CapsAdminthe only addon i have is the ubuntu extension and codec something, disabling them both doesn't fix the problem'00:00
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MamarokCapsAdmin: and how is that a Kubuntu problem? you choose what sites you open, not the operating system00:11
Mamarokand a browser does not redirect by itself00:11
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DragnslcrWow, I just noticed that the new version of Plasma in 15.10 finally fixed the ordering in the taskbar.00:39
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Abehow do you get stuff like that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdHOJiTkcg0 I doesn't seem to work in 14.04 and the links in the video are also dead05:33
Abeanybody using animated wallpapers in kubuntu. they look impressing05:35
AbeHmpfCBR: are you that supporter in ubuntuusers.de ????05:36
Abeanybody there knock knock05:37
Abeguess not05:37
denza242Abe: hmm05:55
denza242Abe: here you go https://launchpad.net/~blueleaflinux/+archive/ppa05:57
denza242idk if it works on Plasma 505:57
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adn34Hello everyone :)08:00
Finetundarmorning adn3408:00
adn34I have a problem with fcitx-m17n08:00
adn34same to you :)08:00
adn34I use ibus-m17n on Ubuntu08:00
adn34I want to use m17n with fcitx08:01
adn34I have installed fcitx-m17n package through apt-get08:01
adn34Also setup fcitx as default through Input configuration08:02
adn34but when I run fcitx on terminal, it throws errors at me08:02
Finetundaradn34: sadly I don't have much I can say to help. You may want to try in #ubutnu.08:03
FinetundarIt's been quite here for  several hours08:03
adn34thanks anyway :)08:03
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DDRHi all. How do I make ctrl-d not send the end-of-file to konsole? I'd like to sub in something a little harder to accidentally press.08:45
DDRA program I'm developing has ctrl-d mapped to 'open Debug console', and... yeah.08:46
murthycould anyone confirm if this bug is really fixed https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34660209:35
ubottuKDE bug 346602 in Application Launcher (Kickoff) "Application Launger (Kickoff) not filtering search results from system settings" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]09:35
murthyThe bug is still present in kde 5.4.209:35
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Kenniwim just about to install the 15.10 kubuntu and i have some troubles with the disk setup10:21
Kenniwi was dual booting w/ ubuntu and win before and i now want to erase that old ubuntu and replace it w/ the new but to keep the win10:22
soeeyou have separate partitions for windows and ubutnu right ?10:23
Kenniwis there any option how to completely erase the old version while keeping the win partition and if not which one of 'Ubuntu' and sda3 (unknown) is the older and which one is the new versio10:23
soeewell do nothing with windows partition than, erase the one with ubuntu but i suggest to have 2 partition for kubuntu - one for / and one for  /home10:25
Kenniwsure but how to do?10:25
soeekubuntu installed shoudl detect windows properly and grub will have an option to boot to windows or kubuntu10:25
Kenniwi can only choose between use entire disk and resize while keeping all of the old partitions10:26
soeethere is not option to manually do the stuff ?10:26
Kenniwoh yeah10:26
Kenniwi didnt notic10:26
Kenniwyeah i looked that up10:28
Kenniwactually i should be able to format every partition except for the one which is ntfs based10:28
Kenniwshouldnt i?10:28
soeei dont know what partitions you have, ntfs is for windows o don't touch it10:29
Kenniwis the type of the new kubuntu ext4?10:31
soeei think this is recommended10:32
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jubo2I began bluetooth transfer from phone12:20
jubo2kubuntu asked to "install app" without saying what it is and what for and who/what initiated this12:20
jubo2then after install it showed the name in a dialogue but that got lost now12:22
jubo2Qtapt aptqt something like that12:22
jubo2what was this12:23
jubo2was this initiated by my phone's attempt to upload via bluetooth12:23
jubo2What is this..12:33
jubo2did I just get rooted because didn't mind installing unnamed software12:35
jubo2I think I saw it was using apt-get to install it12:36
BluesKajhiyas all12:45
olkesandrHi, guys!12:48
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mchoaibhello... I have a small problem with my K 15.10. Wired is fine but when I try Wifi.... is conected but not internet.... I also have W10 and trying using wifi under W10 and works ok... so hardware is fine. I try some change in my config on network configuration and nothing. Any tip?14:33
rodolfojcjrun this commands in a terminal:14:40
rodolfojcjifconfig (to see what's the current IP address settings)14:41
rodolfojcjping slashdot.org (to see if there's communication with a given host on Internet)14:41
rodolfojcjlspci (to see a list of main hardware components and review if there's something related to the wireless card)14:42
mchoaibthanks for the help, Rodolfo. I will try it and see if i can solve it. Thanks again14:52
murthycan anyone check if they see bookmarks showing up in kickoff even when disabling it in search settings?15:05
jasdfhi, I have a privacy concern15:07
jasdfif google supports kde, isn't the privacy with kubuntu at risk15:07
mparilloIf you run (say) google-chrome under Kubuntu, Google will have access to much the same information as it would under (say) Xubuntu.15:09
mparilloIf you execute a google search from firefox, have the same cookie management, script/ad blocking, etc. Google will have much the same information on Kubuntu as (say) Xubuntu15:17
rodolfojcjmchoaib: and to try to get automatically an IP address, run this command: sudo dhclient -v (the "-v" is optional, for verbose output)15:19
mchoaibHi again. Still with problems. I put irc on my cellphone so i can try what any can help me as soon as i can. Again, i have a laptop with kubuntu 15.10. I can connect with the wifi but can't use internet15:35
mchoaibI tried what another user from here told me, but nothing good yet15:35
hazamonzoHey folks. Might be a silly question but in the dolphin file explorer.. how can i set all folders / sub folders to a default view type? Like Details View Mode?15:45
Seb_webcan someone help me please15:48
hazamonzoSeb_web: I guess you have to ask a question first :)15:48
Seb_webi try to change my user name on my computer, but after i type my password it says acsses denied15:49
hazamonzoSeb_web: How are you trying to do it? Im not sure as i've never tried but it sounds like something you would have to do as root15:50
Seb_webFrom the system settings15:50
hazamonzoWell the access denied message makes me think you got your password wrong :(15:51
hazamonzoWhat option in the system settings?15:52
mparillohazamonzo: Have you tried View > Adjust View Properties?15:52
Seb_webpassword and user account15:53
mparilloApply View Properties to all folders?15:53
hazamonzomparillo: Perfect. Found it. Thank you15:53
Seb_webbut i know the password is definetey right15:54
hazamonzoSeb_web: hmm, i can't see the option. What version of KDE?15:55
Seb_webkubuntu 14.0415:55
hazamonzolet me check my other laptop15:55
hazamonzohmm, can't see the option there either :)15:57
Seb_webon system settings account etails15:58
hazamonzoSeb_web: i see it. and you tried to change your account naame?15:59
Seb_webYes under user information Name:16:00
hazamonzoSeb_web: yeah. I get the same error message16:02
hazamonzoyou may have to do it from the commandline using sudo16:02
Seb_webhow do i do that?16:03
hazamonzoHonestly i would have a google as im not too sure16:04
hazamonzosomething like "change account name via commandline"16:04
Seb_webyeah ok16:05
Seb_webi might just have to create a new user :(16:06
hazamonzoor you can ask in #ubuntu as it doesn't sound like an issue related to KDE specifically16:07
Seb_webi have a feeling you can only chage it once16:07
Seb_webok thank yu very much for your help!16:09
yanisHi everybody!17:10
yanisI want to share my happiness after installing tlp battery saving tool! It increases batterylife by 50% on my kubunty 15.1017:11
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EluusHas anyone tried Pulseaudio equalizer on kubuntu?21:27
ameuruxanyone here?21:28
ameuruxIm running kubuntu 15.10 I tried mplayerthumb but I couldnt make video preview available, any help pls?21:30
soeeameurux: it won't work atm.21:32
ameuruxaah ok, thank you21:32
soeesomething isn't ported yet to new frameworka that makes this problem21:32
ameuruxsoee  many thanks to you,21:33
ameuruxwe just wait21:33
nullzenhow can one go about installing the whole gnome 3 desktop setup on a kubuntu installation?21:40
hazamonzoHello folks. I finally got Kubuntu installed onto my new laptop after a couple of issues with the Nvidia 352 drivers and after everything was working well... i reboot, get past the kubuntu splash and im back to a black screen :(23:13
hazamonzoSuper sad days23:13
hazamonzoAny ideas what i can do to debug this issue? Im trying to find the root cause to this graphics driver problem23:13
hazamonzoim not sure if you're online lordievader but you might remember my problems with this :)23:14
thetejuHey guys,,23:48
thetejuOnly thing holding me switching to Kubuntu 14.03 64 bit is my printer.23:48
thetejuI have successfully installed the printer. but it does not print a test page.23:49
thetejustatus says,, data sent successfully but printer is not printing.23:49
thetejuPrinter : Canon Imageclass D480. always works on 32 bit. but for some reason never has success for 64 bit. except in 8.10 ubuntu long time back23:50

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