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phillwHi guys... Between my poor memory recalling information from master bodhi-zazen some extra work I also did with ubuntu beginners team, there is a couple of work arounds for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/151137614:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1511376 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Xenial) "install writes /etc/mtab as file, not symlink" [High,In progress]14:53
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dkesselfyi, new bug: 151197917:05
ubottubug 1511979 in mugshot (Ubuntu) "second (non-admin) user cannot change profile picture" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151197917:05
dkesselit would be great if someone could try and confirm17:06
dkesselnvm, it seems to be a dupe17:23
slickymasterknome, ochosi, I add Wily Werewolf documentation link to http://xubuntu.org/help/ in the documentation for currently supported Xubuntu releases section18:10
slickymasterknome, http://xubuntu.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=3574&action=edit20:08
slickymastercare to comment, please20:08
knomeslickymaster, why the long install command instead of build-dep?20:23
slickymastertrying to make it simple as possible knome 20:31
slickymasterbtw did you saw my other ping?20:31
knomeslickymaster, i did, but why not ordered by release date?20:32
slickymasterI thought the ordering was by support date20:32
knomehow is "sudo apt-get install coreutils debhelper docbook-xml docbook-xsl fonts-droid fop gnome-doc-utils xsltproc" simpler than "sudo apt-get build-dep xubuntu-docs" ?20:32
knomei mean,20:33
slickymasterfell free to change it20:33
knomethe latter example provides some information on how the list of the packages can be fetched for other packages too20:33
knomedid changes to the post, feel free to check them out20:36
slickymasteris the ordering done release date instead?20:36
slickymaster+ by20:37
slickymastercan I take over the lock now, knome?20:37
knomei don't have it, WP is just lagging20:38
slickymasterthere is a typo20:38
knomei just came from sauna20:38
knomeanyway, i think ordering by release is logical20:38
slickymasterok, corrected the typo20:39
slickymasterready to hit publish20:39
slickymasteris ok with you, now?20:39
slickymaster+ it20:39
knomethere's a formatting mistake20:40
knomecheck http://xubuntu.org/?p=3574&preview=true20:40
knomeapparently it's visible in the admin too20:40
knomein the fop command20:41
slickymasternot seeing it20:41
knomewell release the lock20:41
knomeand i'll fix it20:41
knomei thought you released == published20:43
knomei'm thinking the following:20:43
knomeadd a short paragraph at the end20:43
slickymasterlol, no just the lock20:43
knomesaying something like20:43
knome- now you have the documentation20:43
knome- you also have the sources, and you can edit them and suggest improvements on the docs20:44
knome- here's where you can read more about contributing to the docs20:44
slickymasterok, will do it after dinner. Little one is already naging if we're not having one today :P20:45
knomehf and bon appetit20:45
slickymasterhttp://xubuntu.org/help/ is fixed now20:46
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knomeUnit193, welcome back to the headful club.21:22
ochosiyeah, congrats21:32
bluesabrewait, not the headless norseman?21:40
bluesabreor headless server?21:40
bluesabrecmon man21:40
ochosioh hey bluesabre 21:47
bluesabrehey ochosi21:47
ochosii thought it'd be nice to factor out distro-specific icons from elementary-xfce21:53
ochosiso we could just replace those few relevant ones in xubuntu-artwork21:54
knomeyes please21:54
ochosii could keep the icons we need in a separate git repo21:54
ochosior i could push them directly to xubuntu-artwork and we replace them when installing the package21:55
bluesabresounds reasonable21:57
bluesabremaybe have the distro icons in the repo, and let distributor-logo be a symlink to one of those21:57
ochosidistributor-logo is just one of them21:58
ochosibut yeah, symlinks would be another (good) way21:58
ochosithere's at least ubiquity and usb-creator21:59
ochosibut i think also some xfdesktop menu icon21:59
bluesabreprobably many many others22:00
ochosii hope not too many others though22:02
ochosithing is, for now i don't really have a generic distributor icon etc22:04
bluesabreochosi: why not something xfce-ish?22:10
bluesabrelike a nice version of the xfce mouse22:11
bluesabreor its head22:11
bluesabreon a blue circle22:11
ochosiwait, i thought that's what the xubuntu logo..22:11
ochosii guess i could try to pull some distro logos and put them in the places folder and then add a symlink22:12
ochosithat's definitely a good idea22:12
ochosiin terms of ubiquity i'm not sure yet what's the best idea there22:12
bluesabrethe ubiquity logo is generic enough22:16
bluesabreelementary-xfce is blue22:16
ochosiyeah, but i re-did that last night22:23
bluesabrewill need to take a look then :)22:38
slickymasterknome, did you want that article in the FAQs or in the Articles section?22:38
ochosibluesabre: haven't pushed it yet ;)22:38
knomeslickymaster, it's not really a FAQ for end-users, so i would vote against FAQ22:39
knomeslickymaster, as i think we discussed back then...22:39
slickymasteriirc back then I thought you mentioned something about the FAQs :P22:40
knomeso there was a blog post on the planet about UOS with the title "Is your team ready for UOS?" and that made me think whether we wanted *any* participation there?22:41
knomeslickymaster, well as i think i said then, we can create another category22:41
slickymasterimo, Articles is a perfectly suitable venue for it, knome 22:42
knomeand obviously we can fix that later22:42

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