zacwallsdamn.... https://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Desktop-Linux-Windows-Web/Spotify-0-9-10-for-GNU-Linux-Welcome-to-the-dark-side/td-p/55697600:06
77CAA407Bhi, just wondering if there is a fix for the SD card bugs? from files not getting copied correctly and then not unmounting correctly I'm starting to lose my mind trying to work with SD cards00:51
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reconlapbe back in a little bit, going to reboot my system, seems the only way to get SD card to work00:54
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yao_ziyuani have a problem with my xubuntu 15.04. if i have chrome running, and lock the screen, and then unlock the screen, chrome becomes nearly freezing.03:01
yao_ziyuanif i close chrome and restart it, it's still near freezing.03:01
* xubuntu215 slaps xubuntu50o around a bit with a large fishbot09:23
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halpho well, anyone know what to do about 1366x768 screens? there is a thin line on the side (I guess those are the 6 dangling pixels) that does not get randered at all10:27
halpeven though I can put my cursor there10:27
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Slumlord_anybody know how to make a bootable usb first should it be fat32 or ntfs13:22
Slumlord_file is over 5.06 gb13:24
Slumlord_i should say over 4.9gb13:25
bazhangwhat iso13:25
Slumlord_windows 7 ultimate iso for drivers13:25
Slumlord_that won't work in linux13:25
Slumlord_and software that won't work in linux13:25
bazhangmade on what os13:25
bazhangfat wont work13:26
Slumlord_are my only options a 8.5 gb dvd?13:26
Slumlord_or will ntfs work13:26
bazhangI'd say winusb, but thats probably best to ask for alternatives in the windows chanbnel13:27
ubottuWinUSB is a tool for preparing bootable Windows Instalation USBs. Please see http://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html for instructions on installation and use. #ubuntu does *not* provide support for this tool, so please do not ask for help here if it doesn't work for you.13:27
cfhowlettSlumlord_, ask the #windows channel13:27
Slumlord_ok i was not sure13:27
Slumlord_sorry for my mistake13:28
sima_I have trouble shutting down new pc14:23
sima_It has Virtualbox and teamViewer instaleld14:23
sima_It just turns xubuntu round and round forever, neve shutting down14:24
sima_For some reason I have 2 boot options named ubuntu in EFI??14:24
sima_Why systme dows not shut dow? it is H81 motherboard14:24
sima_oh yes, it is XUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS 64bit14:27
sima_I would also like to have few words woth the guy that REPEATEDLY select broken windows manager theme for Xubuntu, that makes changing size of Xubuntu windows  PAIN14:37
drcsima_: He's here...put your money where your mouth is.14:39
cfhowlettsima, you're crossposting.  choose ONE channel ...14:40
drcNot saying he'll bother answering an obviouos troll, but you can try.14:40
sima_drc, I use xubuntu from 2006 and this is not my default username on freenode and I am at the user solving problem.14:41
sima_so p[lease watch your language14:41
sima_because you disabled several xubuntu past releases basic functionality14:41
sima_cfhowlett, yes, ok then, power problem is universal, i know. ok14:42
drc1) I'm not the one you want to talk to, 2) I don't really care who or what you think you are.14:42
sima_drc, then identify who is without hassle if not asked. thanks14:43
drcOK, time to stop feeding the troll.  Out14:43
sima_drc, ok, if you don't stop askling new people coming to channel a bad words, I would be forced to tell you to re-read community code of conduct and stop BS14:44
cfhowlettguys: knock it off.  let's move on.14:45
drccfhowlett: mea culpa14:45
sima_so who is the guy that broke xubuntu window smanager window resizing in last several releases14:46
sima_it is all about choosing default theme for Xubuntu desktop,14:46
sima_where resizing window is almost impossible in lower edges of window, because window border is too thin etc14:47
cfhowlettsima_, direct your development comments the xubuntu-dev mailing list.  developers rarely appear in the user irc channels.14:47
sima_cfhowlett, fair answer. will do when I get time. This is jus needed to be said because it frustrates me for a long time on new installs everywhere.14:48
sima_I had put acpi=force in grub, wish me luck..14:49
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, I was wondering how the thumbnails in .thumbnails get their name....15:33
JohnnyComeL8lyIs it md5 checksum?15:35
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, I was wondering how the thumbnails in .thumbnails get their name....15:49
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, I was wondering how the thumbnails in .thumbnails get their name....16:08
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, I was wondering how the thumbnails in .thumbnails get their name....16:34
Walliskihow come?16:35
JohnnyComeL8lyBecause I want to add one to the mix.16:36
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WalliskiI dont have any xubuntu installation to look at, so I can only guess.16:43
JohnnyComeL8lyDo you know how it works on Ubuntu?16:44
WalliskiI saw that Nautilus used md5 hex16:44
WalliskiXubuntu uses Thunar doesn't it?16:45
JohnnyComeL8lyThat might work....16:48
Walliski^ is specific to you problem (Y)16:50
WalliskiIn case you just want to generate thumbs for files there are probably better way to have Tumbler do it for you16:51
JohnnyComeL8lyThanks, Walliski!16:51
StephanethebeginHi ! I will like to know how to encrypt a share folder called /data i would use with 2 linux distros. and if it is possible...18:48
Stephanethebeginfor each distro I wil have a /folder, a /home folder and a swap18:49
morfStephanethebegin: well generally as far as the distros will be able to use the encryption you are planning to use it's viable option18:58
morfif you want to use it at the same time... i'm not sure ;)18:59
JohnnyComeL8lyYou don't need 2 swaps....19:00
morfgood point19:00
morfyou may want to use something networking based instead ... nfs or sshfs or whatever is cool enough for you19:00
morfhe didn't specified if the distros will be running at the same time or not ;)19:00
JohnnyComeL8lyI don't know enough of her situation... but it sounds like she is wanting a ~dualboot~.19:01
JohnnyComeL8lyExcuse me... I thought I read Stephanie....19:01
morfwell stephanethe maybe stephany19:02
JohnnyComeL8ly*swap* she for he (or OP)19:02
Stephanethebeginno.. Stephane...  :)19:02
Stephanethebeginno... I have a laptp with windows 10 and alongside Xubuntu and want to install anotehr linux distro..19:03
Stephanethebeginand I will use only 1 at a time19:03
JohnnyComeL8lySo, a triple boot?19:03
JohnnyComeL8lySame storage medium?19:03
Stephanethebeginjohnny.. yes, a kind of...19:03
Stephanethebeginbut my share foldr will only be for my inux distros...19:04
Stephanethebeginnot for windows..19:04
JohnnyComeL8lyYeah, ok.19:04
Stephanethebegini have encrypted my home folder when intalling xubuntu... but how to do it for the share folder?19:04
JohnnyComeL8lyAre you still trying to map out your final partitioning?19:05
JohnnyComeL8lyOr do you have all the  partitions you need?19:06
Stephanethebeginyes I have Johnny19:06
JohnnyComeL8lySo, you only want your /home partition encrypted?19:07
StephanethebeginI have 4: / - /home - swap  and /data....19:07
JohnnyComeL8ly(I.e., that's all that is lacking?19:07
JohnnyComeL8lyWhat is on /data19:07
Stephanethebeginon /data are my data I want to share with my other linux distro...19:08
Stephanethebeginpersonal data...19:08
JohnnyComeL8lySo, /data is where you'll be mounting the partition that contains your other distro besides xubuntu....19:09
Stephanethebeginit is  a ext4 partition I created to store personal data and if one day I want to format my hard drive I don't need to format this partition...19:10
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, I see.19:10
Stephanethebeginso... any suggestion??19:11
Stephanethebeginmorf... by the way.. I wanted to write Stephane the beginner... but not enough space...  :) :)19:14
JohnnyComeL8lyI figured!19:15
JohnnyComeL8lyStephanethebegin: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/4-reasons-encrypt-linux-partitions/19:17
StephanethebeginJohnny... thanks for the link but I already read it !19:19
Stephanethebeginand still want encryption for my share folder...  :) :)19:19
Stephanethebeginjohnny... any idea? or could I use Truecrypt (or an equivalent because I know what happened to truecrypt) to encrypt my share folder??19:27
JohnnyComeL8lyThis looks like it will work, if /data is a partition mounted to a folder....19:29
JohnnyComeL8lyIf /data isn't a partition which has been mounted, then ecryptfs should work.19:39
JohnnyComeL8lyStephanethebegin: Just in case the lack of space makes it not work.... ^19:41
JohnnyComeL8lyI just realized that is a home dir specific howto, sorry.19:45
Stephanethebeginno problm johnny19:47
JohnnyComeL8lyThat looks like the real deal.19:48
StephanethebeginI am not sure...19:50
Stephanethebeginbecasue it is the all partition I want to encrypt..19:50
StephanethebeginI guess th only solution I hav is to try...  :)19:50
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, I was getting the impression that I got the wrong impression. ;-P19:51
StephanethebeginThanks fro your time Johnny..19:51
StephanethebeginI will read the links you gave me and I will try...19:51
JohnnyComeL8lyThat one is your best bet...19:54
JohnnyComeL8lyInstead of "sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/hda3 home"19:54
JohnnyComeL8lyUse sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/hda3 data19:54
JohnnyComeL8lyAnd from there, just keep substituting "home" for "data"19:55
JohnnyComeL8lyYou know what I'm meaning, right?19:55
JohnnyComeL8lyOh, btw, you will loose your data, unless you back it up on a separate partition.19:56
JohnnyComeL8lyI don't have need of it... so I've never tried it.19:56
Stephanethebeginit's ok because for the moment I have no data on the share folder..19:56
Stephanethebeginbut i will try your solution and will let you know how it goes..19:57
Stephanethebeginthanks a lot !19:57
JohnnyComeL8lyHello, xubuntu059.20:19
JohnnyComeL8lyOh, that's why autocomplete didn't work... he already left.20:20
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