux-backports-modules-cw-3.2-oneiric-generic-pae package.  Edit the /etc/modprobe.d/blac05:13
CardingiSFunEdit the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and add the line:   blacklist ndiswrapper Create or edit the file /etc/pm/config.d/modules and make sure the wireless modules (b43 and bcma) are blacklisted:   SUSPEND_MODULES="b43 bcma" Reboot and the wireless should work.05:13
Dylan____It said I couldn't add papa05:13
Dylan____User or team doesn't not exist05:13
Dylan____And remember I have no Ethernet as well05:14
paffyHi. I just installed ubuntu 14.04 on my SSD on a new partition but Windows 10 is not appearing in GRUB menu. I tried using boot-repair tool but no luck. Can someone take a look? Here is the boot-repair log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13020398/05:14
CardingiSFuni dont know how to help you if ethernet doesnt work then.. thats something you sorda need to download the drivers05:15
wileeetrimeta, So at this freeze point no mouse or keyboard?05:15
Dylan____I typed in lspci it says Broadcom cooperation bcm4322 802.11a and a Broadcom netXtreme05:16
trimetaThe server installer is ncurses-based, but yeah, no keyboard.05:16
Dylan____Where can I get the drivers then?05:16
trimeta(I didn't even hook up a mouse for this install)05:16
wileeepaffy, Are you set to boot from sdb?05:17
CardingiSFun@Dylan https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Installing%20STA%20drivers05:17
wileeetrimeta, Heh, wish I knew more, hate to drag you down the road.05:17
CardingiSFundoes anyone know postfix?05:17
trimetawileee: Don't worry about it, this is more a #ubuntu-server question, but that channel's dead right now.05:18
paffywileee: yes05:18
maxscam1anybody know about rsync? some wierd stuff happened tp my file05:18
paffywileee: I can only boot Ubuntu and memtest05:18
wileeepaffy, You have what looks like gpt still in the mbr, sda sdb show gpt, but you're msdos installed.05:18
wileeepaffy, try sudo update-grub05:19
paffywileee: ok. http://paste.ubuntu.com/13020446/05:20
it_i used this to backup                                                      sudo tar -cvpzf backuphome.tar.gz /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/05:21
it_<it_>                                                                           should i type this to restore will it restore everything back??                                                              sudo tar -xvpzf /cdrom/backuphome.tar.gz -C /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/ --numeric-owner05:21
it_<it_>                                                                           should i type this to restore will it restore everything back??                                                              sudo tar -xvpzf /cdrom/backuphome.tar.gz -C /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/ --numeric-owner05:21
=== luckybunny is now known as WilyWerewolf
wileeepaffy,  open install gparted and give sdb1 the boot flag, than run the grub update again05:21
wileeeshould be readable without, one never knows05:22
paffywileee: ok05:22
paffywileee: heh, that might do it. I remembering doing this on my other pc05:23
wileeepaffy, look at the info on that sdb1 in gparted as well, any errors, once in awhile windows needs a chkdsk05:24
paffywileee: ok I ran update-grub again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13020461/05:26
wileeepaffy, Do you see windows in the sidebar in home/nautilus, if so click to see if it opens.05:27
paffywileee: right now, no.05:27
wileeepaffy, Not there?05:27
paffywileee: I did earlier05:27
paffywileee: I can mount it via Drives app05:28
wileeepaffy, Not sure what drives app is?05:28
paffywileee: eh "Disks" :P05:28
paffywileee: Disks says it is mounted... eh05:28
wileeepaffy, Ah, when was the last time it was defragged and a chkdsk run?05:28
paffywileee: never :D05:29
paffywlemuel: pretty new tho. few months old.05:29
wileeepaffy, Okay, is it mounted, look in goarted as well.05:29
paffywileee: I can browse it fine. Just didn't apear in Nautilus sidebar for some reason05:29
wileeepaffy, My guess it needs a a disk check, a guess though. Better help here for sure needed, maybe check with ##windows on getting a disk check/chkdsk. You do have a funky set up with gpt and msdos how backed up are you?05:32
paffywileee: Well all my important stuff is in dropbox, won't loose anything. Other than application settings. It will take a few days to reinstall if I need to do that.05:33
=== hussain is now known as Guest80419
paffyLooks like gparted can do some kind of disk check, maybe try that?05:34
paffy"check and repair file system (tfs) on sdb1"05:35
wileeepaffy, This may fix at least the gpt remnants and get things working, it may just be a chkdsk though, Do you understand the gpt msdos I've mentioned. http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/wipegpt.html05:35
wileeeno gparted check05:35
wileeepaffy, You will have to read that link carefully, you mentioned windows being mounted, don't go haphazard on us. ;)05:36
paffywileee: ok05:37
wileeepaffy, I will have to take off shortly is all, but good help starts coming on in the next few hours, little less towards the weekend.05:39
paffywileee: ok, thanks!05:40
rahuldevI have ubuntu 15.04, What will be better to install ubuntu 15.04 or download new ubuntu 15.10 and then install?05:40
cfhowlettrahuldev, 15.04 is supported for 3 more months ...05:41
it_i used this to backup                                                      sudo tar -cvpzf backuphome.tar.gz /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/05:41
it_<it_>                                                                           should i type this to restore will it restore everything back??                                                              sudo tar -xvpzf /cdrom/backuphome.tar.gz -C /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/ --numeric-owner05:41
rahuldevcfhowlett, ok, on my laptop I've 15.04, Is window update it to 15.10 automatically?05:42
cfhowlett??? window update???05:42
cfhowlettrahuldev, do you have 15.04 installed?05:42
rahuldevcfhowlett sorry ubuntu...05:42
rahuldevits ubuntu 15.04.. I installed both!05:43
rahuldevI think I'm totaly tired, not slept!05:43
fyfHow long?05:44
rahuldevcfhowlett, is ubuntu update to 15.04 to 15.10 automaticaly05:44
cfhowlettrahuldev, take a nap.  sleep deprivation will cause ubuntu crashes.05:44
rahuldevfyf I think 23 hours05:44
rahuldevcfhowlett hahaha05:44
cfhowlettrahuldev, no.  NO automatic distro upgrades.  you have to manually permit that.  sudo do-release-upgrade will work05:44
rahuldevcfhowlett what about update manager (graphicaly) in ubuntu, I mostly do by update manager05:46
cfhowlettrahuldev, time to upgrade your skills.  open a terminal: sudo do-release-upgrade05:46
rahuldevcfhowlett ok05:46
rahuldevYes it's checking for new ubuntu release!05:47
CardingiSFunCan anyone help me?05:47
baizon!ask | CardingiSFun05:47
ubottuCardingiSFun: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:47
CardingiSFunFor some reason my webserver will not send out emails. its a custom built server running linux ubuntu05:48
=== user is now known as Guest13046
CardingiSFuni can not figure out why it will not work. i installed postfix n it still doenst work.05:50
mircx1Hi i, You Are In My Friends List (ArthasScript)05:51
mircx1Info Line For i, NOTSET (ArthasScript)05:51
it_i used this to backup                                                      sudo tar -cvpzf backuphome.tar.gz /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/                                                                          should i type this to restore will it restore everything back??                                                              sudo tar -xvpzf /cdrom/backuphome.tar.gz -C /media/it/faad1b8e-1145-4114-a15d-783536747e10/ --numeric-owner05:53
CardingiSFunanyone know postfix? please i have to get this fixed asap05:54
cfhowlett!patience | CardingiSFun,05:54
ubottuCardingiSFun,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:54
cfhowlettCardingiSFun, ask #ubuntu-server channel05:54
CardingiSFun@cfhowlett im running regular ubuntu05:54
cfhowlett"webserver" is something most desktop users DO NOT do.  the server channel however ....05:55
baizonCardingiSFun: try #ubuntu-server05:55
stomanataHi, I`m searching for 1 site. I forgot his name. There categories for linux like  desktop, security, etc....06:14
lickalottHey all!06:15
stomanataNo, not distrowatch....06:15
stomanatait was other site...06:15
lickalottHas anyone successfully installed xen on 15.04?  everytime I try I have to remove it because it won't boot into the kernel.06:16
wileeelickalott, 3 months till eol, you might change the end goal.06:21
beepielickalott, lickalott ?06:22
beepielickalott, hein?06:22
beepielickalott, hein?06:22
lickalottI haven't set aside the 2-ish hours for the dist-upgrade but I plan to do it.  I'm not thinking that would have any effect on xen though06:23
beepielickalott, hein?06:23
wbillhello how do you force install a .deb package06:33
cfhowlettwbill, bad idea.  BAD idea.  but ... sudo dpkg -i packagename        and when you break things ... you bought it, YOU fix it.06:34
Dylan____Guys how can I get the wifi to work on my MacBook Pro 201006:35
Dylan____On Ubuntu mate06:35
Dylan____There no propriety drivers06:35
cfhowlett!mac | Dylan____06:35
ubottuDylan____: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages06:35
wbillit says it has an older version then doesn't install the newer and i need to install the newer due to its dependancy on another package06:35
Dylan____But with other versions of Linux there's support for it06:35
ni291187Hi, I just installed Kubuntu 15.10, this is my first time ever installing it, I just came from Windows06:35
wbill libjack-jackd2-0 provides libjack-0.116 and is present and installed.06:35
cfhowlettni291187, welcome to ubuntu.06:36
wbillconflicting packages - not installing libjack006:36
Dylan____I'm being serious I want wifi on this old MacBook06:37
Dylan____But it's just so hard cause I can't figure out ughhh06:37
cfhowlettDylan____, so use the link I sent you06:37
Dylan____I did06:37
Dylan____But it's just a bunch of wikis06:37
Dylan____And stuff06:37
Dylan____And those versions of Ubuntu aren't06:37
cfhowlettDylan____, and???06:37
Dylan____Released anymore06:37
Dylan____Or worked on06:37
Dylan____See on my Mac I'm using 15.1006:38
Dylan____Ubuntu mate06:38
inteus!enter | Dylan____06:38
cfhowlettDylan____, method is the same >>> TRY before you tell us it doesn't work06:38
=== Acilim_A is now known as Acilim
Dylan____I tried06:38
Dylan____Like no propitery drivers no wifi driver06:38
Dylan____This is a 2010 MacBook I'm using06:38
cfhowlettDylan____,  no need to repeat.06:38
Dylan____Alright but still how wil I get through this06:39
cfhowlettDylan____, if no answer in irc, leave a message on the mac forums06:39
cfhowlettand be patient06:39
Dylan____Is macfourms still around?06:39
cfhowlett!mac | Dylan____06:39
ubottuDylan____: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages06:39
=== Acilim is now known as Acilim_A
Dylan____I'm installed mate alright problems are I Need wifi06:39
Dylan____I don't have Ethernet06:39
inteusDylan____: Apple Hardware Users forum: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=32806:40
van77wi-fi routers in repeater mode can catch wifi for you and route it to Ehternet, imho06:41
Dylan____Forums say open invalid I'd..06:42
Dylan____Can't get to login screen06:42
=== Blaster is now known as Guest91945
ni291187I got my wifi to work but Firefox isn't loading any site. I'm a total beginner with Linux. what should I do next please?06:47
cfhowlettni291187, that's ... odd.06:48
cfhowlettni291187, try a bit of terminal work:  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade06:48
inteusDylan____: A little googling came up with this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacPro Towards the bottom is Wifi. Check it out. Note that I've never tried Ubuntu on a mac before, so I can't be of any more assistance.06:49
ni291187cfhowlett: sorry for taking long to reply, I'm on my iPhone as I can't get internet on my Linux. let me try what you suggested06:50
cfhowlettni291187, no problem06:50
ni291187cfhowlett: it's giving errors06:54
cfhowlettni291187, good!  do this: sudo apt update $$ sudo apt full upgrade | nc termbin.com 999906:55
cfhowlettthat'll return a url.  paste the url in this channel.06:55
ni291187cfhowlett: ok06:55
daniel /server irc.all4y.net07:01
daniel /server irc.all4y.net07:01
cfhowlettdaniel, stop spamming07:01
ni291187cfhowlett: This is what I got: http://i.imgur.com/Xu3UKFfh.jpg07:02
cfhowlettni291187, good!  do this: sudo apt update $$ sudo apt full upgrade | nc termbin.com 999907:03
cfhowlettthat bit at the end will give you a url.  which I'll read.  don't want a picture  :)07:03
cfhowlettsudo apt full-upgrade | nc termbin.com 999907:04
wbillaqny idea hwhy wheni try to install butt it tells me it cant find flac :configure: error: **** Could not find libFLAC     ****  when it appears flac is installed at /usr/bin/flac07:08
afflictoHi guys. I just installed windows 10 and left some space for ubuntu, but ubuntu doesn't detect any of the partitions. What's going on?07:08
ni291187cfhowlett : This is the error that I got when I type what you suggested last: Temporary failure in name resolution.07:11
cfhowlettni291187, OK.07:11
cfhowlettyour outputs states "temporary failure".  could be the software mirror  is down for maintenance and will self-correct.  wait or try a different mirror.07:12
bekkswbill: you are missing the -dev package for that library then.07:13
wbillso how do i install that07:14
bekkswbill: which ubuntu are you on?07:15
bekks!info libflac-dev precise07:17
ubottulibflac-dev (source: flac): Free Lossless Audio Codec - C development library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.1-6ubuntu0.1 (precise), package size 203 kB, installed size 746 kB07:17
RidgewingHow do I post bugs to this launchpad page ? : https://bugs.launchpad.net/~xboxteam07:17
bekkswbill: you need to install that package.07:17
wbillhow do i install it via what command line method07:18
inteuswbill: sudo apt-get install libflac-dev07:19
inteuswbill: or sudo apt install libflac-dev07:19
RidgewingHow do I post bugs to this launchpad page ? i.e Where do I click ?  : https://bugs.launchpad.net/~xboxteam07:20
wbillmy apt-get is frakked07:20
bekkswbill: why?07:21
kostkonRidgewing, that's a team not a project07:23
wbillnot sure everything i try to install says this07:26
keepguessingI see this bug in autofs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/autofs/+bug/1503034 There is patch attahced which claims to be the fix. There are others who have tried it and it has worked for them. Only one question? Its not assigned to anyone. Why? and how long typically would this before it is pushed07:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1503034 in autofs (Ubuntu) "Autofs 5.1.1-1ubuntu2 crashes with segfault on startup" [High,Confirmed]07:27
wbillE: Package 'libflac-dev' has no installation candidate07:27
wbillor errors out07:28
cfhowlettwbill,  !info libflac-dev07:36
cfhowlett!info libflac-dev | wbill07:36
ubottuwbill: libflac-dev (source: flac): Free Lossless Audio Codec - C development library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.1-4 (wily), package size 203 kB, installed size 869 kB07:36
it_how can i copy all folders and files i have on /home/it/Desktop to my usb /cdrom07:38
it_please help07:38
CarstenHello! I have just run do-release-upgrade -d it asks me some questions, like are you sure you want to upgrade etc, to which I answer yes, but then it hangs at "calculating the changes"07:39
CarstenAny idead?07:39
it_how can i copy all folders and files i have on /home/it/Desktop to my usb /cdrom07:40
it_please help07:40
bekkswbill: Pastebin "cat /etc/issue" please.07:40
cfhowlettCarsten, why are you upgrading to -d?  that would be 16.04 which is virtually non-existent at the moment07:41
luckybunnyguys, I just finished upgrading to 15.10, and I have no sound at all. Everythng looks fine, though (pulse detects the sound device, volume is up, etc)07:44
it_how can i copy all folders and files i have on /home/it/Desktop to my usb /cdrom07:45
it_please help07:45
bekksit_: You need to use a cd creation application like k3b or brasero.07:46
it_no it is an usb07:46
keepguessingCarsten: it could be stuck on network07:46
it_not some cd07:46
bekksit_: Why why do you mention /cdrom ?07:46
keepguessingCarsten: are you sure your dns/network for the ubuntu host is fine?07:46
Carstenyes quite07:47
bekks*then why07:47
keepguessingCarsten: when you say it hangs exactly how long do you wait?07:47
cfhowlettit_, open file manager.  select all files.  drag and drop to USB.  done.07:47
it_because the usb is mounted there07:47
bekksit_: So is it an usb cdrom drive, or an usb thumbdrive or an usb harddrive?07:48
it_it will not work i need sudo access07:48
Carsten40+ minutes07:48
keepguessingyou are upgrading from?07:49
bekksit_: you need sudo access for changing permissions so you can copy files as user.07:49
it_it is an usb flash stick07:49
bekksit_: so which permissions does /cdrom have, currently?07:49
it_dont now07:50
bekksit_: Then look it up.07:50
it_ok how07:50
bekksit_: ls -lha /cdrom, look at the line with the single dot.07:50
it_drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 8.0K Oct 30 06:40 .07:52
it_drwxr-xr-x 1 root root  240 Oct 29 05:46 ..07:52
luckybunnyok I fixed mine. Seems lke someone might have turned my speakers right down07:52
it_it@it:/cdrom$ ls -lha /cdrom07:52
it_total 239M07:52
it_drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 8.0K Oct 30 06:40 .07:52
it_drwxr-xr-x 1 root root  240 Oct 29 05:46 ..07:52
luckybunnywhich is not good, because it often takes weeks to get them balanced07:53
bekksit_: No need to repeat your paste.07:53
bekksit_: sudo chown it:it /cdrom07:53
bekksit_: After that, you can copy your files to /cdrom with your filemanager.07:53
bekksit_: I suspect your usb flash drive has a linux filesystem, not FAT32 or NTFS?07:54
it_it@it:/cdrom$ sudo chown it:it /cdrom07:54
it_chown: changing ownership of ‘/cdrom’: Operation not permitted07:54
it_no fat3207:55
it_i used it in windows also07:55
it_can i not just type a line to copy everything07:57
bekksit_: sudo cp -a /home/it/Desktop/ /cdrom/07:58
it_and this will copy all folders and files??07:58
Carstenkeepguessing: 14.04 to 15.1007:59
bekksit_: it will recursively copy the contents and folders from /home/it/Desktop/ to /cdrom/07:59
bekksit_: you can doublecheck afterwards, too.07:59
cfhowlettCarsten, 14.04 >> 14.10 >> 15.04 >> 15.1007:59
cfhowlettOR do the smart thing and do a clean install of 15.1008:00
RidgewingHow do I post bugs to this launchpad page ? i.e Where do I click ?  : https://bugs.launchpad.net/~xboxteam08:01
Carstenok, well 14.10 first, but when running do-release-upgrade even after change the lts param to normal it says no new release found08:01
it_it@it:/cdrom$ sudo cp -a /home/it/Desktop/ /cdrom/08:02
it_cp: cannot create regular file ‘/cdrom/Desktop/Install Timeshift on Ubuntu 15.04 | Ubuntu Geek.html’: Invalid argument08:02
it_cp: cannot create directory ‘/cdrom/Desktop/Install Timeshift on Ubuntu 15.04 | Ubuntu Geek_files’: Invalid argument08:02
it_cp: failed to preserve ownership for ‘/cdrom/Desktop/BackupYourSystem_TAR - Community Help Wiki.html’: Operation not permitted08:02
it_cp: failed to preserve ownership for ‘/cdrom/Desktop/BackupYourSystem_TAR - Community Help Wiki_files/screen.css’: Operation not permitted08:02
it_cp: failed to preserve ownership for ‘/cdrom/Desktop/BackupYourSystem_TAR - Community Help Wiki_files/print.css’: Operation not permitted08:02
cfhowlett!eol | Carsten, because 14.10 is end of life ...08:02
ubottuCarsten, because 14.10 is end of life ...: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:02
inteus!pastebin | it_08:02
ubottuit_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:02
CarstenThanks for the debian suggestion, but I am really not interested in switching08:02
RidgewingHow do I post bugs to this launchpad page ? i.e Where do I click ?  : https://bugs.launchpad.net/~xboxteam08:02
cfhowlett!paste | it_ you did this yesterday, same question, same conditions, same paste violations.  you know better08:02
ubottuit_ you did this yesterday, same question, same conditions, same paste violations.  you know better: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:02
bekksit_: Thats perfectly expected, since FAT32cant store linux permissions. The files are copied, the permissions are dropped.08:03
it_did it work08:03
it_do you mean08:03
bekksit_: Doublecheck it.08:03
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | Carsten, eolupgrade from 14.04 >> 15.04 then normal upgrade >>> 15.1008:04
RidgewingHow do I post bugs to this launchpad page ? i.e Where do I click ?  : https://bugs.launchpad.net/~xboxteam08:04
cfhowlett!patience | Ridgewing,08:04
ubottuRidgewing,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:04
bekksRidgewing: You cannot post bugs to a team page.08:05
RidgewingHow can I post bugs to that project, then ?08:05
cfhowlett!bug | Ridgewing08:05
ubottuRidgewing: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.08:05
bekksRidgewing: Thats no project. Thats a team.08:05
RidgewingDo I have to create a project ?08:05
bekksRidgewing: No. You have to select a project to post a bug against. Not a team.08:06
it_i have in a folder named desktop on /cdrom why not there i wanted it08:06
Carstencfhowlett: Thanks.. I found the article before I came here however it didnt help08:06
it_i have it in a folder named desktop on /cdrom why not there i wanted it08:06
Ridgewingbut this has no affiliated project (I invented it) - how do I create a pacxkage to post the bugs to ?08:06
ddaacheeis anyone here familiar with touch development?08:07
cfhowlettCarsten, then download 15.10 and do a clean install08:07
cfhowlett!touch | ddaachee08:07
ubottuddaachee: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch08:07
CarstenA clean install at the moment isnt an option08:07
Ridgewingbekks, ?08:07
cfhowlettddaachee, also see www.fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads issue #10208:07
CarstenI'm not interested in running through a whole setup again.08:08
it_maybe this will help it@it:/cdrom$ sudo cp -a /home/it/Desktop/* /cdrom/       ??08:08
cfhowlettCarsten, you've been on LTS all this time.  next LTS in 6 months.  patience.08:08
it_should i try it       ??08:08
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Muon, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!08:09
ddaacheethanks cfhowlett - i will read now08:09
Carstencfhowlett: Again thanks, but I already have a pile of broken packages as a result of running do-release-upgrade -d08:09
CarstenSo I really do need to proceed with the update now rather than sit on my hands with a broken server08:10
bekksRidgewing: It is a team page. you cannot post bugs against it .if it has no projects, then you cannot post bugs. which software/project do you want to post a bug against?08:11
RidgewingI need to create the whole project for that 'team'.08:12
Ridgewinghi olli08:12
bekksRidgewing: so you are the owner of that team?08:13
=== test is now known as Guest13479
Guest13479hey has anyone used snorby before?08:17
cfhowlettGuest13479, best to avoid "has anyone ..." questions altogether.  post YOUR issues with YOUR details.08:18
Guest13479im trying to get snorby/snort to read pcap files and tell me what malicious activity is going on08:20
Guest13479everybody seems to get data in a gui but i cant seem to08:20
Ridgewingbekks: yes I'm the owner - I just created this : https://launchpad.net/~yselnne/+archive/ubuntu/xbox360ppa08:20
RidgewingDid I do OK ? & how do I report a bug on that package ?08:21
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Muon, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!08:23
bekksRidgewing: So thats a project you can create bugs for/against :)08:24
bekksRidgewing: Shall I create fake test bug for you?08:24
Ridgewingplease do.08:25
bekksRidgewing: Hmm, I cant until there are packages in your PPA.08:26
baizon!whois ubottu08:27
baizonups :)08:27
Ridgewingdoes that have to be a .deb or can it be anything ?08:27
Ridgewingbekks: BRBack08:29
do2kdgood morning. hope for help with project. try to filter ham radio signals. have jack rack runnning but not able to find the right filters. any ideas or tipp for other channel on irc? thank you08:29
=== GitGud is now known as SpookyGitGud
Ridgewingbekks: I'm back .. so how do I create a package ?08:40
=== dellavg- is now known as dellavg
bekksRidgewing: Thats linked under "Adding this PPA to your system" on https://launchpad.net/~yselnne/+archive/ubuntu/xbox360ppa08:41
=== dellavg is now known as Guest95707
Ridgewingbekks: Can that be any file, then ?08:41
bekksRidgewing: No, it has to be a package.08:42
Ridgewingbekks:So how do I create a package from nothing - just to get it started ?08:42
bekksRidgewing: Thats linked under "Adding this PPA to your system" on https://launchpad.net/~yselnne/+archive/ubuntu/xbox360ppa08:42
Ridgewingbekks: It's too complicated - can't you do it ?08:44
bekksRidgewing: No :) If you are the teamleader and the project admin, thats entirely up to you :)=08:44
Ridgewingbekks: I just need to report bugs to get some money onto the package via bountysource.08:45
atralheaven_Hi, I want to use l2tp vpn, which packages should I install?08:45
Ridgewingbekks: then someone else can do the work.08:45
bekksRidgewing: Report bugs against which software?08:45
Ridgewingbekks: exactly ! There IS NONE yet - I need to report a bug to get money behind the project ( my own) & thereby create the software.08:46
bekksRidgewing: If there is no software, there is nothing to report bugs against.08:47
bekksRidgewing: Which software do you want to report bugs against?08:47
atralheaven_Does ubuntu support l2tp vpn client in its network manager at all..?08:48
Ridgewingbekks: there ISN'T any software (at the moment)! - I need to get the free60.org software onto that package - how can I pay someone to do this ?08:49
=== treaki__ is now known as treaki
cfhowlettperhaps filing a bug against non-existent packages is not the most efficient method.  just sayin08:49
bekksRidgewing: If there is no software, there is nothing to file a bug against.08:50
bekksRidgewing: Create a package, upload it, faile a bug against it.08:50
Ridgewingcfhowlett: There is a catch 22 for non-coders on launchpad, then i.e. It doesnot work !08:50
cfhowlettlaunchpad is not the sole source of coders even in ubuntu land08:51
RidgewingCAn I copy a package and upload that ?08:51
bekksRidgewing: Filing a bug against non-existant software is like asking someone to repair your car, which you dont have.08:51
bekksRidgewing: Why dont you just click on that link and read how to create and upload a package?08:52
Ridgewingbekks: I'm asking someone to build the package i.e. build the car not fix it !08:52
bekksRidgewing: Good luck in finding someone :P08:52
Ridgewingbekks: It's too complicated for me.08:52
RidgewingWhat sites are there for freelancers to-do this, for me, then ?08:53
cfhowlettRidgewing, ubuntu-offtopic   ?  ubuntu mailing lists?08:54
Ridgewingthere not websites.08:54
cfhowlettand yet thousands of coders use them..funny, huh?08:55
Ridgewingnone that would accept money, though.08:55
Ridgewingtherefore, probably wouldn't do it.08:56
cfhowlett! I have never met a coder who would NOT accept money.08:56
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:56
=== Jacky is now known as Guest24128
Ridgewingcfhowlett:Really, that's BS - what's your profile-name on bountysource, then ?08:57
Guest24128Not sure I am in the right place. Have several Ubuntu related questions and think I may have got a virus08:57
Alpha-OmegaHey guys, I just realized that the "macchanger" program in 14.04 LTS has a bug where with the "-r" parameter doesn't work.08:57
cfhowlettGuest24128, you're in the right place.  details???08:57
Alpha-OmegaIt was reported as a bug, but hasn't been fixed in updates, in over a year.08:57
cfhowlettRidgewing, https://www.upwork.com/ppc/landing/?hl=Top%20Rated%20Ubuntu%20Coders&ct=Ubuntu%20Coders&query=Ubuntu&vt_src=bing&vt_cmp=Programming&vt_adg=ST%20|%20Ubuntu,Coder%20&%20BT-%28Programming-None-None%29-MVP&vt_kw=%2Bubuntu%20%2Bcoder&vt_device=c&vt_med=provenD2&vt_cmp=61754079&vt_adg=4149026548&vt_src=bing&vt_kw=%2Bubuntu%20%2Bcoder&vt_device=c&utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=61754079&utm_medium=paidsearch08:57
cfhowlettdoh!  sorry.08:58
Ridgewingopening .....08:58
Guest24128Thanks. Two days ago I had a working laptop (acer aspire 6939g) with a working keyboard08:58
Guest24128then the charger failed and Currys talked me into buying a universal one08:59
Guest24128It made the computer work but then the keyboard went nuts08:59
Guest24128I sorted that mostly except for the y by cleaning it, but in the way all sorts of odd things happened and I think my admin password was changed09:00
cfhowlettGuest24128, forgive me: "curry's"?09:00
Guest24128Currys is an electrical store09:01
cfhowlettOK so I guess you bought a non-Acer keyboard?09:01
Guest24128I got insane series of 8888888's or 22222222222's09:01
cfhowlettGuest24128, check your keyboard settings09:02
cfhowlettreigon, language09:02
Guest24128no I didn't I still have the laptop keyboard with no y09:02
Guest24128Using the universal keyboard to put it in at the moment09:02
cfhowlettcheck your settings/keyboard layout then.  also "changed your password"?   why do you make that claim?09:03
Guest24128Currys technical dept sa nothing related to the keyboard is affected by the universal charger09:03
Guest24128Now let me explain09:03
Alpha-OmegaIs there any reason there hasn't been a bug fix released for macchanger in 14.04? Do bug fixes not get released for LTS?09:04
Guest24128I am the admin, and I find the password has changed to something with 5 letters or numbers09:04
cfhowlettGuest24128, ah!  so you can  no longer log in??09:04
auronandaceuniversal charger for a laptop or a keyboard, because different laptops have different power input slots09:04
Guest24128I cannot seem to change the password using the way you can b y going into gup09:04
cfhowlettGuest24128, CAN _ YOU _ LOG _ IN?09:05
Guest24128I am logged in, but cant find what the password is and cant change it and so darent log out09:05
cfhowlettif you logged in, then you have the same password.  or am I totally missing something?09:06
Guest24128I have read all these ways to go to the root shell and change the password, but I can't seem to do it09:07
pepijndevos_My Alsa sound is not working ever since I installed jack, and all the Alsa troubleshooting I can find shows everything is fine.09:08
Guest24128and how come the password was changed? NOBODY but me uses this laptop and I live alone09:08
cfhowlettGuest24128, if you logged in with the same password, password was not changed ...09:09
pepijndevos_Did Jack somehow change my Alsa config?09:09
Guest24128No I am logged in, but I cannot see the password. There is no way to make it visible. I can just see it contains five characters by going into sstem settings09:09
cfhowlettthat's normal!!09:09
cfhowlettyou're not supposed to see a viewable password >>> security09:10
auronandaceGuest24128: when trying to change the password do you have capslock on?09:10
Guest24128yes but the point is I need to reset the password as it is NOT the one i used and I do not know what it has changed to and using the grub option just does not work09:10
Guest24128and no checked caps on but as I had a seven letter password and it is now 5 and not the one I had I cannot access it09:11
auronandaceGuest24128: how did you login if you don't know what the password has changed to?09:12
Guest24128I was already logged in09:13
auronandaceGuest24128: you just said you tried to use the grub option so that meansyou rebooted (which would log you out)09:13
Guest24128well I would have thought so but I can restart the computer and I am logged in09:14
Guest24128it doesn't automatically log out09:14
auronandaceGuest24128: so you got autologin setup and don't know the password and want to change it?09:14
cfhowlettmore likely it auto-login09:14
Guest24128well that would work09:15
Guest24128@aurondance, yes but because the admin password was changed, I can't.09:16
hero i just installed vmware and i have a problem lanching it09:16
auronandaceGuest24128: i never use autologin so i can't help you sorry09:17
Guest24128I think it was set to autologin09:17
* cfhowlett agrees with auronandace; autologin is a BAD idea ...09:17
akikdoes using init=/bin/bash still work with ubuntu? does it ask for root passwd?09:18
Guest24128but seriously, the keboard goes nuts and the password changes ...is that a virus (I am aware we are supposed to be free of them with linux) but it is all ver odd09:18
auronandaceGuest24128: then you set it up to autologin when you installed it (unless of course you didn't install it)09:18
Guest24128it does ask for the root password, which of course I don't now have09:19
Guest24128I did install it09:19
auronandaceGuest24128: you don't set a root password in ubuntu, you use your user's password with sudo09:19
Guest24128ubuntu 12.04 originall y using a disk09:19
Guest24128ugraded to 14.1009:20
MonkeyDustGuest24128  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue09:20
Guest24128I have no idea09:20
MonkeyDustGuest24128  then type it in a terminal and paste the outcome here09:21
Guest24128well then the user password was changed09:21
MonkeyDustok, havent followed... it's a password problem?09:21
Guest24128sorry what do I type into the terminql09:21
Guest24128@monkeydust I changed the charger, the keyboard went nuts, the password changed for admin09:23
Guest24128I can't change the password b y going to grub and trying to edit or other ways I reqe09:24
MonkeyDustGuest24128  is this useful http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword09:26
nailerHello everyone09:27
Ubik_any help available for live disk?09:27
Guest24128@Monkeydust. Thanks but that is exactly what I tried and I cannot make it work09:27
=== lotuspsychje|XEN is now known as lotus|xenial
MonkeyDustUbik_  this is the support channel, ask your question09:28
nailerCan I ask something here, not about Ubuntu?09:28
cfhowlettnailer, we have #ubuntu-offtopic for that09:28
Guest24128it just brings me back to being asked for my password!09:29
Ubik_MonkeyDust: i tried many live distros and they all freeze after a while (can be hours)  I guess it is possible that data written is limited due to space availabe  i.e. firefox cache or else...09:30
XaroHey everyone09:31
nex-lis there anything particular I have to do in ubuntu to get .xinitrc to execute?09:33
MonkeyDustUbik_  live sessions are not meant to be used for hours... use them to try and then install a distro09:34
MonkeyDustfor hours on end*09:34
lotus|xenialmorning MonkeyDust09:35
Ubik_MonkeyDust: ok do all ubuntu distros propose a multiboot with windows when installing?09:35
cfhowlettall buntus will.  do you NOT want dualboot??09:36
Ubik_MonkeyDust: yes that s what i want09:36
Ubik_sorry cfhowlett09:36
Ubik_i want dualboot09:37
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot09:37
cfhowlettinstall virtualbox to windows.  install ubuntu/lubuntu/xubuntu to vbox.09:38
Ubik_ok thk u all   bye for now09:38
userName|MkSdeveloper.ubuntu.com wtf09:40
Ubik_cfhowlett: hey that s an idea virtualbox; will it slow ubuntu? my pc is 10 years old09:40
Ubik_cfhowlett: 1 gb mem09:40
Ubik_cfhowlett: athlon 3200+09:40
Ubik_cfhowlett: amd09:41
userName|MkSdeveloper.ubuntu.com working ???09:41
cfhowlettUbik_, install 32 bit lubuntu to vbox09:41
userName|MkSwht is lubunutu???09:41
userName|MkSwtf ?09:41
cfhowlett!lubuntu | userName|MkS no profanity.  knock it off.  NOW.09:42
ubottuuserName|MkS no profanity.  knock it off.  NOW.: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.09:42
MonkeyDustuserName|MkS  works here09:42
Ubik_cfhowlett: ok09:42
userName|MkSMonkeyDust you have account there09:43
MonkeyDustuserName|MkS  no09:43
userName|MkSi have and they never see apps i published there09:43
cfhowlettUbik_, note: lubuntu is optimized for older / slower / low spec machines.  probably the best choice for you but xubuntu is also not bad.09:43
userName|MkSubottu thanks09:43
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)09:43
userName|MkSdamn !seriously ?09:44
userName|MkSubottu what is linux09:44
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:44
userName|MkSubottu what is irc09:44
userName|MkSubootu not working wtf09:44
lotus|xenialuserName|MkS: stop swearing in channel09:45
Ubik_ubottu is real fun09:45
ubottuUbik_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:45
userName|MkSam checking it09:45
MonkeyDustuserName|MkS  behave or go away09:45
Ubik_ok ok09:45
userName|MkSso u have account there ?09:45
userName|MkSon developer.ubuntu.com ?09:46
lotus|xenial!ot | userName|MkS09:46
ubottuuserName|MkS: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:46
Ubik_bb all (again) and u too ubottu09:47
userName|MkSanyone here works at developer.ubuntu.com ???09:47
userName|MkSi really need to talk to guy who work there09:47
userName|MkScause u guys are taking ubuntu down , cause of you guys developers think there is no life there in this plateform wth is wrong with u rude a.h ???09:48
MonkeyDustuserName|MkS  discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here09:49
lotus|xenial!ops | userName|MkS trolling09:49
ubottuuserName|MkS trolling: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang09:49
userName|MkSthis is about ubuntu and this sshould be discussed here09:50
MonkeyDustuserName|MkS  this is for support, not for discussion, you're not in the right channel09:50
userName|MkSdeveloper.ubuntu.com is offtopic seriously ??09:50
userName|MkSits the plateform where ubuntu recommend developers to work and push apps for ubuntu09:51
userName|MkSso this is a support channel09:51
userName|MkSactually you all are acring linke you work for ubuntu and the truth is none of you do that lmao , am seriously pissed off by the behaviour of developer.ubuntu.com and for that reason am gonna fuck the guys who work there . so all i need to get is their address , and a dildo with lots of scratches on it ! gl a.h keep up your support shit09:53
lotus|xenial!ops | userName|MkS09:54
ubottuuserName|MkS: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang09:54
MonkeyDustuserName|MkS  stop09:54
MonkeyDustuserName|MkS  you know where to go for discussion, why are you still here09:54
userName|MkS!ops | lotus|xenial09:54
ubottulotus|xenial: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang09:54
userName|MkSwtf is this lol09:55
cfhowlett!guidelines | userName|MkS09:55
ubottuuserName|MkS: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:55
userName|MkS!ops |MonkeyDust09:55
ubottuMonkeyDust: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang09:55
userName|MkS!ops | ubottu09:55
ubottuuserName|MkS: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang09:55
MonkeyDustuserName|MkS  are you a lonely teenage girl looking for attention? there are other channels for that09:55
=== erry is now known as KingErry
ClusTerhi Dears09:59
commander_hi friends09:59
ClusTerhow to install virtualbox on my ubuntu ?09:59
cfhowlettClusTer, ubuntu software center10:00
commander_i want make apps for ubuntu how can i start ? what i need to install10:00
commander_ClusTer, sudo apt-get install virtualbox10:00
cfhowlettcommander_, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/10:00
EriC^^commander_: you mean gui apps?10:00
MonkeyDust!ide | commander_10:00
ubottucommander_: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator10:00
commander_EriC^^, yes10:00
commander_thanks ubottu10:01
ClusTerدوستان فارسی زبان اینجا داریم ؟10:01
MonkeyDustcommander_  there's also #ubuntu-app-devel10:01
commander_MonkeyDust, what ?10:01
EriC^^commander_: you can use gtk + python or gtk + c10:01
EriC^^and other stuff10:01
commander_thanks all10:01
linociscohi all10:01
commander_ubottu, do i need install them all ?10:01
ubottucommander_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:01
lotus|xenial!arabic | ClusTer10:01
ubottuClusTer: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية10:01
linociscoI have rolled back to 14.04.3 LTS, and apt-get update && upgrade10:02
linociscowhat to do next?10:02
commander_ubottu, what ?10:02
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:02
commander_EriC^^, i know c++10:02
EriC^^commander_: see here http://python-gtk-3-tutorial.readthedocs.org/en/latest/install.html10:02
commander_EriC^^, thanks i will check themattbeballin10:02
cfhowlettlinocisco, ??? how should we know?10:02
ClusTer /msg OperServ SESSION LIST threshold10:02
EriC^^commander_: c is similar to c++, python is more like visual basic somehow, but it's easier to make gui apps i think with gtk, less code to write and stuff, i'm no expert though10:03
EriC^^check the link it has a good guide to start with gtk + python commander_10:04
commander_EriC^^,  thanks dear10:04
EriC^^no problem10:04
linociscocfhowlett, let me repeat the previous problem and IRC users here suggested me to install LTS . The problem is pointer is moving at random speed at random place at random time whenever I was typing in any text box . that was 15.04 x86 on my laptop.10:04
cfhowlettlinocisco, and this behavior is still present??10:05
linociscocfhowlett,  I am now with LTS 14.04.3 very clean install with only apt-get update and upgrade. and hexchat is installed to chat with all folks here10:05
linociscocfhowlett, not so frequent like before.10:05
cfhowlettbluetooth mouse or wired/10:05
MonkeyDustlinocisco  can it be that the mouse / keyboard needs to be cleaned?10:05
linociscocfhowlett,  bluetooth mouse, and touch pad mouse10:06
EriC^^commander_: also check glade https://glade.gnome.org/10:06
linociscoMonkeyDust, I dont think so . my practice is I keep all in one bag every after use10:06
commander_yeah i installed glade EriC^^ :)10:06
commander_Qt is also good i make using qt on windows10:07
EriC^^nice, never tried qt10:08
ClusTerالو ؟10:10
linociscoMonkeyDust, cfhowlett I noticed system problem after every startup and there is button to report problem to fix. but it is not fixed10:10
lotus|xenial!arabic | ClusTer10:10
ubottuClusTer: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية10:10
ClusTerno arabic ! Persian !!!10:11
cfhowlettlinocisco, just for fun: plug in a wired mouse to test10:11
cfhowlettClusTer, and this is the ENGLISH channel ...10:11
MonkeyDustlinocisco  that may simply be a apparmor message, usually it's harmless10:11
ubottu#ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.10:11
ClusTerOk ; Thank you maste .10:12
ClusTermaster :d10:12
linociscocfhowlett,  now with wired mouse10:12
cfhowlettlinocisco, same thing?!10:12
linociscoMonkeyDust, the message showed at startup as annoying and now I dont know where I could find it again10:12
linociscocfhowlett, so far no problem yet. I will do some fast typing. the pointer automatically select some IRC chat text and scroll down or up. but not frequently like before with 15.0410:13
MonkeyDustlinocisco  i agree... scroll down... http://linuxpoison.blogspot.be/2010/10/how-to-disable-apparmor-in-ubuntu-linux.html10:14
Drohow to copy a directory to an other path without replacing the existing files ?10:15
=== Guest40 is now known as BroGlass
linociscoMonkeyDust, how could you be so sure that would be apparmor problem  and Do you think it is safe to remove for security?10:16
commander_Dro read cp documenation10:16
commander_Dro, type man cp10:16
Drocommander_, its ok, the -n option10:17
commander_Dro,  yeah10:18
heap_hi, i have ubuntu installed on phy disk where is also windows... is it possible that i dd only linux partitions on new drive.. .and then i need somehow reinstall grub?10:20
EriC^^heap_: yeah, you can dd the partitions10:21
EriC^^and then use a live usb to chroot and reinstall grub10:21
EriC^^if you want you can dd the mbr too and not chroot and reinstall grub10:22
linociscohi all , I am going to install local fonts as per guide here http://naingyeminn.com/posts/burmese-keyboard-for-ubuntu-1404/. any comments?10:23
cfhowlettit's all greek to me ...10:25
MonkeyDustlooks georgian10:25
MihasiHi guys. Having some trouble getting Optimus to work on my laptop (Intel HD 4400 + NVidia GTX 850M). I'm using the NVidia 355.11 drivers. Whenever I switch cards using prime-select, I need to reboot for it to work. Logout/login gives me an infinite login loop. Any ideas on what might be causing this?10:25
linociscocfhowlett, are you replying to me?10:26
EriC^^Mihasi: can you show a log of after the login loop?10:26
EriC^^cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log ~/.xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 999910:27
linociscocfhowlett, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13021812/10:27
linociscocfhowlett, that are only steps I need to follow10:27
cfhowlettlinocisco, if you say so since I couldn't read any of the original text.  does it work?10:28
MihasiEriC^^, just a sec.10:29
EriC^^Mihasi: after it does the login loop, press ctrl+alt+f1 to get to a tty and run the commands10:29
linociscocfhowlett, https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=my&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fnaingyeminn.com%2Fposts%2Fburmese-keyboard-for-ubuntu-1404%2F&edit-text=&act=url10:29
MihasiI only have this laptop at the moment, so I'll need to save the log and restart, BRB.10:30
cfhowlettlinocisco, lol.  nope.  I'm in China so no google.10:30
linociscocfhowlett, xie xie10:30
decciAnyone having experience with how to write rules in terms of .DEB packaging process10:31
decciI tried tools like checkinstall which automates the .deb build process but looks like it doesnt have rules writing option10:32
deccidebreate looks great but it is too slow and troubleshooting is complez10:32
MihasiAlright EriC^^, the log should be at http://termbin.com/n75a10:34
MihasiNo ~/.XSession-errors file though.10:34
MihasiDoesn't matter whether I switch from intel to nvidia or nvidia to intel. In this case, it was nvidia to intel.10:36
auspetrolG'day, is someone able to give me a hand figuring out why VLC won't run? I can't find any error messages, if I run it from command line, i get the VLC version line, then return to a prompt. I can't see anything applicable in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/dmesg10:36
auspetrolany ideas?10:36
EriC^^Mihasi: odd, try dpkg -l | grep $(uname -r) | nc termbin.com 999910:36
MihasiAlso, if I switch back to nvidia (the driver originally started with) in the the TTY1 terminal, I can login again in one where X is running.10:37
MihasiEriC^^, http://termbin.com/5axt10:37
MihasiIt seems similar to this problem: https://askubuntu.com/questions/596357/ubuntu-14-04-nvidia-prime-only-works-on-restart-logout-login-doesnt-work10:39
MihasiBut the whole reason I installed nvidia-prime is because after an upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10 Bumblebee broke.10:39
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
EriC^^Mihasi: no idea10:40
lotus|xenialMihasi: bumblebee is outdated10:41
lotus|xenialMihasi: only use nvidia-prime with an nvidia-driver from your list10:41
lotus|xenialMihasi: have you enabled perofmance mode in nvidia-settings?10:41
truepurpleI am trying to install "dupeguru" but I guess I got to compile from source or something, I don't understand what to do10:41
ikoniatruepurple: look for an existing package10:42
auspetrolwooo! i ran a purge on vlc* and reinstalled it, it workssss10:42
truepurplenot listed10:42
ikoniatruepurple you could raise a request for someone to package on launchpad10:43
truepurplewhat is launchpad?10:43
Mihasilotus|xenial, Yes, and it works fine. But when I switch to Power Saving Mode (intel driver) and logout, I can't login again (it just shows me the login screen again after I type in my password).10:43
ikoniathe bug/project reporting tool10:43
ikoniaI wouldn't expect someone to pick it up quick though10:43
linociscohi all10:43
linociscoany ruby users here?10:43
ikonialinocisco: yes, why ?10:44
ikoniatruepurple: there is an ubuntu PPA for it10:44
MihasiEriC^^, alright, thanks for trying.10:44
linociscoikonia, what to install to run and develop ruby on ubuntu?10:44
EriC^^Mihasi: np10:44
ikoniatruepurple: what version of ubuntu are you using10:44
diolou are gay10:44
truepurpleIs it really that difficult to do that someone couldn't just tell me what to do? http://www.hardcoded.net/dupeguru/ is the site10:44
ikonialinocisco: just the ruby binary is all you need, and any frame works you want to use10:44
ikoniatruepurple: what version of ubuntu are you using10:44
linociscoikonia, frameworks means rubyonrails?10:45
ikonialinocisco: means whatever frame work you want to use10:45
ikoniatruepurple: thats good then, there is already a PPA with pre-build packages I think, one moment10:45
truepurpleIs installing without a package really complicated then?10:46
ikoniatruepurple: yes10:46
ikoniatruepurple: https://launchpad.net/~hsoft/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages10:46
ikoniatruepurple: looks like one of those packages could be what you need, although I'm not sure of the differences between me/pe/se10:47
truepurpleI saw that page earlier, but I wasnt sure which one I needed10:47
truepurpleI tried downloading and using, but I didn't know what to do with it10:47
Ben64why not use rdfind10:47
Ben64!info rdfind10:47
ubotturdfind (source: rdfind): find duplicate files utility. In component main, is extra. Version 1.3.4-2build1 (wily), package size 41 kB, installed size 155 kB10:47
ikoniaan even better suggestion Ben6410:47
truepurpleWill that work well for images and videos?10:48
Ben64it doesn't care what the file is10:48
truepurpleDoes it have a graphical interface?10:48
Ben64not that i know of10:49
ikoniaahhh dupeguru has multiple versions, me is the music edition10:49
truepurpleWell this one can tell even if its a different type of video or image10:49
ikoniatruepurple: so can rdfind10:49
Ben64it finds duplicate files, it doesn't matter what they are10:49
truepurplewell I don't see rdfine in package manager either10:50
ikonia!info rdfind precise10:51
ubotturdfind (source: rdfind): find duplicate files utility. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.3.0-1build1 (precise), package size 48 kB, installed size 147 kB10:51
ikoniait's there - it's in the universe repo10:51
truepurpleI don't know where universe repo is10:52
ikoniatruepurple: it's part of the standard ubuntu repos10:52
truepurpleOn a separate subject, I should probably upgrade to a latter version of ubuntu, how do I backup my current version, and how likely is it to corrupt my system and make it unbootable?10:53
ikoniatruepurple: backup any data you want to an external / seperate device,10:53
ikoniatruepurple: it you follow the upgrade process properly the risk of a problem should be very low,10:54
linociscoikonia, how to install ruby on ubuntu? installing from apt or source code?10:54
ikonialinocisco: never use sourcecode, there are solid support packages in the repo10:54
truepurplethrough update manager is proper process?10:54
ikoniaubuntu-mate: you need tyo ask a question to get help10:54
ikoniatruepurple: thats right10:54
ikonia!upgrade | truepurple10:54
ubottutruepurple: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:54
ikoniaubuntu-mate: stop -10:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:55
ikoniaubuntu-mate: do you need help yes/no10:55
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:55
linociscoikonia, ok. versions are always different from source code and apt. installing from apt get older version of ruby than from source. but I will follow your way10:55
truepurpleikonia, why should I backup regular data on a separate drive? I wouldn't think nonsystem files could be corrupted by system file update10:55
ikoniatruepurple: file systems won't be corrupted10:56
truepurpleikonia, but you said to backup files on a separate drive10:56
ikoniatruepurple: however, if you mess up your install, getting the data back from a seperate device can often be easier, quicker, if you have to fix/reinstall the broken os10:56
MihasiEriC^^, hmm, is the bbswitch module supposed to be enabled when using nvidia-prime? I thought it was a bumblebee-module, but when I try to uninstall bbswitch-dkms it also removes nvidia-prime...10:57
truepurpleikonia, can't I just backup on existing drive so it can fall back to previous version if new version was somehow corrupt?10:57
ikoniatruepurple: you'd need to take an image based backup, using something like clonezilla, but you need to do that from external media, not while the system is running10:57
ubuntu-mateoh it's an irc client! cool!!!10:58
truepurpleikonia, Obviously that would work, but that's too hard core, isn't there a more basic backup? I know I have fallen back to previous when I have had system problems before, without cloning or shit10:59
EriC^^Mihasi: no idea, you could try apt-cache depends nvidia-prime to see what it depends on10:59
ikoniatruepurple: no need to swear, please don't10:59
truepurplebesides, I currently lack a separate drive10:59
ubuntu-matedid i swear?10:59
truepurpleI didn't realize I swore10:59
truepurpleWhat did I say?10:59
ikoniatruepurple: there is no "fall back" option for the upgrade process sadly, the best advice, is to take a snapshot, you are of course free to use whatevrer backup method you feel best10:59
ubuntu-matewhat is irc exactly?11:00
ikonia!irc > ubuntu-mate11:00
ubottuubuntu-mate, please see my private message11:00
truepurplechat service obviously11:00
truepurplethis is irc11:00
ubuntu-mateoh hold on there is a something on the side here11:00
truepurpleThat's the private message11:00
ubuntu-mategot it11:00
ubuntu-matewhy does it say i am "ubuntu-mate" but not everybody else is "ubuntu-mate"?11:01
heap_EriC^^: the worst thing is that i cant copy mbr because partition numbers got changed.11:01
heap_but is there any simple step how to reinstall grub?11:01
ikoniaubuntu-mate: it's your nickname, I suggest you read the message the automated bot "ubottu" sent you11:01
truepurpleYou assign a handle to go by, if you didn't assign a handle, the IRC client would default one for you11:01
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ubuntu-matei closed it already11:02
truepurpleI guess your IRC client is ubuntu-mate, never heard of it though11:02
linociscoikonia, git clone git://github.com/ruby/ruby.git ?11:02
ikonialinocisco: why would you do that?11:02
Guest13059dears! how to find mac address of my PC here????11:02
EriC^^heap_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot11:02
ikoniaGuest13059: ifconfig11:02
Ben64Guest13059: ifconfig11:02
MonkeyDustubuntu-mate  type   /nick blah     to change your nickname11:02
=== ubuntu-mate is now known as blah
linociscoikonia, apt (Debian or Ubuntu)11:03
linociscoDebian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu use the apt package manager. You can use it like this:11:03
linocisco$ sudo apt-get install ruby-full11:03
linociscoAs of writing, the ruby-full package provides Ruby 1.9.3, which is an old stable release, on Debian and Ubuntu.11:03
Guest13059ikonia, Ben64: Thank You so much...11:03
ikonialinocisco: why are you typing this to me ?11:03
blahactually i just broke the intsaller and must close this thing now11:03
Ben64linocisco: if you're just going to ignore advice, why ask for it?11:03
linociscoikonia, it is what ruby website said11:03
ikonialinocisco: but why are you telling me ?11:03
ikonialinocisco: what do you actually want from me ?11:04
linociscoikonia, some said to install from git (that is what I dont know), some said to install from tarball, some said package manager. what is best? i m so confused11:04
ikonialinocisco: use the package manager, as I told you earlier, that way a.) you don't have to maintain it yourself b.) you know it's going to be compatible with your distro11:05
linociscoikonia, ok11:05
truepurplepackage manager is best if you can11:05
truepurplesoftware center is nice too, easy that way11:05
mlvmhnmy desktop hangs 2 times during a 10 min period, what do i do??11:06
truepurpleikonia, If somehow upgrading corrupted my OS, would that mean I couldn't access files in home or system? Like could I fetch bookmarks etc from it?11:06
ikoniatruepurple: it depends what happens, the data would still be there, but if you can't boot your OS - how can you access it ?11:07
mlvmhni am running qBittorrent in the bcakground, ist that the problem?11:07
DalekSec!info ruby2.0 trusty11:08
ubotturuby2.0 (source: ruby2.0): Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby. In component main, is extra. Version (trusty), package size 64 kB, installed size 123 kB11:08
Ben64mlvmhn: maybe if its causing a lot of io11:08
truepurpleikonia, I don't understand the question. If I booted from a ubutuntu live installed from a flash drive, could I access said files?11:08
ikoniatruepurple: yes, that should be fine11:09
ikoniatruepurple: as I said, the data would still be there,11:09
truepurpleikonia, And the data won't be permission locked or something?11:09
heap_EriC^^: thx11:09
ikoniatruepurple: permissions don't matter,11:10
ikoniatruepurple: the only thing to consider is if you have encypted the files with a key11:10
mlvmhnwhat is io?11:10
truepurpleI've tried accessing files from a USB flash drive boot and I couldn't do stuff with things from the HDD because everything was locked up11:11
ikoniatruepurple: thats to vague a explaination to comment on, sorry11:11
ikoniatruepurple: take whatever backups you feel are best before you upgrade, it's that simple11:11
Ben64mlvmhn: input output11:11
truepurpleikonia, but you said it won't damage stuff like bookmarks etc11:12
ikoniatruepurple: correct,11:12
mlvmhnk, can my system be too hot?11:12
ikoniatruepurple: it doesn't actually mess with the file system11:12
Ben64mlvmhn: sure?11:12
truepurpleikonia, So why might I want any backup other then a live usb flash of the OS?11:13
ikoniatruepurple: don't back it up then11:13
ikoniait's up to you11:13
truepurpleikonia,  is there a reason to though11:13
MonkeyDustmlvmhn  yes, i solved it by installing thermald and indicator-cpufreq11:13
ikoniatruepurple: backing up data before doing any sort of major system change/upgrade is just good practice,11:13
ikoniaif you don't want to back it up, don't do it11:13
MonkeyDustmlvmhn  14.04 here ... 15.04 and after has thermald installed by default11:14
truepurpleikonia, If there is no risk, then there is no point in security precautions of lack of risk. It's like wearing a seatbelt in a parked car for the good practice of wearing a seatbelt while in a car.11:14
truepurpleIf there is a risk, I'd like to know about it11:15
ikoniatruepurple: then don't do it, if given you the reason why and the situations,11:15
ikoniatruepurple: it's up to you what you do11:15
mlvmhnk, but shall i wait for a newer LTS?11:15
=== spookness is now known as Ghostness
truepurpleikonia, I don't feel you have given me a reason why. "good practice" doesn't mean anything to me. I don't need to practice copying files. It's not a "skill" that needs "practice"11:16
ikoniatruepurple: we are not getting into your stand meta-discussions11:16
truepurpleikonia, I just want to know if there is a reason to copy files11:17
Ben64truepurple: then don't do any backups! we'll be glad to help you recover files if something happens11:17
ikoniatruepurple: I've explained the pros of backing up to seperate devices, I've explained that it's also good practice before making major system changes, if you disagree, thats fine, carry on11:17
ikoniatruepurple: you have been told how to use this channel many times now, and we will not get into one of your situations of meta-discussions11:17
ikoniabackup, or don't back up, the choice is yours11:17
truepurpleikonia, You said such a update won't corrupt such files, which eliminates reason to backup11:18
ikoniatruepurple: no it doesn't11:18
truepurpleThen what is the reason?11:18
truepurpleI missed your clear explanation, please repeat it11:18
ikoniatruepurple: I've already told you, if there is a problem with the upgrade it is easier to recover, fix, or even re-install if you have your files safe on a different device11:18
truepurpleAh, so if I was willing to reinstall a new one from a flash drive, then that should take care of all of such concerns?11:20
ikoniatruepurple: what ?11:20
truepurpleThe reason for backup is to repair the OS if something goes wrong, and thus the only backup I would want would be that of system files. If I make a live flash, then if something went wrong, I could install from the flash and fix everything, no reason for backup then, right?11:21
ikoniatruepurple: it depends what files you want to keep11:22
truepurpleI don't know what you mean11:22
ikoniatruepurple: you have a config file in /etc - if you re-install that is gone11:22
ikoniatruepurple: do you want file, if so, back it up11:22
truepurpleI wouldn't want to keep any nonpersonal files that I dont need to11:22
ikoniaif not, carry on11:22
ikoniaif you have /home on a seperate partition, then the risk to that specific data is low, however, if you want to avoid risk, back it up11:23
ikoniaif not, carry on11:23
vin_I have an issue with ububtu 15.04....11:23
vin_I am running 15.04 on my  Dell Latitude E651011:23
vin_I see that I cannot enter the boot setup using the F12 option11:24
truepurpleikonia, all data on the OS partition is possible to be corrupted if I update to a latter ubuntu version?11:24
vin_this sort of blocks me from either reinstalling or upgrading the OS, because there is some issue wrt wifi connecitivity as well11:24
ikoniatruepurple: there is a risk to any data - as package upgrades will replace files $X with version $X+111:24
vin_can anyone help me with a workaround?11:24
vin_the boot option from DVD does not seem to work at all....the DVD is fine as has been tested on a different macchine11:26
truepurpleikonia, hmm? a system upgrade could result in say video file corruption on a separate partition or even a separate drive? You said "any data"11:26
ikoniatruepurple: I've told you 6 times now "no"11:26
BluesKajHiyas all11:26
truepurpleWhat specific data is at risk when upgrading?11:26
heap_may i dd smaller partition to bigger? everything will be okay?11:28
ikoniaheap_: no11:28
heap_i thought so its smaller to bigger11:28
heap_then i need to create somehow identical partitions using gparted based on the number of the blocks11:29
Ben64heap_: what exactly is your goal11:30
heap_i just need to virtualize phy ubuntu install11:30
heap_so i have that install on 2 partitions...11:30
heap_i booted live in vm .. now im going to create partitions .. dd old ones on vm ones and reinstall grub11:31
ikoniaheap_: where you the person asking how to make a physical install on vmware last night ?11:31
heap_ikonia: not sure11:31
ikoniaheap_: you're not sure if you where asking how to make a physical install virtual in vmware ?11:31
heap_ikonia: i dont know if i asked here11:32
heap_becasue i was asking something #vmware also11:32
ikoniaheap_: I told you to use the vmware physical to virtual converter tools, did you do that ?11:32
heap_ikonia: it doesnt work.11:33
heap_ikonia: it works only with ESX11:33
ikoniaright, so you're not using esx, you're using some workstation install ?11:33
ikoniaheap_: so make a disk image of the install, try to boot it and then fix the os issues that creates11:34
ikoniaheap_: the guys in #vmware should have a process for this well documented11:34
heap_but thing is that install is on various partitions..11:35
heap_i cant dd whole drive..11:35
ikoniaof course you can11:35
Apachezthe 15.04 to 15.10 upgrade went just fine, only issue (which already seems logged) is google chrome cannot detect default browser11:36
heap_ikonia: u can but u waste space with that various partitions11:36
ikoniaheap_: nope11:36
heap_so how should i do it?11:37
heap_dd /dev/sda?11:37
ikoniaheap_: exactly how I said]11:37
heap_ikonia: whole drive as /dev/sda?11:37
ikoniaheap_: hang on - all your interested in is the root partition, do that, boot that, then deal with the additional partitions seperate11:38
ikoniaheap_: the guys in #vmware will have a process for that11:38
heap_i asked but doesnt looks like11:38
heap_its getting complicated11:38
ikoniayes, it is11:38
heap_all what i need is exact same partition sizes...11:38
heap_and just dd and reisntall grub11:38
ikoniaheap_: it doesn't work like that11:39
heap_why not?11:39
heap_i must.11:39
ikoniaheap_: ok then do what you feel is best11:39
heap_ikonia: you are saying something with no argumetns?11:39
ikoniaI'm not arguing anything11:39
heap_if u mirror 2 partitons and reinstall grub what else do you need?11:39
heap_then you are saying it wont work.11:39
ikoniacarry on then11:40
heap_how can i create identical partitions (based on the block size)?11:40
ikoniayou're not creating partitions11:40
ikoniayou're creating an image11:40
heap_i boot vm usinz live.11:40
ikoniayou boot using live ?11:41
heap_i have to create partitions where i dd old ones..11:41
heap_.inside that drive etc..11:41
heap_inside that vm11:41
ikoniayou're not making any sense11:41
ikoniaI suggest you carry on as you see best11:41
heap_ikonia: how else you want to chroot and reinstall grub if u dont have alive?11:41
ikoniaheap_: you're way ahead of where you need to be11:41
heap_and i think my question if i can dd smaller on bigger is correct statement11:42
ikoniathen do it11:42
heap_then i dont know why you are saying something11:43
heap_make ppl distracted etc11:43
ikoniano, I'm saying thats not what you need to do, not distracting, you disagree, so carry on11:43
heap_so what i need to do then>?11:44
msev-Do powered usb hubs disallow power transfer from computer. So they exclusivly get their power from a power outlet?11:44
heap_apart your suggestion to dd whole DRIVE11:44
ikoniaas I said, make an image of the root file system, boot that image, fix the OS, then either grow the file system to encompass the missing file systems, or make seperate disk images for ther other partitions11:45
heap_and as i said there is grub and multiple partitions so if i create image of /root fs it wont boot without grub reinstall11:47
heap_i guess11:47
ikoniaheap_: grub is only interested in /boot11:50
heap_ikonia: but i need mbr somewhere to boot system11:53
heap_and my mbr is on sda1 and /root is on sda511:53
ikoniaheap_: your mbr should be on sda11:54
ikonianot sad111:54
heap_ok sorry sda11:54
auronandaceheap_: no, the mbr is at the beginning of sda, not a partition11:54
heap_so in case i create image only from sda5 where is root / then i need to put mbr somewhere11:54
ikoniaheap_: so again - you just want your root file system11:54
pwcahi, is there any way to get a list of installed programs and import this to another installation of Ubuntu?11:56
heap_as i said root is on disk3s5 and mbr on disk311:56
ikoniaheap_: you're making this so compelx, I don't know why this is hard to grasp11:57
MonkeyDustpwca  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13022330/11:57
ikoniajust take an image of the root file system, thats all you need as you'll to make adjustments to the OS11:57
heap_ikonia: im saying i dont know if it will boot up11:58
heap_in case of missing mbr11:58
ikoniaheap_: why would it not ?11:58
heap_and confused grub11:58
ikoniaheap_: put grub on it then11:58
heap_because no mbr and grub is on different partition.11:58
ikoniagrub is on a different partition ?11:58
ikoniaso you have / and /boot on seperate partitions ?11:59
MonkeyDustpwca  mind: that trick only works for programs installed from the repos, not for ppa's11:59
ubuntu175is anyone running ubuntu on a newer system like with an nvidia gtx 970(m) or intel skylake?11:59
ikoniathen grub is not on a seperate partition11:59
pwcaMonkeyDust: think I can install the non-repo stuff manually. thank you!11:59
heap_i dont know where is grub11:59
heap_if mbr is connected with it or not11:59
ikoniaheap_: its in /boot11:59
ikoniaas I've said 3 times11:59
ikoniaand the mbr is used to boot/call grub11:59
heap_in that case11:59
heap_with no mbr11:59
heap_who is going to call the grub12:00
ikoniathen re-install grub into the vm once you've taken the image12:00
ikoniaor take a copy of the first 512 blocks of the disk12:00
heap_if i take that copy 512 blocks copy should i dd it on the image with root?12:01
heap_i think to reinstall grub will be less pain12:01
ikoniathat would be simpler12:01
heap_of course u need a live boot for that12:02
no_mr_blackanyone heard of a machine only allows windows os to boot?12:04
ikoniano_mr_black: nothing to do with ubuntu, so nothing to do with this channel12:04
mlvmhnwhich is the latest LTS?12:04
no_mr_blackwas trying to install ubuntu12:04
ikoniamlvmhn: 14.0412:05
sygcan anyone help me setup gmail notification on my ubuntu 15.10?12:05
heap_ikonia:  so just chroot /mnt/root; grub-install /dev/sda ; update-grub ; thats it?12:06
ikonia!grub2 > heap_12:06
ubottuheap_, please see my private message12:06
MonkeyDust!info checkgmail | syg12:06
mlvmhnk, can qBittorrent cause my system to hang?12:06
ubottusyg: checkgmail (source: checkgmail): alternative Gmail Notifier for Linux via Atom feeds. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.13+svn43-4fakesync1 (wily), package size 51 kB, installed size 257 kB12:06
ikoniamlvmhn: you've been told earlier, maybe12:07
sygMonkeyDust: this doesn't seem to work right on 15.1012:08
sygit loaded once, i entered my credentials, now it just crashes without fail MonkeyDust12:10
Ubik_hello  cannot change input device [french] in lubuntu 15  nothing in keyboard settings for input layout12:10
vin_can someone please address my query?12:10
MonkeyDustvin_  hit the up arrow to repeat it12:11
mrtAkdenizGuys hey there12:13
mrtAkdenizI've a problem about hostname12:13
mrtAkdenizi changed my hostname12:14
vin_@MonkeyDust I am actually not able to boot from CD ROM in my laptop Dell Latitude E6510 which has ubuntu 15.04 installed....I would like to reinstall the OS as there is some issue with WiFi access for 802.11n....but due to this CD ROM issue I am stuck...I cannot even go to  the boot options using F12...12:14
mrtAkdenizmy hostname -f returns "roomworks.site" which is my domain12:14
mlvmhnwhen will the next LTS be released?12:14
auronandace!hostname | mrtAkdeniz12:14
ubottumrtAkdeniz: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.12:14
mrtAkdenizbut when I try to send email with roundcube, it says that : http://pastie.org/private/kxajwxojdzbfuinrycszmw12:14
ikoniamlvmhn: -f is fullly qualified12:14
ikoniamlvmhn: sorry, not you12:15
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: -f is fully qualified12:15
mrtAkdenizikonia, auronandace yeah i know. i changed them both. and hostname and hostname -f returns what I need to see12:15
mlvmhnis there a program for checking the health on my esktop?12:15
mrtAkdenizikonia, i know mate.. but if you check the log which i pasted, you'll understand me.. :\12:15
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: thats nothing to do with your hostname12:15
MonkeyDustvin_  that F12 issue is not ubuntu related, i guess...12:16
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: thats the external mail server rejecting you as you don't have a fully qualified ARPA address12:16
mrtAkdenizit seeing room.site which is my old hostname..12:16
vin_@MonkeyDust I am looking for a workaround to actually  boot from CD12:16
mrtAkdenizikonia, http://pastie.org/1051980812:16
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: how did you set the hostname ?12:16
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: you don't set the hostname with the hostname command12:16
mrtAkdenizby changing etc/hosts and etc/hostname12:16
ikoniayou need to reboot after you've done that12:17
mrtAkdenizafter that reboot and "sudo service hostname restart"12:17
ikoniaerr no12:17
ikoniajust reboot12:17
ikoniahostname is not a service12:17
mrtAkdenizyeah ubuntu told me same :\12:17
mrtAkdenizok let me reboot again12:17
mrtAkdenizok reboot is done12:18
mrtAkdenizhostname and hostname -f still return my domain name12:18
mrtAkdeniznot room.site12:18
ikoniahostname -f is your fully qualitied domain12:18
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: have you rebooted ?12:19
mrtAkdenizikonia, yeah12:19
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: show me the output of "uname -a" please12:19
mrtAkdenizLinux roomworks.site 3.13.0-57-generic #95-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 19 09:28:15 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:19
mlvmhnis there any goos system tools for ubuntu for checking the health on the desktop??12:19
mrtAkdenizmlvmhn, check ubuntu system monitor12:19
ikoniamlvmhn: so your hostname has correctly changed then12:20
ikoniamlvmhn: sorry not you12:20
ikoniamlvmhn: so that is your hostname rootworks,site12:20
ikoniamlvmhn: ahh, sorry again, not you12:20
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: your hostname is roomworks.site12:20
vin_MnkeyDust: OK...12:20
mrtAkdenizikonia, it says while trying to sent : SMTP Error (454): Failed to add recipient "mert.akdeniz@egnity.com" (4.7.1 <mert.akdeniz@egnity.com>: Relay access denied).12:20
mrtAkdenizand on logs12:20
mlvmhnikonia; stop drinking LOL ;)12:20
=== MisterHiyas is now known as benonsoftware
mlvmhnis ubuntu system monitor included in the OS?12:21
mrtAkdenizmlvmhn, on ubuntu desktop it should be12:21
vin_MonkeyDust:  Since I am stuck because of not knowing whether the current BIOS setting is to boot from the CD as the primary option, is there a way I can check/change this from ubuntu?12:21
mrtAkdenizon server idk, my sysdev doing this stuff12:21
Ubik_hello  cannot change input device [french] in lubuntu 15  nothing in keyboard settings for input layout12:22
mlvmhnfound it, but i can not run any scans?12:22
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: please show me the output of the command "hostname"  - just "hostname"12:23
mrtAkdenizroot@roomworks:/var/log# hostname12:23
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: now hostname -f12:23
mrtAkdenizroot@roomworks:/var/log# hostname -f12:23
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: what is in the postfix config file12:24
mrtAkdenizwhich part?12:24
ikoniaand what address is
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: for the hostname12:24
mrtAkdenizikonia, myhostname = roomworks.site12:24
=== lolmac is now known as Guest81951
mrtAkdenizand this ip is my server's ip12:25
mave_hi, anyone familiar with this error on first boot after a fresh install of 15.10? ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xx$ does not exist12:25
mave_14.04 install fine12:25
mrtAkdenizifconfig confirms that12:25
ikoniaso if you do nslookup what do you get ?12:26
mrtAkdenizikonia, http://pastie.org/1051982412:26
mrtAkdenizthat should be problem..12:26
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: there is your answer then12:27
mrtAkdenizikonia, sorry but really did not get the answer yet :P12:27
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: your reverse lookup is wrong12:27
mrtAkdeniznow what is wrong, what is this "room.site" part? where it came from?12:27
MneuroIs it possible to disable mouse acceleration in Ubuntu 15.10?12:29
mrtAkdenizikonia, should I change my resolv.conf file?12:31
mrtAkdenizas a newbie, I googled "change reverse lookup" and it came with nothing12:31
mrtAkdenizjust dig, host and dnslookup codes12:31
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: if you're new - why are you trying to setup a mail server ?12:33
ikoniathat is not something for the inexperienced12:33
mrtAkdenizI'm a software developer and trying to create a new server for myself12:33
mrtAkdenizlike publishing works etc12:33
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: putting a mail server on the web is not a "toy"12:33
mrtAkdenizyeah i saw that :\ ikonia12:34
mrtAkdenizbut I installed vimbadmin and getting mails fine12:34
cfhowlettmrtAkdeniz, better served in the #ubuntu-server channel perhaps?12:34
mrtAkdenizonly problem is sending..12:34
mrtAkdenizomg cfhowlett sorry :(12:34
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: that is not a solution12:34
mrtAkdenizyou are right12:34
mrtAkdenizikonia, what you refer with "that"?12:34
mrtAkdenizfor what?12:35
mrtAkdenizi installed it to create mail accounts and control them12:35
mrtAkdenizlike using phpmyadmin12:35
ikoniaand yet your mail server is not working.....12:35
mrtAkdenizyeah :\12:35
mave_hi, anyone familiar with this error on first boot after a fresh install of 15.10? ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xx$ does not exist12:35
mave_14.04 installs fine12:35
Ben64mave_: whatever partition doesn't exist12:36
mave_it does exist with the uuid mentioned12:36
mrtAkdenizikonia, I spend my whole night for it and make getting mails work12:36
Ben64it didn't when the error was shown12:37
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: and yet - it's not working12:37
mrtAkdenizi dont want to stop right now.. i mean i don't want to break up12:37
mrtAkdenizgetting mails are working o.O12:37
mrtAkdenizproblem appearing while sending12:37
mrtAkdenizand i think it is because that dns lookup12:37
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: again - you are doing this without understanding the mail system or thge basics12:37
k1l_systemd is very picky when it comes to fstab entries. (since 15.04 ubuntu uses systemd)12:37
ikoniathis is not something you should be doing as a toy - putting a mail server on the internet is not a "play thing"12:37
mrtAkdenizikonia, why?12:38
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: you can cause problems12:38
mrtAkdenizwithout playing, how can I learn it?12:38
mrtAkdenizon the web or on the my server?12:38
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: both12:38
mrtAkdeniz:\ ok12:38
mrtAkdenizthanks for your time12:38
MneuroIs it possible to disable mouse acceleration on Ubuntu 15.10?12:39
MonkeyDustMneuro  in dconf-editor, find motion-acceleration12:42
=== android is now known as Guest40263
MonkeyDustMneuro  there's also org.gnome.desktop.a11y.keyboard > mousekeys-accel-time12:45
Mneurohow do i edit that? gconf-editor?12:45
MonkeyDustMneuro  no, install dconf-editor, open it and then ctrl-f, find 'mouse'12:46
Mneuroso mousekeys-accel-time turns off mouse acceleration?  set it to 0?12:51
MonkeyDustMneuro  no, my mistake, that's for the mousekeys on your keyboard12:52
Mneurono problem.  which setting in dconf does mouse acceleration12:52
MonkeyDustMneuro  i guess it's in org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.mouse12:54
MneuroThat just has double-click, drag-threshold and locate-pointer12:55
MonkeyDustMneuro  i also found 'motion-treshold'... if that's not it, i'm out of ideas12:58
Mneuroalright no prob, thanks for trying12:58
jml32ljl2how do i enable universe and backports via a command for ubuntu?13:02
heap_how can i create partitions based on the block size?13:04
Windows3my wireless only works after I suspend the computer. What should I do?13:04
n1ck7I've recently switched over to Ubuntu and I'm having some issues with my wireless adapter. It's an Atheros AR9485, and the problem I'm experiencing is the device randomly shuts off and stops working. The only way to connect to the internet again is by a restart13:07
n1ck7I posted in this thread with details of the output of dmesg - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2298681&page=2&p=13382668#post1338266813:07
n1ck7Can anyone help me? :)13:07
mrtAkdenizGuys, how can I change the wrong hostname on "nslookup IP" ?13:08
mrtAkdenizshould I change the DNS?13:08
=== EREVAN_ is now known as EREVAN
libraciousi have a small problem on ubuntu 15.10 i am getting this error W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/apt-fast/stable/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages13:12
libraciousi added the repo using sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saiarcot895/myppa13:12
libraciousthe repo works when on 15.0413:12
libraciousso is there any way i can use vivid package and not wily13:13
lotuspsychje!ppa | libracious13:14
ubottulibracious: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:14
libraciousthis ppa is not availble for wily so can i use force ubuntu to install vivid release instead of wily13:19
ChargedLightHi. I currently have Windows and Ubuntu installed on the same drive (SSD 128GB). I installed windows first and then added ubuntu. But now i'm running out of free space on my ubuntu partition. Basially i need free space to install virtual machine, so it can be accessible when i work in Ubuntu. I've resized window's partition, so now i have unallocated partition (10 GB size) and now i need to mount it somehow. Here is the screenshot from gparted - ht13:20
ChargedLightQuestion: How to mount this unallocated space so it will be visible under Ubuntu and i can use it?13:20
cfhowlettChargedLight, you have to join it to your sda5.13:20
ChargedLightyes, but how. And is it safe? i13:21
cfhowlettquickest way: delete linux-swap.  join all the allocated space to sda5.  reassign 4 gb to swap.13:23
ChargedLightcfhowlett, should i do all operations with partitions when booted from live usb?13:24
cfhowlettChargedLight, yes.  ONLY from the live usb13:25
ChargedLightok, then another question ) how to boot from usb when i currently have grub2 installed. Bios don't see my usb stick as a boot option13:25
cfhowlettChargedLight, are you on live session now??13:26
ChargedLightcfhowlett, i am booted with my ubuntu now13:27
ChargedLightnot live usb13:27
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ItsMrbHi All, A quick question for everyone. I have a minecraft server and I would like to start the minecraft.jar in a screen (Using screen -dmS mc java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar /srv/mc/minecraft_server.1.8.7.jar nogui) Hower the screen starts but terminates after a few seconds. I am planning to use that command on start up so I do nt have to start it by hand on reboot. Can anyone suggest a way to stop it terminating? Many Thamnks13:32
jml32ljl2anyone know if i can `sudo add-apt-repository trusty-backports` on ubuntu 14.04 with univserse enabled?13:32
cfhowlettChargedLight, unless the USB is faulty, bios should see it.  try a different USB13:32
bekksjml32ljl2: why wouldnt you?13:33
jml32ljl2i need the backports enabled and installed13:33
jml32ljl2automating it within travis13:33
ChargedLightcfhowlett, both ubuntu and windows see it. It's not the trouble with usb, it's because grub2 installed13:33
bekksjml32ljl2: And?13:33
jml32ljl2so it should work?13:33
cfhowlettChargedLight, grub2 should have no  issue either.13:34
jml32ljl2i need backports to install the 'shellcheck' packaged13:34
jml32ljl2i think the backports repository has the 'shellcheck' package13:34
bekksjml32ljl2: Then why dont you just enable it then?13:34
jml32ljl2i can't do it via nano13:34
jml32ljl2since, it's an automated travis build13:34
jml32ljl2used for linting, and unit tests13:35
jml32ljl2so i need to bake in the command to the config file13:35
jml32ljl2in .travis.yml, which is run on the travis server on the cloud13:35
jml32ljl2`sudo add-apt-repository trusty-backports` yields "Error: 'trusty-backports' invalid"13:36
jml32ljl2do i need a ppa?13:36
BluesKajjml32ljl2, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nameofppa-ppa/name is the command13:44
cfhowlettChargedLight, since you're booting the live session, grub won't even see your USB.13:45
ChargedLightcfhowlett, what do you mean by live session? I've create bootable usb under windows (using unetbootin). After that i'm restarting my computer and getting to the grub2 screen. I have 4 optaions - Ubuntu, Ubuntu with options, Windows, Enter settings (BIOS)13:47
cfhowlettChargedLight, when booting the live usb, reboot, immediately go into bios and tell it to boot the USB.  if you are getting the grub MENU, something is wrong.13:47
friendofkiwihello guys :)13:48
mikeyuf_Hi there, newb here, trying to install server 14.04, hyper-V in windows 10, Anyone have a good guide to getting networking to work, specifically external access.  Added legacy adapter, connected to external switch but ifconfig -a only shows lo (loopback)13:49
salluanyone using ubuntu in uefi mode enabled13:49
bekkssallu: I bet a lot of people do.13:50
Osirezsallu: yea, it's pretty common to use UEFI for a newer computer13:50
friendofkiwianyone know how to get su access gui ?13:50
salluwait let me call my university mate , he is teasing me to tell him all13:51
salluhe bought laptop very much expensive13:51
salluwait a sec13:51
byabbablabb_friendofkiwi: su access to gui?13:52
salluOsirez, well i am here now, he is coming here at this irc channel13:52
salluOsirez, can you tell me , are you using the same13:53
friendofkiwiim trying to install xampp, i downloaded it manually, changed to executable, and now i need su privilege in gui mode :)13:53
Osirezsallu: yes I use UEFI13:53
lotuspsychje!xampp | friendofkiwi13:54
ubottufriendofkiwi: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.13:54
salluOsirez, ok ,13:54
salluOsirez, ok i tell you13:55
asdhello people13:55
asdi want you to say13:55
asdthese words13:55
cfhowlettasd, ask your ubuntu questions.13:55
asdand you will be safe in byound13:56
cfhowlettasd this is ubuntu support.  stay on the topic please.13:56
friendofkiwilotuspsychje: thanks :)13:56
Osirezsallu: Go for it. What's the question?13:57
lotuspsychjefriendofkiwi: np13:57
asdAshhadu Alla Ellaha Ella Allah WA'na Muhamadan RAsoul lo Allah13:57
cfhowlettasd, wrong channel.  consider yourself added to my /ignore13:57
mikeyuf_If ifconfig -a only displays info on the lo adapter, does that mean it doesn't detect a network card? lspci returns an Ethernet controller?13:58
akikmikeyuf_: i followed this guide to share the network connection of the hyper-v host. you still need to have a network interface in your vm. http://blog.areflyen.no/2012/10/10/setting-up-internet-access-for-hyper-v-with-nat-in-windows-8/14:00
mikeyuf_akik:  That you for replying, I found a similiar guide with no luck, but maybe like you said, it is because14:01
mikeyuf_ifconfig -a only displays lo14:01
akikmikeyuf_: i think there are two types of network adapters in hyper-v manage4, legacy and new14:03
akikgod i hate writing on a touch screen14:04
mikeyuf_akik: I have been messing with legacy all this time.14:04
kubast2Hey ,do you know how to "send" usb device into ubuntu virtualbox guest? I have installed vbox guest additions and choosed usb device on win host. Device was recognized for a short while on ubuntu ,but it no longer is and no matter what I do it's not seen in lsusb anymore.14:09
kubast2*I installed vbox guest additions on ubuntu guest14:09
salluOsirez, i am coming back after prayer and will ask you queries about 15 minutes14:09
sallube right back14:09
kubast2and choosed usb device to be inside of guest ,using vbox windows host.14:10
cfhowlettkubast2, see the vbox help menu14:10
kubast2I went to search ,typed in "usb" "No topics found"14:11
cfhowlettkubast2, click on your machine settings > usb14:11
kubast2I have added the device from therre14:12
kubast2rebooted ubuntu too14:12
kubast2the windows recognizes "VirtualBox USB" ,but no device is present in ubuntu14:12
akikkubast2: maybe you need to install the vbox extensions too14:12
mikeyuf_akik:  I just removed legacy, added normal nic, connected to internal network and shared the vexternal switch like the guide, working (at least showing up in ifconfig now :))14:12
akikkubast2: i don't mean the guest additions14:13
akikkubast2: virtualbox extension pack14:14
kubast2on guest right14:15
akikkubast2: no. on host14:15
cfhowlettkubast2, http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/5.0.8/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-5.0.8-103449.vbox-extpack14:16
akikkubast2: they ar3 installed through preferences14:16
kubast2ok I'll turn off vm and install additions14:16
akikmikeyuf_: i think the guide says to use the internal switch14:17
=== test is now known as Guest973
Guest973works thx14:19
Guest973Bus 001 Device 002:14:19
mikeyuf_akik: I got networking working now, but I imaging it pulling an ip address on my private LAN, which is a 10. network, it is pulling a 192.168. address, any idea why?14:19
akikmikeyuf_: i 5hink it's the hyper-v manager giving that ip, unless you use the ext swi5ch?14:20
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jukiI upgraded to 15.10 and now my laptop boots to black screen.  Any help?14:23
sima_my xubuntu install with Virtualbox and Teamviewer installed, won't shut down14:25
sima_it is H81 motherboard, new machine14:25
sima_it just waits forever, never shutting down aether I shutdown in GUI or I shutdown with shutdown -P now14:25
sima_It is the problem for a user that asks me what is wrong with the computer and all is at stake now14:26
sima_oh yes, it is XUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS 64bit14:27
demonlovewhat is exactly LTS14:27
cfhowlett!LTS | demonlove14:27
ubottudemonlove: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)14:27
byabbablabb_and what is next LTS?14:28
sima_So it should work for supported period, but in practice some update to LTS broke some funcitionality for s ome short time, bu repair it also fast14:28
sima_So I would like to shut down..14:28
demonlovesomone told me it releases during christmas14:28
cfhowlettthen they lied to you14:29
lotuspsychjedemonlove: 31 december is alpha14:32
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skwishyHow can I determine which wifi driver I'm using?14:34
k1l_demonlove: 16.04 means its release date is april 201614:34
sima_how do I post some related logs to see where does it holds instead of shutting down?14:34
lotuspsychjeskwishy: sudo lshw -C network14:35
skwishylotuspsychje: awesome, thanks!14:35
cfhowlett!paste | sima_14:35
ubottusima_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:35
k1l_skwishy: lspci -v14:35
sima_cfhowlett, that was not the question, question was what to paste from what log to debug it14:35
k1l_sima_: after a reboot the logs are cycled to log.0 or log.1. see /var/log/ for syslog etc14:36
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=== Acilim_A is now known as Acilim
abkabkabkanyone know how to make filename.cc:40 a clickable link in any term? i need a new term14:37
skwishyDoes this line from lshw look like a good wireless driver? configuration: broadcast=yes driver=wl0 driverversion= (r487574) ip= latency=0 multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11abg14:37
mikeyuf_Am I right assuming there is no way to natively use Ubuntu 14.04 on Hyper-V with networking besides using ICS sharing from an external switch to an internal switch?  I would rather just set the network settings in hyper-v to External so it will live on the same network as the host.14:38
lotuspsychjeskwishy: yes, driver=14:39
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sima_Yes, I also have MANY bugs reports popping up14:39
sima_Pointing to Team Viewer14:39
sima_I would also like to know how to turn off bug reports popping up but manually reporing them automatically14:40
OerHekssima_, does your system shutdown properly when you stop teamviewer first? heard that issue before, and check the manufacturor of that mobo for bios updates.14:40
OerHekssima_, filing a bugreport on teamviewer also helps, but we don't support teamviewer, as it is closed source.14:41
akikmikeyuf_: you don't get any network access with the external switch?14:42
sima_OerHeks, it is good question because Teamviewer has also soem background service, that does not actually closes but it is a good question and I would try14:42
skwishyIs there a good place to look for updated wifi drivers?14:44
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mikeyuf_akik: well I'll be, just shutdown changed to the external network, now it is working, I swear it wasn't :)  Thanks again akik14:44
cfhowlett!wifi | skwishy14:44
ubottuskwishy: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:44
sima_I had put acpi=force in /etc/default/grub , wish me luck on shutting down..14:49
akikmikeyuf_: can you describe the full setup?  :)14:50
mikeyuf_akik: My VMs setup, what part would you like me to describe?14:51
akikmikeyuf_: are you using the ics and external switch?14:51
akikmikeyuf_: alwo if dhcp gets the address from your external dhcp server14:52
mikeyuf_akik:  Well, I still have the vExternal shared to vInternal, but in the VMs network settings, I have the network set to External now, so DHCP is pulling from  my internal lan scope14:52
JCT500THzI need some help with installing Ubuntu 14.04.14:53
lotuspsychje!ask | JCT500THz14:53
ubottuJCT500THz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:53
abkabkabkanyone know how to make filename.cc:40 a clickable link in any term? i need a new term14:53
akikmikeyuf_: i didn't follow but congrats14:54
EriC^^abkabkabk: a clickable link in a term?14:54
abkabkabkyea, like in uxrvt14:54
lotuspsychjeJCT500THz: before we can help, we need a question from you14:54
EriC^^oh, no idea14:54
ratraceGuys, how can I reboot 15.04 into command line? I tried appending "text" to the kernel line in grub menu but that didn't seem to work. I'm guessing systemd requires something else? I can't seem to find what.14:55
JCT500THzHow do I assign more space to the partition I want to install to? Right now I'm using the live disk.14:55
uwilyratrace: try rescue mode from grub14:56
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=== JCT is now known as JCT500THz
ratraceuwily: isn't that for the busybox shell?14:57
=== cbarreda is now known as _cb
uwilyratrace: sorry, rescue mode from boot menu.15:00
skwishyUsing chrome in ubuntu, is there a way to change the key mapping so that Ctrl-Alt-C will work the same as ctrl-C for "copy", instead of opening the developer tools?15:02
demonloveuse firefox15:03
demonloveits open-source15:03
skwishyit's so slow tho :(15:03
skwishywell, the way I'm misusing my browser with a million tabs, it's slow15:03
prsteeleHello everyone, I'm having trouble rebooting and powering down. The reboot/shutdown sequence hangs after it says "Unmounting local filesystems... [OK]" and then never progresses. Any thoughts on where to start looking?15:04
blithenAny thoughts as to why Mate wouldn't be listed in my available DEs at login?15:04
prsteelethis isn't new hardware; this machine was running fine for several years before it started15:04
edlindehi all, I am thinking of installing Ubuntu15:05
edlindeI have never used it before15:05
blithenprsteele: maybe try this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/508029/ubuntu-14-04-stuck-on-shutdown15:05
cfhowlett!install | edlinde,15:06
ubottuedlinde,: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:06
edlindewas using Fedora 22.. but it doesn't seem to be working well for me15:06
cfhowlettedlinde, it's easy to learn, documentation and support are abundant.15:06
prsteeleblithen: I have tried a few of those fixes, and nothing seemed to come of it15:06
edlindecfhowlett, should I install 15?15:06
prsteeleblithen: I'm skeptical that would be the fix anyway, since my GRUB file was working fine before, unless an update changed it15:06
cfhowlettedlinde, me: 14.04 Long Term Support.  YMMV.  15.10 is the latest.15:07
blithenIf you haven't tried that yet, it'd be worth a shot. Can't hurt to try.15:07
edlindeso I should go with 15.10 right?15:07
cfhowlettedlinde, sure.15:07
edlindedo I make a usb booter?15:07
cfhowlett!usb | edlinde,15:07
ubottuedlinde,: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:07
edlindelike a live-usb15:07
edlindeor you suggest something easier?15:08
blithenedlinde: you can, you don't have to though. Whatever your preferred way is.15:08
edlindeblithen, what are the other ways?15:08
cfhowlettedlinde, see the link I sent you.  unetbootin can make a live USB and I'm pretty sure fedora has live usb creator tools that would work.15:08
OerHeksedlinde, burn a dvd, or make a live usb15:08
edlindeoh I have live usb creator installed on Fedora15:09
cfhowlettedlinde,  I *think* that can create an ubuntu USB15:09
edlindeso I just download the latest Ubuntu iso and install on usb stick15:09
edlindeok will give it a shot15:09
martin_redlinde i suggest you try live boot as others suggested before installing the ting, you will probably though find unbutu much friendlier than fedora15:09
JCT500THzI'm using the live disk boot, and I'm planning on installing Ubuntu to my 4th partition. But I don't need to ask anything about it right now, yet.15:09
JCT500THzSpecifically, 14.04 LTS.15:10
prsteeleside note, is there any inherent problem with doing REISUB every time I try to fix this? Because for now that's the only way I can actually reboot15:11
edlindeyeah fedora is killing me with the new dnf15:11
edlindekeeps getting stuck on 99%15:12
cfhowlettedlinde, try a live boot, see what's what.15:12
cfhowlettor install virtualbox to fedora, then install lubuntu to vbox15:12
edlindeI just need something that can work out of the box with most hardware like printer and connect to wifi easily15:12
edlindeI think Ubuntu might do all that much easier than other distros15:12
blithenprsteele: I don't even know what that means so it's a bit above my dumb head. ;)15:12
lotuspsychjeedlinde: depends on the hardware also15:13
prsteeleblithen: ctrl-alt-sysreq-{r,e,i,s,u,b} will... force a reboot15:13
prsteeleblithen: it sends signals to halt everything that will listen, and the boots15:13
cfhowlettedlinde, they elves and gremlins work hard at user-friendliness and hardware support so unless you have some brand new or exotic hardware you should be good.15:13
edlindelotuspsychje, yeah but I remember a collegue with the same laptop installing ubuntu and hving no troubles with it15:13
prsteeleblithen: mnemonic: Reboot Even If System Utterly Broken15:13
lotuspsychjeedlinde: yeah on LTS many things go fine on ubuntu :p15:14
edlindethe laptop is 3 yrs old :)15:14
iamrohit7wily werewolf is awesome.15:14
edlindeI am downloading 15 though.. not LTS15:14
lotuspsychjeedlinde: but still depends wich chipset of the hardware15:14
JCT500THzDoes 15 even have an LTS yet?15:14
prsteelealright, anyone know where the log files are for teh reboot sequence? Trying to learn to learn here15:15
lotuspsychje!lts | JCT500THz15:15
ubottuJCT500THz: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)15:15
cfhowlettJCT500THz, 15 will NEVER be lts15:15
JCT500THzI though only 14.04 had an LTS15:15
JCT500THzThat's the one I'm installing.15:15
prsteelenext LTS is 16.04?15:15
mrtestyguys how do we prevent DNS leaks when using Network Manager a lot?15:15
cfhowlettprsteele, corect15:15
lotuspsychje!xenial | prsteele15:16
ubottuprsteele: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+115:16
mrtestywhat my NM does it adds nameservers to resolv.conf15:16
prsteelethank you15:16
mrtestyand I want it to clear it for each connection and input only DNS as per the configuration15:16
mrtestyof Wifi or VPN etc15:16
mrtestybut it won't do likewise15:16
JCT500THzIt's taking forever to resise these partitions.15:17
lotuspsychjeprsteele: you can find logs at /var/log15:17
=== Obiwantje_ is now known as Obiwantje
prsteelelotuspsychje: any idea which would log shutdown info? There's an obvious /var/log/boot.log for boot, but none I can see for shutdown. Or would it just be buried in dmsg?15:21
EriC^^prsteele: you can press esc while the shutdown splash is there15:21
lotuspsychjeprsteele: press esc or f1 during shutdown15:21
EriC^^to see stuff15:21
prsteeleah, thanks EriC^^, lotuspsychje, that sems promising15:22
lotuspsychjeprsteele: whats going wrong exactly?15:22
prsteelelotuspsychje: when I reboot, it never completes15:23
prsteelelotuspsychje: when I hit ESC or any F key, it just toggles the splash screen, but there is no useful information anymore15:23
prsteelelotuspsychje: it used to get to "Unmounting local filesystems... [OK]" before hanging15:23
C_minusHello all. I have been corresponding intermittently with #ubuntu regulars like cfhowlett, TJ, lotuspsychje about my WIFI issues (dell factory ubuntu, intel 7260 card). Taking hours to connect, sometimes failing all together. I thought it might interest you to know that since our ISP provided us with a different model router, the connection issues have disappeared!15:24
lotuspsychjeprsteele: you can try to set grub to quiet splash= off ""15:24
cfhowlettC_minus, happy2hearit!15:24
lotuspsychje!yay | C_minus15:24
ubottuC_minus: Glad you made it! :-)15:24
prsteelelotuspsychje: I tried removing the quiet splash line entirely, that didn't seem to help. I just got the same text with no splash15:24
C_minusIt was a crappy D-Link router before, now its a Huewei.15:24
lotuspsychjeprsteele: did you sudo update-grub after?15:25
C_minusThanks fellas.15:25
prsteelelotuspsychje: yes. Now it's not frozen; when I REISUB, I see each command print a log message, and then it reboots. I can even ctrl-alt-f6 to get to another login screen, not that I can type there15:26
Roscoetrying to install Ubuntu 14.04 32 Bit from USB stick to Windows XP computer. I believe the USB stick is good but cant get the installation menu to boot, any advice?15:27
cfhowlettRoscoe, 32 bit XP era computer??? Lubuntu, not ubuntu.15:27
cfhowlettlubuntu can fit on a CD15:28
togoi just installed hexchat and it autoconnected me here15:28
RoscoeLubuntu ? Same installation process?15:28
prsteeletogo: welcome15:28
cfhowlettRoscoe, yep.  not sure your computer supports USB boot, so CD might be your only option15:28
C_minusSo having been on ubuntu for a few months now, I've totally come round to the idea that linux is how a computer is meant to be used. But recently when somebody asked me why that is, what's different about linux, i was a bit stumped. So the file system is different to windows (/ instead of drive letters), the kernel can be replaced without even rebooting (somehow!!). What else?15:29
cfhowlettC_minus, you're not "leasing" the software from the publishers15:29
prsteeleC_minus: it comes with the tools you need to make it better15:29
RoscoeNo CD burner on this Dell - How about going back to version 12.04 which is stillsupported?15:30
C_minusbut i mean from a computer science perspective, rather than a commercial/legal perspective.15:30
cfhowlettC_minus, opensource = no hidden backdoors and surprises.15:30
eloszwhat's the difference between extended security and trusted extended attributes ? http://linux.die.net/man/5/attr15:31
cfhowlettRoscoe, lubuntu 14.04.3 = 750.8 mb .iso15:31
C_minusis there something particular about its architecture/design that distinguishes it from windows? in my experience it's a lot more similar to mac os, but without all the restrictions of course.15:32
C_minusis it that linux and mac are "unix like"?15:32
cfhowlettC_minus, suggestion as we quickly getting off-topic.  as these questions in ##linux15:33
C_minusgood point15:33
Roscoethanks Ill give it a try15:33
C_minuswell i mainly came to declare my victory over my old router and to thank you guys for the support. see ya real soon kids!15:34
cfhowlettC_minus, go forth and sin no more ...15:34
prsteelecan anyone running Ubuntu >= 14.04 tell me the output of `cat /proc/cmdline` ?15:35
prsteelewould like to compare15:35
cfhowlettprsteele, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13027520/15:35
prsteelecfhowlett: thank you15:35
prsteeledamn, almost the same (different kernel image)15:36
lotuspsychjeelosz: maybe the #ubuntu-devel guys know more of this?15:36
eloszwill check it out, ty lotuspsychje15:36
kaspihi guys, one of my libs is missing "libmysqlclient_r.so.16"... any idea how to install it to the system?15:45
MonkeyDust!find libmysqlclient15:46
ubottuFound: libmysqlclient-dev, libmysqlclient1815:46
streulmahello can I stop loading my battery at 80 percent ?15:46
lotuspsychje!info libmysqlclient1815:47
ubottulibmysqlclient18 (source: mysql-5.6): MySQL database client library. In component main, is optional. Version 5.6.27-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 665 kB, installed size 3767 kB15:47
kaspiIt literally requires "libmysqlclient_r.so.16"15:47
lotuspsychjekaspi: yes, but it might be a part of another package15:48
prsteeleso for those of you following along at home, the reboot problem *seems* to have been fixed by `sudo apt-get install ubuntu-standard`. Unsure what this could have done.15:50
TJ-elosz: Trusted extended attributes require the process to have CAP_SYS_ADMIN to see and access them15:50
OerHeksstreulma, depends on the laptopmodel, some vendors allow charging to your limit but that would not prolong its lifetime,its a myth.15:50
kaspi1I've installed libmysqlclient18 already through15:50
RazzdollWhy is it that ubuntu 15 vivid seems more like Windows then ever? Every day there are updates from the software manager.15:51
eloszTJ-: if i want the attribute  to be only read by any process but it should not be writeable even by superuser, which one to use?15:51
cfhowlettRazzdoll, 1.  unfair  2. untrue.15:51
MonkeyDustRazzdoll  what's wrong with security updates? if you want them less often, change the settings15:51
Razzdollcfhowlett, no itsvery true15:52
cfhowlettbut if you'd rather use an OS that doesn't get upgrades, you're welcome to it.15:52
vividdebian doesnt have security updates every day, i suppose that means its insecure15:52
Razzdollgood point15:52
OerHeksRazzdoll, updates are bad and costs a lot of money, no?15:52
mrtestyDo you know how to prevent DNS Leaks?15:52
mrtestyNM adds VPN ip to resolv.conf15:53
mrtestyand some sites shows my DNS15:53
mrtestyas well15:53
mrtestyso I think it is leaking15:53
mrtestydnsleaktest.com suucks15:53
mrtestydnsleak.com <-- rocks15:53
Razzdolllol what15:54
kaspi1This is what I get http://pastie.org/1052019515:54
TJ-elosz: I'm not sure that's possible. superuser (UID 0) will have CAP_SYS_ADMIN15:54
kaspi1even through libmysqlclient is installed15:54
humehi.. I have a problem with a swap partition - it seems not to be used. How do I make it active?15:55
eloszTJ-: true. I want to prevent it from writing the attribute.Let's see.15:55
Razzdollcfhowlett, no i rather an os with updates. requiring a restart for every one of them is on the path of windows though.15:56
vividyeah, the daily kernel updates are quite annoying15:56
OerHeksRazzdoll, untrue, not all updates require reboot15:56
Razzdollhow can you say untrue OerHeks when I am the one who does it15:56
TJ-elosz: It must be possible, thinking about it. SELinux makes use of it as do some of the other security modules15:57
* cfhowlett reminds himself that some people are *never* satisfied.15:57
MonkeyDustRazzdoll  System settings > Software & Updates > Updates15:57
TJ-elosz: probably a good question for  ##kernel although possibly not until a weekday15:57
eloszi am also thinking/googling..let me know if you find anything TJ- and i'll let you know too15:57
Razzdollcfhowlett, it's only a conversation. you relax mr15:58
eloszi asked TJ- .."<derRichard> elosz: IIRC the lsm defines that. so, you need to read its policy"15:58
TJ-elosz: try reading up on SELinux; that should give you a good idea15:58
eloszyeah TJ-15:58
TJ-elosz: right, so SELinux is the best documented15:58
eloszTJ-: i think i've better way:P I am setting all 4 attributes on file in kernel and then will see what happens on user-side15:59
RazzdollMonkeyDust,  :)15:59
prsteeleentirely new line of questions. I have a second monitor that I have rotated, and would like the OS to know about this. I can do this with xrandr, and I currently have a script in my .xprofile to call the appropriate xrandr commands. However, this only happens after I login, and so (for example) lightdm is sideways. I would have assumed this means editing my xorg.conf file, but it seems that "this file is no longer necessary". It also16:00
prsteeleseems that I can put a file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d to have similar effects, however all of the files currently there have a 2-digit prefix. Anyone know what prefix I'd need for a user-generated file there?16:00
MonkeyDustRazzdoll  it's a bit less 'Windows' now, no?16:00
RazzdollMonkeyDust i suppose :P16:01
vividprsteele: i have my monitor stuff under "50"16:01
MrMartIf I want to do a full backup of my hdd which is 265 GB, what should I use then? I like dd but a image on 256 GB isn't the most optimal solution16:01
TJ-prsteele: "/etc/X11/Xsession.d/"16:02
cfhowlett!clone | MrMart16:03
ubottuMrMart: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate16:03
prsteelevivid: and from what I'm reading... that just puts it late in lexicographic order?16:03
TJ-prsteele: i use "/etc/X11/Xsession.d/01fix-rotation-physical-dimensions" to fix-up physical monitor dimensions for rotated monitors16:03
prsteeleTJ-: thanks. ANy reason you use /etc/X11/Xsession.d instead of /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d ?16:04
vividi suppose late depends on what else is there..16:04
JCT500THzI resized my partitions.16:05
prsteelevivid: sorry, yes, it is relative. But the numbers have no inherent meaning, and are just used to control ordering?16:05
vividi believe so16:05
TJ-prsteele: anything under /usr/share/ is for installation by packages. Local changes should be under /etc/16:05
prsteelethanks, that seems to be what I'm reading16:05
TJ-prsteele: numbering is for ordering, yes16:05
prsteeleTJ-: that is a useful convention to know, thank you16:05
TJ-prsteele: those scripts are usually called (in scripts) by run-parts16:05
JCT500THzHow do I install Ubuntu... Without Grub2?16:06
QuittaHi, I'm trying to save a environment variable so it survives a computer restart, I tried this by adding to the .profile file "export VARNAMEX=3", however if I do printenv it doesn't list it. What am I doing wrong?16:06
TJ-JCT500THz: tell the installer not to install a bootloader16:06
JCT500THzTJ-, Ok, I'll figure out how to do that.16:07
MrMartubottu: apt-clone doesn't backup my entire drive, right? Im sorry if I was unclear but I want full hdd backup which includes kernels, confs, home and etc16:07
ubottuMrMart: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:07
prsteeleQuitta: what desktop environment? Different ones source different files, from what I can tell16:07
TJ-Quitta: it depends in which shell the user is using as to whether ~/.profile is sourced or not16:07
TJ-JCT500THz: the bootloader option is either at the end of the partitioner stage (there's a combo-dropdown box with a default choice pre-selected), or the last question of the installer (depending on which release and flavour)16:08
QuittaHmm I just made a clean install of Ubuntu 14.3.0 and try to make it so the environment variable is loaded when I start a terminal window.16:08
JCT500THzTJ-, I run 14.04 LTS16:08
prsteeleQuitta: .bashrc, .bash_profile ?16:08
prsteeleQuitta: assuming you use Bash16:08
JCT500THzI'm on the partition table menu.16:09
MrMartcfhowlett: man clone isnt what im looking for is it?16:09
JCT500THzThere's 4 partitions.16:09
JCT500THzI want to install Ubuntu to the fourth partition, and no bootloader.16:09
akikwhat's the self configured part for /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d if those files shouldn't be edited?16:09
OerHeksJCT500THz, why do you want no bootloader?16:10
TJ-JCT500THz: I think the boot-loader option combo comes in the next stage, after you've confirmed the partitioning16:10
JCT500THzBecause I have to disk to boot Ubuntu with16:10
Quittaprsteele: I believe so, it's Im using the default settings of ubuntu so I guess. I read I needed to add the variable in $HOME/.profile16:10
prsteeleakik: TJ- said /etc/X11/Xsession.d16:10
JCT500THzI click on the fourth partition, and then "Change", right?16:11
prsteeleQuitta: try putting it in your .bashrc and see what happens. Just open a new terminal window after you do it to check, no reboot or logout required16:11
JCT500THzAnd then, "Use As: [Ext4 journaling file system]" right?16:11
JCT500THzDo I assign a mount point?16:11
JCT500THzRight now, as far as I can tell, there's no mount point.16:12
OerHeksJCT500THz, remove the 4th partition, and let ubuntu handle partitioning, easy16:12
QuittaSeems my network crashed prsteele, so if you said something I might have missed it. It seems to work if I save it in the .bashrc file instead of the .profile file16:12
prsteeleQuitta: great. Your bashrc is sourced whenever you launch an interactive bash session16:13
akikXsession.d contains scripts and xorg.conf.d xorg configuration snippets16:13
TJ-prsteele: akik /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ is where packages can install  extensions for xorg.conf, such as quirks for buggy hardware16:13
Quittawhat do you mean by sourced, if you don't mind me asking prsteele16:13
maddawg2anyone here have any experience configuring VLANs with ubuntu16:13
prsteeleQuitta: source filename evaluates that file, e.g. loading environment variables defined in it. `source` can also be pronounced `.`, e.g. `. .bashrc` is equivalent to `source .bashrc`16:14
JCT500THzWhen I create a new partition to run Ubuntu on, do I select "Primary", or "Logical"?16:14
prsteeleQuitta: It basically means "pretend I wrote each line of that file directly in the terminal window"16:14
TJ-JCT500THz: yes, if the 4th partition is intended as home for Ubuntu, it should be set to be the root file-system which is the "/" mount point16:14
Quittaaha, never heard of it before, need to look it up :) Thanks for the info prsteele16:14
JCT500THzDo I leave it at "Beginning of this space"?16:15
TJ-Quitta: if you see in a script or at the terminal ". /path/to/some/file" that "." is short for "source /path/to/some/file"16:15
prsteeleQuitta: you're welcome!16:15
Quittathanks TJ- and prsteele. :)16:16
JCT500THzThe button for the next menu says "Install Now", Will it give me a choice for the bootloader in the next menu?16:17
TJ-JCT500THz: You should have seen it by now16:18
JCT500THzI formatted sda4 and set it to ext4 with the mount point at "/"16:18
TJ-JCT500THz: was it not at the bottom of the screen in the partitioning summary?16:18
JCT500THz"Device for boot loader installation"?16:19
Zeldhoroni'm getting this intresting thing when i try to run a ubuntu live usb on a ubuntu device, i get to the live usb grub interface, i selected ubuntu, then it boots, but when its running its not running from the live usb but from the device itself16:19
TJ-JCT500THz: that's it16:20
JCT500THzTJ-, which option do I select in the drop down box, specifically?16:20
MonkeyDustZeldhoron  so it didnt boot from the live usb16:20
JCT500THzIt has /dev/sda, and then /sda1, 2, 3, and 4.16:21
Zeldhoronit did at first, i got the grub bootloader from the usb16:21
Zeldhoronbut it seems to load the settings etc from the hard drive in the laptop16:21
TJ-JCT500THz: there should be a check-box to en/dis-able installing the bootloader16:21
JCT500THzI don't see anything.16:21
MrMartI want to make a full backup of my hdd, what are my alternatives? Preferably options that doesn't take up as much space as dd16:22
MonkeyDustMrMart  backup your /home16:22
MonkeyDustMrMart  i misread, disregard my comment16:23
JCT500THzI'm going to put it on Imgur to show you what it looks like.16:23
TJ-JCT500THz: I'm looking at some screenshots, and indeed, I do not see the bootloader option!16:23
JCT500THzTJ-, yes, I don't see it, all I see is a drop down box.16:24
TJ-JCT500THz: are you able to *delete* the text in the "Device for boot loader installation:" combo box?16:24
JCT500THzTJ-, No, it will only allow me to pick a partition.16:24
TJ-JCT500THz: that is bad! It also shows how long ago I last used that installer!16:25
JCT500THzMaybe I can install it to another partition that I don't need, but at the same time, it won't load it from that partition?16:26
JCT500THzIt would try to load it from /dev/sda/, right?16:26
TJ-JCT500THz: that's hardly a good solution though16:26
JCT500THzBut if I put it on /dev/sda3 it wouldn't even load, right?16:26
TJ-JCT500THz: correct, which would over-write anything already there16:26
JCT500THzIt's a useless, unused partition.16:27
JCT500THzI could use it to hold Grub2 and not load Grub2.16:27
JCT500THzWould that work?16:28
TJ-JCT500THz: possibly. I'm reading on the wiki that the workaround style you suggest is required!! That's totally useless16:28
JCT500THzSo, it will work? it won't load?16:29
JCT500THzTJ-, I have SuperGrub2Disk, specifically so I can boot from a disk.16:30
JCT500THzSo assigning it to a useless partition will work?16:31
=== WilyWerewolf is now known as luckybunny
TJ-JCT500THz: although grub may error out for being installed to a partition; I know it warns, but not sure if that will cause the installer to stop16:31
JCT500THzTJ-, what do you mean, it may have errors?16:33
JCT500THzDuring bootup?16:33
TJ-JCT500THz: during installation16:33
TJ-JCT500THz: grub doesn't like installing to partitions, because it knows it cannot be booted that way16:33
JCT500THzTJ-, Okay, I'll try to install it to a partition.16:33
TJ-JCT500THz: the only other thing I can think to do is get to the "Install Now" step and wait there, open a terminal, find the Debian-Installer (d-i) dconf database and change the setting for bootloader to 'no'16:34
TJ-JCT500THz: I'm trying to reproduce your issue here, albeit with 15.10 Kubuntu, to find the dconf16:35
JCT500THzTJ-, I'm installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS16:36
hazamonzoHey folks. Ive been working with the guys in #kubuntu trying to solve a issue with my laptop and (k)ubuntu 15.10 and an Nvidia driver. I've tried both the nvidia-340 and nvidia-352 drivers without success. When i get past the kubuntu splash screen i don't get a login screen. Just blackness16:36
TJ-JCT500THz: makes no difference; the GUI is just a front-end for d-i16:36
hazamonzothe graphics card is a K2100M on a thinkpad W541 (its a pretty new laptop) but im told the graphics card should be well supported16:37
JCT500THzTJ-, oh.16:37
hazamonzoIts also worth mentioning that this is a hybrid laptop with an intel card also16:37
erxr3Hello everyone, how can I remove files from a filled-up OS-drive?16:37
erxr3I have access to the files from another OS16:38
TJ-hazamonzo: sounds like nvidia-prime isn't correctly working. That is supposed to handle the switching with Optimus systems16:38
hazamonzoTJ-: Yeah. We checked and nvidia-prime is installed but im not sure how its meant to work / not work16:38
hazamonzoTJ-: I have a load of pastebin based on the command executed that i was told to do in #kubuntu if you're interested?16:39
TJ-hazamonzo: I try to keep away from Optimus, its such a mess16:40
hazamonzoTJ-: The interesting part was that i have to run the laptop with the grub option nomodeset initially to get the OS installed16:40
hazamonzoIm told that was the first mistake16:40
TJ-hazamonzo: there's a "gpu-manager" that also examines and does something at boot-time, and I know it writes a log-file under /var/log/ which may contain some clues16:40
hazamonzoTJ-: Okay. I can take a look at that. All i have is a basic terminal at the moment16:41
TJ-hazamonzo: "nomodeset" prevents the video driver using the kernel mode-setting to change video modes, so yes, it can cure some problems but leads to others. Rock and a hard place, sometimes.16:41
TJ-hazamonzo: also /var/log/Xorg.0.log should reveal what is going on, or else /var/log/lightdm/ logs16:42
hazamonzoTJ-: You're right. To get into the OS i had to use nomodeset. Then once in i tried the various nvidia drivers (352 and 340)16:42
hazamonzoTJ-: Okay. I'll take a look at that log also16:42
hazamonzoTJ-: Is there anything i should look out for in the gpu-manager.log first?16:43
TJ-hazamonzo: provided the PC is no longer using nomodeset it ought to work, even if the boot splash screen is blank16:43
TJ-hazamonzo: I only know its there from other investigations, but as it is related to GPU detection, I'd infer there's some useful info there16:43
hazamonzoTJ-: Okay. Well grub is not hard coded to use nomodeset, i just override it if i want to at least get to a terminal. Without it the OS freezes after the splash16:44
hazamonzoAnd i don't have a UI or terminal16:44
=== Zarthus is now known as Scarthus
PanVSince I am sick of Ubuntu, and now I don't have a tablet, until Windows 10 supports Windows 8.1 keys (Monday) I would like to have a temporary Ubuntu system. But for some reason, with my LiveUSB Unetbootin could not be installed. Any help?16:45
FjorgynnI've got a question. Can I remove the gui updater? When I do apt-get update it always say "Hey here is your new stuff"16:46
Renfriedyou can tell it not to inform you of updates, or only show once a week or fortnight if you want16:46
MonkeyDustFjorgynn   System settings > Software & Updates > Updates ... try setting it to 'never'16:46
Renfriedbut why would you? for me it is a good reminder, I have security and normal updates to display immediately, or I would forget16:47
blah-happy Halloween :)16:48
SchrodingersScatreminder? he just ran apt-get update, I normally just close the window and don't mind16:48
hazamonzoTJ-: Ooft. Xorg.log has a fair amount of info... Not sure what im really looking for16:48
cheetahw26I need a small/affordable mini/micro-pc that I can use with Ubuntu, needs ethernet, ability to play 1080p videos, and HDMI for a commercial solution, audio port is a plus, but not mandatory...16:49
MonkeyDustcheetahw26  ask in #ubuntu-offtopic16:50
cheetahw26some very nice people at #hardware recommended an MSI Cubi or Intel NUC, but I haven't been able to find any information on them running Linux, they all seem to have Windows 816:50
cheetahw26oh... thanks16:50
PanVSince I am sick of Ubuntu, and now I don't have a tablet, until Windows 10 supports Windows 8.1 keys (Monday) I would like to have a temporary Ubuntu system. But for some reason, with my LiveUSB Unetbootin could not be installed. Any help?16:51
PanVSorry for repeating myself.16:51
MonkeyDustPanV  next time, drop the rant part16:53
neurocrochow to upgrade to windows 1016:53
k1l_neurocroc: ask ##windows16:54
loahow i can downgrade my ubuntu?16:55
k1l_loa: you cant downgrade the whole ubuntu release16:56
MonkeyDustloa  not, install an earlier release instead16:56
MonkeyDustloa  maybe there's a a different sollution for your issue, start from the beginning16:56
erxr3Hello everyone, how can I remove files from a filled-up OS-drive? I have access to the files from another OS, but cannot change permissions via gui16:59
uRockWHen I run uname -r the terminal shows I am running 3.13.0-35-generic. Is this accurate? Synaptic shows I the latest installed as being 3.13.0-66.17:00
people[code]Just testing[/code]17:00
uRockerxr3, if you have synaptic package manager installed, then you can uninstall older kernels to free up space. I did this on my wife's ubuntu yesterday and cleared up 2GB in the system partition.17:01
TJ-uRock: 'uname' reads the running kernel version17:01
bekkserxr3: For doing that, you may install the 'bikeshed' package, which provides 'purge-old-kernels'.17:02
uRockTJ, is it odd to be running on the oldest kernel listed in the package manager?17:02
erxr3uRock, yes, I have synaptic installed, but can I find this old kernel from another system?17:02
TJ-uRock: usually the latest installed kernel should be listed first in GRUBs menu.17:02
erxr3bekks, also the installation of this system is very fresh, can there be old kernels still?17:03
uRockTJ, thanks. I'll reboot and see if it is using that one.17:03
bekkserxr3: Theoretically, every update can provide a new kernel, leaving you with an additional old kernel.17:03
mr_louHello. I've been using a Samsung 22" TV + a Sony 40" TV as cloned monitors for years without problems. Now I've replaced the Sony 40" TV with some other cheap 22" TV, that Ubuntu recognizes as "OEM 7"" and doesn't offer any acceptable resolution. Is there a relative easy fix for this?17:03
bekkserxr3: I'm using that tool mentioned above regularly, for getting rid of old kernels.17:04
TJ-uRock: does this list all the installed kernels, with the most recent first?  "grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg"17:04
erxr3bekks, I guess I haven't even run any updates yet on the new system.17:04
erxr3yet I can still try the tool.17:04
TJ-mr_lou: the display is expected to provide its supported modes in an EDID data strcuture. It may not be doing that. Check /var/log/xorg.0.log to see if the EDID is being received, and if it is mbeing reported corrupt17:05
bekkserxr3: If you havent run any updates yet - how large/small is your / then?17:05
loaMonkeyDust, i upgraded to ubuntu 15.10 and i have strange filling when working with firefox and chromium, they are behaving strange, firefox flickering on some pages, chromium sometimes staying in pending requests to page forever/17:05
loaMonkeyDust, looks like software is not so stable in ubuntu 15.1017:05
erxr3bekks, it is 20gb17:05
bekkserxr3: And is it / which is full?17:06
uRockTJ, yes. Oddly it shows that one first, then 3.13.0-24 afterwards and none of the more recent kernels. There are 12 newer kernels listed as installed.17:06
erxr3bekks, yes17:06
jak2000http://pastie.org/10517424#15   cant do the job, i need copy a file from server1 to server2, i try generate a ssh certificate, and ask and ask me the password any adivce?17:06
salluOsirez, are you there17:06
salluOsirez, i am free now17:06
erxr3bekks, while installing bikeshed I am asked if I want to install some packages w/o verification17:06
jak2000sallu can advice me please17:07
bekkserxr3: yeah.17:07
erxr3ok, thank you17:07
MonkeyDustloa  you can always backup and install 14.04 LTS ... 16.04 will be released in april, you can upgrade directly LTS > LTS17:07
sallujak2000, what kind of advice you need now?17:07
loaMonkeyDust, can i somehow downgrade chromium to ubuntu 14.04 version?17:08
MonkeyDustloa  not sure, havent tried, but i guess not17:08
salluOsirez, ??????????????????????????17:08
jak2000why not work:17:08
bekksjak2000: Whats not working there?17:09
mr_louTJ-, Thanks. It seems to report EDID info fine... but returns wrong resolutions. Only goes to 1280x1024. At least I know it supports 1920x1080 when connecting a blu-ray player to the same HDMI input. Is there some kind of difference between a blu-ray player and a computer?17:09
linociscohi all17:10
jak2000bekks ask and ask the password17:11
hazamonzough. So close yet so far for this Nvidia issue :)17:11
jak2000i need not ask me a password when try copy the file with scp or rsync command17:11
linociscoi used 15.04 x64 and my D-link USB modem was fine. when I installed 14.04.3 LTS for better support, it is not ok. can't turn on mobile internet17:11
TJ-jak2000: use a public key then17:12
linociscoi used 15.04 x64 and my D-link USB modem was fine. when I installed 14.04.3 LTS for better support, it is not ok. can't turn on mobile internet. If I want to use internet from sim card, I need to put it in one handset via USB cable and it works. I want to use on USB modem instead dont want to overcharge my phone battery17:12
bekksjak2000: when connecting from host A to host B - did you add the public key of A into authorized_keys of host B?17:12
hazamonzoSo i went to check what drivers each one of the GPUs in this laptop is using. The intel one is using i915. The nvidia one is using the nvidia driver. buuuuut.... when o try modinfo nvidia i get "Nvidia not found"17:13
hazamonzoIsn't that slightly odd?17:13
linociscowhat could be the issue?17:13
mr_louTJ-, Hmm, actually it returns these two lines too:17:13
mr_lou[    32.976] (II) NOUVEAU(0): #0: hsize: 1920  vsize 1200  refresh: 60  vid: 20917:13
mr_lou[    32.976] (II) NOUVEAU(0): #1: hsize: 1920  vsize 1080  refresh: 60  vid: 4936117:13
erxr3bekks, bikeshed installed. how do I use it?17:13
salluhttp://filehippo.com/download_dotnet_framework_4        ,17:15
salluoh sorry .....17:15
erxr3or else how can I remove old kernels via synaptic?17:17
erxr3there is a files tab under preferences, where it says "delete cached package files" ...is it this one to be used?17:18
carl_I'm using 14.04 and trying to get vino/desktop sharing to work and I can't find the place to configure it17:20
MonkeyDusterxr3  sudo apt-get autoremove17:22
erxr3MonkeyDust, the problem is, I am on another system than the one in which I'd like to remove files17:23
erxr3as I cannot access the system directly17:23
erxr3due to filled-up space17:23
DyzemTrying to output my display to TV monitor using HDMI cable and only my background appears. Anyone know how to fix this? I can drag VLC player to the right for it to display but I don't want to have to do that.17:24
erxr3MonkeyDust, would autoremove still erase old kernels of the target system, if there is any?17:25
erxr3ok, I ran autoremove, but it says "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 22 not upgraded"17:26
loaerxr3, you can search by linux keyword and delete what you want.17:26
TJ-Dyzem: currently the workspace has been extended to use both displays; if you want to 'clone' the primary display you need to configure that in display settings17:26
erxr3loa, should the keyword be "linux" or "linux-image", which I found in ubuntu forum?17:26
loaerxr3, linux will be ok, just select thos packages you don't really need17:27
loaand be carefull.17:27
erxr3loa, that's just what I wanted to say now. I am wary of this. it is relatively easy for me to apply solutions to current system problems, but I dont want to add a messed up kernel to them :)17:30
loaerxr3, i suggest you to save 2-3 different kernels.17:31
erxr3I just want to be able to delete the files that I myself have pasted in my home folder. I can access the system via another OS, but  I cannot delete them due to permissions..could you maybe help me know how I can change folder /file permissions? it is not changeable via nautilus.17:31
erxr3it says read-only17:33
loaerxr3, it full name is /file ?17:33
erxr3loa, sorry, you mean the full name of the folder?17:34
jak2000bekks: yes in line 25 and 40 i do....17:34
loaerxr3, yes17:34
erxr3no, no, I just wanted to write "how I can change folder and file permissions", if you refer to my sentence17:34
erxr3it was a slash17:34
erxr3but I found this one:     sudo mount -o remount,rw '/media/drivename/path-to-folder17:35
erxr3is it correct?17:35
erxr3it says for remounting as writeable17:35
Windows3How do I run a script as root right after login?17:36
MonkeyDustWindows3  sudo crontab -e ... enter a command with sudo17:37
loaerxr3, you don't give all information. That can depend on target file system, if it is ext4 it will preserve all permissions of directories and files.17:37
erxr3loa, it is ext4, yes17:37
Windows3What exactly would I put in the crontab?17:38
MonkeyDustWindows3  the command you want17:38
loaerxr3, that you can use chmod and chown commands to change owners and permissions.17:38
Windows3thats it? no time/17:38
loaerxr3, after that you delete them from nautilus.17:38
Windows3I'll try it17:38
MonkeyDustWindows3  you can @reboot17:38
MonkeyDustWindows3  you can use @reboot17:39
codernotzanyone knows abt installing Dolby Digital Plus driver for linux on lenovo17:39
TJ-erxr3: if the target is using 100% space, the best solution is to create a chroot of the target root file-system and work from within the chroot to analyse and fix it17:39
Windows3I tried it and it gave me an error said bad minute I think it wants a time17:39
wileeecodernotz, From the ubuntu repos here, gotta link so we know what it is?17:40
MonkeyDustWindows3  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto#Crontab_Sections17:40
erxr3loa, one more detail, I can access the target system until the point just before desktop appears. that is, I can login, but I get a blank ubuntu 14.04. ambiance-theme screen without any desktop element. I can go to command line via ctrl-alt-f1, but dont know how to proceed from there17:40
ST-84Im trying to get mpd working on my ubuntu server17:41
ST-84Perhaps im just missing something17:41
ST-84Pulseaudio or Alsa in 15.10?17:41
erxr3loa, TJ- what would the command look like?17:41
Windows3oh shit It works thanks so much MonkeyDust17:42
=== JoseeAntonioR is now known as jose
MonkeyDustWindows3  yw17:42
TJ-erxr3: do you know which block device is the root file-system? E.g. /dev/sdXY or /dev/mapper/VG-LV ?17:43
erxr3TJ- no, how can I understand which one it is?17:44
TJ-erxr3: You'll need to figure that out yourself. use "sudo lsblk -f" to get an idea of what is what17:44
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
erxr3TJ- if you mean whether I know the name of my system's partition, yes, I can see it as /dev/sdXY17:46
erxr3I also see that of the target system's17:46
wileeecodernotz, Try addressing what it is you need in sound, we want to help, just need some details, not sure the dolby is offered as a driver for linux.17:47
codernotzthats exactly what i am searching for...17:48
wileeecodernotz, what is? use nics when answering and a sentence with context.17:49
codernotzneed linux driver for dolby digital plus for lenovo but lenovo only provides drivers for windows17:49
codernotzok wileee17:50
wileeecodernotz, right and not available, what now?17:50
ST-84Nvm i fixed it17:50
codernotzdont know wileee i thought someone might know if custom drivers are available wileee... no problem i will keep looking..17:51
erxr3let's say the system that I am in now is /dev/sda1, and the target system is /dev/sda2...how would the chmod or chown command be applied to change permissions of the  ~/Documents/myfolder  in target system?17:51
wileeecodernotz, Look at pulse audio that is the answer in the end, best of luck. ;)17:51
programming913could someone help me with gcc on ubuntu17:52
codernotzthanks wileee for your assistance..17:52
programming913basically, when I #include <signal.h> I still get implicit declaration warning for 'kill'17:52
MonkeyDustprogramming913  if you don't find help here, try #gcc or #ubuntu-app-devel17:53
Seveasprogramming913: you need sys/types.h as well, and you'll need to define _XOPEN_SOURCE or _POSIX_SOURCE17:53
wileeecodernotz, my pleasure, no problem.17:53
loaerxr3, something like this mkdir /mnt/fs; mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/fs; chroot /mnt/fs;  chmod 0777 /home/YourUser/myfolder17:53
Seveasprogramming913: see man 2 kill17:53
loaerxr3, you can use recovery mode in grub for this too17:53
erxr3loa, assuming that fs refers to the target system, am I making a directory of this system in my current system?17:55
loaerxr3, yes you doing i current system17:55
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jessuHello guys I installed ubuntu 15 on dell vostro 3546 and it have intel haswel mobile graphics how can i install those graphic drivers ??17:56
jessuI see my screen very small17:56
erxr3loa,  "/home/YourUser/myfolder" will be the folder in the target system that I want to change permissions for, rightß17:57
skywebrol2tp-ipsec-vpn is gone from ubuntu wily. is there a replacement?17:58
programming913MonkeyDust, Seveas: thanks17:58
loaerxr3, yes i change symbol ~ on that YourUser becase in chroot it will not work17:58
erxr3loa, ah, ok, thank you :)17:58
jessuhow can I keep my screen resolution goog fit to screen18:01
erxr3loa, I replaced "fs" with the path of the target system as it is shown under "/media" folder, but it said "No such file or directory"...did you mean that I need to make a directory that is literally named as "fs" ?18:02
loaerxr3, i gave you exact command instruction set to make things work.18:03
loayou must create that directory, yes.18:03
TheMike|laptopI just got a Lenovo Y50, with a GeForce 960M GPU.18:03
erxr3loa, thank you, i will go on with it now18:04
TheMike|laptopI'm trying to install Ubuntu 15.10 on it18:04
TheMike|laptopI burnt the install ISO to a USB, and I've tried to use it18:04
TheMike|laptopWhen I use it (UEFI is disabled), I get a bunch of noveau errors, which I assume is from my graphics card.18:05
TheMike|laptopThen Ubuntu's boot screen pops up, then it just reboots the entire computer back into Windows.18:05
TheMike|laptopHow can I fix this?18:05
=== cats is now known as creepycat
skywebroneed help on setting vpn with l2tp/ipsec, anyone18:08
Bashing-omTheMike|laptop: Did you me5sum the .iso file ? Did you verify the burn to UAB was good ? One must know theses are good prior to install . Did you "try ubuntu" mode ?18:09
wileeeTheMike|laptop, missing key details for the helpers here, where are you getting the driver you use? What is the graphics hardware completely sounds dual card.18:09
TheMike|laptopThe driver is whatever is on the Ubuntu 15.10 install ISO?18:09
erxr3loa, I proceeded until the last command, and with chmod 777 I got this error; http://paste.ubuntu.com/13035550/18:10
TheMike|laptopI seriously just downloaded Ubuntu 15.10 install, and used Unetbootin to stick it on a USB.18:10
ioriaTheMike|laptop, try to  boot with nomode set   (Option F6 )18:11
Bashing-om!md5sum TheMike|laptop 1st step::18:11
Bashing-om!md5sum |TheMike|laptop 1st step::18:12
ubottuTheMike|laptop 1st step::: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:12
TheMike|laptopI tried18:12
TheMike|laptopTry Ubuntu18:12
TheMike|laptopand Install Ubuntu18:12
TheMike|laptopI'll look into nomode, thanks!18:12
TheMike|laptopI'll be back on IRC in a few.18:13
yesuserokcan someone tell me where to edit the icon maximize button size in gnome shell? they are too small18:16
erxr3loa, I guess I corrected the path here, but still the same error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13035983/18:17
darkmaniacI have ubuntu installed on a laptop and a desktop. When I pull the laptop drive out of hte laptop and out it in a USB enclosure and hook it up to the desktop, it seems that I have full access to all user's files, since both computers have the same uid and username. That seems kinda weird. ext4 filesystem.18:19
Bashing-omerxr3: For reference, what you should see " sysop@1404mini:~$ ls -al /home/sysop/Downloads/ " where I am 'sysop' . All files in "your" home should be owned by "YOU" .18:20
darkmaniacI would think that Ubuntu would create some kind of unique hash for every username created or something18:20
jessudpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem18:20
jessuwhat shoul I do??18:20
erxr3Bashing-om, sorry, what are you referring to?18:21
erxr3have I mistyped the pathß18:21
kubast2Hey ,where can I find libusb.h ?18:21
EriC^^darkmaniac: yeah cause it uses the uid18:21
kubast2after installing libusb-dev18:21
EriC^^darkmaniac: you can access the files, and if you aren't chrooted, it'll even show as the user who has the same uid on your machine18:22
erxr3Bashing-om, I have the real folder names in terminal, if you mean them. just while pasting I replaced them with symbolic names18:22
vfwkubast2: find / -name libusb.h -type f18:22
=== test is now known as kubast2
Bashing-omerxr3: In your command " /home/homename/Documents/myfolder " this is nonsense . "homename shoube be your actual username ( as in mine is sysop 0 and the target 'myfolder' as a actual existing directory as in "Downloads" .18:23
kubast2my mouse doesn't work now lol18:23
erxr3Bashing-om, sure I did as you mention..I just explained it above18:23
vfwkubast2: Probably somewhere like /usr/include/something-or-other/18:23
shallwehi guys, trying ubuntu here, but theres some errors. Please someone knows how can i do verbose mode un boot?18:23
kubast2ls us18:23
kubast2forget abot the mouse18:23
shallwei need to see the lines in boot for see the error18:23
vfwshallwe: remove quiet from kernel line18:24
kubast2ok it's not here18:24
darkmaniacEriC^^, that's very interesting18:24
kubast2funny thing through18:24
OerHekskubast2, watch your language here please, keep this channel family friendly, thanks.18:24
shallwevfw: but i cant acess ubuntu, its just stay in ubuntu logo18:24
kubast2my mouse only works in hexchat18:24
shallweis theres a grub command?18:24
vfwkubast2: Two suggestions: 1) Watch the language 2)18:24
kubast22) we kick you18:25
vfwkubast2: Quit using enter for puncuation.18:25
yesuserokhow are you18:25
vfwkubast2: You are correct18:25
byabbablabb_guys, i'm using kde - is there somewhere i can manage link handlers and such?18:25
darkmaniacEriC^^, so unless there is disk or folder encryption, local access to a machine REALLY DOES give a person full control of everything18:25
shallwevfw: i got, ty18:25
shallwei type E and not C :)18:25
EriC^^darkmaniac: yeah, if you have local access to the disk, then you can do anything18:26
EriC^^darkmaniac: local access to the machine is pretty easy too18:26
kubast2I couldn't find libusb.h :(18:26
darkmaniacEriC^^, how do you mean18:26
kubast2I installed libusb-dev18:26
vfwkubast2: find / -name "libusb*" -type d18:27
EriC^^darkmaniac: if somebody holds shift to get grub, edits the boot entry with init=/bin/bash he gets a root shell18:27
darkmaniacEriC^^, oh right18:27
darkmaniacEriC^^, I thought you meant it was easy to break into peoples houses or something18:27
kubast22> /dev/null sends sttderr to dev null ?18:28
erxr3as a user with name "ubunted" and the target folder "places" I do apply "sudo chmod 0777 /home/ubunted/Documents/places" but it gives the above-pasted error18:28
ioriakubast2, i can only say that  is here http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/amd64/libusb-1.0-0-dev/filelist,but i  don't knowwhat are you doing18:29
Bashing-omerxr3: K; Please pastebin ' ls -al /home/ubunted/Documents ' . We see what the story is .18:29
kubast2ioria I need libusb.h to compile some rockchip flash tool18:30
ioria!info    ibusb-1.0-0-dev18:30
ubottulibusb-1.0-0-dev (source: libusb-1.0): userspace USB programming library development files. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.0.19-1 (wily), package size 57 kB, installed size 253 kB18:30
goddardwhere  can i read about the firefox updates being pushed out?18:31
kubast2No such file or directory18:31
kubast2 /usr/include/libusb-1.018:31
ioriakubast2, you have  to install it18:32
erxr3Bashing-om, I try to change permissions of a folder in a target system. I created mnt/fs and chrooted it, as you can read above. in the last step, I get the error "No such file or directory"..the same error comes when I type  "root@ubunted:/# sudo ls -al /home/ubunted/Documents"18:32
kubast2I did18:32
kubast2sudo apt-get18:32
ioriakubast2, read the  link first18:32
ioriakubast2, and check apt-cache for conflicts18:33
vfwkubast2: You do not havef libusb.h in the directory /usr/include/libusb-1.0 ?18:33
kubast2I have it18:33
kubast2I installed libusb-dev18:33
paffyHi. Is there a way to change where the ssh keys are located? Instead of ~/.ssh ?18:33
vfwkubast2: Oh ok18:33
erxr3forget to add that I'd also mounted the target system at /mnt/fs18:34
EriC^^paffy: sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config18:34
EriC^^i think you have to uncomment AuthorizedKeysFile%h/.ssh/authorized_keys and set it to what you want18:34
paffyEriC^^: Ok.  sshd_config doesn't exist. There is a ssh_config file though?18:35
EriC^^paffy: oh you mean on the client?18:35
paffyEriC^^: Yeah18:35
paffyEriC^^: I want to have my ssh keys in ~/Dropbox/.ssh18:36
Bashing-omerxr3: Are you in a full CHange Root environment, os just mounting the partition from a live environment ? The paths then will be different .18:36
EriC^^paffy: i guess it's ssh_config then18:36
EriC^^paffy: this line needs to be uncommented IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa18:36
Netekhi all, I installed Viber onto ubuntu but it keeps crashing.  Can somebody please guide me where to look to find what the issue is?18:36
kubast2to click ctrl+alt again18:37
paffyEriC^^: yeah, I see it18:37
erxr3Bashing-om, I guess both. I am in root in the terminal, and also have access to the target partition from the system that I am in now18:38
erxr3I followed the commands as loa gave them to me, and used them to create fs directory and mount the target system there, and chrooting mnt/fs18:39
erxr3so the target system is mounted in two places now18:39
erxr3both are read-only at the moment18:40
loahow it is even possible?18:40
paffyEriC^^: thanks btw :)18:40
=== cards is now known as Guest53317
EriC^^paul-kk: no problem :)18:40
EriC^^paffy: no problem :)18:40
Bashing-omerxr3: Let us test and see where you are .. what returns  ' ls -al /home/ ' is there a directory of your "username" ?18:41
kubast2how to paste something into terminal without a mouse ?18:42
erxr3Bashing-om, to add a detail in case relevant, the target system's home folder is encrypted.18:42
EriC^^kubast2: shift+ctrl+v or shift+insert , depending on how you got it into the clipboard18:42
erxr3Bashing-om, this is the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13037542/18:42
OerHeksi was waiting for that, erxr3, target home encrypted.18:44
Bashing-omerxr3: That "encryption" is a layer of complexity I am not qualified to cope with . Others will have to advise on how to access encrypted volumns .18:44
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ubuntu521daftykins: hey daftykins, are you there?18:48
erxr3but I have access to the encrypted folder, just that I cannot delete files there (change permissions)18:49
erxr3Bashing-om ^18:50
erxr3that said, I cannot access the encrypted folder mounted at /mnt/fs, but i can access it on the other mounting point, which I managed via ecryptfs over terminal18:51
NetekI am going to install ubuntu 14.04 on a vps, I plan to run 2 websites from this vps.  Is it worth installing webmin to easily manage the accounts?  I will need email (smtp/imap), FTP and Apache webserver18:51
OerHeksNetek, no, see !webmin18:51
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.18:51
NetekOerHeks ok what is another recommendation? I have heard of ISPConfig but not sure if that is supported, might just go ahead and read up about it.  Thank you18:52
bekksNetek: If you know that you are using just two websites, it's not worth going with a web ui :)18:53
erxr3interestingly, using nautilus I try to change permissions of the home folder mounted at /mnt/fs, and they appear to have been changed, but the files are still not removabl18:54
Netekbekks ok, its just that I am not experienced with setting up ftp, apache, mail server etc18:54
bekksNetek: Then you should NOT use web ui :)18:54
Bashing-omerxr3: From that last output to pastebin, I would surmise that the username here is " paro " what has " ubunted " got to do with this ?18:54
ioriaNetek, take  a look , i did it once https://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-14.04-apache2-php-mysql-pureftpd-bind-dovecot-ispconfig-318:55
Netekbekks hah I thought the purpose of a web ui was for people like me?18:55
Netekioria thanks18:55
bekksNetek: No, a web ui is for people knowing whats happening under the hood ;)18:55
OerHeksNetek, ispconfig is mentioned here too http://askubuntu.com/questions/333529/what-server-control-panels-are-available-for-ubuntu-server18:56
OerHeksNetek, and there is also #ubuntu-server :-)18:57
erxr3Bashing-om, ubunted was just exemplary, i was trying to explain that there was no error in the path18:57
NetekI love to know how I search numerous things on google and I dont find anything and everybody else seemlessy finds things within seconds18:57
ioriaNetek, i have  to say that is  very easy  to make mistakes, so  read it a couples of times before starting18:58
Netekioria I will do :)  I will read up each software that is recommended to be installed to find out more what they are for18:58
ioriaNetek, exactly18:59
erxr3will i be able to further apply chmod hereß18:59
Bashing-omerxr3: I have no experience with encryption . Others I feel can better advise. I would not want to mislead you .19:00
erxr3Bashing-om, sure, I understand, thank you very much for your kind help!19:01
erxr3because I have to handle multiple problems today, I would to ask of if I can bring about a second question, too, while trying to solve this current one.19:02
erxr3"I would like to ask if.." *19:02
Bashing-omerxr3: One can always ask .. but best practice is to focus on one issue at a given time .19:03
erxr3Bashing-om, to avoid confusion, or to make it technically easier, I can join the channel with a second username. if it is ok for you19:04
erxr3as a second user, that is19:04
Bashing-omerxr3: That practice of 2 nicks is discouraged .. it does add to the confusion factor .. this is a busy channel and is difficult enough as it is to keep up with a particular nick/issue .19:06
NetekOerHeks and ioria thank you both for the guidance :)19:06
paffyIs it just me or is the key-binding Super+T to open trash not in Keyboard settings? I can't find it to disable.19:07
erxr3Bashing-om, ok..then the current problem first.19:07
trimetaI'm having trouble getting the ncurses-based Ubuntu Server installer to work from a USB flash drive. I used dd to directly copy ubuntu-15.10-server-amd64.iso onto a drive, and while it boots initially (using either regular USB boot or UEFI), and I can hit "enter" at the "Install Ubuntu" screen, on the next screen after that (where it wants you to choose a language), it freezes and refuses to respond to any input.19:08
goddardhas anyone been getting several firefox updates lately?19:08
Klojumgoddard: which FF version are you on now?19:09
ioriatrimeta, do you  have a  ' test  disk integrity' option  at the beginning   ?19:10
=== Whitesqu_ is now known as Whitesquall
trimetaI believe so. I'll check that.19:10
goddardKlojum: 41.0.219:11
erxr3just curious, instead of mounting the target at /mnt/fs, and chrooting the latter, can I chroot the folder where the target system is also mounted via ecryptfs command?19:11
Klojumgoddard: same here... Is there are problem?19:11
goddardKlojum: i have gotten update notifications for the past two days19:12
goddardmultiples in fact19:12
erxr3I mean, in order to then apply chmod the folder with the latter path?19:12
goddardlike 3 or 419:12
Klojumsuch as?19:12
TJ-Did someone mention encryption?19:13
goddardKlojum: such as?19:13
Bashing-omTJ-: erxr3 Is encrypted, and attempting to access and change permissions (WHY ?) I am running away real hard .19:14
Klojumgoddard: sorry..  multitasking is not good idea for me tonight.19:14
erxr3i dont understand your question19:15
TJ-Bashing-om: encrypted home with ecryptfs?19:15
trimetaioria: Good call about the disk check: I got an error saying "The ./pool/restricted/i/iucode-tool/iucode-tool_1.3-1_amd64.deb file failed the MD5 checksum verification. Your CD-ROM or this file may have been corrupted."19:15
ioriatrimeta, with dd can happen19:15
TJ-Bashing-om: reading the backlog but having difficulty piecing together the current situ. Can you summarise?19:15
Bashing-omTJ-: erxr3 :: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13037542/ .19:15
ioriatrimeta, reformat and dd  again19:15
TJ-Bashing-om: erxr3 yes, saw that, but there's no context. I thought there's a chroot involved here somewhere?19:16
trimetaioria: I've done this multiple times, with multiple flash drives...is there anything special I should be using? A specific blocksize for dd, maybe?19:16
ioriatrimeta, did you format with  fat32 ?19:16
erxr3I am trying to delete files from this encrypted home folder, because there is no more free space on the partition and therefore I cannot access my desktop19:17
Bashing-omTJ-: No I also came in here in the middle, think'n to assist in the thought process, and then found we are dealing with encryption .19:17
ioriatrimeta, with gparted, i mean19:17
trimetaWhy would formatting be necessary, if I'm just going to dd over the whole thing anyway?19:17
erxr3TJ_ ^19:17
erxr3sorry, TJ- ^19:17
TJ-erxr3: OK, so you've used "ecryptfs-recover-private" and mounted the user's home under /tmp/ecryptfs.XXXX ?19:17
xprophetxcan anyone help me if i accidentally installed grub on my windows HDD and now i cant boot into it and just get a grub rescue prompt?19:17
ioriatrimeta, well, i usually  did it ....19:17
erxr3TJ- correct19:17
TJ-erxr3: did you also mount the target system's root file-system somewhere else?19:18
trimetaioria: I can use fdisk to create a single FAT32 partition, and then mkfs.vfat to format it, but I'm not optimistic that will change anything.19:18
ioriatrimeta, how did you download the iso ? torrent  ?19:18
trimetaTorrent, but after the problems I was having I downloaded it directly too, and cmp says the files match.19:19
erxr3TJ- following the advice of loa, I applied mkdir /mnt/fs, then mounted the target system at fs, and then chrooted fs, but after that i could not chmod the target folder, getting this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13035983/  (the real folder names have been changed)19:19
ioriatrimeta, try  with gparted, format , and dd19:20
TJ-erxr3: OK, so you currently have "/mnt/fs/home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.Private" which you used with "ecryptfs-recover-private"19:20
ioriatrimeta, don't make partition   on the usb19:21
trimetaI'm going to try something a little different, using unetbootin to see if that works any better (and if it gives the same error regarding corruption).19:21
erxr3TJ- no, no, currently there are these: tmp/.ecryptfs/$USER/ and  /mnt/fs/home/myuser19:21
ioriatrimeta, yes19:21
trimetaI'll try that next...19:21
TJ-erxr3: That's what I said ... the ecryptfs system stores the encrpyted files under /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.Private and that is where ecryptfs-recover-private looks for and finds them.19:22
erxr3TJ- oh, sorry, i overlooked your post..sure, that's correct19:22
hazamonzoHey folks. Simple question. Am i better to install applications like Chrome from the ubuntu repo or a download from the website? I've had issues before keeping it up to date and i can't remember if it was because the repo version or website version had issues updating19:23
TJ-erxr3: So, also, ecryptfs-recover-private mounts read-only so I recommend you do: "sudo mount --bind tmp/.ecryptfs/$USER /mnt/fs/home/$USER" and "sudo mount -o remount,rw /mnt/fs/home/$USER" then you'll have read/write access to the entire target (including user home dir) under /mnt/fs. That means if you do "sudo chroot /mnt/fs" you'll see the entire system and be able to work with it19:24
erxr3TJ- this is how it exactly looks : /mnt/fs/home/myuser/Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop19:24
hazamonzoThoughts? :)19:24
trimetaInteresting, with unetbootin, the disk check still finds a corrupted file...but it's a different file.19:25
TJ-trimeta: dodgy USB interface/device?19:26
trimetaThe thing is, I used dd earlier to put the Arch installer onto USB flash drives, and that didn't randomly have files get corrupted somehow. Is the Ubuntu iso somehow much more brittle? How could dd be screwing this up?19:26
paffyIs there a way to disable workspaces for a particular monitor? like in Gnome ^^19:27
ioriatrimeta, start up disk ?19:27
TJ-trimeta: dd won't be screwing it, it simply copies blocks. If different files report corruption at different times that suggests corruption introduced during reading the files, rather than writing them19:27
pauljwhazamonzo: imho it's best to update from the repos and not worry about whether it's the latest release.  you'll keep a stable system that way.19:27
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erxr3TJ- there is an error again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13040275/19:28
ioriatrimeta, shutdown some services , maybe19:29
TJ-erxr3: that suggests the target mount doesn't have the /home file system mounted. Can you "pastebinit <( sudo lsblk -f; cat /mnt/fs/etc/fstab )"19:30
xprophetxin boot-repair will i lose any data by restoring MBR?19:30
trimetaioria: OK, I tried a different drive and a different USB port. Now the disk check goes without any complaints...but at the very end, when I get the "Integrity test successful. The CD-ROM integrity test was successful. The CD-ROM is valid," it hangs again.19:31
erxr3TJ- sure, here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13040469/19:31
trimetaAlthough, it just occurred to me that there's a very simple explanation for all of this: I'm using a Logitech wireless keyboard. Maybe it isn't loading the drivers correctly?19:31
ioriatrimeta, maybe, try a usb/ps219:32
trimetaI don't have any lying around...but I guess I may need to change that.19:32
Bashing-omhazamonzo: Not all applications are in our repo .. case in point the proprietary google-chrome . Heed the warning " untrusted PPA" .. best advise is always when possible to remain within our repo .19:32
ioriatrimeta, a spare  one, is always useful  :þ19:33
TJ-erxr3: ?? there's no lsblk output, and the file doesn't exist? That tells me the target root file system is no longer mounted at /mnt/fs19:34
TJ-erxr3: OH! are you executing these commands from INSIDE the chroot?!19:34
TJ-erxr3: the commands I give should be executed from OUTSIDE the chroot unless I say otherwise19:35
erxr3TJ- oh, sorry..19:35
TJ-erxr3: no worries, we just didn't communicate clearly :)19:36
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erxr3TJ- error again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13041047/19:39
erxr3oh sorry, I forgot to add sudo chroot /mnt/fs19:40
erxr3TJ- ^19:40
trimetaioria: Allegedly, the wireless keyboard bug was fixed in 2012...but someone else ran into it in 2015 (http://askubuntu.com/questions/589405/installing-ubuntu-server-with-wireless-keyboard-stuck-at-language-section). Doing what they did didn't help, though.19:40
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ghost_Hey, how can I fix my battery percentage? It says I have many more %s than I actually have. Yesterday my laptop died with "60%"19:41
nemoso. setting up a new laptop for work.  they officially support redhat, ubuntu and centos.  Normally I choose ubuntu, but, I'm less than thrilled w/ systemd.  Recent versions of ubuntu require it right?19:42
erxr3TJ- the output of "sudo lsblk -f; cat /mnt/fs/etc/fstab" is still as before, also out of the root.19:42
ioriatrimeta, so ps2/usb   keyboard ...19:42
Seveasghost_: get a new battery that accurately reports its charge.19:42
TJ-erxr3: that is not right then! lsblk should be reporting the booted host devices plus all the chroot mounts19:42
Bashing-omnemo: Yes and no .. release 14.04 - supported until April 2019 is upstart .19:43
trimetaioria: I guess I'll go buy one.19:43
ioriatrimeta, sorry for that19:43
ghost_Seveas: The problem is that worked correctly three days ago19:44
erxr3TJ- when i go to the folder, I see an empty folder named "fstab.d" under mnt/fs/etc19:44
TJ-erxr3: as a (complicated) example here's what lsblk shows me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13041503/19:44
ghost_Seveas: The problem is that worked correctly three days ago19:45
erxr3TJ- oh, no, sorry, there is a text file named fstab19:45
TJ-erxr3: OK, lets take a look at that but we need to get to the bottom of why lsblk cannot see host devices, since that may point to a wider problem on the system19:46
erxr3TJ- sorry thousand times..19:46
erxr3TJ- I just noticed that the terminal went into chroot again19:46
erxr3now I exited and can see the output19:46
TJ-erxr3: YAY :D OK, re-do the pastebinit :)19:47
ubottuPantelleria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:47
TJ-Pantelleria: welcome19:47
TJ-and bye!19:47
ghost_So, can someone actually help me? I'm sure it's software-related problem19:48
TJ-ghost_: show us "pastebinit <( for n in  /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/*; do [ -f $n ] && echo $n=$(cat $n); done )"19:49
ghost_TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13042024/19:50
ghost_TJ-: It shows 99% now, I'm pretty sure it's below 40% now19:52
erxr3TJ- it is ready : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13042202/19:53
TJ-ghost_: that shows the battery can now only hold  86% of its design capacity, which indicates it is coming to the end of its life. cycle_count=0 indicates the battery also doesn't correctly report how many discharge cycles it has gone through, so its impossible to know what condition it should be in19:54
ghost_TJ-: So it's a hardware problem? Uh19:54
TJ-ghost_: how old is the battery?19:54
ghost_TJ-: Year and two months, I think19:54
ramnI just upgraded to 15.10, and now there is a new UI element in the bottom left, which expands when I hover the mouse and it shows icons for some running apps. How can I remove this thing?19:55
nemoBashing-om: oh. good.19:55
ramnand what is the name of it19:55
TJ-ghost_: from what you have described it sounds like the battery is failing19:55
nemoBashing-om: the sucky thing ofc is that it is kinda out of date for things like releases of svn and git and such19:55
nemoBashing-om: but there are always PPAs for those19:55
wileeeramn, Gnome shell desktop?19:55
TJ-erxr3: OK, can you now show me "pastebinit <( mount )" from OUTSIDE the chroot19:55
ramnwileee: ye19:55
nemoBashing-om: aight. 2019 is fine. guess I'll use 14.04 for now. can figure out other options by then19:55
ST-84I cant seem to be able to do threading in ubuntu19:56
ST-84DSO missing from command line19:56
ST-84That is the error i keep getting19:56
ST-84then i add -lpthread as compiler flag19:56
ST-84Same error19:56
ghost_TJ-: Ugh, thank you then. Also screw lenovo for putting failing hardware in their products (hdd has also failed)19:56
ST-84It also happens when i use the Boost library19:56
TJ-ghost_: Ouch :(19:56
ramnwileee: I don't know what the thing is called so it's hard to google for19:56
Bashing-omnemo: Well .. if ya stay within 'buntu's package management system ( our repo) one avoids that dependency hell that PPA's can get one into .19:57
wileeeramn, not sure removable, look in https://extensions.gnome.org/ for a hide19:57
TJ-ST-84: you might be better in ##programming19:57
ghost_TJ-: It was showing as "old age" month after I've bought it, yeah. Thanks again, goodnight19:57
ST-84TJ-, But this is a Ubuntu based problem19:57
ramnwileee: do you know what it is called?19:57
ST-84I did not have this on Arch, Fedora nor suse19:57
wileeeramn, So your sure this is the gnome shell not the fallback?19:58
nemoBashing-om: yeah, that's usually my preference, but unfortunately the LTS stuff can get pretty out of date and missing fixes19:58
nemoBashing-om: like, had to add a ppa for git just to get semi-functional webdav.19:58
ramnwileee: Thanks I found the solution: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/967/hide-legacy-tray/19:59
ioriaST-84, try to put  put   -lpthread  at  the end19:59
erxr3TJ- sure, here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13042507/20:00
TJ-ST-84: OK, what source package / version are you trying to build?20:00
wileeeramn, Cool, I like it compared to the old, but to each our own. ;)20:00
=== felipe is now known as Guest68142
ST-84TJ-, My own software20:00
ST-84TJ-, I program :)20:01
ramnwileee: yes might be better but it constantly covers a few pixels down there20:01
Guest68142hexchat ?20:01
Bashing-omnemo: System Administrartion, YO ! .. Latest git : https://launchpad.net/~git-core/+archive/ubuntu/ppa .20:01
wileeeramn, Ah, understandable.20:01
TJ-erxr3: OK, now I've got a good clear idea of where you are :) "sudo mount -io remount,rw /mnt/fs/home/paro" will make the F.S. read/write.20:01
nemoBashing-om: yep. that's the PPA I added20:02
nemoBashing-om: also added another for ancient svn20:02
TJ-ST-84: so do I. Sounds like either you have a circular dependency or you're missing -lm20:02
nemo(in 14.04)20:02
ioriatrimeta, or -lrt20:03
wileeeGuest68142, What your need?20:03
TJ-erxr3: and then when you do "sudo chroot /mnt/fs" you can then do "df" and check usage, and e.g. "du -d 2 /home/parp" to check where space is used in the user home directory20:03
ioriaST-84, ot  -lrt20:03
Bashing-omnemo: :) that be a good start .. As you know .. exercise care .. PPAs can and do break the system. Clever programmer can make coding for the kernel, can not predict what other programmers interfaces will be/do  .20:04
TJ-erxr3: and then when you do "sudo chroot /mnt/fs" you can then do "df" and check usage, and e.g. "du -d 2 /home/parp" to check where space is used in the user home directory20:04
erxr3TJ-  the error again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13042752/20:06
Guest68142 20:07
Guest68142i like this software20:08
TJ-erxr3: that is weird; I do that operation daily and never experience that issue. *thinking*20:08
Guest68142whrite in python ?20:08
wileeeGuest68142, Cool, let us know if you need help, for chat #ubuntu-offtopic  ;)20:09
Guest68142u used python or another language ?20:09
TJ-erxr3: let's try it a different way. "sudo umount /mnt/fs/home/paro; sudo mount --bind -io remount,rw /tmp/ecryptfs.eg2eRmDe /mnt/fs/home/paro"20:09
erxr3TJ- another error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13043018/20:13
TJ-erxr3: OK, so it didn't like the remount and --bind at the same time. I was trying to beat the original error!20:14
TJ-erxr3: Let's try yet another way: "sudo mount -io remount,rw /tmp/ecryptfs.eg2eRmDe; sudo mount --bind /tmp/ecryptfs.eg2eRmDe /mnt/fs/home/paro"20:15
paffyHey guys. How do I run an app from terminal without it attaching to my current terminal? I just want to open it outside the terminal sort of.20:17
paffyioria: ok that's what I thought. I guess it's a problem with the program then.20:18
erxr3TJ- YESSSSS!20:18
ioriapaffy, whatprogram ?20:18
erxr3TJ- it worked!20:18
paffyioria: "pstorm", a command line tool for PhpStorm IDE.20:18
TJ-erxr3: I knew we'd get there eventually! Now you can do "sudo chroot /mnt/fs" and then "df" and "du -d 2 /home/paro"  to check the usage20:18
paffyioria: it's supposed to let me open a project from cmd line.20:18
Juaneshi there20:19
TJ-erxr3: and you can remove files as needed20:19
ioriapaffy, i see20:19
erxr3TJ- yes i just could remove. thank you so very much!20:20
paffyioria: How would you word the issue for a google search? I don't know the terminology of this very well :P20:20
erxr3TJ- specially for showing me all solution possibilities20:21
ioriapaffy, i'm downloading it ... but no clue20:21
TJ-paffy: "man nohup" might help20:22
erxr3TJ- I will check my access to other system, and be back in a short while20:24
paffyTJ-: "nohup pstorm . &" does work at least, ty.20:24
TJ-paffy: you don't need '&' that puts the process into the background. nohup detaches the process from the current terminal.20:25
ioriapaffy, needs a key  ...20:26
paffyTJ-: "nohup pstorm ." didn't work20:26
paffyioria: You can choose 30 dey evaluation20:27
TJ-paffy: what are you expecting 'pstorm' to do?20:27
ioriapaffy, ok20:27
paffyTJ-: It's a python script that launches a java app (an IDE)20:27
=== intel is now known as Guest52052
paffyTJ-: and "pstorm ." should open the current directory as a project.20:28
TJ-paffy: I'd inspect 'pstorm' itself then20:29
ioriapaffy, alt +F220:30
ioriapaffy, with complete  path20:30
ioriapaffy, no terminal20:30
=== j0hn is now known as Guest3252
paffyioria: yup that works20:31
ioriapaffy, good20:31
test123what is with the "/nick" not working. I am dave1947'20:31
ioriapaffy, it's cool20:32
ioriapaffy, but too heavy for my  system20:32
paffyioria: yeah it is. awesome to work with tho.20:33
=== exrx3 is now known as erxr3
ioriapaffy, ^_^20:33
test123i guess a Drone won't answer :)20:33
Bashing-omtest123: ' /nick dave1947 ' should have a positive resilt .20:34
=== Guest68142 is now known as userx
TJ-Bashing-om: that user is already online; he must have ghosted20:34
TJ-Bashing-om: probably didn't read the client's server console20:35
=== userx is now known as userix
userixBastante br aqui ?20:35
Bashing-omTJ-: Uh huh .. as per your usual .. some kine of fast you are .20:35
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=== SatshiRole1 is now known as SatshiRole
inteus!pt | userix20:42
ubottuuserix: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.20:42
=== brayden_ is now known as Blaster
flyboy21what is a good source to talk about programs for linux20:44
haskell_I am trying to visit a website, but it says connection refused, does that mean my ip is blocked?20:44
TJ-haskell_: Or the server is no longer there20:44
ioriatry a free proxy20:44
TJ-flyboy21: 'talk' in what way?20:45
flyboy21well I am new to linux and looking for basic programs to replace some windows apps20:45
flyboy21did not know if there is a node just for this sort of chat20:45
TJ-flyboy21: Hmmm, not sure on that. Possibly ##linux although sometimes that gets a bit distracted, and is more technical than you might want20:46
flyboy21that might help20:46
flyboy21i can give it a try, thank you20:46
TJ-flyboy21: possibly #ubuntu-offtopic but thats usually trivial chat20:47
=== KindOne is now known as EvilOne
Pr0x1mu5can someone explain me how i can dual boot from surface pro 120:52
Pr0x1mu5this is the most idiotic computer that i have ever had my hands on20:52
Pr0x1mu5no tutorial works for it20:52
CraigyDaviPr0x1mu5, not sure if you tried this one https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/windows but it worked well for me (windows 10)20:54
haskell_TJ, I can access it from one server but not another20:54
haskell_TJ, I can access it from one country*** but not another20:55
trimetaI'm in the ubuntu-server ncurses-based installer, and I'm trying to configure some encrypted volumes manually. I set up a couple of disks and was able to do this successfully (by formatting the disk as encrypted volume, then going to "configure encrypted volumes" and activating those volumes), but some other partitions refuse to appear in the "configure encrypted volumes" options even though they also were set up as "physical volume20:59
UBuI am having some problem21:03
UBuI'm running my java application21:03
UBuwhen I do java -jar <my application>21:03
UBuIt's missing some jars21:03
UButhat are already inbuilt21:04
UBuin it?21:04
wileeeI'd like to see you on an fmri21:05
wileeesaying that21:05
UBuwileee: What do you mean?21:12
UBuwileee: My dependencies are compiled with it21:12
UBuwileee: Plus it works on my computer21:12
UBuwileee: just not my dedi21:12
wileeeUBu, kinda disjunct, we all do it. ;) a complete straight sentence would be understood, less enter. ;)21:13
inteusUBu: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation.21:13
erxr3hello back everyone, I've had multiple issues today, and would like to seek your help again in these. I've been moving files to external drive, and using gnome disk utility to create and access partitions. while moving files, it first happened that the process froze, including everything else on the computer, except the cursor moving.21:13
erxr3then came irregularities in using power-off button of disk utility, like it close the whole window when clicked on.21:13
erxr3and the next thing was a partition taking ages to open or close.21:14
erxr3sometimes never happening21:14
erxr3after these incidents within a day or two, I now had to lose a partition on my external drive, which i thought was created properly in the previous session.21:15
erxr3it is shown with "unknown" label instead of "file system ext4.."21:15
wileeeerxr3, one issue at a time with details, for help.21:16
erxr3wileee, this is all one single issue, i guess21:16
erxr3because it all happened while moving files21:16
erxr3and in gnome disk utility21:16
erxr3and to same drives21:16
=== CarterF is now known as Carter
erxr3one drive was affected more (like 4 partitions) and the other only one partition.21:17
erxr3what might have caused this?21:17
bprompterxr3:    so, when you were in the middle of resizing partitions, some "data" was being moved, and the partitioning tool was hanging, and then you did a force poweroff ?21:18
UBuanyone know the fix to my problem?21:18
erxr3bprompt, what first happened was that the file transfer to external drive stopped, and didnt ever resume, so that I had to force power-off..but after this I could continue creating partitions. yet this happened a few more times, with shorter hangings.21:20
bpromptUBu:    as often said here, the "enter" key is not a punctuation character, is simpler to keep it in a line or two, rather than scattered all over the lot, keep it concise and in a line or two, makes it readable21:20
=== phunyguy is now known as phunyghoul
UBubprompt: that was all on one line?21:21
erxr3the second irregularity that came after was that the power-off button of disk utility didnt close the drives properly. it often closed the whole window, or left the drive name in the device list after removal21:21
bpromptUBu:    ahemm nope21:21
UBubprompt: [21:18] <UBu> anyone know the fix to my problem?21:21
bpromptright... which we dunno what that is21:22
erxr3and the last irregularity was that the disk utility remained hanging forever while unlocking-locking certain partitions21:22
bprompterxr3:    well, once the system is b0rked from the first "irregularity", sure, expect more to come, but that's expectable21:23
erxr3after all these, i was still able to create partitions properly until the last session, in which I thought I completed the transfers. but in the next session, I saw that more than one drive had partition losses. some with only one lost, some several partitions.21:23
erxr3bprompt, what might have borked the system?21:24
bprompterxr3:    well, the force shutdown I'd think21:24
JymmmIs anyone familiar with netbook build?21:24
bprompterxr3:   and the fact that you could "run the partition tool" and make partitions afterwards, simply means, the partitiion tool could run, and the hdd wasn't bad, is all, doesn't mean the partitions or files were in good state21:25
bprompterxr3:     so... as wileee  suggested... . one at a time.... you were partitioning, and gnome partitioning tool was hanging, and in the middle of it, what again?21:26
=== jared_ is now known as Guest82804
erxr3bprompt, then, as I wrote, the power-off began to work strangely..21:27
TJ-erxr3: 'external drive' - connected how, USB2 ?21:27
erxr3TJ- I think so. it was an earlier drive21:28
erxr3bprompt, so you mean it wouldnt be caused by HDD?21:28
bprompterxr3:    did I read you correctly, you gnome partitioning tool froze while resizing partitions, and you forced a shutdown?21:28
erxr3bprompt, not while resizing, but while transferring files from one drive to another21:29
zubuntui am using pc dual boot win 10 and ubuntu 14.0421:29
istvanhi beszel valaki magyarul?21:29
zubuntuhow can i set windows bootloader (easyBCD) as default?21:29
TJ-erxr3: when things look to be going wrong, the first thing to do is examine the log files. For disks, my first suspect is I/O errors, and I check /var/log/kern.log.21:29
zubuntunow grub2 - ubuntu is default one21:30
TJ-erxr3: I'd also check /var/log/syslog, and /home/$USER/.xsession-errors if using the GUI21:30
bprompterxr3:    ok.... so, you were moving files from internal hdd to external hdd I assume, drag and drop I gather, and the moving process was hanging and then you forced a shutdown?21:30
zubuntuanyone help pls?21:30
bpromptzubuntu:    hmmm I thought easyBCD was meant to be easy :), I"ve done BCD editing but manually using bcdedit and the whole UUID string, no easyBCD yet though21:31
erxr3bprompt, correct, except that not by drag and drop, but by cut-paste, if that has significance21:31
wileeezubuntu, easybcd is only a 3rd bootloader, not supported here and a bad idea.21:31
TJ-zubuntu: if you're dual-booting Windows 10 that infers the PC uses UEFI, so Windows and Ubuntu should be entries in the UEFI boot menu.21:32
zubuntuwileee: so what can i do?21:32
wileeezubuntu, follow TJ- info.21:32
zubuntuhow can i get into UEFI boot menu TJ- ?21:32
EriC^^zubuntu: you want windows first in the grub menu? or you want easybcd to be booted and choose ubuntu or windows from there?21:32
zubuntuin my boot menu i never seen it21:32
zubuntuEriC^^: i want default windows boot menu21:32
zubuntui dont like purple boot menu of ubuntu at all21:33
zubuntui installed ubuntu21:33
TJ-zubuntu: the UEFI setup should provide access to it, but from a Linux boot, 'efibootmgr' accesses it21:33
zubuntuthen i set easyBCD entry21:33
zubuntubut ubuntu didnt boot21:33
EriC^^zubuntu: well do you know how to add ubuntu there? cant help you with that but i can get you to have easybcd boot i guess21:33
zubuntuthen i set grub in ubuntu again21:33
zubuntuand then it booted21:33
zubuntuto ubuntu21:33
zubuntubut set default ubuntu boot menu21:33
bprompterxr3:   check the logs as TJ-  suggested, to see why the system froze or what process was hanging,    but I'd think that, some open files or inodes ended up broken or corrupted due to the force shutdown, doesn't happen always, you could also try going to "recovery mode" and use the root console from that menu, to do an "fsck"21:34
EriC^^zubuntu: you mean you tried adding ubuntu to easybcd but it didn't boot ubuntu? didn't follow you there21:34
zubuntuwell if i have an option i dont like 3rd party bootmanager to have21:34
zubuntuEriC^^: yes at first try it didnt boot into ubuntu21:34
UBuI still don't have a fix for my problem :/21:34
EriC^^zubuntu: you can change the colors in grub and even put a background i think21:34
zubuntuafter i installed ubuntu21:35
zubuntui just like the way of windows boot menu :/21:35
zubuntui dont know what is wrong with easybcd21:35
zubuntuit didnt boot to ubuntu when i added entry there21:36
EriC^^what did you add there?21:36
zubuntui had to repair the grub in ubuntu live cd21:36
bpromptzubuntu:   well, if  you don't like the 3rd party, MS has bcdedit.exe :) easyBCD is just a frontend for it anyway21:36
EriC^^i mean what did you add to easyBCD?21:36
zubuntubprompt: really21:37
* wileee voted uefi boot keep it simple21:37
zubuntuhow can i reach there?21:37
zubuntuEriC^^: i added Linux entry21:37
zubuntuhmm i think i did it wrong21:37
EriC^^with what path?21:37
zubuntui didnt choose sda4 in there21:37
TJ-I'm confused as to why zubuntu is messing with the OS boot-manager, rather than letting UEFI do its job so each OS-specific boot-manager only needs to load its own OS21:37
bpromptzubuntu:     you'd run it off a cmd/terminal session, in windows or a winPE session21:37
erxr3bprompt, I dont have a visible problem with the working of the computer or the files transferred to still-intact partitions (assuming from the preservation of total file sizes in partitions, also skimming through them). now I ended up with a single partition with critical data in it, and it is only that I wish to recover. but just I'd like to know, too, if my HDD or RAM needs a replacement.21:37
tron103With debian-installer, does anyone know how to stop ethdetect and netcfg from running?21:37
zubuntuTJ-: i really dont know to use UEFI21:37
zubuntui am not professional at ubuntu21:38
zubuntui am newbie21:38
TJ-zubuntu: UEFI is the firmware (think BIOS) on the PC itself.21:38
zubuntulet me check bcdedit.exe21:38
bpromptzubuntu:   https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc709667(v=ws.10).aspx  <--- bcdedit.exe21:39
erxr3bprompt, that said, disk utility has been showing one error on my HDD for months, like "disk is OK, with one error" or similar...lately this had become "disk is OK, with one failing attribute"..21:39
EriC^^zubuntu: you need to add /EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi to the easyBCD to boot ubuntu21:39
zubuntuTJ-: never viewed UEFI in my pc :/21:39
TJ-zubuntu: The boot process goes UEFI start-up > UEFI boot manager > OS boot-manager > OS bootloader > OS21:39
zubuntuthx bprompt21:39
zubuntuthx EriC^^21:39
EriC^^zubuntu: you don't point it to the partition that has ubuntu, you point it to the efi partition, usually the 1st or 2nd partition in the drive21:39
TJ-zubuntu: Hmmm... I'm pretty sure Windows 10 requires UEFI; anyone else know for usre?21:39
erxr3I'd asked about this HDD error earlier, and I was informed that it wouldn't mean an immediate risk, but that I had to keep an eye on it21:39
EriC^^zubuntu: it'll be a fat32 partition, in case that helps21:39
EriC^^TJ-: not all21:40
zubuntuEriC^^: i think i couldnt add the entry properly in EasyBCD21:40
zubuntui dont remember choosing sda4 in there21:40
erxr3so, my first question would be how I could find out where the problem lies21:40
zubuntuby the way which ubuntu version do you suggest?21:40
EriC^^zubuntu: i doubt it's sda421:40
zubuntuit is EriC^^21:40
EriC^^zubuntu: are you on ubuntu right now?21:40
zubuntui installed ubuntu to sda421:40
zubuntuyes EriC^^21:41
EriC^^zubuntu: sda4 is the fat32 efi partition?21:41
EriC^^yeah read above21:41
EriC^^zubuntu: you don't point it to the partition that has ubuntu, you point it to the efi partition, usually the 1st or 2nd partition in the drive21:41
TJ-erxr3: "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda" look for errors in the SMART log, look for reallocated sector count in the table21:41
zubuntuEriC^^:  well sda0 was empty partition21:41
zubuntusda1 windows21:41
=== tom_ is now known as Guest77788
zubuntusda2 was windows logical partition21:41
EriC^^zubuntu: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999921:41
zubuntusda4 was ubuntu21:41
EriC^^it'll make things clear21:42
wileeeerxr3, HD fail, be backed up is your best plan, it could blow up any time, law of averages, no warning.21:42
bprompterxr3:   as TJ-  suggested, the logs would be a good stop, as far as your ram and hdd.... we dunno if they're that bad or otherwise21:42
erxr3wileee, sure, back-ups are always there, but when several drives get borked together like here, you're caught unaware21:43
zubuntuEriC^^: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=xJ1ud9zY21:43
EriC^^wow i'm blocked there21:44
wileeeerxr3, Sure, was this a user error though, you seemed to press forward with freeze after freeze?21:44
EriC^^zubuntu: can you paste in paste.ubuntu.com?21:44
erxr3bprompt, TJ- sure, then I will get back to the other machine and see the logs..I also had the error messages of partitions while these anomalies happened. I hope I still have them there in this turmoil. then I can show them to you, too21:44
zubuntuEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13048019/21:45
erxr3wileee, no, I only power-shut in the first incident21:45
erxr3the later freezes took quite long to resume, but they did21:45
zubuntucool that ubuntu has paste now :)21:45
wileeeerxr3, Ah, well you have good help, I'm just biased on having your booty covered no matter what, if needed.21:45
zubuntu 3      198GB   206GB  8191MB  extended  5      198GB   206GB  8191MB  logical21:46
zubuntuwhat is extended??21:46
zubuntuand same size?21:46
EriC^^that's like a container for the logical partitions, so you can have more primary partitions21:47
zubuntuEriC^^: should i set swap area primary or logical?21:47
EriC^^it doesn't matter21:47
EriC^^anyways, you're using legacy not uefi21:48
zubuntuso what do u suggest?21:48
erxr3bprompt, TJ- and how can I make sure the external drives are still usable? I'd heard that wiping them with dd might show they're intact if it exits with no errors..also I heard of badblocks, but it reads that it takes quite long21:48
EriC^^i've no idea how to set easybcd to boot ubuntu21:48
zubuntuis it ok to give 30+ gb to ubuntu?21:48
zubuntuEriC^^: i think i know how to21:48
EriC^^maybe if you install grub to the partition itself not the mbr of the disk21:48
zubuntuas i said i forgot to define the partition in easybcd21:48
EriC^^and point easybcd to boot that21:48
zubuntuis there a way not to use easybcd?21:49
zubuntuas bprompt said?21:49
EriC^^zubuntu: i dont think easybcd can boot ubuntu like that, maybe if you install grub to the partition though21:49
EriC^^let me see..21:49
wileeein the past with easybcd to get a boot back to windows to use, grub went to /21:50
BlueProtomanMy "Applications" menu in the upper left corner (in GNOME classic) is broken!  When I click it, the menu doesn't appear.  Rebooting my computer (Ubuntu 15.04) does not help.  Any tips?21:50
wileeewith a dualboot ubuntu after21:50
EriC^^zubuntu: yeah, it's right21:51
EriC^^"Assuming that Windows is already installed, install Ubuntu on another partition. Make sure that you install Grub2 on the Ubuntu partition - don't install it on the MBR"21:51
EriC^^zubuntu: check here http://askubuntu.com/questions/62440/is-it-possible-to-boot-ubuntu-using-the-windows-bootloader/62442#6244221:51
sftrabbitJust installed Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 today, and reducing my screen brightness (either with the function key or through the power settings) is causing my display to turn off. I've been having to do a hard shutdown when it happens. Increasing the brightness is fine. It's an Asus N56V laptop. Any ideas?21:51
EriC^^so run, sudo grub-install /dev/sda421:51
bprompterxr3:    the trend is, when the hdd comes up with errors, it deteriorates further later on as time, and usage, goes by, so.... how to ensure the hdd are still good? if external, chances, they still are, unless you've bumped them somewhere, or damage them physically21:52
=== EvilOne is now known as KindOne
zubuntuEriC^^: grub-install: error: will not proceed with blocklists.21:53
TJ-zubuntu: create a BIOS boot partition21:54
zubuntuin easybcd TJ- ?21:54
TJ-zubuntu: it'll need about 2MB to be safe21:54
TJ-zubuntu: for GRUB21:54
zubuntubut it didnt happen before21:54
erxr3bprompt, sure, you're right about HDD..could I rely on the referred tests for checking the integrity of external drives?21:54
zubuntui used ubuntu and windows both before many times21:54
zubuntuwith easybcd21:55
KK6AXQI am trying to dual boot 2 instances of Ubuntu 14.04LTS on the same computer. How do I do that?21:55
zubuntujust i faced some errors for a week21:55
TJ-zubuntu: In MBR partition tables, a BIOS boot partition is type 421:55
Vieira-UbuntuFala galera21:56
zubuntui wish i understand what i should do TJ- :/21:56
bprompterxr3:     I'd say yes21:56
zubuntui am not so good with ubuntu codes and other things21:56
KK6AXQCan you help me?21:57
Vieira-UbuntuI'm terrible with Ubuntu codes21:57
zubuntume too21:57
Vieira-UbuntuAre you from ?21:57
KK6AXQDoes anybody here have experience with dual booting the same versions of ubuntu21:57
Vieira-UbuntuI'm from Brazil21:58
TJ-KK6AXQ: one install of GRUB, let one OS manage GRUB config.21:58
zubuntuKK6AXQ: never tried21:58
zubuntuwhy do u need same ubuntu?21:58
EriC^^KK6AXQ: just install as usual21:58
Bashing-omKK6AXQ: What is the problem ? The install option "install along side" will happily install the other instance . ( I multi-boot too ) .21:58
KK6AXQSo just run the ubuntu installer twice?21:58
KK6AXQone for each partition21:58
zubuntunice to meet u Vieira-Ubuntu21:58
KK6AXQOk I just didn't know if GRUB could handle mutliple instances of the same version21:59
zubuntuwhich version of ubuntu do you sugges?21:59
Vieira-UbuntuPleasure is mine21:59
erxr3bprompt, TJ-  and one more thing I forgot to say (due to the mess here, sorry), while these strange behaviours were happening, I often failed to create partitions, with the following kind of error: paste.ubuntu.com/1300568322:00
TJ-KK6AXQ: it'll be confusing since menu entry titles will be identical in some cases22:00
zubuntuwhich version do u suggest?22:00
Vieira-UbuntuMy version Ubuntu is... 15.1022:00
zubuntui couldnt install 15.1022:00
bazhang!lts | zubuntu22:00
ubottuzubuntu: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)22:00
Bashing-omKK6AXQ: Yhere can be but one boot code per hard drive in the legacy (MBR) scheme . Last installed/updated will be that controlling authority .22:00
Vieira-UbuntuBut i installed the Gnome 322:01
KK6AXQHow could I change that?22:01
zubuntuso you say 14.04 bazhang22:01
TJ-erxr3: that looks simply as if the constraints in the call to parted couldn't be satisfied22:01
zubuntui use classic gnome also Vieira-Ubuntu22:01
Vieira-UbuntuI also used this22:01
zubuntui like it22:01
Vieira-Ubuntume too22:01
bazhangVieira-Ubuntu, you installed gnome-shell ?22:02
EriC^^zubuntu: i suggest 14.0422:02
zubuntui miss 10.0422:02
zubuntuthx EriC^^22:02
bazhangso logout and choose a different one Vieira-Ubuntu22:02
EriC^^zubuntu: i think ubuntu mate is similar to the 10.04 ubuntu version22:03
Vieira-UbuntuWhy ?22:03
zubuntui didnt like mate22:03
Vieira-Ubuntui'm using 15.10 perfectly22:03
EriC^^zubuntu: not sure, just guessing22:03
EriC^^zubuntu: aha22:03
erxr3also another one of the same kind: paste.ubuntu.com/1298363722:03
bazhangVieira-Ubuntu, you said you wanted to change from gnome-shell to something else, thats why22:03
zubuntui was expecting new icon set in ubuntu for 2 years22:03
zubuntubut nothing changed22:03
zubuntuhi Daisy22:04
Daisythat's good22:04
Vieira-UbuntuZubuntu, To update you will need to make the terminal22:04
Daisyyou won't get confused22:04
Vieira-Ubuntuput the code22:04
bazhangdaisy did you have an ubuntu support question22:04
bazhangVieira-Ubuntu, there is no code to put22:04
Vieira-Ubuntusudo apt-get upgrade22:05
Daisybazhang that depends22:05
bazhangdaisy this is ubuntu support please ask if so22:05
iraqicodehow are you guys22:05
iraqicodeim new here22:05
Daisybazhang OK OK OK22:05
Vieira-UbuntuYes there is22:05
bazhangdaisy if you just wish to chit chat then #ubuntu-offtopic22:06
Daisyso here's the question22:06
zubuntuDaisy: if u are interested in ubuntu i can help you darling :p22:06
Daisywhat are pros and cons of installing Ubuntu over Android on my laptop?22:06
Bashing-omiraqicode: This is ubuntu support channel, you have an ubuntu question ?22:06
zubuntuDaisy: i always prefer ubuntu22:06
zubuntuit is more reliable22:06
erxr3TJ- this is the output of ~'/.xsession-errors: paste.ubuntu.com/13048831  I have also log and syslog, but I dont know what kind of error I would need to look for in them22:07
zubuntuand stable22:07
Daisycould you elaborate a bit zubuntu?22:07
zubuntuandroid sounds to me cheap22:07
MonkeyDustDaisy  that question is more for #ubuntu-offtopic22:07
zubuntuDaisy: ubuntu is real OS22:07
DaisyI use Android on daily basis22:07
Daisyand it works great22:07
zubuntutry ubuntu then22:08
DaisyI did once before22:08
zubuntuyou wont regret ;)22:08
Daisybut it had issues with my graphic card so I gave up22:08
Daisyit was to new card22:08
zubuntuwhat tablet do you use?22:08
Daisynexus 722:09
zubuntubazhang: seems to kick you Daisy lol22:09
bpromptDaisy:     you use android on... your laptop?  chromebook?22:09
Daisynormal laptop22:09
zubuntuibmt43: cool22:10
zubuntui use x201 thinkpad22:10
bpromptDaisy:   meaning, you have a chromebook.... hmmm ok... so.. .and you're wondering on running ubuntu there as well?  I'd think you could dual boot it22:10
zubuntuEriC^^: i guess installing ubuntu again will fix the problem22:11
zubuntubbl then22:11
bpromptDaisy:   pros and cons?   depends on what you need it for22:11
Vieira-Ubuntuzubuntu, u wnat the upgrade for which version ?22:11
zubuntui dont wanna upgrade Vieira-Ubuntu22:11
Vieira-UbuntuOh ok!22:12
bekksxamindar: Whats "Vieira-Ubuntu"?22:12
zubuntui was having issue with booting ubuntu and windows22:12
Vieira-UbuntuI not like Windows22:12
bekksah :)22:12
zubuntui need windows mostly22:12
zubuntusee ya later22:13
xNearHow to get AMD drivers running on Ubuntu 15.10?22:14
xNearAMD GPU.22:14
Bashing-omxNear: Presntly FGLRX is broken in 15.10 . The fix is in upstram. one can enable the 'proposed' repo and update . But that do have some degree of risk .22:15
erxr3bprompt, TJ- I am going through the logs, particularly the hours when the partition creation was repeatedly failed. shall I pastebin them?22:16
goddardis a gnome disks image the same as a kvm/qemu image?22:16
TJ-erxr3: if there are I/O errors reported in kern.log/syslog22:17
BlueProtomanJust filed a bug.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alacarte/+bug/151201822:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1512018 in alacarte (Ubuntu) "Alacarte crashes upon opening and will not display applications menu" [Undecided,New]22:17
xNearBashing-om: upstream is "testing" repo?22:17
xNearunstable? you mean FGLRX is ready but not tested, yep?22:18
erxr3TJ- there are only 4 lines wit I/o but without mention of error..22:18
xNearsorry but my english suck22:18
TJ-erxr3: only errors would be important; those would indicate a hardware problem22:18
jeffrey_fhelp free up space in boot for the 15.10.22:19
Bashing-omxNear: Yeah, in a sense "proposed" is testing .. what might be inclided in the repo . I do expect that FGLRX testing will be completed and the fix will make it to the 15.10 repo .22:19
itsme1hi guys, is there a ppa for virtualbox 5?22:19
Rubafixhow can I register a script as a service, so I can use service someService start instead of going for the script?22:19
xNearhow long it will take?22:19
vfwjeffrey_f: How many kernels do you have installed?22:20
jeffrey_fvfw: ?  How to tell?22:20
MonkeyDustRubafix  guess you have to put it in /etc/init.d/22:21
=== guest is now known as USA
Bashing-omxNear: No way to tell how long the testing will take. When 15.10 was released, AMD did not offer support for 15.10 initially ( 4,2 kernel) .. I understand that they have FGLRX working upstream and as soon as testing is completed it will be available in the 15.10 repository . You may enable 'proposed' and aid in the testing .22:22
RonWhoCaresDoes anyone know if Ubuntu 'Cheese' supports an HD web cam22:23
vfwjeffrey_f: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image*list22:23
Bashing-omxNear: See the release notes and follow the bug report for details on the status .22:23
erxr3TJ- not in syslog, but in kern.log, there are i/o errors: paste.ubuntu.com/1304924722:24
vfwjeffrey_f: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image*list |pastebinit22:24
RubafixMonkeyDust: So I have to install the software in init.d? seems pretty inconvenient22:24
TJ-erxr3: Right. Those kind of errors are problems. Read the lines surrounding them to get more context, but it looks like there's one important sector of /dev/sda that is failed22:25
vfwjeffrey_f: Just start by uninstalling oldest first, but do *not* install the one you are using.  uname -a22:26
moonlanderare there any docker images for snappy?22:26
erxr3TJ- this must be the one sector of HDD that has been mentioned for a while22:27
vfwjeffrey_f: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image*list |pastebinit (If you want to show us - send resulting URL.)22:27
jeffrey_fvfw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13049309/22:27
MonkeyDustRubafix  i assumed you had written a script and didnt know where to put it22:28
=== jono is now known as Guest58000
TJ-erxr3: that is likely yes; might be good to identify which file-system that is in, and what data covers that location, and try to relocate it if possible so the sector can be re-allocated by the drive22:30
RubafixMonkeyDust: No I have manually installed a teamspeak 3 server, so it is not registered as a service and I have to rely on path to script to start or stop the server22:30
xNearBashing-om: can you give me link? its at amd site?22:30
jaggerhi guys22:31
paffyWhat do you guys use for cloud storage? I use Dropbox but downloading 6 gigs (400 thousand files) is taking several days...22:32
MonkeyDustpaffy  try spideroak22:33
jeffrey_fvfw: Had a script stuffed away.  Found my purger script22:35
Nh3xusmy eyes !22:37
paffyMonkeyDust: That's what I used before. Client was a bit slow and it didn't seem to work well on android either.22:37
erxr3TJ- I dont know how to do these, but could this kind of error cause such a mess? because I view the logs of repeated processes while I tried and failed to create partitions ,but none of these logs hint to any expression of error that is visible to me.22:38
=== thiago_ is now known as Guest97033
Bashing-omxNear: see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2299981&highlight=FGLRX ; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2300920&highlight=FGLRX .22:39
Guest97033o que é isso?22:39
TJ-erxr3: I don't think I/O errors were the cause of your partitioning issues. I think those were due to you asking for an impossible situation, possibly because the partitioning is already a bit messed up and confusing the tools22:40
erxr3TJ- in that case, does it mean a temporary mess?22:41
TJ-erxr3: you can hope. If you're using a GUI tool that is supposed to make sure things it asks for are sane before doing them, and the underlying tool reports an impossible situation, then something isn't good22:42
erxr3TJ- before 14.04., (if I'm not mistaken, when the gui of disk utility changed) disk utility used to seem to me a more tidy tool. I'd had one or two less significant issues with this tool. just wondering if the current situation might have to do with the tool.22:45
erxr3that is, whether I can use the machine and the drives with a clean install and dd-wiping.22:45
TJ-erxr3: I wonder if the disk has both GPT and MBR partition tables and they're not synchronised22:45
xNearBashing-om: Can I use other than fglrx driver? I ask because I have intel+amd hybrid GPU, and vga switcheoor doesnt works for me22:46
goddardis a gnome disks image the same as a kvm/qemu image?22:46
xNearThe cat of vga switcheoor file shows me that intel card is still running22:46
erxr3TJ- by the way, I just found this error, too: paste.ubuntu.com/1304961622:47
erxr3if it's an error, of course22:47
TJ-erxr3: those ACPI OpRegion bugs are pretty common. It's a fault in the manufacturer's BIOS/ACPI code.22:47
Bashing-omxNear: Well, there are other options than switcheroo , catalyst control center for one and : https://github.com/beidl/amd-indicator for another . But will require the FGLRX driver .22:49
xNeari dont know why Radeon driver doesnt work for me too22:49
xNearor i am just noob and i dont know how to turn it22:50
Bashing-omxNear: Not working in 15.10 as AMD has not provided for the 4.2 xserver stack .22:50
xNearah, so this is why i cant switch22:51
Bashing-omxNear: Keep in mind proprietary software, "WE" do not have access to it .22:51
xNearyeah i understand this and knows meaning22:51
xNearbut still, there are a lot of informations and things that us can tell me or do22:52
Bashing-omxNear: The easiest thing to do is wait for the driver to make it into wily's repository . Else enable 'proposed' and install the driver and related X server requirements, and help in testing .22:54
erxr3TJ- oh, I see..I just finished checking the logs, these are the last lines that I noted, in case they might have any significance: paste.ubuntu.com/1304983422:55
xNearok, fine ;) thanks for help22:56
Bashing-omxNear: Not much help. But there will be options . switcheroo is for open source, when FGLRX becomes available there will be other options to switch the graphics sets .23:00
erxr3TJ- about your mentioning of GPT and MBR, could I have made a wrong selection somewhere in creating partitions? I remember having selected msdos when formatting a drive for the first time..could this be related to it?23:01
xNearBashing-om: do you use AMD/ATI GPU or you are developer ;)?23:01
=== GitGud is now known as Traffega
Bashing-omxNear: Well, graphics drivers are an interest . I too have had my problems. Presrntly I am running a old ATI card that AMD had dropped support for . As far as a developer .. far from it ! .. I just help where I can .23:03
erxr3but disk utility shows all drives involved as MBR23:04
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* ubuntu_ 23:11
CodmadnessproHow can I reopen a x11 window?23:11
Bashing-omCodmadnesspro: Depends, what desktop, and how did you close the "window" ?23:13
geraNeed to know something about my graphics card. I have a R7 360 and I think I need the drivers...23:14
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest86289
geraAnd also, need flash for Chromium23:14
erxr3I'd like to start recovery of this partition shown as here: http://is.gd/2odFWz..I intend to create an image via ddrescue first, and then use testdisk on it. might you recommend any action while doing so?23:14
Bashing-omgera: What release are you running ? 15.10 presently has no FGLRX driver . They are working on it .23:16
CodmadnessproBashing-om, i've got skype running on my ubuntu server, i'm using windows 10 that has xlaunch installed and putty uses that. If I close the server on my pc I want to be able to reopen it through putty and then back to the xlaunch server23:20
erxr3could you please help me know if this command is correct to create a partition's image:  ddrescue /dev/sdc2 /mnt/sdb1/partition.img ?23:20
erxr3first being the partition to be copied, second the destination.23:21
Bashing-omCodmadnesspro: That is out of my range of experience .23:22
geraYes Bashing-om I'm running Ubuntu 15.10...23:23
erxr3this is the command that I found, but I wonder if I do not need to specify an exact path to the image file..like not only /mnt/sdb1/partition.img, but like /mnt/sdb1/Documents/Mybackup/partition.img ?23:25
Bashing-omgera: Then the "easiest" thing is to await completion of testing in upstream - they have it working - . It will make it way to wily's repository in due time. Else well ya can enable "proposed" install the driver and Xserver and help in testing .23:25
=== DDR_machine is now known as DDR
erxr3is it better to add -d to the above ddrescue command?23:30
Bashing-omgera: see: http://theleftcoastgeek.net/index.php/2-uncategorised/8-fglrx-in-ubuntu-15-10-wily-werewolf-is-a-no-go for the write up .23:31
RepThis1anyone able to access vmwares vcenter web portal on ubuntu?23:35
RepThis1Its giving me a warning about getting a newer version of adobe flash, which could be a fundamental issue as do linux dist. get anything higher then 11.223:36
OerHeksRepThis1, what url would that be?23:38
RepThis1OerHeks: any of them setup by ur company23:39
RepThis1OerHeks: notsure if vmware has one setup itself for the public23:39
RepThis1OerHeks: i do know they had some sort of beta testing cloud thing though.23:40
ubuntu_Is backtrack still going?23:45
bazhangas kali23:45
bazhang#kali-linux ubuntu_23:46
ubuntu_I want something small with a network interface brute forcer to open up some devices I locked with ssh only.23:46
ubuntu_Also some email accounts.23:46
ubuntu_bazhang, Isn't kali chineese?23:46
ubuntu_Or is that kylin23:46
OerHekskali went back to debian too, good luck.23:47
ubuntu_OerHeks, ?23:49
ubuntu_What is so bad about debian?23:49
erxr3could you help me know how I can use testdisk with a disk image?23:50
ST-84erxr3, man testdisk23:50
OerHeksI am not giving any complaint about debian, just kali no longer uses ubuntu repos.23:51
ST-84erxr3, Or if you like GUIS! "ylep man:testdisk"23:51
ST-84yelp man:testdisk23:51
erxr3ST-84, yes, testdisk also has their own wiki, but they mention windows case only with testdisk_win.exe23:51
bprompterxr3:    trying to get data from a "raw" filesystem?23:51
ST-84erxr3, So.23:52
ST-84I dont see problem they have man pages right?23:52
TJ-erxr3: "man testdisk" ... commandline definition is "testdisk [/log] [/debug] [/dump] [device|image.dd|image.e01]" <-- image.dd is an image file23:52
erxr3bprompt, yes, i will now try to recover the partition that I've been talking about..23:53
bprompterxr3:    how big is the SOURCE and how big is the TARGET?23:53
=== al2o3-cr1 is now known as al2o3-cr
erxr3TJ- the image of partition that I created ends with .img..but I guess image.dd is the correct one to type?23:53
bprompterxr3:     bear in mind that, ddrescue, will behave like "dd" :), with a few more fixes, but the "target" has to be the same size or equal as the "source"23:54
erxr3bprompt, the source is 3,5gb, the target is close to 150gb23:54
ST-84erxr3, run the file command to check what type of file it is.23:55
erxr3bprompt, that means the target would be erased?23:55
bprompterxr3:     nope, it's just a "raw" copy23:55
bprompthmm wait.. misread23:56
bprompterxr3:   yes, it'll be overwritten, at least 3.5gbs in this case23:56
erxr3bprompt, but I am not using ddrescue, I have already created the disk image with the same size, 3,5 gb. I will now apply testdisk23:56
TJ-erxr3: the command-line definition just means it can take a block device name OR a filename that contains a raw disk image23:56
bprompterxr3:    I've used both before, testdisk wa no dice, at least on that scenario, ddrescue worked perfect  ->   ddrescue -f -d  SOURCE TARGET23:57
erxr3bprompt, so ddrescue recovers data as well?23:59

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