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* alan_g_ realizes he needs DisplayConfiguration::clone() and spots alf_'s MP of it.13:03
alf_alan_g_: There are some g++-4.9 and clang builds issues with this branch, I need to update13:07
alf_alan_g_: @assignment ops, I included them for completeness13:07
alf_alan_g_: they are not necessary for our use case13:07
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* alan_g now has a prospective MP with three prerequisites - LP is such fun!15:53
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bschaefer:) alan_g hopefully you dont need to change anything in any of the branches16:05
alan_gbschaefer: changes I can merge - my problem is that I can only specify one prereq in LP16:07
bschaeferright, thats been an issue for a long time :(16:07
bschaeferi think its just how bzr works under the hood? (i talked to tim about it a while ago)16:07
alan_gIf only two (or more) of them were on trunk.16:07
alan_gI don't see why bzr would be a problem16:08
alan_gBut I've never delved into the LP code16:08
bschaeferi could have been LP that was the issue16:08
* bschaefer asked about it a couple years ago and cant remember the outcome of that conversation16:09
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