kharnovhey, kernel dudes. the amd64 build for 4.3 didn't upload, same problem as last week?03:15
who_meapw: building 4.3 mainline still fails. 4.3-rc7 seems to have built fine after the fix... but looking at debian/rules, there's no "do_mainline_build"06:58
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who_meI wonder whether actually installing ZFS would work around this build issue.10:09
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exslackwarerHi! I have a bug!13:35
exslackwarerTake a look at the AMD64 build log for Ubuntu's mainline 4.3-unstable. http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.3-unstable/BUILD.LOG.amd64 13:36
exslackwarerIt results in an error at the end, where Rsync supposedly uploads the built packages.13:36
exslackwarerAs such there is no AMD64 build available on http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.3-unstable/  !13:36
apwcrshman, i have fixed it 3 times already, dammmit computer do what i say13:45
who_meit's weird that 4.3-rc7 was fine but 4.3 seems to be using the old rules/template. this also affects the daily builds13:52
who_methey've been failing to build 64bit packages for more than a week now13:53
apwwho_me, no installing zfs would not help, it is a lack of zfs source in the tree you are building which is breaking the packaging14:05
apwa fix for which was commited and lost twice at least, grrr14:06
apwok the mainline builds ought to be re-fixed and rebuilding15:26
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cristian_cjsalisbury: hi15:49
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who_meapw, 4.3 mainline built. thank you for fixing it :)16:16
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