jrwrenalways low for me.00:23
jrwrengot my 10.00:23
jrwrenoh up to 13 now, cuz some late ones just showed00:23
cmaloneyWe had a few but when it started raining we cut bait03:01
cmaloneyAlways one set of kids that manages to catch us when we're just closed up03:01
jrwrenhad some 8:30 kids, I was lik eWTF?03:10
jrwrenand they were kids I knew and their mom was there.03:10
jrwrenso I was like double, WTF?!?03:10
jrwren5-8 in AA03:10
jrwren3 hrs!!03:10
jrwrenwtf are you doig out at 8:30?03:10
cmaloneyMorning, er... afternoon17:08

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