daftykinsdon't do that here.00:54
user___oh no, I ruined the discussion00:54
daftykinsuse #test in future :)00:54
user___ok, that was actually helpful. thanks00:54
TJ-daftykins: I saw you had a question for me at 22:10 on Friday evening I think it was :)01:33
daftykinsTJ-: ah yes, i'm on the wrong PC today though for the logs - but there was a guy with a 15.10 install on a modern MSI gaming spec laptop that i couldn't get optimus working with (as in nvidia-prime)01:52
TJ-I recall a few months ago we discovered that nvidia-prime would not work with MUX-less Optimus chipsets; not sure if that is still the case or not01:54
TJ-I believe at that time at least it was noted in the -prime README or release notes01:54
TJ-There's a /usr/bin/prime-supported that generates /var/log/prime-supported.log, which may be useful in such cases01:56
daftykinsooh nifty, the guy just got a blank screen i think01:56
TJ-That whole Optimus MUX-less seems stupid if the driver won't/can't support it01:57
daftykinsi'd have to be on that old laptop to dig up the logs sadly, but i noticed interesting lines in the Xorg log which seemed to refer to each GPU being detected and somehow referring to VT7 and VT8 for each01:57
TJ-I wonder if it also depends on which version of the main nvida driver is in use as to whether MUX-less support is enabled01:58
daftykinsi was aiming for 352 there01:58
daftykinsguy had a GTX 970M01:59
daftykinsminimum for that is 346 i believe01:59
TJ-I think I'm limited to 34001:59
daftykinsi got bored and priced up a skylake build :) top end i7, motherboard, 32GB RAM, case... £50002:01
TJ-will it fit in a laptop?02:02
daftykinsi'd still eye up a Dell XPS 13 9350 for the mobile portion :)02:03
TJ-I've not found anything recently as flexible as these Dell XPS M1530s I use; the number of full PCIe ports, expresscard, cellular, etc02:03
TJ-Eeeek! pies in the oven! *runs*02:09
TJ-Just right! That's the last of 4kg of patry turned into pies :)02:19
daftykinsO_O that's a lorra pie02:20
cfhowlettTJ-, will send you my address via pm.  haven't had  decent pie in way too long ...02:20
TJ-yeah, trying to turn all the fruit into frozen pies for the year ahead02:20
TJ-cfhowlett: LOL! i hate to think what they'd cost to ship, they're full to the brim with fruit. I almost dropped 2 getting them out the oven... came over hot-n-cold sweat when I slipped :)02:21
TJ-I think I've managed about 40 8"x5" and 20 4" rounds today02:22
* cfhowlett thinks for the next A-Z ubuntu, we should adopt the names of delicacies, e.g. Terrific Tapioca02:22
TJ-Hmmmm.... Ample Apple, Barmy Banana, Chocolate Chip ?02:22
cfhowlettTJ-, chocolate chip for the win!02:23
TJ-Get mixed up with Android no doubt :)02:23
Bashing-omDid I head chocolate chip ?// I did I did hear chocolate chip ... um ummmm .02:26
TJ-LOL brings out the choccie monsters every time02:27
TJ-Worst part is the washing/cleaning up afterwards. I seem to be able to make more mess baking than with electronics!02:28
daftykins!cookie | all_of_us02:28
ubot5all_of_us: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:28
TJ-And where's my chocolate chips!?02:31
daftykinson the cookies!02:31
TJ-hmmm... who stole my chips!?02:31
TJ-I suspect Bashing-om in the pantry with the biscuit cutter02:32
cfhowlettThat's a book title isn't it, TJ?02:33
TJ-It soon could be :D02:33
Bashing-omOne can tell by the smirk on the face .02:33
TJ-... and the chocolate smears on the lips02:36
daftykinsand the evil cackle02:36
daftykinsTJ-: oh that reminds me, the user i'm thinking of with nvidia, his xorg log would say 'nomodeset' on the kernel boot params despite not being in /etc/default/grub nor being visible if editing the line in GRUB by hand02:42
daftykinsconfused me hugely02:42
TJ-really? that is foing to cause problems if true. I always check with "cat /proc/cmdline" if in doubt02:44
daftykins'cause he'd get a blank screen the only way i could get him to check his logs was mounting the disk and reading the log from a live session02:45
TJ-well nomodeset would do that. The problem we have is now by default GRUB puts the GPU into GFX mode, so if we have nomodeset the kernel cannot switch it but the drivers try to write to the console framebuffer which isn't being displayed nor can be switched to02:49
daftykinsall signs pointed to the parameter coming from nowhere :(02:50
daftykinsanywho i dunno if he'll come back02:51
TJ-always check /proc/cmdline or verify the timestamps in the Xorg.X.log are correct and current; I've been caught out where the log is from a prior boot because the log file name is different. I often ask the user to do "ls -latr /var/log" to identify the most recent log file02:53
daftykinsi hoped getting the guy to do his failed boot, power off... then boot live would show the right file02:55
daftykinsah maybe it would've remained xorg.0.log if the file was never updated, so maybe after installing the driver his system never got that far... that could be it02:55
TJ-the file may also be renamed/backed-up if a failsafe session starts02:56
TJ-"dmesg | grep NVRM" is useful to check if there's been any Nvidia problems this boot02:56
daftykinsmmm he didn't even get TTYs at the time :(02:57
TJ-best thing to do when there's no TTYs is /etc/default/grub "GRUB_TERMINAL=console" to disable GFX mode02:59
TJ-I'm feeling surrounded in #ubuntu!03:12
Bashing-omTJ-: You are ^^, and small backup is fixing to bail on you . Calling it a night .03:17
TJ-yeah, gone 3am here, still got washing up to finish, grr03:18
TJ-might have to have an apple pie :D03:18
daftykinsooh ooh i'll help!03:18
* Bashing-om remembers licking the spoon when Mom made fudge candies .03:19
TJ-I am terrible for licking out the bowl after making fruit cake... I reckon the unbaked mixture is tastier than the cake03:21
TJ-Poor Huskies don't get a look-in!03:21
daftykinshahaha, i can imagine the groans from them03:21
TJ-That's a good impression of Pepper!03:22
Bashing-omTJ-: We have 3 4-legged children .. If we eat it ... they will ..pepper included ( and tomatoes ) . And OH, how they can beg !03:22
Bashing-omgood night ... I do call it .03:23
TJ-night night03:23
daftykinsi think i'm gonna scoot too, too tired for this baseball :)03:24
daftykinsbye folks03:24
lotuspsychjegood morning to all08:04
lotuspsychjemorning EriC^^08:48
lordievaderGood morning.09:28
Dylan____Is a Ubuntu bot here??09:49
lordievaderDylan____: Yes, ubot510:27
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EriC^^afternoon lotuspsychje12:03
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^12:03
lotuspsychjeall ok mate?12:03
EriC^^i'm good, thanks, you?12:03
lotuspsychjefine fine tnx going for sunny walk later12:04
EriC^^how's xenial going?12:04
EriC^^did you fix the wifi?12:04
lotuspsychjefine, got first updates12:04
lotuspsychjebut no wifi yet, got to connect with cable12:04
lotuspsychjei asked the #kernel guys and a guy said its impossible lspci doesnt wanna show the card12:05
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: cant find nothing disabled in bios..12:05
EriC^^yeah that's super odd12:05
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: so next what ill be testing is a live trusty usb12:06
lotuspsychjeto see if card gets recognized12:06
EriC^^sounds good12:06
lotuspsychjeso we sure its about the kernel or not12:06
lotuspsychjebut xenial itself is rocknroll12:06
lotuspsychjelibreoffice 5, firefox 4212:07
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj12:35
lotuspsychjebooting from the ssd xenial?12:35
BluesKajHey folks12:36
BluesKajlotuspsychje, yes12:36
BluesKajsamsung evo 850 250Gb ssd12:37
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: i cant get my wifi to work on xenial, think it could be kernel related?12:39
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: tryed swithing pci slots, but lspci even doesnt show the card12:39
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: worked fine on trusty12:41
BluesKajI haven't upgraded my laptop to Xenial yet, still on Wily ....which wifi chip ?12:42
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: its a linksys pci card ralink corp12:42
lotuspsychjenot sure wich type anymore12:42
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: ill test later on trusty usb, to see if it gets recognized still there12:43
BluesKajoh ralink is quite common, odd that lspci doesn't see it12:44
lotuspsychjeyeah weird12:45
BluesKajbut it is very early in the OS development stage12:45
lotuspsychjeyeah ill connect with cable for nox12:45
lotuspsychjeno sweat12:45
BluesKajis this desktop wifi?12:46
lotuspsychjebecause my box is upstairs12:46
lotuspsychjegot 2 antena's12:46
lotuspsychjeand linksys are very wide range devices12:47
BluesKajok that's not real common, but it should be workable12:47
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: yeah like i say, things worked like a charm before on trusty12:47
lotuspsychjeill let you know when i test trusty live again12:48
=== You're now known as ubuntulog2
OerHeksNow who is it, EriC^^ ...16:57
EriC^^no idea17:00
EriC^^i tried grep -r "ip.*joined" .. nothing showed up17:00
EriC^^i think he's trolling or confused17:00
EriC^^ah found him17:02
OerHeksoh, panv troll ..17:03
OerHeksthat dude is using many names, i guess.17:03
wileeeheh got a virus warning on my samsung linux running tv, when I called up the browser20:07
wileeea popup anyway20:07
wileeeblocked the browser, did a reset on the TV no issue now20:08
OerHeksthis ? voice activation alert http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-3129618820:09
OerHeksi was planning to buy a tv, sure no smart tv for now.20:09
wileeemine doesn't have that option, samsung has an addon device, must be on that with other stuff.20:10
OerHeksall those pixels are just little eyes, watching you20:11
wileeelol, I felt the tingling20:11
wileeesome file missing was the warning, knowing linux av, it's a tag you have to investigate for an answer, could be anything20:15
TJ-anyone know if 'weva' sorted out his mysterious GUI-induced encryption lock-out ?21:17
daftykinsanother joker in charge of systems they shouldn't be ;)22:32
OerHeksquestions ending with :P22:33
Bashing-omYall, just pardon me; I may become moreso the shy retiring type .22:35
daftykinsBashing-om: d'aww why-so?22:35
daftykinsuh oh wessles is back22:39
daftykinsprepare yourselves!22:39
TJ-These people that think we can tell them with 100% certainity how to manage their own remote systems, but when we suggest they test the solution first, don't want to know! Shouldn't be let loose in charge of systems at all22:39
daftykins*nod* must be kids imo22:42
daftykinssame with the one that wants help setting up the mumble thing22:42
TJ-I think many of them are so-called 'DevOps' with no Ops and very little Dev!22:42
Bashing-omdaftykins: Presently, just not in the mood to do their thinking for them .22:55
daftykinsah indeed, i feel much the same - we've been swamped with a lot of undesirables the last few days22:59
Bashing-omConstantly amazed, Ask for help, we give a recommendation, and off they go on some wild tangent .23:02
daftykins*nod* :(23:32
daftykinsEriC^: evening o/23:32
EriC^evening o/23:33
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
daftykinsall the circumflexes!23:33
Bashing-omEriC^^: WB .23:34
EriC^^thx Bashing-om23:34
Bashing-omEriC^^: Hoz the job hunt progressing ?23:35
EriC^^not much23:35
Bashing-omEriC^^: Well, something is bound to turn up .23:38
EriC^^i'll probably look later or something23:38
TJ-Going to be quiet for a few days; UOS starts Tuesday23:39
EriC^^does anybody like skating and have shockwave?23:39
daftykinsTJ-: what's that?23:42
TJ-Ubuntu Online Summit - the successor of the UDS23:43
EriC^^troll season i see23:46
TJ-might be worth following the 'convergence' track to figure out the ramifications of the Unity 8 transition, snap, and so on23:46
EriC^^( in #ubuntu right now )23:46
daftykinsbeen non-stop idiots for days :(23:48
TJ-I think the Core track, EFI session tomorrow at 1500 UTC will be interesting: EFI Capsule Update and Fallback: "Ubuntu should support updating firmware for systems and components; we should also further define the behavior for EFI fallbacks."23:49
TJ-indeed, I think I'll weigh in on that one23:58

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