snelesgclark: maybe rebuilding qtcurve in backports against new abi?07:37
lordievaderGood morning.09:28
Riddellhi prth10:01
yofelsgclark: QtCurve was our Gtk Theme before oxygen-gtk was a thing, so we did maintain it in the past. Some people might still use it if they kept upgrading10:33
yofellegacy cruft :/10:33
sneleyofel: many kde users still use qtcurve themes for qt and gtk2 apps10:43
Riddellprth: I'm now your mentor, let's get coding!10:44
sneleespecially in kde4 because many people think that oxygen is ugly :D10:45
soeei'm using qtcurve on 15.10 :D10:54
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yofelwhy is theme choice a thing11:06
yofelgeeez xD11:06
BluesKajHey folks12:36
ghostcubeany new ppa for new stuff in 15.10?13:07
ghostcubeis the telepathy plugin for telegram available now?13:09
Mamaroksince I didn't get a reaction on this:13:47
Mamarokwe might have a packaging error for amarok 2.8.90, if I trust this guy https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=323802#c1813:47
ubottuKDE bug 323802 in Collections/Local "amarok gives MySQL error on startup, no tracks in collection" [Grave,Resolved: fixed]13:47
Mamarokamarok should drag in MySQL by default13:47
Mamarokand amarok should be removed if something else removes MySQL13:48
Mamarokso at least the user would get aware that this could cause havoc13:48
mamarleyHi sgclark, how are you doing this fine^S^S^S^Sdreary morning?14:43
sgclarkstill working on my first cup of coffee ask again in a few :)14:44
sgclarksnele: yofel ok rebuilding, thanks14:49
BluesKajmorning sgclark, mamarley ...last coffee here...surprisingly very few crashes on 16.10 so far and any that do recover gracefully14:55
mamarleyEven I am not quite that adventurous...14:55
sgclarkheh me either14:55
BluesKajwell, I still have 14.104 as my main man14:56
BluesKajerr 14.04 even14:56
* mamarley 's desktops, laptops, and server are all on Wily.14:56
lordievaderHaven't seem many crashes on 16.04 either, granted haven't used it very much either ;)14:56
mamarleyIt may be tempting to upgrade once kernel 4.3 or 4.4 is available though...14:57
BluesKajon 16.04 as we speak, all is well so far 15:07
BluesKajthink it's still mostly 15,10 underneath tho15:08
lordievaderBluesKaj: Yeah, we are two weeks, or so, away from release ;)15:19
BluesKajyeah, I have the schedule here15:20
soee_but there are noaany update sin 16.04 that touche frameworks, plsma or apps right ?15:46
sgclarknot that I am aware of15:55
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sgclarksnele: yofel: mparillo trusty kwin-style-qtcurve needs test install in the trusty backports. When you have time. Thanks.16:40
prthRiddell, awesome \o/17:01
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-158-g1bfea77 * Aleix Pol: discover/qml/UpdatesPage.qml17:04
pursuivantMake it possible to keep track of updates after changing section17:04
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-159-g5338812 * Aleix Pol: discover/MuonDiscoverMainWindow.cpp17:04
pursuivantFix actualWidth computation17:04
pursuivantPerform a floating point division rather than an integer one. Otherwise it17:04
pursuivantwas discreet and there used to be jumps while resizing that looked glitchy.17:04
Mirvfyi the Tue-Thu UOS's Qt for 16.04 LTS session moved to Wed 14:00 UTC17:11
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-160-gb16a2a5 * Aleix Pol: libmuon/Category/CategoryModel.cpp17:14
pursuivantFix CategoryModel initialization17:14
mparillosgclark: just aot install kwin-style-qtcurve17:51
sgclarkmparillo: ?17:52
sgclarkmparillo: yeah just install it17:52
sgclarksee if it is still broken.17:52
sgclarkhave to update fisrt17:52
marco-parillosgclark: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13084128/18:00
marco-parilloShould I get so many removes?18:01
sgclarkmarco-parillo: those are pre-existing removes. I do believe it is from the move from nepomuk to baloo and are expected. I hope18:02
sgclarkhave nothing to do with kwin-style-qtcurve anyway.18:03
marco-parilloNo errors on the update.18:03
sgclarkyofel: when your around can you  verify or deny the removals ^18:03
sgclarkmarco-parillo: great thanks for testing!18:03
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marco-parilloMy pleasure.18:04
clivejoMy cert expired on my kolab server over the weekend, but fixed it yesterday.  However Akonadi Resource is crashing over and over despite installing a new cert.  Crash report is here https://paste.kde.org/pvibtrffj 18:45
clivejodoes anyone use ring on Kubuntu15.10?18:54
sgclarkclivejo: that looks very much upstream. please file a bug on bugs.kde.org18:54
sgclarkI dont18:55
clivejolooks like they dropped the kde client :(18:55
clivejosgclark: Ive installed the debug symbols, hoping to get some more useful info18:56
soee_btw. the missing nm/plasma-pa icon bug might be related to QT, David posted this link today: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-4887019:04
clivejohow do I use gdb to get a good bug report?21:24
sgclarkclivejo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace#Generation21:29
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