Kilosafternoon everyone10:33
Kilosfor those that are health conscious please read carefully http://www.radianthealthstrategies.com/healing_power_of_salt.php10:34
Kilos-some not so good news about refined salt10:38
gremble:/ That article is a sham Kilos. :<11:01
gremble"Himalayan crystal salt" is just normal halite (rock salt or Sodium Chloride (NaCl just like table salt)) that has trace amounts of iron oxide in11:03
grembleThere is nothing organic about salt11:04
grembleIt is an ionisation bond between a metal and non-metal, so it is always strongly bonded as a crystal "chemical bonds are so strong that it cannot be easily broken down or metabolized by our bodies" We cannot metabolise salt regardless of what kind of salt it is, it is broken down by water into it's two constituents, Soduim and Chloride, fairly easily11:05
grembleSodium does not occur naturally, we need to take it in. Just like we need to take in magnesium and iron etc11:06
grembleI cannot attest to the health benefits or problems that salt causes, but I can say that this article is being deceitful in its attempt to promote conscientious use of salt :<11:07
Kilos-so the refining process doesnt do it any harm?11:16
Kilos-im not worried about the crystal stuff from himalaya11:16
Kilos-i use course salt11:16
Kilos-were have a course salt grinder11:17
Kilos-other wise its like eating stones11:17
gremblerefined salt is coarse salt that has been grinded down in industrial grinders11:19
Kilos-not heated?11:23
grembleYup, to remove the water. Doesn't change the chemical composition of the salt, only the mixture. As soon as you reintroduce water it is the same again11:24
Kilos-ah so saying the heating process does harm is wrong11:26
Kilos-the salt i know comes from salt pand where they sun dry the salty water then bag the crystals11:27
grembleBut you also get salt mines that mine ancient saltpans that are underground now11:28
grembleJust like iron can form underground deposits, so does salt. In that form it is called Halite11:28
grembleThey mine it by pumping hotwater into the mine to dissolve the salt, and then pump the saline water out to dry on a salt pan11:28
grembleSo it is pretty much exactly the same11:29
Kilos-ty for that info12:00
superflygremble: while you are probably right about the salt, most of the stuff we get in the shops is processed, and that means they've likely added stuff to it.14:15
superflyAlso, there is no legal obligation for companies to reveal exactly what they do to food. 14:17
superflyFor instance, the honey you generally buy in shops is largely the same as syrup, because the radurisation kills all the enzymes.14:20
gremblesuperfly: which is a shame. Then again, we'd all be so angry if we kept getting sick from milk or we found out that certain foods naturally have a less than appatising colour. :<14:31
superflyWell, "appertising" is quite a subjective thing. 14:36
superflyAnd pasturising kills the gerbies in milk, what does the other stuff add? 14:37
grembleHomogenousing agents prevent the fat in the milk from splitting with the water, so that it looks nice and uniformly white14:37
superflyLet's not forget the role that advertising has. There's that great story about how De Beers engineered the diamond market 14:38
grembleOh yes14:38
grembleAll in all, the consumer society is sort of set against us :P14:38
gremble(as consumers) 14:38
superflygremble: have you had unhomogenised milk? 14:38
grembleI've had milk from cows directly from the cow14:39
grembleWas pretty good14:39
grembleMuch richer than what I am used to14:39
superflyIndeed. Generally better than what's in the shops. 14:39
superflyI actually dislike consumerism, and generally try not to take part. 14:40
grembleI put my foot down when it comes to clothes. I hate buy clothes, shoes etc, because everything has a label or a brand or some shit on it that turns me into a walking ad, using adspace that I had to pay for14:42
Kilos-hi superfly 14:56
Kilos-sorry i was missing for 2 days i think. hit  a bp low14:58
Kilos-then started investigating salt14:58
Kilos-forgot to have extra salt for 3 days. wont do that again. 73/60 bp not healthy14:59
Kilos- back to 95/76 so far15:00
Langjanhi Kilos-  are you ok?15:05
LangjanSteamy 37 at Warmbaths, Hotbaths15:06
Kilos-yes ty Langjan 15:16
Kilos-we had 34 on a verandah in the shade today15:16
Kilos-wind didnt even help15:16
LangjanPretty steamy all over, praying for some rain. Good to see you're fine, have you booked your flight yet?15:17
Kilos-not yet15:17
Langjandates? 15:17
Langjando you have departure dates in mind yet?15:21
LangjanI'm looking forward to pick Juanita up at the airport Wednesday, been a long 3 weeks15:23
superflypaste buffer not working properly15:24
superflyand lag times > 10 seconds15:24
Langjanhi superfly  tell them to send some rain to Limpopo15:25
superflyhi Langjan, I would if I could!15:26
nlsthznhi all... long time etc... hope all is well15:46
Kilos-hi nlsthzn 15:46
Kilos-Langjan we hoping to apply for online visa this week15:47
Kilos-i need to get some photo copeis made and notarised by cops15:48
Kilos-might still need to go the paper route though but we hoping15:48
nlsthznso you both going somewhere?15:51
Kilos-hahaha ya nlsthzn im hoping to get to debs by Christmas15:51
Kilos-and jans wife coming back from india15:52
nlsthznawesome :) hope it all works out (for everyone)15:52
nlsthznwell that looks like dinner time for me :) - hope all of a quiet Sunday (I will lurk here in the shadows)16:02
Kilos-cool enjot16:02
LangjanStrongs Kilos-  hope all goes well for you. 16:16
magespawngood evening16:45
magespawni am having a bit of a problem installing certain programs on debian that i have running on my ubuntu machine16:45
magespawnspecifically byobu16:46
grembleAccording to the byobu page, it seems to have been made especially for ubuntu16:47
grembleWhat are the problems that you seem to have?16:47
magespawni was trying to apt-get install it, i can build it from source i suppose16:48
grembleIt seems to be in the debian repos16:48
grembleWhat was the issue?16:49
magespawnmy apt-get does not find it16:49
magespawnso i need to add the repo just not sure which one16:49
magespawni thought i had all the standard ones going already16:49
grembleAccording to https://packages.qa.debian.org/b/byobu.html, it's there16:50
magespawnlet me see16:50
Kilos-oh my magespawn 16:50
Kilos-you forgot to update16:50
Kilos-hope all well there16:50
gremblemagespawn: https://packages.debian.org/stable/byobu16:51
grembleIt's definitely there16:51
magespawnno Kilos, always up to date, at least once a week16:53
magespawnthanks gremble 16:53
magespawncool will see what else could have gone wrong16:53
grembleHaha it's a pleasure, but I didn't help you solve your problem :P16:53
magespawni have to add this deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian jessie main to my sources file16:55
grembleThat is the name of new stable if I recall correctly16:56
grembleYou should have one named stable that points to the same thing16:56
magespawngremble i installed from a dvd and left that listed as the main source for my  computer16:59
magespawnrunning update again now, lets see what happens17:03
gremblemagespawn: stable is a reference to whichever repository currently has stable status. So these days it points to Jessie. Unstable points to sid at the moment. When sid goes to stable, jessie will be old-stable, sid will be stable and then something else that hasn't been named yet will become unstable17:05
magespawnthanks gremble, working as it should now17:06
grembleOh. 17:06
grembleSee, that's weird17:06
magespawni did a lot of the install manually with this one17:06
grembleI haven't touched debian in ages :<17:08
grembleLuckily it is antique so you never really forget how it works17:08
magespawni was convinced by a friend to try it17:10
grembleYou should try arch linux17:10
* gremble winks and nudges17:11
magespawnwould it run on an antique laptop?17:14
grembleIt should17:15
grembleNothing ever really gets taken out of the kernel so the drivers and stuff should be there17:16
magespawni just thought that it might be too much for it though17:29
grembleWhy so?17:29
magespawn512kb ram17:29
grembleHaha that is quite a tiny computer that you have there17:30
Kilos-tha is min ram17:31
magespawnyes i have had it for four years, and it was second hand then17:31
magespawn1.7Ghz processor17:39
magespawnsorry looks like i actually have 1 gig17:41
Kilos-thats better17:42
grembleI currently have 2 :D17:42
Kilos-night all. sleep tight17:43
gremblenn Kilos- 17:43
magespawnhe goes really quickly17:51
magespawnright back18:08
grembleWelcome back18:16
grembleHDD's are ridiculously expensive18:22
grembleDammit, superfly left18:37
grembleLook at this: https://benkurtovic.com/2014/06/01/obfuscating-hello-world.html18:38
CryterionLooks interesting gremble!19:20
CryterionHi everyone19:20
magespawnhi Cryterion 19:23
Cryterionheya magespawn19:24
grembleHey Cryterion 19:25
Cryteriongrrr, bif difference between a char and unsigned char with if statements, but no problem passing between the two among functions....20:36
Cryterionnight all20:36
gremblewhat language Cryterion 20:38
Cryteriongnu c20:39
grembleAh yes. It likes to implicitly cast20:39
Cryterionwas checking a char if was 0xFF, which it cannot be20:39
Cryterioncast to unsigned then it can be20:40
CryterionThat does explain why the ASCII table can only go to 0x7F20:41
CryterionI know the And/Or procedure, just not used the using 'char' as all my embedded stuff is based around 'unsigned char' unless it's a 'char*'20:43
grembleIt seems that they recommend using unsigned types. 20:44
grembleI've never done embedded work, so I cannot comment :P20:44
grembleMy interest is type systems XD20:44
CryterionFrom what I know most people do prefer20:45
CryterionMainly data reading reading, process and then action IO, automation control20:46
CryterionBut has to have recipe type options in it 20:47
grembleIs C the only language that you can do embedded work in?20:47
CryterionAtm yes20:48
CryterionAssembly ages ago20:48

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