robruMirv: hello from texas05:52
Mirvrobru: oh hello Texas!06:00
dbarth_hey there08:49
dbarth_i'm looking for a core dev to help upload libaccounts-qt which is stuck in silo 5608:49
dbarth_Mirv: hi; i guess you should have the right fu for that, wouldn't you ?  ^^08:49
Mirvdbarth_: looking08:52
Mirvdbarth_: sadly I'm not a core-dev and indeed that package is in main :(08:53
Mirvtrying anyway just to gather if that's the only main package or what's the situation08:53
Mirvsignon-plugin-oauth2 too08:54
Mirvdbarth_: you need changes actually, since you've not included the archive changes 1.13+14.10.20140819.1-0ubuntu2, 1.13+14.10.20140819.1-0ubuntu3 and 1.13+14.10.20140819.1-0ubuntu4~gcc5.108:55
Mirvdbarth_: looking at https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-056-2-publish/14/artifact/libaccounts-qt_packaging_changes.diff , you'd need to restore the Multi-Arch: same to libaccounts-qt5-1 (in addition to syncing changelog entries)08:56
Mirvdbarth_: the changelog should also mention you're (apparently?) dropping Qt 4 support08:57
Mirvmardy: ^ last three lines08:58
Mirvas the only real change would be the Multi-Arch: same addition, there should be no need for re-QA:ing after rebuild09:00
dbarth_Mirv: hi09:02
dbarth_i guess mardy will merge propose these changes and we'll do a rebuild and re-do a quick smoke testing with qa since there will be packaging changes09:03
mardyMirv, dbarth_: yes, I'll sync things up :-)09:04
dbarth_Mirv: who then should we ping to publish that?09:04
Mirvdbarth_: a core dev :( https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/+members09:26
Mirvprobably me and sil will become core devs within the next year, but it'll be some time still09:27
jibelMirv, is there a landing meeting this morning?09:33
mardyogra_: hi! Would you help us land https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/446 ? Landing needs a core-dev as some packages are in main09:36
Mirvjibel: I was thinking not, when no-one was there 1 min before you asked :)09:43
Mirvjibel: I don't have any topics myself, being just back, although I'm interested if they pay-ui/backend/qtpurchasing will land to OTA-8 or not09:44
jibelMirv, okay, no problem09:44
MirvI guess it will not, although the tickets in trello are not totally blocked at the moment as such09:46
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pstolowskihello trainguards, may i ask for removing stale wily packages from silos 8 & 20 (which are xenial+vivid only)?10:25
mardycjwatson: hi! Would you help us land https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/446 ? Landing needs a core-dev as some packages are in main10:27
cjwatsonmardy: could you find somebody who's more routinely doing Ubuntu work?10:43
mardycjwatson: not sure who is more into this... any suggestions?10:44
cjwatsonI don't know, sorry10:44
cjwatsonmardy: But I mostly do Launchpad nowadays10:44
mardycjwatson: thanks anyway, I'll continue pinging here and there :-)10:45
mardyseb128: hi! You, maybe? :-) ^ Would you help us land https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/446 ?10:46
seb128mardy, I was just about to go for lunch but I can look after that, but usually #ubuntu-devel is probably a good place to find people with upload rights ;-)10:47
mardyseb128: sure, no hurry :-)10:47
Mirvpstolowski: sure10:59
Mirvpstolowski: done for both11:01
pstolowskiMirv, thanks!11:01
alecualesage: jibel: hi! I see that this card has been moved to the "Passed" column, but silo 46 still says "Ready for QA": https://trello.com/c/4fh6dI4j/2417-528-ubuntu-landing-046-indicator-sound-xavi-garcia-mena12:33
alecuis there something missing from our side?12:33
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mardyseb128: hi! Will you have time for that silo request before, or should I try asking someone else?13:56
dobeyanyone seen rvr?13:59
seb128dobey, I didn't14:00
seb128mardy, looking14:00
mardyseb128: thanks14:01
seb128mardy, hum, it's a bit non trivial and removing packages need to look at rdepends, I need to finish something else to be able to properly have a look, might be better if you try to find somebody on #ubuntu-devel14:02
seb128Mirv, you don't have upload rights for the qt set or libaccounts-qt?14:02
Mirvseb128: libaccounts-qt, not in the set14:41
TrevinhoLaney: ^14:55
LaneyI know, no need to remind me, but thanks14:55
dobeyoh, it's a public day in .es14:58
dobeydavmor2: are you too busy? :)14:58
davmor2dobey: I am at the minute but jibel has asked me to look into pay-ui at some point soon too, I'll give you a ping when I finish up here15:01
dobeydavmor2: ok, great. thanks :)15:01
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alesagealecu, resolved re: indicator-sound silo, my mistake16:01
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alecualesage: thanks!16:52
bregmatrainguards, is it possible to get a regular Deb package into a silo for testing and possible landing in the overlay?17:46
robrubregma: yes if you have it in another PPA I can copy it in17:47
bregmarobru, so we can't just use bileto?17:47
robrubregma: no there's no way for you to inject manual source packages into PPAs using bileto17:49
robrubregma: the sync logic only works if your entire silo is being copied from somewhere else, it doesn't work on a per-package basis17:49
dobeyusing bileto works if a binary copy is safe (the source only builds arch: all binaries, and the binaries don't have series-specific deps)17:57
dobeybut yeah17:57
dobeydavmor2: are you still around? or done for the day?17:58
davmor2dobey: just finished up now, I'm gonna have tea and then hit pay-ui for the last hour+ so I will be with you in about 30 minutes17:59
davmor2dobey: that is just finished up what I was on18:00
dobeydavmor2: ok great. thanks18:00
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robruplease sir can i ping some more?20:07
* popey blinks20:15
dobeycihelp: is there any chance that some of the other makos will come back on-line? the autopilot-on-mako job queue is incredibly long :-/22:02
fgintherdobey, not very likely as the makos are failing from hardware issues.22:09
fgintherdobey, the jobs should be replaced soon with krillin based jobs, but there was some issues to work out between managers first22:10
dobeyany chance we could replace some of them with adt-run virtualized jobs in the future?22:11
dobeykind of sucks that it's taking ~36 hrs for my MPs to make it through the jenkins machinery :-/22:12
fgintherdobey,  I'm not opposed to making any changes or disabling the tests until the tests are switched over. But it's up to the project teams to make that call22:14
alecuhi trainguards. I'd like to understand how to fix this in silo 46: "Publish failed: This silo must be transitioned to xenial before publishing"22:43
robrualecu: right I sent an email about that if you check the ubuntu-phone archives.22:43
alecurobru: sorry, I'll check that22:44
robrualecu: what kind of package is it? something that is compiled? if so it may need a rebuild against the new toolchain in xenail22:44
alecurobru: it's the sound indicator, and yes, it's compiled22:46
alecurobru: the thing is that it's already got QA approval for vivid. Is it possible to recompile only for xenial?22:47
robrualecu: generally no, in this case I suppose I could just copy the approved vivid packages and then change the silo to be xenial only instead of dual.22:55
robrualecu: ok one sec I'll fix it22:56
alecurobru: oh, that would be great. Thanks a lot!22:56
alecurobru: and sorry for being out of the loop. I've not done landings in a while, and I'm filling in with finishing this landing :P22:57
robrualecu: yeah somehow nobody saw my email, there's still dozens of wily silos in this bad state somehow22:57
sil2100alecu: publishing it now22:59
alecuthanks train-guards, y'all rock.22:59
robrualecu: yeah sorry, apparently sil2100 started transitioning this one already but didn't finish (he's sitting across the table from me)23:00
sil2100cyphermox: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-046-2-publish/24/23:00
alecuah! I was wondering what sil2100 was doing awake. It must be 1am in his timezone!23:00
sil2100alecu: yeah, I blame lack of sleep as the reason why I didn't finish the transition23:00
alecuare you guys on a sprint?23:01
sil2100cyphermox will publish it in a minute as my powers aren't good enough23:01
sil2100(he's sitting next to us as well)23:01
alecunot enough powers?23:01
* alecu fears sil2100's mighty sword23:01
alecuthanks a lot guys, enjoy the sprint!23:03
cyphermoxalecu: that update is adding a bunch of build-depends which aren't mentioned in changelog, and also adding quite many files also without mentioning any of it in changelog.23:05
cyphermoxso; it's a NAK from me until at least changelog is fixed.23:05
alecucyphermox: sounds fair. I'll ask xavi tomorrow to get that fixed23:09
cyphermoxalecu: ok thanks!23:09
alecuThank you!23:09

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