andystarWhat was that about? Someone banned me from Ubuntu.01:14
Picibazhang: ^ ?01:18
bazhangandystar, yes hello01:18
bazhangthanks Pici01:18
andystarbazhang, I didn't appreciate you and daftykins seeming to gang up on me about talking about ubottu or not talking about ubottu, when that is a regular tool to use in the ubuntu channel.01:22
andystarbazhang, The use of all caps seemed to escalate the issue to an unnecessary level, too.01:22
bazhangandystar, its not a debate for #ubuntu01:23
andystarbazhang, Who said there was a debate?01:23
andystar"We value discussion, data and decisiveness"01:24
andystarSo, can I still ask my question in ubuntu?01:26
andystarWill I just be temporarily banned from ubuntu?01:29
hggdhit depends on you, mostly01:30
andystarCan I still ask my question about Ubuntu?01:50
bazhangandystar, did you see what was said above or no01:50
andystarI logged out after hggdh's remark.  It didn't make any sense.01:51
bazhangwhats your question about ubuntu andystar01:52
bazhangandystar, you need to respond in a timely fashion01:54
andystarI have been trying to make kxstudio work with xubuntu for several weeks.  I am afraid that when I reinstall, I will lose some of my work.01:54
andystarI am sorry I type so slowly.  I don't know what to say, sometimes.01:56
bazhangandystar, are you going to remain ontopic, no more debates about bot usage in #ubuntu as its strictly a support channel01:56
andystarbazhang, I need to take a break for a while.  I am a bit upset about what happened earlier.01:58
bazhangok andystar , the ban stands, come back when you can discuss in a more suitable frame of mind02:00
andystarbazhang, I don't think there should be much to discuss.02:09
bazhangandystar, I asked above about you agreeing or not on the debating bot usage in #ubuntu02:10
andystarbezhang, I respect daftykins a lot about his computer knowledge.  I didn't realize I was debating him.  I just wanted to reply to what he was saying.02:13
andystarbazhang, Does the way I am chatting with you now seem respectful?02:19
hggdhandystar: yes, it is respectful. Pretty much like we replying to you. What we cannot undesrstand is you refusing to answer a direct question.02:20
hggdhwhich, frankly, makes me consider that you should have a time to cool off02:21
andystarI think I have answered it, by the lack of yes or no.02:22
andystarI cannot promise that everything will always be perfectly on topic, even when I intend it to be so.02:23
hggdhandystar: as you wish. I vote for the ban staying for a while.02:24
hggdhandystar: now, since we seem to be done here, please /part02:26
andystarI thought the discussion with daftykins was over, when bazhang stepped in.   I was just offended at the all caps.02:27
k1lhi andystar since the other ops are partially afk i will jump in to spped this a bit up.02:35
andystarI just want to be heard.02:35
andystarI don't want to bother anybody.02:36
k1landystar: after debating with daftykins about 20mins in #ubuntu about ubottu and the usage in the channel the op asked you to stop that: "andystar, take the chat to the offtopic room NOT here"02:36
k1lthat was a reasonable and was not meant as offence.02:37
andystarI didn't see how much time had passed.  Now I am seeing that a lot more time is passing.02:39
k1lthan in here you were asked if you can act according to the guidelines in future in #ubuntu, which you did not answer that you are able to. so right now the ban will stand. please come back the next days when you had a re-read of the guidelines and thought about you can accept that as the behaviour we would like to have in #ubuntu02:40
andystarI just want to feel welcome if I am going to be involved with the ubuntu community.02:40
andystarI can act with the guidelines of the ubuntu channel.02:40
andystarI just didn't know what they were.02:40
k1lif you need support in the meantime you could try askubuntu, ubuntuforums, mailinglists or the discourse thingy :)02:40
k1l!guidelines | andystar02:41
ubottuandystar: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:41
k1l@mark andystar told to come back the next days to resolve the ban02:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:43
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.03:56
andystarWas there anything else said after I logged out?03:57
andystarI would like to fix my installation of Ubuntu, rather than reinstalling.04:42
andystarI tried deleting one of the folders of the .config directory, and purging cadence and reinstalling, but the sound still does not work.04:43
andystarhggdh, Is there anyone still online?04:50
andystarhggdh, I have read the guidelines.  It appears that I did not break any rules.05:01
andystarIt appears that bazhang broke the code of conduct, by using all caps in the irc.  I don't think it was appropriate for him to ban me, shortly after that.05:10
ubottuThanks for letting us know you are here, someone will be along presently05:15
ubottuandystar called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()05:15
CarlFKandystar: I suggest you find a friend that you trust to read   http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/11/02/%23ubuntu-ops.html and help you understand what you should do.06:42
andystarCarlFK, About what?06:45
CarlFKandystar: please /part this channel.06:48
andystarI am waiting for my response.06:48
andystarCarlFK, I am not sure how asking for a friend to read through the logs helps me to be unbanned.06:53
valorieCarlFK: what a lovely suggestion to andystar06:56
CarlFKvalorie:  thanks.06:57
andystarCan I get back into Ubuntu?10:22
andystarWhy can't I get into Ubuntu?10:24
andystarCan I be unbanned yet?18:06
Piciandystar: let me take a look, one moment18:07
hggdhandystar: what was writtten in all caps?18:10
andystarhggdh, It was just one word.18:10
andystarhggdh, It was the word "not."18:11
Piciandystar: okay, we're going to remove the ban. just a moment18:13
Piciandystar: you should be able to join #ubuntu now, please keep our guidelines in mind and have a good afternoon.18:14
hggdhdarn! Something went south on my weechat config18:18
Picihggdh: I removed the ban before you did18:19
andystarAs I said before, I just want to feel welcome, so if I have questions about Linux or Ubuntu, I can have someone to talk about Linux with.18:22
hggdhandystar: now, please /part. This is no-idling channel.18:36
andystarI hope I can talk about the issue later, here if possible.18:37
andystarI still feel a little bit traumatized by what happened.18:37
andystarI have never been banned before, not for anything.18:37
andystarThanks anyways.18:38
=== evilnhandler is now known as nhandler
PiciUnit193: mind taking a look at  #ubuntu at this time, when you get a second21:51
k1lits the GeyikTR. com spam crew again21:52
PiciUnit193: particularly the " unknown pattern, or pattern already active" part21:53
k1lthe bot is handling it quite well21:53
Piciyeah, it just shouldn't have announced an error like that in channel21:53
Piciotherwise, its doing great21:53
Unit193Ah yeah, that's something else.21:54
k1lah, didnt scroll that much in the backlog21:54
Unit193Also netsplits.21:54
Unit193Pici: Actually, that shouldn't be happening.  Hrm.22:06

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