ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (tux38 trolling)02:49
ubottuinteus called the ops in #ubuntu (IlIIlI\]-|\|_A-N spam and tux38 troll)02:56
ubottuinteus called the ops in #ubuntu (hu7689er spammer)03:15
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (linux trolling here again)12:58
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ubottuSonikkuAmerica called the ops in #ubuntu (tortib o4o)16:18
ubottuSonikkuAmerica called the ops in #ubuntu (again, tortib (suicide))16:26
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Unit193k1l: Just kban, it's gatis.20:23
SlaveOfJesusyou dont let me even express20:24
k1lSlaveOfJesus: aka gatis. go and troll somewhere else20:25
SlaveOfJesusk1l: ah shame on you20:25
Unit193No, don't troll anywhere else, just /quit20:26
hggdhSlaveOfJesus: so. Are we done here?20:28
SlaveOfJesusIve never done any offense20:28
SlaveOfJesusI will chat no matter what20:30
Unit193Never isn't accurate.  You usually go by the nick 'gatis', and you like to paste large blocks of text entirely unrelated to support.20:30
SlaveOfJesusI will never understand what is your judgment you base your bans20:30
SlaveOfJesusUnit193: how is that an offense?20:31
SlaveOfJesusIve never harmed people like that20:31
SlaveOfJesusIn fact life them up20:31
SlaveOfJesusi lift them up20:31
Unit193SlaveOfJesus: You have been told time and again, #ubuntu is not a ##gatis-ranting channel, support for Ubuntu exclusivly.20:31
k1lSlaveOfJesus: you acted against the guidelines several times which is enough to ban you.20:31
SlaveOfJesusive helped others as well concernign ubuntu20:32
SlaveOfJesusbut yuo can keep channel like that20:32
SlaveOfJesusi dont believe its possible20:32
SlaveOfJesuspeople arent robots20:32
SlaveOfJesussometimes you want to tell something else than ubuntu20:33
SlaveOfJesusso what its ubuntu channe? Its not an offense to tell something else in channel. That policing is like terror20:33
k1land with your several nicks like gatis and someus you do this since 2011. so dont play the innocent in here. just leave the ubuntu community alone if you cant handle to act according to the guidelines20:33
SlaveOfJesuswhy you are making people mad20:33
SlaveOfJesusive never done offense k1l20:33
SlaveOfJesusive never actually harmed anyone20:34
SlaveOfJesusin fact people listen to me and discuss with me20:34
SlaveOfJesusk1l: i never said bad word about anybody20:35
SlaveOfJesusdespite all the bad stuff otehrs have said20:35
SlaveOfJesusincluding admins20:36
SlaveOfJesusyou are only making me think you are simply hurting people like that. Banning and laughing20:36
SlaveOfJesusLike what offense did i do this time?20:36
hggdhyou insisted on something that the channel has no power to help20:37
SlaveOfJesusAnd you ban people like that?20:37
SlaveOfJesuswhat is wrong with you20:37
hggdhand you were warned. And you kept on.20:37
SlaveOfJesusBut wait warned about what?20:37
hggdhSo. Are we done here?20:37
SlaveOfJesusYou tell me20:37
k1lSlaveOfJesus: acting against the clear channel guidelines is already an offence. so dont try to twist the words to blame the ops. you are a known troll since 2011. its your turn to show a proper behaviour.20:38
SlaveOfJesusOh God20:38
SlaveOfJesusthen ban everybody20:38
k1lso since you cant add anything more now please leave.20:38
SlaveOfJesusk1l: isnt that an offence to me? so what should be done about you?20:38
SlaveOfJesusin the name of Jesus this is not fair20:39
ubottuThe Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/23:42
k1lthat should say something about bumblebee beeing deprecated and nividia-prime now beeing state of the art?23:43
k1lThe Bumblebee Project aimed to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux as long as Nvidia did not ship nvidia-prime. Now Bumblebee is deprecated.23:44

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