tsimonq2can anyone help me as in the install path of libmenu-cache00:10
tsimonq2how would I import a git repo into a Launchpad ppa?02:45
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hjdHello, could someone please trigger a rebuild of r-bioc-genomicfeatures in Xenial? :) I think it might work better since one of the dependencies have been synced and now fulfills the version requirement.09:53
ginggshjd: queued10:18
ginggshjd: built10:25
hjdginggs: Thank you :)10:26
ginggshjd: yw10:27
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pittislangasek: yes, that's normal; binNEW alwasys shows all auto-generated -dbgsym packages20:50
pittislangasek: systemd networkd test failure> nope, that just randomly happens, that test has a race condition20:51
pittislangasek: I retried it yesterday already20:52

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