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mappshi all04:30
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:23
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awilkinsAnyone a user of Freemind?12:33
awilkinsCan't get the 1.0.1 version to work on Wily with Java 812:34
zleapwhen installing ubuntu server 14.04 I get a list of options to install different servers,  is it possible to call that dialog back up from the command line please15:58
penguin42zleap: Try tasksel15:59
zleapit is updating atm15:59
zleaphowever i got it installed in a vm,  another user in #dcglug is having real issues15:59
zleapjust getting it installed15:59
zleappenguin42: what about for network configuration16:06
penguin42zleap: hmm, not sure if there's a config for that later16:07
zleapdo i need tasksel or sudo tasksel16:08
diddledan_zleap: /etc/network/interfaces16:13
diddledan_I think it might prompt anyway16:14
zleaptasksel works thanks16:15
Kievhttp://rpne.net - do not openning16:34
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tripleclonesAzelphur, I got a GPU - went for the GTX750ti in the end17:35
diddledan_I got a gtx960 on friday17:36
tripleclonesI only had £100 :(17:37
tripleclonesbut it does three screens17:37
tripleclonesI was thinking of getting a AMD, haven't faced too many head aches years ago I wasn't confident enough to go back there17:38
tripleclonesspeaking with the guys from Entroware yesterday swung me 100% to stay with nvidia17:40
directhexif you don't plan on playing any games on linux, amd is fine17:49
daftykinsand if you don't plan on having smooth driver installs18:36
Azelphurtripleclones: cool, all working for you?18:39
tripleclonesSo far :)18:41
daftykinsi hope you didn't install the driver from the website18:48
tripleclonesWhy would i do that when ubuntu makes it much more user friendly to use the builtin tools ;)18:50
daftykinsbecause users are *ahem*18:51
tripleclonesIf i wanted to make work for myself I'd have stuck with slackware :)18:53
daftykinsall the Linux ricers are on arch and gentoo afaiui :)19:04
diddledan_rice.. with chilli19:17
penguin42neither arch or gentoo bother with installers; I don't get it - I get trying to make sure people learn about their system but I've been installing Linux systems for 20+ years now19:44
daftykinsi suspect it's a way to keep out the newbies19:52
penguin42yes but it's damn annoying when you're just trying to setup a distro19:53
daftykinsbut would you ever put either in for someone?19:59
penguin42arch is certainly interesting - it has the latest of everything20:01
daftykinsit must break on every update :>20:01
penguin42I tried it for a few months, but it's update is painful20:01
daftykinsdoes it just take you up to versions that are all mismatched and don't work with one another?20:01
penguin42no, it's just that you're expected to read a mailing list to see if anything has changed that you're supposed to do something about20:03
diddledan_you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy meatball21:14
diddledan_(I just got that song in my head for randomness)21:14
zmoylan-piwell it is 1st november and it is on back to back playlists in shops21:34
diddledan_aye. it's on back-to-back repeat with no other songs in-between :-p21:34
* daftykins has no idea what this is21:40
AzelphurAnyone have any idea why my handbrake is failing? https://dpaste.de/WCuj :(21:40
daftykinsno libdecss?21:42
daftykinsoh it spams that but it was a matroska input21:42
daftykinsalso, webdl, you shock me, sir!21:42
daftykinsbest solution, throw that 360 in the bin and buy the missus a one for christmas21:44
daftykinshmm not seeing anything obvious21:48
daftykinsi reckon try the GUI and mess with a few parms instead?21:50
Azelphuraha figured it out, a nondescriptive message for destination folder does not exist21:50
Azelphurbug in my bulk converter not creating the destination folders :)21:50
daftykinsah after your 15.10 install, they were gone?21:50
brobostigonan excellant ep of blackadder2 on on dave, where we meet dr samual johnson.21:51
zmoylan-pia sausage?!21:59
Azelphurdaftykins: nah, was just using my converting script in a way it wasn't originally designed for :)21:59
diddledan_were you prodding it with zmoylan-pi 's sausage (see above)? :-p22:04
daftykinsi hope he was at least asked22:05
daftykinshttps://overclockers.co.uk/ <-- haha 503 without www.22:05
diddledan_awesome sysadmin work there22:06
daftykinscan't shop there anymore 'cause o' the VAT hassle :<22:06
daftykins£48 for a 240GB SSD on ebuyer :o22:07
diddledan_awesome business policy too :-p22:07
diddledan_business policy as in not allowing vat fiddling22:09
diddledan_I still wonder how y'all get away with fiddling your tax affairs :-p22:10
daftykinsgenuinely? :P22:11
diddledan_you're all fraudies :-D22:12
daftykinsown government = own rules22:12
daftykinsand yours can keep its' beak out!22:12
daftykinsi'm pricing up a skylake build for fun23:05
daftykinspicking a motherboard is a nightmare23:06
directhexis skylake as fast as haswell-e yet?23:06
daftykinsit's probably not as ridiculous (:23:07
daftykinsbut then, do you even have M.2? ;)23:07
directhexum... is there even a 1TB M.2 yet?23:11
daftykinscapacity on an OS disk is pretty pointless23:14
daftykinsbut nah still Q1 for samsung's 3D V-NAND 1TB+ i think23:15
ali1234could someone test http://sdk.sphero.com/ please?23:30
directhex1-disk setup is so much easier than multiple disk23:30
ali1234with firefox 4123:30
ali1234for me all pages are blank except for the nav menu23:30
daftykinsdirecthex: call yourself a geek :(23:33
directhexsorry, it's troo23:33
daftykinsali1234: glancing23:33
ali1234seems to be related to the overflow-x property somehow23:33
daftykinsali1234: yep same issue, nav on the left ok - logo top left, two buttons upper right, no body23:33
ali1234it doesn't hapen in firefox nightly so it's probably a ff bug23:34
ali1234thanks for confirming it anyway23:34
daftykinsnp :)23:34
daftykinspretty cheap!23:35
directhexwhoa ddr4 has dropped since i bought ym box23:35
directhexi paid £250, plus VAT, for 32GB in april23:36
daftykinsyou could have 64GB now for £300! albeit my prices are tax free23:39
diddledan_ali1234: it seems ok in my current chrome23:42
ali1234yeah. i suspect ff bug... asking them now23:42
diddledan_about reports I'm using the latest chrome (46)23:43
diddledan_lemme check in my firefox23:43
diddledan_it's ok in safari, too23:43
diddledan_yeah it's blank in my firefox like yours23:43
daftykinslets try Edge!23:46
daftykinsworks ;)23:46
diddledan_yup it's ok in edge here :-)23:46
ali1234okay okay thanks everyone :)23:58
daftykinsbut there's moar!23:59
diddledan_yeah it's ok there too :-p23:59

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