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adn34Hello everyone18:16
adn34I want to file a bug on Kubuntu18:17
adn34I am not sure how to do it properly18:17
adn34It is about Input method item on System settings18:18
adn34I am not sure how to find out the appropriate package name for it.18:18
adn34Can anyone help me?18:20
hjdadn34: Hi :)18:20
adn34Hello <hjd>18:21
hjdI'm not that familiar with KDE, but... if you run `ubuntu-bug -w` you can click on the window of the application and apport should find the package name by itself :)18:21
adn34That's great... let me try... :)18:22
teward(that should work)18:22
adn34Yes, it collected some info and started submitting report18:26
adn34but it didn't let me write any details about the bug18:26
adn34How will it know what bug it has?18:26
tewardadn34: that happens after it sends the data up to LP18:27
tewardadn34: it'll give you a link or open a Launchpad page, and you can enter data there.18:27
tewardyou're welcome18:27
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