lindolhi all :)01:22
SicnusWhile installing, my system hangs at: "Preparing to install Ubuntu Gnome"  This is UG 15.10 btw.02:57
SicnusDoes anyone know the default user/pass for UG 15.10?  I'd like to log in on TTY102:59
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SicnusDoubt anyones awake but...   If I've tried to install Ubuntu like 4x times and it kept hanging @ "Preparing to install Ubuntu Gnome" but then I switched the position on my hard drive where swap and / was... and it worked perfectly... could that be an indication of something wrong with that sector of the drive?12:33
SicnusI think I accidently deleted something essential from my sources.list.d/ dir :/13:47
toXel_Sicnus: the equinox ppa you've added has no support for wily14:05
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SicnustoXel, heh...  I know it's lame, but I just nuked and re-installed.  :(   [I'm so bad]14:08
Sicnusthere are a lot of outdated icon sets out there that don't support Wily apparently14:09
Sicnuscourse, it did just come out14:09
toXelI think you should just have changed the sources.list entry of the repo from wily to trusty14:11
SicnustoXel, been about 6 years since I've used Linux... that and being old... I've forgotten stuff.  :)14:12
toXelShit happens ;)14:12
Sicnusaye... it killed my OCD knowing I couldn't cleanly apt-get update14:12
toXelOh yea I know that feeling...14:13
SicnusSo I've been around Linux since 96'....  (in one way or another) but have just switched back using it as a desktop.  There are a lot of improvements on things... but in some ways.... a lot of the old issues still seem present.  Can't put my finger on it... just a feeling14:14
toXelMy first experiences with Linux was in 2006 with Ubuntu. And IMHO Linux has changed a lot since then14:27
SicnustoXel, true...   but a lot of the same struggles I've seen with UI / DE stuff seems present.  But you are right... leaps and bounds of progress has been made.14:29
Sicnusplus, a lot of it could be my own personal bias :)14:29
toXelYes bias has a big role in the Linux world unfortunately14:30
SicnusThe one thing that does blow my mind is the # of flavors of linux14:30
* Sicnus does Jackie Chan face14:30
toXelBut there's something for everyone ;)14:30
Sicnuscourse, I'd love to smack Mark up for picking Unity over GNOME.   *sigh*14:31
SicnusIf he'd have hired me...  it wouldn't have happened. :)   [Applied for a community lead position at one point in time @ Ubuntu]14:31
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Sickwhat the heck is the little > < arrow at the bottom left in GNOME? heh.  it shows my Hexchat icon currently....  It looks like a list of open things, but... it doesn't show anything but Hexchat (and I have about 5 other apps open)15:32
toXelThat's normally where the notification icons are placed in Gnome 3.1816:43
toXelExcept when you have TopIcons installed16:44
toXel@Sick ^16:45
meetingologytoXel: Error: "Sick" is not a valid command.16:45
toXelSick: ^16:45
SicktoXel, lol16:49
SicktoXel, I'm not a valid command, what!?!  :)16:49
toXelYea I've written (at)Sick16:54
toXelSeems like we can write commands to the bot with @16:54
Sickjust teasing... and thanks, I've installed TopIcons... much better16:54
meetingologytoXel: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin. You may also want to use the 'list' command to list all available plugins and commands.16:54
meetingologytoXel: Admin, Channel, Config, MeetBot, Misc, NickAuth, NickCapture, Owner, and User16:55
SicktoXel, you know where in dconf I can change the Top Bar to show Day (LONG) & Month (LONG) Example:  Sunday, November  instead of:  Sun/Nov ?18:13
toXelUse gnome-tweak18:13
toXelThere you can change it18:13
Sick:/   It doesn't seem to let you change from short to long... but perhaps I'm just missing it.18:14
Sickone sec18:14
toXelOh but I don't think that you can change the date format there sorry18:14
SickI think it's a dconf thingy18:15
toXelI'm not thaaaaat experienced in dconf stuff :D18:16
toXelGoogle is your friend18:17
toXelOr duckduckgo ;P18:18
SickI'm just digging through dconf18:18
Sick"What could go wrong?"18:18
toXelWith gsettings you can list the whole dconf tree recursively and grep it18:19
SickI'm surprised I'm the only one that has been bothered by that.18:22

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