thetejuok seems that printer needs some 32 bit libraries00:02
thetejucan anyone help me here.00:02
SoChahey, can someone tell me how I did this in konsole (as in brought up network info). I think it was a shortcut. http://s10.postimg.org/5omjjlxex/snapshot11.png00:11
DDRHi all. What is "CPU Wait Load" in System Monitor?01:06
DDRDoes anyone know how to make ctrl-d not close my console?01:07
u19809hi all, just installed wily werewolf and not very happy with it ... have some serious issues01:16
u19809sleep does not function, often after some time konsole does not want to start anymore, window manager crashes so I need to restart01:16
u19809taks about a minut for my panel icons have the correct size01:17
u19809disk sleeps all the time01:17
u19809konsole crashes and eats 100% cpu01:17
u19809suggestions ?01:17
DDRJesus. Uh, turn off compositor for the window stuff, maybe? (alt-shift-f12) Try a different rendering backend? (system settings -> compositor -> rendering backend)01:20
DDRHow much ram / swap space do you have?01:20
u19809@DDR : 16 GB01:35
u19809Just seeing I have no swap01:36
thetejuDoes anyone know, how to get shotwell export pictures to google on KDE?02:14
thetejuThere is absolutely no support , is there?02:36
excalibrtheteju, try mass highlighting02:38
excalibrtheteju, sorry cant help. Ive never use its export feature02:39
thetejuits ok. excalibr : appreciated your response02:41
hazamonzoWell dang! :D03:02
excalibryes hazamonzo? you finally woke up03:09
hazamonzoexcalibr: ?03:10
BobbyJoehi im new to kubuntu, and my only problem is that im having  problem finding auto hide the bottom taskbar03:47
BobbyJoenvm im stupid i should google the envoriment, kde, gnome etc not kubuntu03:50
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lordievaderGood morning.09:27
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Smurphy*lol* All of a sudden, no more music under Kubuntu 15.10 ...10:19
SmurphyAnyway to downgrade to 15.04 again ? Having too many issues in 15.10 ..10:19
s_20Smurphy: well, my experience so far wasn't exactly great either10:22
s_20just as i said that plasma crashed and restarted with a font size of "unreadbale"10:22
s_20as in "one pixel"10:22
s_20just great.10:23
s_20oh, it adjusted, well done.10:23
hateballSmurphy: Perhaps if you describe your issue in more detail we can see if it is fixable10:25
Smurphyhateball: 3 issues. Audio stopped working today for no apparent reason.12:09
Smurphyva-api provides no acceleration for HD4000 Intel chipset.12:09
SmurphyKMail from the contact suite is not usable for sending mail. As soon as I hit the send button, pop-up for spell-checker comes up, when I then stop the spellchecker, to actually send the mail, I have 0.2secs to actually hit the send button, or the kontact suite hangs hard. System load goes up to 16+, sometimes even 30 if I let it run long enough - and I have to go down to the console and kill it.12:11
SmurphyI suppose that it tries to spawn the password pop-up, and this does not work, which makes it hand. I don't store my passwords.12:11
SmurphyThat - is what is happening.12:11
BluesKajHey folks12:36
SmurphyJo dude ...12:40
SmurphyBTW - why can't I navigate the mail list with the arrow up/down keys anymore ???12:40
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BluesKajSmurphy, if it's kmail then I have no clue12:52
Smurphyit is kmail ...12:52
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lumideei see that kubuntus release in dec. will come with kf5. isn't kf5 with a lot missing tray icon ports disadvantegeous?15:16
Smurphylumidee: It's not the icons which are the problem in 15.10 ...15:19
lumideeSmurphy, what other problems did you encounter15:22
Smurphyva-api not working, so no hardware acceleration for movies.15:22
SmurphyKMail - can't send out mails. UI hangs.15:22
SmurphyOn every attempt to send mail.15:23
SmurphyI found out that by re-installing vlc though, amarok too it as backend, and the sound-system stops working.15:24
SmurphyThis one, I have fixed. However the va-api and the kmail things, there is nothing I can do.15:24
tzvikaAn unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.15:28
tzvikaqhwn do-release-upgrade from 14.0415:29
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Guest4851hi there! i just updated to 15.10 this weekend, seems to work really great so far. I had one issue with my bluetooth headset - the quality seems to be really low. i think it's just in headset mode, instead of stereo mode - does anyone know how to fix?17:01
Guest4851ah - fixed it myself: there's a setting in the multimedia settings "Audio & Video", in the 2nd tab. Sounds great now!17:11
Smurphyok - fixed the vlc va-api stuff. Removed completely vlc .config/vlc directory, and reconfigured it froms cratch...17:36
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andrez_Hey, does anyone here has problems with Korganizer after updating to 15.10?18:43
SmurphyI got probs with kmail and sending mail. Korganizer works here. Using owncloud though/18:47
andrez_Nevermind, just figured out how to fix it myself :)19:05
Smurphyyeah, I just fixed kmail sending.19:11
SmurphyIn fact, if you don't store your password, the password request UI won't show up and block the entire UI...19:11
SmurphyI also fixed the vlc. Not showing any picture when watching a movie.19:12
SmurphyIn Codecs, choose decoder CA-API via DRM.19:13
SmurphyThat actually makes it work, when using intel chipset graphics.19:14
aprendizhi all. Next upgrading to 15.10 my Nikon can't work because I connect but nothing appear, any idea to solve it?19:35
gombeanguys, is it better to install steam from the repos or manually? kubuntu15.1019:55
Kwaadpeppersteam is just working fine using repo19:56
Kwaadpepperno need to install manually as it self updates19:57
gombeanok thanks19:57
Kwaadpepperaprendiz: looking here http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/gphoto , you have install gphoto2 ?19:59
Smurphygphoto ? What's that ?19:59
Kwaadpepperlooks like it allows you to handle your camera on ubuntu20:00
Smurphyyeah... that's correct.20:00
Kwaadpepperthere is a gui for that too using gtk220:01
aprendizKwaadpepper: but I have installed libgphoto2.6, the problem is only next upgrading20:02
gombeancan I easily add a custom shortcut to show the desktop?20:02
Kwaadpepperaprendiz: what is giving you lsusb command ?20:03
gombeanfor example, I have super+E to open Dolphin, but I have no idea how to set the command to show desktop20:04
gombeanderp, shortcuts>Kwin20:04
aprendizKwaadpepper: http://pastebin.com/LcnLM4ai20:05
Kwaadpeppergombean: Minimize All ,it allows you to toggle show desktop/restore windows20:06
Kwaadpepperiin shortcuts>Kwin20:06
Kwaadpepperaprendiz: well the kernel recognize your camera, you were using dolphin to get your photos ? or you tried apt://gtkam ?20:07
gombeanKwaadpepper: I don't see Minimize All but I see Show Desktop20:07
Kwaadpeppergombean: give it a try, i personally use ctrl+alt+d20:08
gombeanKwaadpepper: but show desktop is not the exact function i would like, as when i click any application from taskbar, it maximises all20:09
Kwaadpeppergombean: sorry can't help you more, do like me test it all to discover your needs, there is plenty options i don't know them all20:10
aprendizKwaadpepper: I have always used gwebview that always worked as default20:10
gombeanKwaadpepper: Ctrl+Alt combos/shortcuts do not play well on my thinkpad unfortunately, so i must be different :/20:11
gombeanKwaadpepper: you are right, minimise all would be better than show desktop, alas, I do not see it in the list20:11
Kwaadpepperaprendiz: may be some package changed from previous version, i don't have a nikkon though installing some more related packages could solve your issue20:13
Kwaadpeppergombean: on fresh install kubuntu 15.10 i have it, i don't know the related packages though20:13
aprendizKwaadpepper: what packages?20:14
Kwaadpepperaprendiz: apt://gtkam apt://gphoto220:15
Kwaadpeppersudo apt-get install gphoto2 gtkam20:16
gombeanKwaadpepper: ah, i see now.  it needs to be disabled in the Window Management settings before the shortcut entry appears under Shortcuts settings. thanks20:16
gombean*enaabled not disabled...20:16
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Kwaadpeppergombean: o720:17
Kwaadpepperjust meat g20:18
gombeanKwaadpepper: TIL I am old20:19
Kwaadpepperyes sorry for that20:19
Kwaadpepperaprendiz: there is also digikam on kubuntu http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/digikam20:23
aprendizKwaadpepper: Thanks, I am trying the packages yo advice me.20:25
svend-evGood morning20:58
aprendizKwaadpepper: It looks like is working, thanks21:15
Kwaadpepperaprendiz: np21:16
luc4Hello! I would like to file a bug against kubuntu and I’m reading the ubuntu guidelines: is this correct? Or is there a kubuntu-specific document?21:19
ubottuIf you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.21:20
mparilloHmm. Could use updating.21:21
mparilloGenerally, if you are pretty sure it is with a KDE component, you want to file your bug against bugs.kde.org.21:21
mparilloOtherwise (Kubuntu packaging, or Ubuntu core components) use launchpad.net21:22
luc4mparillo: I suppose the bug is in the kernel, so I guess I should use ubuntu-bugs right?21:22
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mparilloluc4: I agree22:01
gombeanhey all, I'm trying to get my wireless xbox 360 controller working with some emulators.  It will work for me in steam via xpad - kubuntu15.1022:45
hazamonzoEvening gents. You about TJ-?23:55
TJ-About to head to bed :)23:56
hazamonzoTJ-: ahh no worries. What timezone are you in? :)23:56
TJ-hazamonzo: same as you: GMT23:57
hazamonzoTJ-: Ahh okay. I just finished work. Thought i'd give this Nvidia driver issue another bash :)23:58
TJ-hazamonzo: the Optimus thing, yeah. #ubuntu has a few experts about but most are laying low due to plenty of trolls recently :)23:58
hazamonzoTJ-: Noted. Maybe i'll catch you later on :)23:59

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