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dholbachgood morning07:21
afidegnumhello, I am developing a touch related application and I am having permission denied on /dev/input/event7          i did chmod 777 to /dev/input/event7 and I am having "Operation not permitted" error  how can i make it available to other apps and utilities?09:50
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dhalsimhi guys, I need some help with an init.d service script that I wrote.13:22
dhalsimI'm trying to add a new startup script to init.d, If I "sudo ./myscript start" it works, but "sudo service myscript start" it just prints "myscript start/post-start, process 3098"13:22
brendanddhalsim, that's completely normal13:24
dhalsimbrendand what did I miss?13:24
brendanddhalsim, what did you expect to happen?13:26
dhalsimbrendand: I expect it executes my grunt.js task (which executes some other commands and eventually starts node.js app)13:30
brendanddhalsim, anyway in the former you are actually running the script directly but the latter is running it via (upstart?) and will output the status of the command - the actual output of the command will be logged elsewhere13:31
brendandtry ~/.cache/upstart13:31
brendandactually it isn't upstart is it...13:32
dhalsimbrendand: no I'm not using upstart13:32
ogra_yeah, thats bad13:32
brendanddhalsim, systemd, or sysvinit?13:32
ogra_use upstart ;)13:32
dhalsimyeah the problem is "ps aux | grep node" prints nothing13:32
brendanddhalsim, please don't say sysvinit13:32
ogra_because it stops in post-start13:33
ogra_as it tells you13:33
dhalsimbrendand, ogra_ it says SystemV -> http://pm2.keymetrics.io/docs/usage/startup/13:35
ogra_whats that running on ? a desktop ? a server ?13:36
ogra_(note that you cant ship any kind of init jobs on the phone)13:36
dhalsimI'm actually using a vagrant ubuntu trusty (server) VM image13:37
ogra_ok, so if you use trusty you want an upstart job .. if you use vivid and later you want a systemd unit13:37
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dhalsimOk, I'll tried upstart, thanks ogra_13:41
ahayzendavmor2, ping15:07
davmor2ahayzen: whats up15:08
ahayzendavmor2, Hi, we have, not for the first time, had a mediascanner2 database change break all of our autopilot tests and go unnoticed for a few weeks. I was wondering if it would be possible to add to the mediascanner2 manual test cases that you do a run of the music-app autopilot tests if there is a database change?15:08
davmor2ahayzen: can't find the testplan currently but I can add it if I find it15:12
ahayzendavmor2, ok thanks :-) just a simple bug report against music as a heads up when it breaks would be super useful :-)15:12
davmor2ahayzen: also you can take it up with the mediascanner guys too, to give you a heads up when they randomly change stuff to15:12
davmor2ahayzen: are you using a private api for mediascanner?15:24
balloonsmzanetti, is there a day / time you want for http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22638/unity8-convergence-show-tell/?15:45
mzanettiballoons, don't mind the day, on the time, if possible during my workning hours, so before 5pm UTC15:47
balloonsmzanetti, ack. Tues at 1600 it is then15:48
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mzanettiballoons, works for me15:48
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josharensonI'm trying to change the what highlight looks like in an OptionSelectorDelegate... is this possible or should I implement a custom delegate?23:13
snizzoheyheyheyhey! Is there a way to open file browser app on a path from an other app? Or is it possible to create a symlink in home from an app?23:35

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