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iain_folks looking at running Ardour on Ubuntu Studio, running on older hardware admittedly but it has crashed on me when i was just browsing through the interface10:41
iain_I have been looking at info regarding making modifications for ubuntu as a DAW but curious to find other peoples experiences?10:43
do2kdAloha. i search for a noise canceling solution with jackrack or other software in real time. Filtering the noise out of transmissions over the air (ham radio)21:58
do2kdsorry for my english, i am german....jack rack is working but i am not able to find the right "filters"21:59
do2kdor if you have a complete different idea, also fine. i am open to all, it must work at the end. i don't need a "master" who make all the stuff for me, i need the ideas, the time to "play" with the settings i like to spend, love to test etc.....many thanks - i stay online but went to bed now22:12

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