didrocksgood morning06:54
seb128good morning desktopers08:06
didrockshey seb12808:07
seb128re didrocks ;-)08:07
larsugood morning!08:28
seb128hey larsu, wie gehts? had a good w.e?08:34
didrockshey larsu! Back from Italy?08:36
=== nudtrobert1 is now known as nudtrobert
larsuseb128: yes! Warm and sunny Milan was nice :)08:37
larsudidrocks: indeed. Came back late last night08:37
larsuhi Trevinho08:37
larsuhow are all of you? Enjoyed the weekend?08:37
Trevinhohikiko__: lars08:37
larsudidrocks: feling better finally?08:37
Trevinhohi larsu *08:37
larsuTrevinho: wow, tab complete on the wrong word? :P08:37
* Trevinho has not the head connected yet08:38
seb128hey Trevinho, how are you?08:39
Trevinhohi seb128, well still in the limbo... Trying to fight against myself :P08:39
Trevinhoseb128: you?08:40
seb128larsu, w.e was nice, good party on saturday, easy day yesterday and enjoyed the nicer weather08:40
seb128Trevinho, I'm good thanks!08:40
seb128Trevinho, are you still with andyrock?08:40
Trevinhoseb128: nope, I come back on sat08:40
seb128did you guys have fun for halloween08:40
seb128oh, ok08:40
TrevinhoI should have stayed till tue, but I got some things to do08:40
TrevinhoWell, yes.... But Stockholm, really? That city doesn't want to get fun08:41
TrevinhoNot sure it deserves cool people like us :P08:41
seb128probably not ;-)08:41
seb128go to Berlin next time!08:41
TrevinhoYeah, I want to go there... I've been there some years ago but I indeed need to stay there a little more08:42
* Trevinho needs more friends (for travelling with) who can work remotely :P08:42
=== hikiko__ is now known as hikiko
hikikohi all again :)08:43
hikikoTrevinho, did you ping me?08:43
Trevinhohikiko: no, sorry... It was a mistake08:44
hikikoor that was a hi+tab? lol08:44
TrevinhoI wanted to auto-complete Hi :P08:44
larsumorning hikiko08:44
didrockslarsu: was sick during the entire week-end, so didn't really enjoy it08:44
hikikomorning larsu Trevinho didrocks and all08:44
didrockslarsu: finally better today08:44
didrockshey hikiko, Trevinho08:44
larsudidrocks: :(08:44
larsudidrocks: at least it is getting beter08:44
didrockslarsu: yeah, still sneezing a little bit, but nothing compared to last days08:45
didrocksEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. -> let's ship it! :)08:46
Trevinhohi didrocks08:47
larsumorning Laney!09:05
larsuhow was the rest of your vacation?09:05
hikikohi Laney09:06
seb128hey Laney, welcome back! had good holidays?09:08
didrockshey Laney, Sprechen Sie Deutsch?09:09
Laneyhi larsu hikiko seb128 didrocks09:10
Laneydid everything break?09:10
Laneylarsu: good, nice altstadt there and lots of posh/green houses09:11
Laneyhttp://www.rolfdisch.de/index.php?p=home&pid=78&L=1#a566 this rotating solar house was round the corner from us09:11
Laneyseb128: very nice thanks!09:12
Laneyfun to go around by train09:12
Laneyand we had a cool host in berlin ;-)09:12
Laneysuper misty today09:14
=== nudtrobert1 is now known as nudtrobert
larsuLaney: glad you liked it :)09:21
Laneylarsu: did you get some tourism done?09:22
Laneyor caféism09:22
Laneyor somethingism09:22
darkxsthey seb128 Laney didrocks larsu09:24
didrocksgood evening darkxst09:26
seb128hey darkxst09:26
seb128looks like somebody let the gnome-desktop binaries out of the new queue09:27
seb128we have cheese gnome-desktop poppler e-d-s libgtop transitions stacked in xenial now :-/09:28
seb128didrocks, Laney (others with upload rights) any chance you would help with those this week?09:28
darkxstseb128, I will do what i can to help, but not tonight, broken from 3 days of climbing09:30
seb128darkxst, ok, thanks09:30
LaneyI am just making a tracker for eds actually09:31
* Laney did a look at what is broken09:31
Laneyseems people were keen on starting the transitions09:31
Laneyinstead of serialising them09:31
didrocksseb128: can do, finishing up some medium tests work first, because umake is still my priority, but then, should be good (this afternoon, I guess)09:32
Laneydon't bother, I will do a wave first09:32
Laneyotherwise we might clash09:32
didrocksLaney: I'll poke here once I can focus on this anyway, and you will tell me if you need any hand :)09:33
larsuhi darkxst09:33
Laneyhey darkxst09:33
seb128didrocks, thanks09:33
Laney3 days, impressive09:33
larsuLaney: we did walk around the city quite a lot and went shopping (it is Milan after all) and looking at old buildings and walking along canals09:33
larsuLaney: and drank a lot of espresso. Tasty09:33
Laneydid you speak any italian?09:34
larsuI moved mu hands some09:34
seb128Laney, do you start your wave now or do you still do catchup first? (just to not conflict, going to do some rebuilds now)09:34
seb128k :-)09:34
* Laney is doing some09:34
Laneywell, making trackers first09:34
Laneyeasy thing to get started back on09:34
seb128we have one for poppler09:35
seb128cheese is done so no need for it09:35
seb128it just got tangled with e-d-s through gnome-contacts09:35
seb128libgtop and e-d-s we could use trackers for09:35
seb128gnome-desktop as well I guess09:35
LaneyI'm on it, no worries09:36
seb128do we have documentation on how to set up a transition tracker?09:36
seb128for next time09:36
Laney& http://ben.debian.net/09:37
darkxstLaney, http://imgur.com/eUVb7F6 ;)09:37
seb128Laney, danke09:37
darkxstseb128, did valac get MIR'ed?09:38
Laneyno need for that09:38
seb128darkxst, I promoted it, no need of MIR it's basically a new version of a package that was already in main09:38
darkxstLaney, g-c-c won't build without it09:38
seb128I retried g-c-c09:38
seb128which built fine09:38
darkxstok cool09:38
seb128did that for some others as well like shotwell09:39
seb128but the cheese transition didn't get it because gnome-contacts picked up e-d-s09:39
seb128we could probably build gnome-contacts without cheese to let the other ones migrate09:39
seb128then enable the option back09:39
Laneyvala source is in universe though09:39
Laneythe horror09:39
seb128but that set is small enough that it's probably not useful09:39
seb128Laney, I guess I can fix that ;-)09:40
darkxstg-c-c can drop to universe, if u-c-c takes the shared-data package?09:40
seb128darkxst, I guess it can, I'm going to have a look now to that shared-data thing09:41
darkxstseb128, pretty sure I cleaned up everything else last cycle, that was keeping it in main09:41
seb128Trevinho, you have a bamf landing coming?09:41
seb128darkxst, great, thanks09:42
seb128Trevinho, we need a rebuild with the new libgtop soname09:42
didrocksRan 56 tests in 931.705s09:45
didrocksphew, system medium tests -> OK \O/09:45
didrocks(well, need to commit this in logical order now)09:45
didrocksand next release as it's a system package test09:45
* didrocks tries the same in jenkins with the patched system package to reconfirm09:46
Laneyupgrade FAIL in python-pexpect from some PPA09:51
Laney        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-desktop/ppa/ubuntu/ wily/main amd64 Packages09:52
* Laney stares09:52
Laneybut there is no pexpect package there09:53
seb128Laney, there was one from didrocks I think but he deleted it09:54
seb128or maybe it was in the umake ppa, or I'm confusing things09:54
Laneydunno why I got it then09:54
Laneyunless it was super recent09:54
seb128I don't think it was09:54
LaneyDeleted on 2015-10-1909:54
* Laney asked #lp09:55
didrockswrong dput :p09:55
didrocksbut it's old, indeed09:56
desrtgood morning eŭroanoj09:59
Laneygreetings desrt10:00
Laneyhow's it going?10:00
didrocksmorning desrt10:00
* Laney xenialifies10:01
desrthi larsu, didrocks, Laney10:02
desrtit's going well10:02
desrtexcept that my biological clock seems to be floating somewhere in the middle of the atlantic right now10:02
didrocksdesrt: you were flying too fast and didn't let it catch you ;)10:03
didrocksit will eventually catch up :p10:03
seb128hey desrt10:03
desrtmorning seb10:03
Laneyare you on the left side now?10:04
larsumorning desrt - how's home?10:04
seb128Laney, darkxst, I'm pondering deleting the new gnome-desktop from xenial-proposed to make other transitions easier to go through, then we could reupload ... wdyt?10:05
Laneygimme a bit to get a handle on it10:05
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|afk
desrtlarsu: just feeling the (not totally bad) effects of jetlag10:06
desrti blame the additional timechange :)10:06
seb128Laney, ok, issue is that if we start rebuilds for e-d-s/libgtop we might pick more things and gnome-desktop gets harder to delete then10:06
larsudesrt: hehe, was wondering why you're already awake10:07
Laneyseb128: do you know of any failures?10:08
darkxstLaney, for gnome-desktop? only unity was failing for unrelated things10:10
Laneyany of them really10:10
seb128Laney, no, I'm just concerned that we try to batch too much and realize it's getting complicated10:10
darkxstI think that was fixed though?10:10
darkxstTrevinho, maybe?10:11
Laneythere seems to be https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-01110:12
seb128that built before gnome-desktop was NEWed though10:14
seb128so if we keep gnome-desktop we need to rebuild that silo10:14
Laneyno change rebuilding is trivial10:14
Laneyfixing the real failure presumably less so, so good it is done :)10:14
seb128well that was not my point10:14
seb128my point is that we might hit 3 hard ones to fix in the rdepends list10:15
seb128and then we might regreat to not have decoupled the transitions10:15
seb128but it might also be fine10:15
seb128I just prefer to play safe10:15
Laneyright, I know about transitions :P10:15
* Laney is trying rebuilds10:15
* Laney loves parallel.moreutils10:20
Laneylarsu: should I check out that nautilus branch now?10:30
larsuLaney: seb128 found another bug on Friday that I'm looking into right now (folders are the wrong size after changing scale factor)10:32
Laneyokay, lemme know when10:32
larsushould be a one liner, but it's hard to find where to put  the one line :/10:32
Laneynoticed notify-osd gets messed up too after fiddling with the factor ;-)10:33
larsustill? I thought we fixed that last cycle?10:33
seb128that's there for ever10:34
Laneyit gets the initial one10:34
Laneybut now after changing it a few times I have big notifications10:34
larsubug #?10:34
seb128bug #102051010:35
ubot5bug 1020510 in unity (Ubuntu) "Change of text size in System Settings>Universal Access is not reflected instantly in the bubbles" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102051010:35
seb128is the same I guess10:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 1303796 in notify-osd (Ubuntu) "Display scaling is not applied runtime" [High,Confirmed]10:35
larsuLaney: unity figures you can't see right (since you're playing with dpi all the time) and just leaves it big. It's a feature10:35
seb128bug #130379610:35
Laneytoo slow old man!10:35
darkxstfwiw there is a crasher in nautilus 3.18.1, been getting lots of reports of, but no proper trace yet10:36
seb128darkxst, k, is that upstream? or from the gnome3 ppa? where do you get the reports?10:36
darkxstseb128, from gnome3-ppa (but we have most ubuntu patches dropped there), https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/151216310:37
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1512163 not found10:37
larsuubot5: because it's private!10:37
ubot5larsu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:37
larsuubot5: clearly...10:37
darkxstseb128, I have a retracer running, but it was down over the weekend10:38
larsuhaha now ubot5 queried me :)10:38
* Laney books a chimney sweep10:41
* Laney is victorian10:41
larsuyou have a chimney?10:42
Laneyhaha, he's got his kid to do the answerphone message10:42
Laneyyeah ... 3 I think10:43
Laneywe have like 5 fireplaces10:43
Laneythis is an old house10:43
Laney(only use one of them though)10:43
seb128Laney lives in a castle!10:44
Laneyjust an ancient house10:44
larsuaka a castle10:45
Laneyit looks victorian outside too, can't see over the road10:45
Laneyat least this is fog and not smog...10:45
seb128going for lunch, bbl10:47
desrtenjoy, seb!10:47
* desrt notes that she can't seem to do anything to glib anymore without breaking something10:47
desrttoo many compilers and pseduo-compilers10:48
larsupseudo compilers?10:48
desrtthings like gtk-doc and introspection scanners10:48
larsuah :(10:48
larsuand msvc :P10:48
desrtthat routinely get thrown for a loop by fancy new stuff we do in headers10:48
larsuthe amount of effort we put into supporting that shitty compiler is ridiculous10:48
* desrt imagines glib as a gcc-only project10:49
larsuwould be nice10:49
larsuthrow out a*a lot* of ifdefs10:49
desrti sure do hate my ifdefs10:49
desrtthing is, now is a bad time to do that10:49
desrtsince msvc is trying to be a good c compiler again these days10:49
larsuis it?10:51
larsudoes it support any 99 yet?10:51
desrtC99 Conformance Visual Studio 2015 fully implements the C99 Standard Library, with the exception of any library features that depend on compiler features not yet supported by the Visual C++ compiler (for example, <tgmath.h> is not implemented).10:51
desrtbut in any case it seems like they realise that 15 years is long enough10:51
desrtand are trying to improve10:52
desrtthey're also improving the usability of the standalone compiler10:52
desrtand hilariously, they now support linux targets10:52
desrtwhich is perhaps the least useful thing for them to do in the entire world10:53
larsuhehe indeed10:54
desrtvisual studio itself is also now running on linux, which is slightly more interesting10:54
larsuwow seriouslz?10:54
desrtfor a while now10:54
larsuon wine? Or do they have a custom linux backend for their ui stuff?10:55
desrtmaybe mono?  i have no idea10:55
desrti care approximately 0 about the UI but the possibility of running the toolchain native is pretty nice10:55
larsuis visual studio written in .net?10:55
desrtanyway... i start to see light at the end of the tunnel with VC10:56
desrtfor the first time in a long time10:56
desrtso it would be a particularly weird time to say that we ditch support now10:56
didrockslarsu: man, I made some announcement that even ubuntu make supports VSc on Ubuntu! :)11:00
didrocksdesrt: larsu: it's a chrome-based project FWIW11:00
didrocksso not the real visual studio, but a browser atom-like style11:00
desrtugh.  i'm starting to hate this text/plain empty file bug11:01
desrtmostly because nautilus is _not_ doing the right thing in another case either11:01
desrtdesrt@humber:~$ cp /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-3 foo.mp311:02
desrtdesrt@humber:~$ gvfs-info foo.mp311:02
desrt  standard::content-type: audio/mpeg11:02
desrtwhat the hell11:02
larsudidrocks: woah I must have missed that11:02
* desrt thinks she heard it from didrocks11:02
larsudesrt is solving problems again that don't exist in practice :)11:03
desrti assumed that content type sniffing ... you know, worked11:03
desrtwe're arguing about what an empty file is or is not based on this assumption11:03
larsuit doesn't in the general case...11:03
didrocksthere is an extra layer fallbacking to extension?11:03
larsunot worth it11:04
larsuand leads to printing doesn't work on Tuesdays11:04
desrti hate tuesday11:04
larsugood thing its monday, then11:04
desrtso i signed up to the art gallery with a friend11:04
larsuLaney: it was a one liner. pushed. please test :)11:04
desrtwe have a couples membership, in theory, but nobody knows that we don't live together11:04
desrtand can split the cost this way11:04
desrther name is cătălina11:05
desrther card arrived in the mail with chinese on it11:05
larsuwelcome to the wonderful world of people not knowing what utf8 is11:05
* desrt needs to figure out that one11:05
* desrt needs to start by figuring out the codepoint of the character in question11:06
didrockslarsu: http://blog.didrocks.fr/post/Ubuntu-Make-0.7-released-with-Visual-Studio-Code-support btw, there is a screenshot as well, you can see it's really far from real VS11:06
larsudidrocks: ah! I have seen this but thought it was some totally different program for web development which they just branded the same way11:07
didrockswell, it's more or less the case11:07
didrockshence it's not Visual Studio11:07
didrocksbut Visual Studio Code11:07
larsudoes that include a c compiler/11:07
larsuhitting keys: hard.11:08
Laneyinternets outage11:08
* Laney demands compensation11:08
Laneyit was like 8 minutes!!!11:08
desrtcan anyone help identify this glyph?11:08
larsuLaney: what do you pay for your internet? 8 minutes outage at £30 a month is worth half a pence11:10
larsuLaney: (you got my ping though, right?)11:11
LaneyGoogle runs the oxygen supply to my hermetically sealed office11:11
Laney8 minutes is a long time to hold your breath11:11
Laneyalso the door fails closed for security, of course11:11
desrti think your SLA doesn't cover this11:11
Laneywell I jumped out of the window11:12
Laneyso now I only have two broken legs and not a death certificate11:12
Laneyand a broken window11:13
Laneyand a dead pet unicorn because that was the only thing available to smash the glass with11:13
Laneyit was the last one on earth11:13
Laneyyes I got the ping11:13
larsuseb128: how do you reproduce bug #1303796? Works fine for me even after changing the scale factor lots of times11:21
ubot5bug 1303796 in notify-osd (Ubuntu) "Display scaling is not applied runtime" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130379611:21
* Laney can't make it happen right now either11:26
Laneybah, gnome-desktop3 3.12 has breaks on the old one11:34
* Laney can't install this nautilus11:34
* Laney rebuilds11:34
didrocksand medium tests fully pass, yeah \o/11:43
didrocksLaney: available to give a hand if needed now11:43
didrockshey andyrock11:43
Laneydidrocks: still rebuilding here, probably going to be ok though11:44
LaneyI can do a for pkg in *; rebuild $pkg; done easy enough :-)11:44
didrockswell, seems seb told that helps was needed11:45
didrockshence my proposal11:45
Laneywould be if there were failures11:45
Laneybut I didn't see any yet11:45
Laneylarsu: this is looking good!11:46
* Laney is irritated that a new "Empty file" has gone under the panel11:47
Laneynot that this is new behaviour11:47
didrocksoh, how come? Unity is support to declare the right xprop for the space where we set icons in nautilus11:50
didrocksand it changes that size dynamically on launcher hide or always be present11:50
Laneybug :)11:51
Laneywhen I go down to ×1 it's not underneath it11:51
didrocksahah, hidpi related, once more :p11:52
Laneypixels are hard11:52
Laneyalso doing 8 rebuilds in parallel with -j2 on each one has nailed my other machine11:53
* Laney can't ssh in even11:53
Laneybut I did them in ram of course, so don't really want to restart11:53
didrockshaha :)11:54
* Laney types "uptime" and leaves to refill the tea11:54
Laney[1888722.368391] Out of memory: Kill process 1714 (Xorg) score 2 or sacrifice child11:57
ogra_no child at hand ?11:58
Laneyin the oven for lunch already12:00
ogra_ah, damned12:00
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qenghogood morning12:56
didrockshey qengho12:57
larsumorning qengho12:57
seb128larsu, I don't reproduce the hi scaling one, but the toggle a11y big text on/off still does it here13:01
seb128I assumed they were the same issue, but maybe they are not13:01
larsuseb128: ah thanks - I'll update the bug13:06
Laneyall things build, unless I missed summat13:10
seb128Laney, all being libgtop + e-d-s + gnome-desktop rdepends?13:11
larsudesrt: are you ok with the general concept of my patch to gnome bug #755421? (not sending replies if no_reply_expected is set)13:11
ubot5Gnome bug 755421 in gdbus "GDBus ignores NO_REPLY_EXPECTED flag in messages, leading to warnings on system bus" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75542113:11
larsudesrt: I'm about to write a test for this, but don't want to waste time if this is not something we want13:11
desrti think there is another bug about this13:12
desrtlet me find it13:12
larsucouldn't find one13:12
Laneyseb128: ya13:12
desrti had some ideas about this at one point, at least13:13
desrtand i thought they made it into a bug13:13
larsuwhat were they?13:13
larsucan't think of many alternatives to my approach (other than to let applications do the check)13:13
desrtfound it13:14
desrtand indeed, i want apps to be able to do the check13:14
desrtsee comment 2 on bug https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74139713:15
ubot5Gnome bug 741397 in gdbus "g_dbus_method_invocation_return_value() twice for the same GDBusMethodInvocation explodes randomly" [Normal,New]13:15
desrti want to fix this all at once13:16
larsudesrt: this is a different issue...13:16
seb128Laney, upload away! ;-)13:16
Laneyseb128: doing, need to do evo first because stuff depends on that13:16
Laneyalso, what's up with obexd?13:17
desrtlarsu: it intersects quite a lot13:17
Laneythat is part of bluez now no?13:17
seb128Laney, evo I did on friday, what is still needed?13:17
seb128Laney, yeah, you can delete obexd13:17
Laneyseb128: rebuild against gnome-desktop13:17
desrtbecause we can't clean up the refcounting mess on method invocations unless we know how optional replies are handled13:17
seb128oh, right13:17
Laneycan *you* delete obexd?13:17
seb128do you want me to do evo?13:17
desrtie: right now, _return_value() can *never* be a no-op13:17
Laneyjust delete obexd if I don't need to rebuild it13:17
Laneythen won't block stuff13:17
seb128k, I hope I did evo alright on friday13:17
Laneycheck for rdeps though, I didn't do that13:18
seb128I had to go and wanted to upload before the w.e to unblock things13:18
Laneyit builds13:18
LaneyI didn't run it13:18
seb128yeah, I just rush merged it13:18
Laneybut I assume it is fine, you did it after all13:18
desrtalso: if we add this new is_reply_required() then we force the user into the new behaviour13:18
Laneyand you remembered to bzr push13:18
larsudesrt: tranfer full is pretty clear on how this should be handled. I agree that this is stupid, but please don't make me rework this whole thing for what is a simple issue right now13:18
larsudesrt: and it actually is an issue. Tons of log spam13:18
Laney'k, evo is uploaded, /me preps the rest13:19
larsujust ask seb128 :D13:19
Laney+ rebuilds unity/bamf13:19
seb128Laney, you're the man!13:19
Laneyeasy first day back task13:19
TrevinhoLaney: about that... can you publish my silo (11)?13:19
seb128desrt, larsu is right, logs are spammed!13:19
Laneyand I love transitions13:20
seb128Laney, :-)13:20
LaneyTrevinho: ya, after this next rebuild13:20
Laneynew gnome-desktop3 / libgtop soname in xenial13:20
TrevinhoLaney: thanks13:20
LaneyTrevinho: also, hey ;-)13:20
TrevinhoLaney: so... should I trigger a reboot?13:20
Laneyalready doing13:20
TrevinhoLaney: yes... Hey! :) /me feels not polite :P13:20
seb128Laney, want to look at passepartout, it fails to build with new gnomemm libs but the errors are too much c++ magic to me :p13:21
desrtlarsu: what's the deal with the log-spam issue anyway?13:21
seb128I'm pondering just removing it from the release pocket, that's an year old deprecated project13:21
desrtbecause no-reply-expected is strictly advisory13:21
seb128no upstream anymore, the vcs/bugzilla even got removed it seems13:21
Laneybust it to proposed13:22
Laneywhat does it block?13:22
larsudesrt: glib automatically sets it when no callback is passed (rightly so), but services might reply anyway13:22
seb128Laney, gnomecanvasmm and 4-5 not-so-useful universe components13:22
larsudesrt: and if they do on the system bus, dbus-1 rejects those replies (and writes a log entry)13:22
desrtthis "when no callback is specified" behaviour is relatively new, btw13:22
larsudesrt: because policy there is "no unsolicited messages", and dbus-1 doesn't track messages if no-reply-expected is given13:22
desrtya.  i get that.13:23
larsuso it can't match the reply to a previous method call13:23
desrtbut our current behaviour is correct and dbus daemon has a bug13:23
desrtyes.  dbus daemon is logging as an error something that is correct behaviour13:23
Laneyseb128: oh right, it got a gcc5 rebuild13:23
seb128Laney, right13:24
larsudesrt: gdbus is doing unnecessary stuff, which is what this bug is aobut13:24
Laneyyeah well, demote stuff to proposed if you want13:24
larsuI'm fine with filing a bug against dbus-1 as well13:24
Laneygnomecanvas is deprecated anyway13:24
larsubut realistically, it won't be fixed13:24
desrti think we file a bug against the spec13:24
seb128Laney, right, going to demote passepartout then, thanks13:24
seb128and file the bug to debian13:25
seb128in case they care enough to fix it13:25
larsudesrt: why? make it forbidden to send replies that are not expected?13:25
Laneyseb128: there's a demote-to-proposed tool in ubuntu-archive-tools in case you don't know13:25
seb128Laney, btw I plan to do a u-c-c landing today, that might count as a rebuild if you want to wait on that13:26
seb128Laney, I had forgotten, thanks for the reminder13:26
seb128Laney, also they are some rebuild-ready-to-land in silo like the addressbook13:26
seb128so we probably don't want to conflict with those13:26
desrtlarsu: just wrote a comment on the bug explaining my position13:27
desrtie: i can take your patch as-is, but only with a spec change accepted13:28
desrtotherwise, patch the daemon not to complain about unexpected replies.  they are harmless.13:28
Laneyseb128: okay but only if there is 0 faff in uploading them, otherwise I will do a no change rebuild and they can force publish13:29
Laneydon't care about losing changelog of a rebuild13:30
seb128well you might as well do the no change rebuilds13:30
larsudesrt: I agree that changing the spec is the better way to go, but then we'd need to change existing implementations as well...13:30
seb128no point blocking the transitions13:30
larsudesrt: or how is this usually handlked?13:30
larsualso, where do we file bugs against the spec? on the dbus product on freedesktop?13:31
desrtlarsu: well, i get a bug from the guy who maintains a spec saying "your causing problems with your spec-compliant behaviour.  please change it."13:31
desrtso like, we're changing the implementations now anyway, by request of the spec author...13:31
larsuhm, indeed13:31
desrtalso s/your/you're/ yick13:32
* Sweet5hark did read backlog.13:35
* Sweet5hark wants to do a sprint at count laneys mansion.13:36
seb128hey Sweet5hark13:38
seb128how a good w.e?13:38
Sweet5harkseb128: heya. yeah, was a good weekend (needed one after the sprint and the hackfest over the last two weekends)13:40
Laneyslow source package build?!?!?!13:40
Laneyhey Sweet5hark13:40
Sweet5harkanyone knowing by chance when popey will be back?13:41
=== balloons_ is now known as balloons
Laneyseems it took 12 minutes last time13:41
=== hikiko|ln is now known as hikiko
Laneydavmor2: do you have trusty on your xps by any chance?14:08
Trevinhoandyrock: for your pleasure :P https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/switcher-dynamic-model/+merge/27639114:08
davmor2Laney: I do not, I have xenial on it14:09
davmor2Laney: why?14:09
Laneywant someone to check a fix14:09
* Laney tries 4$14:09
ogra_is that like 8x 50ct ?14:10
ogra_super rap potential ?14:10
davmor2Laney: I could have 14.04.3 installed on it for tomorrow as a side by side I guess. But not today I'm going to be up and down to the car for the rest of the day testing bluez extended kernels14:12
Laneydavmor2: nah I could boot a usb stick if necessary14:12
davmor2Laney: that I can do in an hour or so for you14:12
seb128Laney, are you testing you xenial?14:14
seb128well if you are on it I'm happy to delete it from my list14:14
seb128I don't have an hidpi screen, I can test by doing hacks with gsettings key14:14
Laneyoh yes14:15
seb128but I'm happy if I don't have to screw my session doing that14:15
LaneyI am checking this14:15
Laneywill upload X but want to check the backport works for 3.10 too14:15
seb128screwing my session because things get too big and go out of screen and then I need to resize/move things back where they should be14:15
seb128yeah, makes sense14:15
Laneyjoin the hidpi club with your refresh man14:15
davmor2seb128: I'm running xenial on xps13 I will be using it as my daily device fairly soon, just porting over settings and data etc and would still like to make it work with my main monitor14:17
seb128davmor2, what's the issue with your monitor?14:19
davmor2seb128: not the monitor it is getting the right connector the xps13 uses mini display port and most are setup for lightning/apple products14:20
davmor2seb128: or are lightning compatible and those don't seem to be recognised but the xps/ubuntu14:20
* seb128 shrug at run-autopkgtest14:43
seb128"--trigger                       SOURCE/VERSION"14:43
seb128is that new? it's not mentioned on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedMigration/AutopkgtestInfrastructure and not very self explanary14:44
seb128how is source different from "package"?14:44
pittiBonjour tout le monde !14:44
seb128which is the next argument14:44
seb128pitti, ^14:44
seb128pitti, hey14:44
didrocksgood morning pitti! Hope you had a nice flight :)14:44
Laneyyou can leave that out no?14:44
Laneyhey pitti14:44
seb128pitti, had a good flight? how is your jetlag14:44
pittiseb128: ah, sorry; you now need to specify which package is the reason why you re-run the test, i. e. the excuse in britney14:45
seb128Laney, doesn't seem so no14:45
pittiseb128: flight was okay, thanks; had a really nice Sunday14:45
Laneymust be new then14:45
pitti(Rick giving a presentation, bbl)14:45
seb128pitti, excuse in britney?14:45
pittiyeah, it's reasonably new14:45
seb128"test fail and seems to be flacky and I want to retry"14:45
pittiseb128: e. g. http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#nautilus14:45
seb128is my reason14:45
pittiseb128: so nautilus/1:3.14.2-0ubuntu13 is the --trigger, and e. g. deja-dup is the test14:46
Trevinholarsu: hey, about that border radius stuff, have you got some time to look at it? I've been debugging a little, but not able to figure out how to export that globally. As the unity side is ready since sprint, but we need gtk support.14:46
pittiseb128: (will explain later about the reason)14:46
seb128pitti, thanks14:46
pittiseb128: you cna see in the ADT_TEST_TRIGGER value in the (failed) test log14:47
pittiseb128, Laney: the reason is that britney needs to be able to associate a test result for a particular -proposed package and version, to avoid accidentally attributing an earlier run to a new -proposed package14:48
pittiseb128, Laney: and moreover, with bug 1503150 the test will actually behave different depending on the trigger14:48
ubot5bug 1503150 in britney "Minimize installed packages from -proposed" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150315014:48
larsuTrevinho: oh, I thought you had a branch for that somewhere?14:50
seb128pitti, ok, thanks14:50
Trevinholarsu: no, I did the unity side, but then on gtk I couldn't find the culprit...14:51
larsuTrevinho: ok, I'll have a look tomorrow (got some other stuff on my plate now). Where's your unity branch?14:52
Laneypitti: Ah right - I thought you were going to compute the transactions after the update_output stage (but maybe I just made that up in my head)14:52
seb128larsu, I backported your gtk fix (with the revert of the unwanted change), should our gnome-screenshot patch be dropped then?14:52
seb128or are both right/needed14:52
Trevinholarsu: mh, not a branch yet (i've a shelve :P)...14:52
larsuseb128: yes please. Thanks!14:53
Trevinholarsu: I can push it, I didn't push as I was waiting the final ATOM name, which now I have... So I'll push it shortly14:53
larsuTrevinho: ah I guess I was waiting for that ;)14:53
Laneyseb128: oh you are doing this one too?14:54
Trevinholarsu: ok, let me push it14:54
seb128Laney, I did gtk, was just wondering about gnome-screenshot14:55
seb128I can do14:55
LaneyI just thought that I was handling it14:55
Laneybut oh well14:55
seb128Laney, if you want please do14:56
seb128you can test14:56
seb128which I can't14:56
seb128sorry I didn't know you were on it14:56
seb128I did gtk because I was already backporting a segfault fix14:56
seb128so I cherrypicked what I saw in the recent commits14:56
Laneydid anyone work on or test 3.18?14:57
Laneyby the way14:57
seb128I didn't14:57
seb128I've been focussing on doing merges and trying to get the current proposed-migrations cleaned14:58
seb128I can do that this week though14:58
* Laney shrugs15:01
LaneyI could as well update once we get a mir backend patch15:01
Laneythen everyone will test it15:01
seb128let me install it and see how it works for me ;-)15:02
Laneyfilechoosers look weird15:04
Laneybut nothing to block the update that I saw15:04
seb128we should probably open bugs with gtk318 tag for things that look weird15:05
seb128session restart, brb15:07
* qengho afk a bit15:08
seb128ok, session starts fine ;-)15:08
seb128nautilus sidebar looks weird, the left margin is missing15:08
Laneyyeah same as the chooser15:08
Trevinholarsu: live at lp:~3v1n0/unity/gtk-border-radius-support/15:08
seb128same than the fs15:08
Trevinholarsu: some numbers are still hardcoded, but mostly it's fine15:09
larsucool, thanks15:09
seb128Laney, things open with a black color first which looks weird, did you notice that as well?15:10
seb128I see it opening a fileselector15:10
seb128but like if I start something slow like software-center the windows is black while loading15:11
LaneyI just get the window15:11
seb128hum, k15:11
seb128I wonder if something is wrong with my laptop15:11
seb128let me reboot15:11
Laneywell I have ss15:11
Laneyso things are generally fast15:11
attenteLaney: hey, sorry, i'm going to refresh the mir backend today15:12
Laneyhey attente15:14
pittiLaney, seb128: FWIW, just did a mass-retry of all current regressions, I hope that some of the uninstallability fixed it self15:14
seb128pitti, oh ok, thanks15:14
seb128Laney, k,  works after a reboot, was probably something with intel/x15:14
seb128urg, in fact not15:14
seb128still does it for file-selector in gedit15:15
seb128not when starting s-c now though15:15
Laneywhat did it do before?15:15
seb128unsure, I guess the bg was standard grey15:15
seb128let me ld_preload old gtk15:15
seb128Laney, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/gtk.ogv15:21
seb128that's opening the f-s a bunch of time with gtk 3.18 then 3.1615:21
Laneyyou mean that it flashes black for an instant?15:22
seb128it's visible on the screencast15:22
seb128well the bg is black before having the content painted15:23
Laneyyes was just asking if that's what you were trying to report15:23
seb128sorry it's not easy to describe15:23
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=== meetingology` is now known as meetingology
seb128hey there?15:37
seb128lan3y, hey15:37
lan3ygot disconnected15:37
lan3ycan't /nick back to the normal one15:37
lan3y02/11 15:27:33 <Laney> ok I do actually see that really quickly on file selectors15:38
lan3y02/11 15:27:41 <Laney> hard to notice but you can see it if you look15:38
lan3y02/11 15:27:45 <Laney> worth a gtk318 bug15:38
seb128I didn't see those messages15:38
davmor2lan3y: fail15:38
seb128but yeah15:38
seb128well it's not there of long but it's visually distracting15:38
seb128let me see if anyone reported that upstream maybe15:39
lan3yTrevinho: your bamf packaging changes are weird15:39
lan3ydon't know what that install file syntax is?15:39
seb128lan3y, just dumping for info, but a bunch of autosynced gstreamer packages are waiting on 1.6.1 base to be merged (no hurry, just mentioning it in case you didn't have in your todo yet and want to add it)15:41
lan3yyeah, it's there, thanks!15:41
* lan3y is about to upload the world15:41
lan3ythen go for a distressingly late lunch15:42
seb128lan3y, enjoy lunch!15:42
seb128lan3y, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=748498 seems similar to the issue I'm seeing15:43
ubot5Gnome bug 748498 in .General "Black background appears briefly before window gets drawn" [Minor,New]15:43
seb128well at least the most recent comment15:43
seb128which seems different from the original description15:43
lan3yworth a look15:45
pittioh, an 13117 lan3y t0d4y !15:46
lan3yoops I accidentally uploaded bamf again :P15:47
seb128those slippery fingers!15:47
lan3ygood job after my comments15:47
* lan3y h4x0r5 p1tt115:47
didrocksnice linux version of netbeans contains .exe15:48
lan3y02/11 15:48:06 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- laney has been released.15:48
=== lan3y is now known as Laney
didrocksand both 32 and 64, in case youneed them ;)15:48
Laneyok going to eat some eats15:49
Laneyback to cry at build failures soon15:49
seb128Laney, enjoy!15:49
didrocksenjoy Laney15:50
* qengho back15:52
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
xclaesseseb128, Hi, is ubuntu 15.10 going to get upcoming glib stable releases, or is the policy to only pick selected patches?16:07
seb128xclaesse, we do stable updates16:07
seb128but we can also backport a specific patch before the next tarball if there is an important issue16:07
seb128sorry I was about to go, need to pick up somebody, back in ~30min16:08
xclaesseI just pushed 2 patches upstream in 2.46 (and master), just doc fix for debian packaging, it has been annoying me for years, would be great to get them: ab7b4be and 59bfb6b16:08
=== kenvandine_ is now known as kenvandine
Laneyxclaesse: yeah we'll get them from the stable16:50
xclaesseLaney, ok thanks. I guess it can wait for that then16:50
Laneyxclaesse: seems to be next week, I guess that's ok?16:51
xclaessesure it can wait, np16:51
seb128Laney, how much are the buildds hating you? ;-)16:59
Laneyjust got one which I retried and worked16:59
Laneysflphone already failed before17:00
seb128Laney, your devhelp upload, you forget the -dev depends on libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev17:12
seb128should be moved back to 3.0-dev17:12
Laney devhelp (3.18.1-1ubuntu4) xenial; urgency=medium17:13
Laney .17:13
Laney   * Fix the -dev package dependency too.17:13
seb128ok, I'm lagging behind compared to you today ;-)17:13
seb128why isn't that one on xenial-changes?17:13
Laneydidn't upload it yet17:13
Laneyjust chillaxing in tab #3 in this terminal17:14
seb128oh ok17:14
seb128that explains :p17:14
didrocksand docker image pushed, with that, time to end the day!17:22
didrockssee you tomorrow guys17:22
Laneythis guy17:22
Laneyno time to reply to his goodbye17:22
Laneyscissor sisters time17:30
sarnoldnine seconds isn't enough? :)17:32
Sweet5harkhttps://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.fefe.de%2F%3Fts%3Da8c95274 <- Fefe vs. Linus. flame on!17:32
* Laney gives moar hamsters to arm6417:51
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
Laneyoh well, will check on it tomorrow18:09
Laneymaybe Trevinho will have replied/fixed bamf by then! :)18:09
Laneylaters potaters18:09
TrevinhoLaney: ah, I missed that18:09
TrevinhoLaney: I'm going to check it once I'm done with my unity work18:10
Laneycommented on the landing18:10
Laneywill look again first thing tomorrow, or you can get someone else to before then18:11
seb128Laney, night18:13
pittiit's so weird seeing you guys say good night :)18:13
seb128it's weird to see you saying good morning :p18:14
sarnoldseeing pitti say "goodmorning" is my cue that I've been working too long :)18:14
mdeslaurhah, me too :)18:17
jonohey all20:34
jonois the LXC Unity 8 still being maintained?20:34
jonoit won't start on 15.1020:34
jonoI select it in LightDM and it just hangs20:34

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