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dholbachgood morning07:22
Kiloshi dholbach MooDoo svij 09:08
dholbachhi Kilos09:11
MooDoohowdy Kilos :)09:42
elachecheHey locos! :)09:42
elachechedholbach, when the deadline to apply fro the CC membership?10:21
elachecheI got it dholbach :) →  "please send an email to the10:25
elachecheCommunity Council (community-council at lists.ubuntu.com) with the10:25
elachechesubject “[CC Nomination]” by Friday, October 16th"10:25
elachecheHow many persons applied to that dholbach ?10:25
dholbachelacheche, I can't quite remember - I think it was 10+11:44
dholbachand AFAIK the nominations period is over11:45
dholbachczajkowski, right? ^11:45
dholbachMark was reviewing the list of nominations, but got busy with openstack summit and stuff11:45
dholbachI'll prod him again11:45
dholbachif you want to nominate yourself, try sending in an email - maybe you'll still be consider11:45
czajkowskidholbach: correct the names are with Mark rught now for reviewing and as soon as they're reviewed we will have a poll and announcement set up 11:58
ahoneybunwhat about the LC dholbach?12:35
dholbachahoneybun, I don't know12:37
dholbachbut jose and others on the LC should12:37
josedholbach: I expired before nominations ended - wxl, awake?12:37
dholbachjose, that's no problem - I we can extend the term for a couple of weeks if necessary12:38
dholbachuntil the new LC is not in place, I'd consider everyone's term to still be ongoing :)12:38
josewell, I've applied for the CC and would prefer to not be in the LC + CC voting. but the guys know I can help if they need me :)12:39
dholbachjose, I think ahoneybun's question was more about the state of the LC nomination process12:40
joseyeah. /me knows 012:40
joseI believe it closes on the 5th though12:41
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* ahoneybun is still thinking of joining it12:54
ahoneybunor putting my name forward I mean12:55
joseyou should :)13:07
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wxlyes i'm here jose 16:46
wxlafaik we didn't get any nominations.16:46
wxlelacheche: do you know where lunapersa has run off to as of late?16:47
joseahoneybun: mind a quick PM16:48
ahoneybunjose: sure?19:48
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