Sicnusreally loving ubuntu-gnome ;D00:58
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jono_hey all04:22
jono_is there a plan for 3.18 to hit the stable ppa?04:23
darkxstNoskcaj, can you merge gnome-themes-standard and gsettings-desktop-schemas?07:17
Noskcajdarkxst, I'll have a look in a bit.07:18
darkxstNoskcaj, thanks07:19
darkxstNoskcaj, for clarity, mention that the notifications key is used by u-c-c07:31
darkxst^gsettings key07:31
darkxstreally u-c-c should port to the new key though07:31
mgedminno gpg-agent :(09:57
mgedminlife without gpg-agent is grim and joyless10:04
mgedminwoohoo all I have to do is apt install gnupg-agent10:09
mgedminand I get a nice gnome-shell popup asking for my passphrase \o/10:09
iiiousafter upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10, the animation of gnome-shell seems like low fps in intel graphics, anyone have same problem?12:20
iiiousit seems to be normal in nvidia graphic and fresh install12:20
iiiousdarkxst: excuse me, is there any gnome-shell animation low fps/lag report with 15.10?12:34
mgedminintel graphics here; no problems with 15.1012:45
iiiousmgedmin: upgrade or fresh install?12:48
mgedminglxinfo |grep renderer.string => Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile12:49
iiiousMesa DRI Intel(R) Ivybridge Mobile here12:51
iiiousbefore upgrade the animation of show applications is smooth12:51
mgedminyou mean Super+A?12:52
iiiousyes, application icons fly out from "show applications" button12:54
iiioustried wayland, didn't work12:58
iiiousunder nvidia driver is normal, and friend's fresh install is normal12:58
mgedminok, it's not exactly smooth here12:58
mgedminI don't remember it ever being smooth, TBH12:58
mgedminI thought you meant all gnome-shell animations12:59
iiiouswhat I can feel low fps is "show applications" and show activities13:01
iiiouswindow maximize and minimize seems no problem13:01
iiiousso strange13:02
mgedminyeah, I've seen that always13:02
mgedminno, not always13:02
mgedminmore like forever13:02
mgedminthing is: after I've been using gnome-shell for a couple of days, say, hitting <Super> feels slow13:02
mgedmin(as if most frames are dropped)13:03
mgedminhitting it again a few times makes it feel fast again13:03
mgedminrestarting gnome-shell makes it feel fast13:03
iiioushit <super>, the hit <super>+A many times, the animation low fps13:06
iiiousunder 3.14 it's smooth, no frames drop13:07
LinDol_hi all13:27
iiiousLinDol_: hi13:30
duo8how's the new kernel for you guys13:31
iiiousworks fine13:36
duo8it breaks a lot of stuff here so i'm back on 4.0.013:39
iiiouscompile kernel by yourself?13:48
LinDol_iiious, hi :)13:59
LinDol_iiious, nice to meet you :)13:59
iiiousLinDol_: :)13:59
satanist|workhi I have a problem with gnome-controle-center.real, it don't show all options14:32
satanist|workbut gnome-control-center shows all14:33
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SpringbankSome of you are speaking french here?16:33
JohnnyComeL8lySpringbank: Idk, but I speak English.... ;-)17:07
wevahello everyone, can you help me with critical problems of gnome disk utility please?19:49
wevahello everyone, can you help me with critical problems of gnome disk utility please?23:01

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