dkesselso thunar still randomly crashes on file renames.... meh16:32
dkesseli thought that might have been fixed in the meantime16:32
bluesabredkessel: yeah, its better than it was, but still often enough to be a headache17:24
dkesselbluesabre: would it not be possible to install some kind of error handler to help pin down the cause of this?17:25
bluesabredkessel: potentially one could run thunar with valgrind to try to find it, but since it doesn't happen everytime, could be a pain to figure it out17:26
dkesselbluesabre: oh, i can reproduce it fairly often17:27
dkesselit is just that i haven't been renaming folders often lately, which is why it hasn't happened during the last weeks17:27
bluesabreinstall valgrind and run thunar with it.  Get it to crash and save the output to a file with the bug report, might help17:30
dkesselok, will try17:31
Unit193bluesabre: Maybe more gdb?17:45
Unit193Or install -dbg and let apport do it?17:45
bluesabreUnit193: potentially17:45
bluesabregdb is a pain for all though17:45
dkesselUnit193: i got the -dbg package, but apport doesn't detect the end of the child process as crash17:49
dkesselmhh i am getting this while copying/files sometimes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13071572/17:49
dkesselalso, something seems to be with thumbnailing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13071670/17:51
dkesseli don't know if any of these could sometimes cause the child process to crash/end17:52
dkesseloh, now i got it17:55
dkesseli got a trace in the moment of the crash. created bug 151212018:01
ubottubug 1512120 in thunar (Ubuntu) "crashes on file renaming" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151212018:01
knomedkessel, fwiw, duplicating the app name in the bug title isn't unwelcome18:02
dkesselknome: oh, ok in fact i believed it might be. np, fixing that18:03
knomeit helps when it's there when linking to it externally (package/app name isn't always visible)18:03
dkesselok i see.18:03
knome(including the status tracker... :P)18:03
knomenp, continue18:04
bluesabredkessel: cool, that looks like a good indicator of where the issue might be starting :)18:18
bluesabresuppose I'll start learning thunar's codebase now18:18
* bluesabre sets up xenial dev env and goes shopping18:19
dkesselbluesabre: note that i my stack traces are from wily though. but it guess there should be no difference yet18:20
bluesabredkessel: np, its been crashing since at least vivid18:21
dkesselalright. happy shopping18:22
=== Guest37620 is now known as flocculant
flocculantoh boo - hating bzr20:46
Unit193That's usual, anything specific?20:46
flocculantmerged the xubuntu-docs stuff cos of the changes there20:47
flocculantnow got a bzr conflict with desktop-guide/libs/xubuntu.ent20:47
knomeflocculant, sorry, i needed to poke it..20:48
flocculantyep 20:48
flocculantknome: so how can I deal with this then? 20:48
knomeUnit193, krytarik: there's some work for you in the docs branch, the translation process isn't completely supporting two docbook sets yet20:48
knomexubuntu.ent should not exist any more...20:49
knomeenduser doc related stuff should be in xubuntu-docs.ent20:49
knomein the same directory20:49
knomebasically bzr expects you to get rid of all the .THIS .THAT .OTHER and whatever files20:50
flocculantstill conflicts apparently20:51
flocculantcan't be bothered to fight this 20:51
krytarikknome: Is this the proper time for me to refer to '- contributor-docs/Makefile: "ln -s ../libs-common ../build/contributor-docs/libs-common" seems unnecessary', first? :P20:51
Unit193http://xkcd.org/1597/ mostly applies here.20:52
flocculantfunnily enough ... 20:52
knomekrytarik, how is it?20:54
knomeflocculant, if it's just about getting your MP rebased with the new stuff, don't bother20:54
knomeflocculant, we'll handle that20:54
flocculantoh my lord20:54
flocculantstill got problems :|20:54
knomeflocculant, did you run "bzr resolve" ?20:55
flocculantwhy would I do that? 20:55
knomeflocculant, that checks if you have resolved the stuff in question20:55
flocculantyou might know all these commands - but I don't ;)20:55
knomeheh, sure20:55
knomethat's why i ask20:55
flocculantknome: I grabbed anew - then copied my local stuff in to the new copy 20:55
knomeflocculant, mhm20:56
flocculantbzr resolve20:56
flocculantAll conflicts resolved.20:56
flocculantbzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged.20:56
flocculanthow can that be - if I *just* grabbed it 20:56
knomeflocculant, if you grabbed the new stuff, and then applied yours, they can be diverged because you have files that the new branch doesn't20:57
flocculantknome: I copied my changes into the new branch - not added anything that's not there, unless you removed doc pages20:58
flocculantknome: any reason not to delete branch lp:~flocculant/xubuntu-... 20:59
flocculantand push it again? 20:59
flocculantdrc> [14:37:50] All I really care about is "what do they want me to put in the "hardware profile" of the test cases"  If Dell 1420n is enough, I'm good. 21:00
flocculantI'm happy with whatever you want to put there - I'm not bothered about all that gist stuff at all 21:00
knomeflocculant, you can just push it again :)21:04
flocculantno I can't 21:04
flocculantI get errors21:04
flocculantUnit193: thanks - hopefully that got it :D21:06
Unit193That or it broke everything. :D21:06
knomeflocculant, so was this about the changes you did?21:06
knomeflocculant, or something new?21:06
flocculantknome: I appear to have pushed something now ;)21:07
flocculantall manner of things happening in https://code.launchpad.net/~flocculant/xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs/+merge/27470321:08
flocculantnone of which I actually did :D21:08
flocculantDiff against target: 182719 lines (+33977/-27848) (has conflicts) 21:10
flocculantI give up - losing interest with this rapidly :p21:11
knomei'll figure it out21:11
knomejust don't touch it again21:11
flocculantknome: all that I have done is bzr branch lp:xubuntu-docs, changed the dozen or so files I changed before, commited it, tried to push it - and it threw a fit then --overwrite appeared to push it ok21:12
flocculantno wonder people start to get involved and then give up 21:12
knomethe reason why you see the huge diff is that you have now merged main into your branch21:13
knome(main did have a lot of changes)21:13
knomeso you are seeing both your changes, and mine21:13
flocculantshould have just deleted my branch and started again21:14
knomewhich i guess i could have committed slightly more cleanly21:14
knome(but only slightly)21:14
knomei'll take a spot on the dining table and figure it out21:14
flocculantmmm 21:16
flocculantso if you did stuff with the .ent file(s) and I had added something to one here I guess that's all gone now21:16
knomei'll make sure it gets all in.21:17
knomedon't worry21:17
flocculantanyway - I'm off, I only turned the machine to check a few things, saw slickymaster's comments fixed those and commented where I didn't 21:17
flocculantthen it all went wrong ... 21:18
flocculantcya tomorrow :)21:18
flocculantsleep I want - 3 nights of 3 or 4 am's 21:18
knomegood nighty then ;)21:18
SwissBotfeed xubuntu-docs had 13 updates, showing the latest 321:18
knomeflocculant, ok done; see https://code.launchpad.net/~flocculant/xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs/+merge/276351 for the "actual" diff against the xenial branch21:30
knomewhat was my quit message?21:49
knomebecause i think i just chrashed irssi...21:50
krytarikknome: "* knome has quit (Remote host closed the connection)"21:55
* knome facepalms21:55
knometotally inaccurate21:55
knomei typed a /command and BOOM21:56
krytarikknome: Also, please refer to  http://paste.openstack.org/show/YAxHwIMt52LGwcrFVmoP/  reg. the changes to 'desktop-guide/libs/xubuntu.ent' previously made by flocculant.21:57
knomei wonder why launchpad totally forgot about that21:58
knomei tried to find the previous commit by him, but no21:58
knomemaybe it was the --overwrite...21:59
krytarikLike he said, that killed it.21:59
knomeok, pushed22:00
knomewell, pushing22:00
knomekrytarik, so... as i said before22:19
knomethere is some work with the docs scripts22:19
knomei can help with that too22:19
knomeone thing we should probably reconsider is the structure on how the docs are built22:19
knomenow the startpage is on the root directory, language directories for docs directly below it22:19
knomeif we get new contributor docs, wouldn't it make sense to put each of them under their own subdir22:20
knomethat would help with some of the linking stuff too22:21
krytarikknome: Yeah, I guess that'd be a workable solution.22:27
krytarikknome: Btw, these are the other ones :P -22:31
krytarik- Release notes on website and wiki: "LibreOffice Calc and Writer and [→are] now included."22:31
krytarik- http://xubuntu.org/news/building-xubuntu-documentation-package-locally/:22:31
krytarik  'fonts-droid' added in Wily too, but installed in Xubuntu by default22:31
krytarik- http://xubuntu.org/help/: "Wily Werewolf 15.10" is split in two links22:31
knomethis is why you shouldn't let others update the website ;)22:33
knomeshould the scripts always require a template22:37
knomeor should we fall back to desktop-guide?22:37
krytarikFor clarity, I guess I'd prefer specifying it.22:38

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