lotuspsychjegood morning to all01:34
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: o/ .. It has slowed down .01:35
lotuspsychjehey Bashing-om :p01:35
lotuspsychjelets speed things up im ready hehe01:38
wileee1300 ft comet named the big pumpkin stops by tonight,here, at about 300,000 miles01:52
wileeehere is earth01:53
wileeecaught it on the news, at some angles looks like a skull01:53
wileeecreepy, wooo   wooo01:53
wileeehttps://www.nasa.gov/feature/halloween-skies-to-include-dead-comet-flyby    watch out kids it's scary01:55
lotuspsychjepure evil in the sky01:59
lotuspsychjelets hope it doesnt drop in our planet02:09
lotuspsychjelittle big for my garden :p02:10
wileeemmmm the exotic minerals02:18
lotuspsychjealien proteins02:19
wileeeyeah, heh02:20
lotuspsychjexenial is nice with firefox 42 and libreoffice 502:37
lotuspsychjetested yesterday guys02:37
wileeecool have it in, gotta boot to it soon, I like early adoption, the ppa packs roll along without trying to crowbar=em in02:44
TJ-20 apple pies later ...!02:48
wileeeTJ-, crust topping?02:48
lotuspsychjeTJ-: you cheated, the dogs ate aswell02:48
TJ-Yup, flaky pastry topping02:49
wileeecool flaky02:49
TJ-Didn't think it'd take me this long... and got to wait up to monitor the oven02:49
TJ-preparing flaky pastry is time consuming... 5 minutes then 30 in fridge, repeat 4 times!02:50
wileeeit's all temp with the fats02:50
lotuspsychjemmm at wich time we need to be there?02:50
TJ-it smells good already; dogs are camping out near the kitchen02:51
wileeeI let the pros make this stuff, it takes a little finesse02:51
TJ-wileee: I try to turn our orchard into frozen pies to last 12 months02:51
wileeeCool, Cool, nice.02:52
wileeeapples, more thatn one02:53
TJ-oh, yeah, I forget right now... 6 or so, plus blackberries for some02:53
TJ-I wish coding were as easy :)02:54
wileeeThat's great sounds very similar to my area on the west coast, 45th parallel02:54
TJ-bit futher north here02:56
TJ-52.94 here02:57
wileeethe area I'm in the willamete valley has topsoil run off from glacial floods mid america going west, really deep and rich soil, lotta agriculture here.02:59
TJ-I considered moving to Oregon a few years ago, but decided on southern spain instead03:00
wileeemust be nice there though, I'm thinking of hitting the road, the rent has gone really high here and nothing available.03:01
TJ-U.K. has had a developing property crisis for a decade now; insufficient house-build, accelerating population, house price and rental inflation stupid03:03
TJ-We don't have the space other countries do, and there's a lot of NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) preventing/delaying housing development in 'green-belt' (countryside on outskirts of urban areas)03:05
wileeeI was wondering the populace per usable space03:05
wileeecomparably say with the US03:06
TJ-UK: 268 per km2, USA: 32 per km"03:11
wileeecool thanxs03:13
Bashing-omgnight all03:37
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lotuspsychjemorning OerHeks05:11
OerHekshi lotus, care for a pancake?05:11
lotuspsychjemmm sure OerHeks05:35
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: good morningggg05:35
lotuspsychjewe had a few trolls this morning05:38
lotuspsychjesupport pretty active too05:38
cfhowlettonly a few?  :)05:38
cfhowlettkinda hoped they05:38
cfhowlettwould all be out trick/treating or something05:38
OerHeks"Fedora 23 Reaches Gold, Launches on November 3 .. The developers have finally managed to fix all the bugs"  yea, ALL of them ...06:03
OerHeksno no, really all of them06:06
lotuspsychjeand thats why users come here and say fedora s°ck06:06
OerHekswell, fedora is nice.06:07
lotuspsychjeand im not gonna try it :p06:07
lotuspsychjebut indeed that last long way06:09
lotuspsychjemy first distro was redhat :p06:09
lotuspsychjewith oldskool gnome on it06:10
OerHeksopensuse .. then fedora .. and finally ubuntu06:10
lotuspsychjeyeah tested suse back in the days06:10
lotuspsychjeand mandrake aswell06:10
lotuspsychjebut im too addicted to ubuntu now :p06:11
BluesKajhiyas all12:45
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all14:51
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lotuspsychjehey Bashing-om15:56
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: I awoke early .. and that resulted in a early start on this session ! I see erxr3 continues his battle to recover files .15:58
lotuspsychjeyes, not sure whats he trying to do with that image15:59
lotuspsychjesaw OerHeks ask him, its about luks or something15:59
Bashing-omI do not understand encryption. A level of complexity that often can not be overcome . I just RUN away !16:01
lotuspsychjeyeah never use it neither16:02
lotuspsychjeif i understand right, it makes 1 big encrypted file16:02
lotuspsychjeand to start doing things you need un-encrypt first16:02
OerHeksunsolvable, that LUKS.16:02
Bashing-omYeah, if the key pass thingoes are corrupted .. dead in the water .. there is no help .16:04
lotuspsychjebbl movietime16:54
xeithe0Doubt, but is it possible to work for Canonical as a college student?19:08
daftykinslike internships? i doubt you'd find anyone official here that could comment19:10
daftykinsthere might be somewhere else19:10
ubot5A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist and !alis - See also !Guidelines19:10
xeithe0Know of any other channels?19:16
daftykinsi just linked you to the list of them19:20
daftykinscan you see it?19:20
xeithe0Yeah, thanks.19:24
daftykinsheya \o20:14
daftykinshow're we all doing?20:14
daftykinsseems a high concentration of time wasters and trolls tonight20:14
EriC^^i'm good, thanks, you?20:14
daftykinsyeah good thanks :D sunny day today, bright and 16 deg C!20:14
daftykinswent for a ride up north-west and got a coffee and cake :>20:14
EriC^^this guy's nick is pretty ironic20:18
OerHeksdrunk & retarded, i love weekend irc help20:18
OerHeksk1l spoils the show :-(20:23
daftykinsnot soon enough imo20:25
daftykinsthe ops aren't really active enough for the most part20:25
OerHeksTrue, they let me in too.20:27
EriC^^well, i came up with a pretty silly command, it makes your computer turn the screen off and on giving SOS in morris code, i guess it could come in handy if you get kidnapped or something20:36
EriC^^while sleep 2; do for i in 0 4800 0 4800 0 4800; do sleep 0.4; sudo bash -c "echo "$i" > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness"; done; for i in 0 4800 0 4800 0 4800; do sleep 1; sudo bash -c "echo "$i" > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness"; done; for i in 0 4800 0 4800 0 4800; do sleep 0.4; sudo bash -c "echo "$i" > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness"; done; done20:36
daftykinsah but intel only20:37
daftykinsis it me or did this guy just ask how to install something unsuccessfully? ;)20:43

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