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fredflintstonecan the current version of LUBUNTU 15.10 run on a Via C7-m 1000Mhz cpu, with 1 gig of ram but the issue is if it will ru on the cpu???09:32
bioterrorprobably it will run, but VIA's CPU's aint that fast09:33
bioterrordont expect much09:33
fredflintstonethank you and i understand that the cpu in the friends netbook cannot be changed but yes agreed that it is slow , with the problem being its a Via C7-m processor and not changable comes the question if the kernel out of the box with this release is it is supported or not?09:35
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utu8ohow do you turn on automatic security updates18:23
redwolfgo to update-manager18:24
redwolfusually they're automatic by default18:24
redwolfensure "check for updates" is on18:25
utu8oif i choose install automatically, and the computer is maxing out the cpu and ram, would it mess up the system?18:26
utu8oor would it install automatically, when the CPU, RAM and HDD are not in use?18:27
redwolfno, updates will just being slow, as updates consume a bit of cpu18:27
redwolfI don't think you can schedule that task, they just keep downloading in the background18:27
utu8ois there an option what time updates can be installed automatically like 3:00am?18:28
redwolfif configure background downloads, of course. it's the best option, so you don't have to wait when they're ready18:28
redwolfyou could use a cron command, but I never did that with the update-manager18:28
redwolfthe best option is the background unattended downloads18:28
redwolfhere's some info about it: http://askubuntu.com/questions/36251/is-there-a-way-to-change-what-time-the-update-manager-checks-for-updates18:31
ajacmachey, does anyone know how to get pygame installed on python 3 on 15.10?23:58
ajacmacI used apt-get and it installed on 2.723:58

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