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dholbachgood morning07:22
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sturmflutGood morning!07:52
lotuspsychjecamera app gets black screen on my bq 4.5 OTA7, any clues?08:04
anpok_lotuspsychje: you accidently denied camera hardware access of the camera app08:06
lotuspsychjeanpok_: let me check08:07
anpok_at least that happened to my wife and a few other users reporting that08:07
lotuspsychjeanpok_: oh thank you, i didnt remember touching that setting weird08:08
anpok_lotuspsychje: hm maybe thats a bug?08:10
lotuspsychjeanpok_: not sure, you think after resetting phone to defaults, camera is disabled by default?08:11
lesamouraihi, is it possible to get meizu specific vivid image on emulator? none of the channels listed seem to work08:24
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Deviled Egg Day! 😃09:48
Mirvcimi: hey, could the Qt for 16.04 LTS session be moved to eg Wed 14:00 UTC? or if swap with 16.04 LTS Desktop QA plan on Tue (which is at 16:00 UTC)10:04
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guest123124welp i get errors while extracting http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/vivid/daily-preinstalled/current/vivid-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz on the phone11:00
guest123124tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors11:00
guest123124i'm using -v for verbose ... but i can't see any error message except this one11:00
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cimiMirv, let me have a look11:16
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cimiMirv, there is no problem for me, if we update who else is involved in the other slots...11:20
Mirvcimi: ok. well Wed 14 is empty.11:20
cimiMirv, I meat also lorn11:20
cimiMirv, not sure which time will be for him11:21
cimibut we can ignore that11:21
Mirvcimi: checking it a bit, earlier would be less in the middle of the night for him, so I think it should be fine11:22
Mirvcimi: I can also ping him, no problem11:22
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Mirvjhodapp: can you review the https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/qtubuntu-media/port_to_new_audio_role_api/+merge/273392 that was updated before my holiday?12:22
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lotuspsychjeanyone knows why the gmail app doesnt give a sound on every email incomming?13:04
pmcgowanlotuspsychje, thre is a bug that notifications dont sound if the app is the active app13:05
pmcgowanfix in progress13:05
lotuspsychjepmcgowan: ok thank you13:06
pmcgowanjibel, hi is there a workaround to enable dev mode while the switch is broken?13:19
jgdxpmcgowan, android-gadget-service enable adb using the terminal app13:26
jibelpmcgowan, you can flash from with --developer-mode. It's probably possible to enable it from the command line I don't know where the information is stored on the device.13:28
jhodappMirv, done...before landing that we will need to update media-hub and pulseaudio to also change the definition of the audio roles13:29
pmcgowanjgdx, btw how does one do tab n the terminal app13:30
pmcgowanjgdx, and thanks that worked jibel13:31
jibelpmcgowan, double-tap to do a <tab> in the terminal app13:32
pmcgowanah thanks13:33
Mirvjhodapp: ok, media-hub and pulseaudio can be added to the existing landing https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/512 then13:35
jhodappMirv, alright13:37
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jgdxpmcgowan, don't think you can.. I wish it worked.13:46
jgdxaah tab tab, not gui tab13:46
Mirvcimi: I think you dropped from IRC, but can you do the session switch to the empty slot at the beginning of Wed?13:46
lesamouraineed to run  meizu 15.04 image on emulator , any clues?14:03
mardyjdstrand: hi! Did you see my mail about the OA policy for the vivid overlay?14:04
jimbojamboHi guys, i'm wondering if with the usb is it possible communicate with an arduino or similar14:07
jimbojambowith the ubuntu touch OS14:07
davmor2lesamourai: you can't they are completely different pieces of software, emulator only runs the emulator image14:08
ogra_not with an unhacked system ... by default the usb port is used by the android gadget driver (to make adb and mtp work)14:08
ogra_you would have to hack that out to drive somethin like a serial line to the arduino over it14:09
lesamouraii see , thanks davmor14:09
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lesamouraiis it possible meizu and bq using different dbus?14:10
jimbojamboogra_: is there someone who hacked it? I know jolla have the i2c interface, why not expand the usb port capabilities to a real usb on a real OS?14:11
ogra_because adb is used in the factory (factory line tests run through it etc)14:12
Stskeepsalso you can't do OTG on all devices either14:13
ogra_to expand the capabilities you would have to hack up (and enhance) the android_gadget driver in the kernel ... or just turn it off and load some other driver14:13
davmor2lesamourai: no, just different hardware and drivers, dbus is the same across the board14:13
ogra_though i think it is on by default for all production phones in ubuntu atm14:13
lesamouraithanks davmor14:14
jimbojamboI know there is the OTG on BQ phones14:16
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jhodapptsdgeos, after the current build is done for silo 9, give it another try with the new music-scope14:56
jhodapptsdgeos, abeato landed a couple of fixes that are related to the issues you were seeing14:56
tsdgeosjhodapp: should fix the blocking of the ui?14:56
Mirvjhodapp: hmm, can you offer the media-hub patch for the transition (bug is bug #1493851)? I could do sed:ing but it's probably faster if you do that instead you pointing out the additionally needed things one by one.14:56
ubot5bug 1493851 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Port to upstreamed versions of Audio Role patch" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149385114:56
Mirvjhodapp: for pulseaudio, are you the correct person for that too, or someone else?14:57
abeatotsdgeos, it fixes the growing track_index_lut.size(), which could help14:58
jhodappMirv, that would be David Henningson14:58
abeatotsdgeos, the silo is still building though, I'll ping you back when it finished14:58
Mirvjhodapp: the pulseaudio part? and media-hub you?14:58
jhodappMirv, sorry, pulse part14:59
jhodappMirv, once the pulse part is complete, I can make the quick media-hub changes14:59
Mirvjhodapp: ok, thanks!15:00
jhodappMirv, np, let me talk to David about this fix15:00
Mirvjhodapp: thanks! I'll just update the bug again with the plan. the silo 059 could be landed already actually, as it's a build time detection of the Qt version and they'd then be no-change rebuilt as part of the Qt silo. But pulseaudio and media-hub can't detect the Qt version since they don't use it so those probably need to be added to the Qt 5.5 silo.15:05
jhodappMirv, let's hold off landing silo 59 until we can test the entire stack together, if that's ok with you15:06
Mirvjhodapp: well landing 059 would be a no-op because of the #ifdef:s, I mainly prefer it to reduce the size of the Qt 5.5 silo, but then if you want to test + land together they'd go to 012 instead.15:08
tsdgeosrobru: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/phablet-tools/apt-get-update-for-install-packages/+merge/27640015:10
abeatotsdgeos, jhodapp new packages built in silo 915:12
jhodappMirv, ok, definitely would like to test the entire stack together for the audio role changes before landing any of it15:12
jhodappMirv, just to make sure our assumptions will work out15:12
Mirvjhodapp: ok15:12
Mirvjhodapp: then 059 can stay for a while still but will be also part of 012 so only 012 will actually land15:12
jhodappMirv, so use 59 then for pulse and media-hub?15:13
Mirvjhodapp: you only get the new Qt from silo 012, so everything would go to 012 in that case. I can upload there. 059 is only if you support both old and new API via #ifdef so you could theoretically land the changes without new Qt.15:14
jhodappMirv, ah ok15:16
jhodappMirv, David isn't online so sent him an email letting him know we need to discuss the pulse changes...let's see what he says when he gets back15:16
abeatojhodapp, the (random) test failure I am seeing is due to on_track_changed() being emitted before on_track_added() in add_track_with_uri_at(), I think the order should be inverted, was there any reason for this?15:19
jhodappabeato, no, but that's what I added the queue for in the tests so you can verify the order without running in to the issue that I believe you are seeing15:20
jhodappabeato, but no there was no specific reason for that from my memory15:20
jhodappabeato, let me double check that15:21
jhodappabeato, no, definitely no reason for that particular ordering15:21
jhodappabeato, feel free to change the order, but at least one other test will need updating in the playlist tests15:22
abeatojhodapp, there is a real issue with this, as this produces the error trace "Failed to look up track for index  -1"  (changed processed before added)15:23
abeato"added" always happens after "changed", but for whatever reason even in that case "added" is usually processed first15:23
Mirvjhodapp: thanks!15:24
davmor2jamesh: allow me to direct you towards ahayzen, he has a small request regarding music-player autopilot tests and landings of mediascanner.  Currently they inject a mock db so if you change the schemas it breaks their tests, is there anyway you can give the community team a heads up of pending db changes at all, please?15:34
ahayzenthanks davmor2 :-)15:34
tsdgeosogra_: maybe you can have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/phablet-tools/apt-get-update-for-install-packages/+merge/276400 ?15:36
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behrooz_Hello i have nexus 4 and i installed ubuntu 15.04 (r24) on it. i have an issue on media player. media player dosen't work. it don't player video file and dont play video record from camera.15:40
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ogra_tsdgeos, i would probably not make that a general thing of "writable" but rather push it into the citrain tool15:49
behrooz_is there anyone here?15:49
ogra_tsdgeos, the package lists eat quite some space15:49
tsdgeosogra_: but that tool is doing lots of apt-get already15:49
ogra_phablet-config writable ?15:50
tsdgeosogra_: it has a command line to install packages but no way for the packages to be up to date15:50
tsdgeosogra_: yes15:50
ogra_that should only call the dbus method and reboot15:50
ogra_who added that15:50
tsdgeosnot me, i'm only fixing it :D15:50
ogra_oh, i see thats extra args ... not a plain "writable" call15:51
ogra_yeah, for all package operations that looks fine15:51
ogra_i think robru is nowadays the upstream of phablet-tools, so you should get his signoff15:52
surcHey, I'm running into an issue I can't figure out when installing ubuntu-touch on a nexus 4 using the developer.ubuntu.com instructions (rebooting from the ubuntu recovery lands me in android again), anybody familiar with that?15:52
robrutsdgeos: citrain tool no longer calls phablet-config since a recent commit15:53
behrooz_how can i remove media player on ubuntu touch and install it again?15:53
dobeysurc: what version of android is on your device?15:53
dobeybehrooz_: you can't. but the app is almost certainly not the issue15:54
tsdgeosrobru: ok? still the instructions someone wrote for unity8 include a call to that tool that breaks if the update is not there15:54
robrutsdgeos: what?15:54
behrooz_doby why i can't play any video file with it?15:54
surcdobey, it's 5.1.0 I believe.15:55
robrutsdgeos: sorry I'm at a sprint, can you email me all the details and i'll get backt o you later15:55
tsdgeosrobru: development instructions to setup the phone15:55
dobeybehrooz_: if you open the gallery app, does it have a thumbnail for the video?15:55
behrooz_yes it does15:55
surcDo I need to update it to the newest? I was doing a factory restore, and there were 3 versions of 5.1.1 for the N4, so I was hesitant to grab one.15:55
ogra_if you play it from there it will use the mediaplayer15:55
tsdgeosrobru: i don't know which details you want, i just came across a call to that call that failed because an update wasn't done beforehand and i think it's pretty clear it makes sense honestly15:55
dobeysurc: grab the 4.4.4 android image, flash it fully, boot to android, reboot to fastboot, and then flash the device15:55
surcAhhh, *too* new. Gotcha. :P I'll give that a shot, thanks :)15:56
behrooz_i select video , media player open but screen is black and video does't play15:56
dobeysurc: ubuntu doesn't yet work with the android 5 recovery/kernel installed15:56
ogra_behrooz_, from the gallery ?15:56
surcOh well yeah that would make sense why it doesn't work for me, then.15:56
surcThanks a bunch dobey :)15:56
robrutsdgeos: the thing is that I have no idea what you're talking about so any details would be great15:56
ogra_behrooz_, try the video scope then ... if that doesnt play it either it must be a codec the phone doesnt know15:56
dobeybehrooz_: i don't know. sounds like a bug. please report it at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mediaplayer-app15:56
ogra_if so, file a bug15:57
tsdgeosrobru: ok15:57
dobeyogra_: well if gallery app has a thumbnail, the phone probably supports the codec enough to play the video. :)15:57
ogra_right, but there might be differences in how the scope and the gallery app start it15:58
dobeyfwiw, i just played an mp4 i saved off youtube just fine on my mako, but i've got rc-proposed on it, so maybe it's a bug that's already been fixed15:58
ogra_if it doesnt work in both its a mediaplayer thing15:58
ogra_dobey, thumbnails are generated using SW decoding ...15:58
dobeythey both just launch a video:// url afaik15:58
ogra_so that doesnt say anything about the mediaplayer capabilities15:59
ogra_who can only use the hw codecs afaik15:59
behrooz_doby i install ubuntu touch last night on nexus 4. after installation i can't play any video file . i search website for codec and i figure out how it does . i install gstreamer1.0 and media player can play my video file. but after morning media player does't play video file . even video record with camera nexus 415:59
dobeyogra_: nope, thumbnails are generated via the hw too16:00
ogra_dobey, are you sure ? there was a long blogpost on how the thumbnailer was switched to use sw codecs16:00
ogra_and speed comparisons etc16:00
dobeyogra_: well, it certainly can't use codecs we don't ship. and gstreamer is used in both cases, so if the codec is available at all, the video should play, regardless of whether it's hw or sw16:01
ogra_well, the mediaplayer uses the hw codecs (through streamer-android) i dont thnk it can even use any sw codecs atm16:01
ogra_though ask jhodapp, i might be wrong16:02
ogra_the thumbnailer doesnt use gstreamer-android at all afaik16:02
dobeyit uses the hybris back-end16:03
jhodappdobey, ogra_ any software video codecs are not used and cannot be used presently16:03
jhodapponly hardware16:03
ogra_ah, i thought it uses the SW codecs from the rootfs (which the player doesnt)16:03
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behrooz_is there any codec what i must install them?16:03
ogra_behrooz_, no, you cant just install codecs16:04
behrooz_so how i play video file?16:04
ogra_jhodapp, and the thumbnailer also uses the hw codecs ?16:04
dobeybehrooz_: you need to be more specific about what type of video file you're trying to play, first of all16:04
jhodappogra_, yes, although there is a WIP branch to use gstreamer software codecs as this provides a much lower latency experience since you don't have to configure the hw first16:05
ogra_right, thats what i remember ...16:05
ogra_i thought that landed already16:05
ogra_(though that will indeed introduce a discrepancy as dobey described ... thumbnails will then work for any file while plaxyback only works for supported HW codecs)16:06
dobeyeven so, the hw would still have to be used for any codecs we can't legally ship the software codecs for, when that is the case16:06
behrooz_my video file has h264 code and mkv format16:06
jhodappogra_, yeah it's my understand that, like what dobey said, we'll only be including specific software codecs by default16:07
dobeyh264 in mkv is probably not supported16:07
behrooz_dobey but i play file last night16:07
dobeybehrooz_: and it doesn't play today? and you didn't change anything?16:08
dobeybehrooz_: then file a bug report16:08
jhodappmkv is supported with h.26416:08
behrooz_ok, what is name media player for run terminal ?16:08
jhodappbehrooz_, mediaplayer-app /home/phablet/Videos/my_video.mkv --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/mediaplayer-app.desktop16:09
behrooz_i want run player on terminal and see output16:09
jhodappbehrooz_, you can also see it's output in /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/16:09
jhodappbehrooz_, there will be a mediaplayer-app log file in there16:09
behrooz_is impossible add new layout to keyboard ?16:10
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behrooz_i need new layout for my native language.16:10
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dobeybehrooz_: in the language panel in system-settings, you can select keyboard layouts16:10
behrooz_i know that but there is not layout my language on there.16:11
dobeyif the language you need isn't listed in there, then it likely doesn't have enough coverage to get pulled into the image16:11
dobeyif your language is there and doesn't have a layout for your language, then that's probably a bug. file it against ubuntu-keyboard. you can submit a layout for it as well if you want16:12
behrooz_where is i can submit for it?16:13
ogra_and file a bug first16:16
behrooz_guys this is media player log http://www.pastebin.ca/323196716:23
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habisravihelp me in unlocking bq aquaris 4.5 ubuntu phone16:26
habisravino success with fastboot oem unlock16:28
ogra_habisravi, fastboot oem unlock is a nexus specific thing (theer are a few others supporting that but it is rare and the aquaris line definitely doesnt support it)16:30
ogra_what do you want to do ?16:31
habisravii want to set my own mp3 ringtone16:31
habisravii thought i will mount the root partition and replace the ringtone with my own file.16:32
surcHm, using Android 4.4.4 I'm still having issues getting past the recovery menu to booting ubuntu. ADB is recognizing the device as being there and being in recovery mode, is there anything I can check through adb to figure out what's up?16:32
surcOh I think I just wasn't waiting long enough for it to auto-start it's thing >.<16:32
ogra_habisravi, and why would you unlock the bootloder for that ?16:33
habisravii don't have write permission in /16:34
ogra_you can just enable developer mode, remount / as rw, place your file in /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones and remount / ro again16:34
habisravioh i will try that16:34
ogra_thnen the ringtone will show up in the selection16:34
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habisravithanks ogra_ . . i was able to set my ringtone..16:46
ogra_habisravi, just make sure you are readonly again to not taint the rootfs ... if you are unsure, reboot16:50
habisraviyep.. i rebooted16:51
* ogra_ wonders if we shouldnt just make the whole sound path writable so people can "sudo cp" their ringtones and alarm sounds without making the whole system writable16:57
pmcgowanhmm why not16:57
mcphailogra_: +116:57
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brendandogra_, or just allow audio files to be chosen from /home/phablet/Music?16:59
ogra_brendand, sure ...16:59
Mirvmhall119: can you move Qt for 16.04 LTS from Tue 18:00 to eg empty slot Wed 14:00? I tried cimi earlier but he seems busy.17:00
ogra_i think thats planned as a final target17:00
ahayzenbug 126809717:00
ubot5bug 1268097 in content-hub (Ubuntu) "[System settings] Can't set user-supplied ring tone" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126809717:00
ahayzenogra_, we have content-hub export support in music now, so if system-settings were to implement the import part (like clock) you could do it through content-hub :-)17:00
ogra_bug 151242117:01
ubot5bug 1512421 in lxc-android-config (Ubuntu) "/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones and the equivalent alarm sounds dir should be in writable-paths" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151242117:01
* mcphail thinks /usr/local should be writable, as well17:01
mhall119Mirv: I think some of the Kubuntu devs where planning on attenting that, if we move it can you let them know?17:02
Mirvmhall119: I can, although there are no Kubuntu devs directly mentioned as attending there. but I can announce on kubuntu channel anyway.17:03
mhall119Mirv: please do, with UOS not everybody who plans on attending a session registers as attending17:10
mhall119Mirv: it's been moved to Wed. at 140017:11
Mirvmhall119: thanks! I will.17:11
mhall119thanks Mirv17:26
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dobeymcphail: why should /usr/local be writable?17:40
dobeyogra_: the sound/alert selection should be fixed to not require sounds to be in system sound themes, and allow selection of arbitrary files in ~/Ringtones or whatever17:41
ogra_dobey, it should be fixed in several ways ... but til that happens people will make their phones writable just to put a ringtone in place17:42
ogra_making the dir writable prevents us from more broken phones ;)17:42
dobeyogra_: ~/.local/share/ not good enough for that?17:42
ogra_i dont think it can use ~/.local/share/  yet17:42
dobeyogra_: how does it prevent that? writing to system directories would still require root, so people are still very likely to break their phones17:43
ogra_sudo cp is a lot less intrusive than phablet-config writable (which makes you writable permanently)17:43
ogra_if people follow some weird howto ...17:43
dobeywouldn't it have to be some other directory than the current ones that was writable anyway?17:44
dobeyotherwise updates could randomly result in files disappearing17:44
ogra_if files would randomly disapper just because you add something to writable-paths yu would ahve a wy worse prob :P17:45
ogra_and i need a new kbd :(17:46
ogra_writable-paths is safe i meant to say17:46
dobeywell, i've had stuff disappear from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ before17:46
ogra_and the change is a one liner17:46
ogra_/etc/apt/sources.list.d/ isnt writable17:46
ogra_by default17:46
ogra_did you add it to writabble-paths ?17:47
dobeyare any directories which also include files from the system image, writable by default?17:47
ogra_dobey, all directories that are in the writable-paths file17:49
dobeywhere is that file?17:49
ogra_thats the "fstab" for all the bindmounts17:50
ogra_dobey, in any case it doesnt do any harm to make the ringtone dir writable and makes it less error prone for hackers that put their own file in ... its a good interim until we actually support custom ringtones17:52
dobeyi disagree. i think supporting themes in ~/.local/share/ is a better interim.17:56
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ogra_dobey, is that implementable with a one line fix in 5min ?18:07
ogra_i simply dont think an interim should take more than that ...18:07
dobeyogra_: i don't know the code in question, so can't say with 100% certainty, but generally, yes18:08
ogra_i suspect it needs changing in multiple places ...18:09
ogra_(system settings to include the path for the selection ... dialer-app for using that path too etc etc)18:10
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ogra_anyway, i filed bug 1512421 and if pmcgowan gfeels we shoudl have that he can triage it to someone :..18:11
ubot5bug 1512421 in lxc-android-config (Ubuntu) "/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones and the equivalent alarm sounds dir should be in writable-paths" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151242118:11
ogra_i wont mind if it gets invalidated either ... but its a trivil fix18:11
khodCan we use vplay in ubuntu touch?18:29
khodVplay from qt18:29
dobeywhat is vplay?18:33
dobeyoh, i guess "maybe"18:34
dobeyor i guess not. it's a propreitary ide and i guess they don't support ubuntu phone18:35
khodSorry for my late reply but looks like you found it they fo have their own ide and that skipped my mind completely. Thanks for looking into it, i need a good way to make a constant side scroller like flappy bird. Basic as can be and id like to use a non-microsoft language (no c# or boo). If you know any it will be my first game so it will be basic.18:54
ogra_khod, talk to kenvandine, he has a game sframework for the phone that supports simple sidescrollers18:55
* kenvandine waves18:55
ogra_(see pathwind, it uses that)18:55
khodI may still try vplay since it uses qml and so does ubuntu and ubuntu touch.18:55
ogra_right, try it ...18:56
khodOh i didnt know that how do i get ahlod of kenvandine18:56
kenvandineafaik, vplay won't work on ubuntu phone18:56
ogra_he waved above :)18:56
khodOh i see him waving lol18:56
mcphaildobey: the FHS stipulates that /usr/local is for the system admin to use, and the distribution maintainers should keep their hands off. It should be writable for the system admin without hassle, and it should not be overwritten on distro upgrades. Neither happens on Ubuntu touch just now18:56
kenvandinekhod, check out bacon2d.com18:56
khodIm not great with irc :)18:56
khodChecking bacon2d now18:58
dobeymcphail: I think that is a poor argument for having it be writable. the FHS doesn't really apply to static system images.19:00
mcphaildobey: static system images have no need to touch /usr/local19:02
dobeymcphail: static system images have no need for /usr/local at all19:02
mcphaildobey: and that's the way it should be. It doesn't mean the owner/admin has no need for it19:02
kenvandinekhod, there was a bacon2d tutorial game written, basically a flappy bird game19:03
kenvandinekhod, could be a good starting point :(19:03
kenvandine:-D rather19:03
dobeymcphail: what need would the owner of a phone have for /usr/local?19:03
mcphaildobey: well, I install gdbserver, for a start19:03
kenvandinekhod, https://github.com/paulovap/bacon2d-flappybird19:03
mcphaildobey: /usr/local is as useful on a phone as it is on a computer19:04
dobeyi'd say it's not useful on a computer either. i'd say it's a hack that results in people having broken systems19:05
mcphaildobey: that's only your opinion19:05
dobeyno. it's an observation with plenty of evidence on askubuntu.com supporting it :)19:05
mcphaildobey: and one that isn't shared by the standards19:05
davmor2dobey: so on 135 so far so good19:05
davmor2dobey: I'm not seeing the issue victor was, and the behaviour seem to mirror that of ota7 so I'm happy, I'm just giving the rest of the plan a once over but so far so good19:07
dobeydavmor2: right, 135 includes the fix for the issue victor was seeing19:07
dobeydavmor2: but that's great, thanks. will you be able to test the pay-service silo after as well, or should i bug alesage to test that when you're done with pay-ui?19:07
davmor2dobey: possibly one for alesage  as I'm 50 minutes from eod, but I'm not sure what alesage has on his plate, otherwise I can pick it up in the morning19:11
ogra_davmor2, 49min19:11
davmor2ogra_: 48 technically19:12
ogra_huh ?19:13
dobeydavmor2: ok19:13
wavisAnyone purchased a device for ubuntu touch recently and happy with it? What device? I'm not sure where to start...19:13
khodStill rocking a nexus 419:25
khod(kenvandine) do you know of any games already made in bacon2d. A quick google search didnt pull up any, i have a touch device if there is one in the software center.19:26
dobeykhod: all the games from kenvandine are in bacon2d :)19:27
kenvandinepathwind is19:27
kenvandine100 balls19:27
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khodBooting up the old n4 now19:29
WolfiWolfiwhere i can ask something about a problem with facebook webapp on my ubuntu touch phone?19:32
dobeyWolfiWolfi: here, or file a bug against webbrowser-app perhaps, assuming it's an issue with the software, and not an issue with facebook itself19:35
WolfiWolfiin the facebook webapp i can't aggrandize photos and images, so i can't show it right19:37
dobeyyou mean it doesn't have a way to open photos full screen?19:38
dobeythat sounds like a problem with the facebook web site itself, and not webbrowser-app19:38
WolfiWolfiexactly, dobey. excuse me for my bad expression... :-/19:39
WolfiWolfii can't show photos on full screen19:39
dobeyWolfiWolfi: it's ok. translating can be hard sometimes :)19:42
dobeybut sounds like a site issue, not a client issue19:42
WolfiWolfiah ok. what i've to do now? it makes sense to contact facebook developer?19:44
dobeyyes. complain to facebook that images can't be viewed full screen on their mobile site19:44
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WolfiWolfiok thanks a lot. and then, i can't send photos or images through facebook webapp. same basic problem?19:46
khod(kenvandine) pathwind looks awsome thats the kind of side scroller setup i need! Do you have any kind of tutorials to go with your games?19:48
dobeythat could be a client issue. i don't know if the facebook web app works well with content-hub or not19:48
WolfiWolfiah ok. thank's a lot dobey, now i will contact the facebook developer... :-)19:48
kenvandinekhod, check out the getting started document at http://bacon2d.com/docs/19:48
dobeyWolfiWolfi: if you hit the button to select a photo, do you get the content-hub to let you choose a photo from gallery?19:49
WolfiWolfidobey, excuse me.. in the chat in facebook i can't send photos. there is no button to send files or photos?19:50
dobeyoh, i don't know anything about that. i thought you meant in general, in the way that one shares a photo on g+ or twitter19:51
dobeyWolfiWolfi: best way to verify if it's maybe a client or site issue, is try to use the same mobile site in firefox for example.19:53
khodkenvandine i did find that and i will start there. Didn't know if there were any step by step guides. Kinda a newbie may just poke around in the source too that may give some answers. Thank you so much for your time i cant wait to give it a go!19:53
khodDo you use tiled for your level creation?19:54
kenvandinei haven't, we've got plans for tiled import19:54
kenvandinebut not implemented yet19:54
WolfiWolfidobey: hm... which internet-browser can you propose me on ubuntu touch? to try?19:55
kenvandinenot import... just loading levels from tiled19:55
dobeyWolfiWolfi: not on the phone, but try to use the mobile site from firefox on your pc, by going to m.facebook.com or changing the user-agent to the android browser user-agent for example19:57
WolfiWolfiaah ok. :-) thank you19:57
khodSo tiled should work it will just be better later if the implementation  is added?20:01
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