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AmitariHey, anyone who can help me with my Xbox One controller?16:54
AmitariWhen I plug it in, nothing happens, from what I understand from the quick-start guide, it's supposed to light up automatically, which it doesn't. If I hold down the Xbox button for 3 seconds, as it says I should do when I connect it to an Xbox One, it blinks 2 times, and then one time slowly. If I just push it, it blinks for a while.17:00
AmitariIf I do lsusb, there's a device that says "Microsoft corp.", so the computer recognizes it on some level.17:00
AmitariShit, I just noticed that I only have Kernel 3.13, is it possible to upgrade without having to reinstall the OS?17:01
AmitariUh, I think I got it now.17:06
AmitariThanks anyways!17:06
AmitariCan anyone help me with Steam?19:30
darkdothello gentlemen I'm looking to get some help with a static IP, can't seem to get it to work.21:06
tewarddarkdot: what have you done so far to test it and configure it?21:13
darkdoti tried the graphical network tool, that didn't work so I removed it, then tried editing the network interfaces but that doesn't work21:15
darkdotit shows the right information at ifconfig but doesn't connect to the internet21:16
geniiIf you manually set your IP you should also manually set your DNS21:17
tewardand the gateway21:26
tewardand netmask21:26
darkdoti did the ip, the mask and gateway21:36
geniidarkdot: Can you ping ?21:38
geniiSo then either the info you set for IP, netmask and gateway is incorrect, or there is no connection to the internet from the machine21:41
genii( or the adapter is not active)21:41
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