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dethaWhen trying to do a PXE install on an isolated network, the installer still wants to contact security.ubuntu.com, and hangs if it isn't given access to that. How does one tell it not to try that?10:07
szybki_slupHi. I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 15.10, and I have strange issue. The installer stuck on "Installing the base system | Retrieving libc-bin". I was trying to install Ubuntu on different computers, but always the same issue. I can't download libc-bin_2.21-0ubuntu4_i386.deb even via the browser. The strange thing is, that when I'm trying to do that using different internet connection, it works without any problems. An10:12
jak2000hi all10:50
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fragtionlo all. upgraded my server to 15.10 which went ok, but after the reboot I'm not seeing eth0. the VMware NIC is detected with lspci, but ifup is segfaults on boot query12:20
fragtionanything I could/should be looking for  ?12:20
fragtionwhats the easiest way to switch from ensxxx interface naming back to ethx , on wily? (since it evidently broke this on half of my machines)13:25
fragtionhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/689070/network-interface-name-changes-after-update-to-15-10-udev-changes ...13:33
fragtionty fragtion13:33
fragtionnp fragtion13:33
pwnawannab[NE]can anyone help out with freeipa client setup on ubuntu?14:24
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jak2000quantic, yesterday you helped me remember?18:03
jak2000with ssh certificate, last coment of tj- helped me: ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub remote-host18:05
jak2000and when i use the scp command (for copy a file from server1 to server2) work (not ask me a user and password)....18:06
quanticOh, yeah.18:06
jak2000here all worked fine.. love this command18:07
jak2000but i created a task that copy the file andnot work... :(18:07
jak2000have time for try help me?18:07
quanticjak2000: define "created a task."18:08
jak2000a crontab job18:10
jak2000wait a moment i try show you the line and commands18:10
quanticjak2000: What user is the job running as?18:18
jak2000i run the command with sudo18:18
jak2000then is root right?18:18
jak2000here mi error18:18
jak20000,10,20,30,40,50 8-20 * * 1-6 /usr/scripts/respsql.sh18:22
jak200040 8-20 * * 1-6 /usr/scripts/respsqlMedDia.sh18:22
quanticjak2000: only processes running as your user have access to the key. If you want root to be able to authenticate as you, then you need to copy the id_rsa file into /root/.ssh/id_rsa18:23
jak2000where ssee if fail the crontab tasks?18:25
quanticjak2000: the cron log18:25
jak2000its located on /var/log ?18:26
quanticlike most logs, yes.18:26
jak2000changed: 1-6 to 1-718:28
quanticjak2000: By the way, you do realize that the whole "0,10,20,30,40,50" is unnecessary, right?18:29
quanticjak2000: If you want something to run every ten minutes, just do "*/10"18:29
jak2000server1 date: Sun Nov  1 11:33:30 MST 2015  server 2 date: Sun Nov  1 13:30:20 EST 2015   how to sync the time the mandatory is server118:34
quanticjak2000: Are the two servers in different time zones?18:36
jak2000mmm not know googling: how to check timezone ubuntu18:36
quanticjak2000: ... WHERE are the two servers?18:37
quanticlike, physically, on planet earth18:37
jak2000server 1 in gmt-7 and server 2, in gmt -6 (guadalajara mexico)18:37
quanticjak2000: then set the correct time zones, first off.18:38
jak2000isnt correct set timezone server1 gmt-7 and server 2 gmt -7?18:39
quanticjak2000: no, because they're not physically in the same time zone.18:39
jak2000ok, thanks18:39
jak2000ls /var/log/cr*    or ls /var/log/cr*.*   no such file... why?18:41
quanticcat /var/log/syslog | grep CRON18:44
RoyKquantic: or grep CRON /var/log/syslog :P18:45
quanticRoyK: Don't ask me why I have that habit. :P18:47
quanticRoyK: Usually it's because I know what file I want to look in, and I'm building my search in my head as I type, so I go backwards.18:47
trimetaThe manual partition manager on the Ubuntu Server disk refuses to activate encrypted (dm-crypt) partitions from an SSD, even though it has no problem doing so from an HDD. Why?18:53
trimetaold on...apparently after entering the "Configure encrypted volumes" area, I needed to choose "Finish," not "Activate existing encrypted volumes" or "Create new encrypted volume"18:59
trimetaI'm trying to build a server with a BTRFS RAID 1 root on top of encrypted volumes. Normally, initramfs doesn't want to decrypt two different volumes on boot, but I modified /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local-top/cryptroot to fix this. However, the system still refuses to boot of the BTRFS system wants two devices, even though both of those devices are unlocked.22:46
trimetaAnyone know what's going on here? I can mount the BTRFS system without error from within the initramfs rescue shell, but for some reason it's not mounting automatically in the scripts.22:46

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