daftykinsisn't that basically chrome-by-another-name now?00:02
diddledan_it's moved with chrome to the blink thingy instead of apple's webkit00:04
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Guest29504morning all06:06
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MooDoomorning even06:06
MooDoohow are you mapps?06:15
mappsall good, andd you?06:16
mappsjust watching homeland;D06:16
MooDoothink I've watched a couple of episodes of that06:16
mappsi was surprised by this series..theyre using real current stories ISIS..overthrong assad etc06:17
mappssurely this gives ISIS more attention06:17
MooDooyeah probably06:19
mappshaving no net for a while sucked06:20
mappsbehind on films and tv:)06:20
MooDooI must admit I was on hols last week, so I've binge watched programs I missed06:25
mappsi have tv now yay uk chans..sky ..beIN sports :D06:26
mappsall uses my net..so when my net died..it died;[06:31
mappsand wow yesterday big storm so freaking windy scaffolding outside work blew down lol06:31
MooDooIt's a bit foggy here at the moment.06:35
mappsheavy rain tonight 8pm onwards06:36
mappsweird how its so windy and bad rain..then nada06:36
davmor2Morning all09:13
davmor2so this is the tune stuck in my head this morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsdy_rct6uo fantastic tune :)09:16
MooDookhowdy davmor209:28
davmor2MooDoo: caravan is bedded down for the next 5 months :'(09:30
MooDoodavmor2: where's the van?09:42
davmor2MooDoo: storage09:42
MooDooah i get you, next time it's out, and you go away, invite us to come see you :)09:43
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Deviled Egg Day! 😃09:48
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:09
davmor2JamesTait: see if this plays for you http://www.popscreen.com/v/6CTEK/Deviled-Eggs10:28
* zmoylan-pi settles on coffee and toast instead of boiled eggs or porridge for brekkie10:29
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP-TU0P2Lw4 that one works10:31
davmor2JamesTait: about a minute in10:32
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:32
JamesTaitdavmor2, yeah, the first one didn't work, but the second one did. ☺10:34
JamesTaitdavmor2, about 0:5410:34
foobarrywonder if we can crowdsource a campaign to ask tesco to hand over teh bootloader keys for hudl211:49
foobarrynow they've ditched it11:49
zmoylan-pigood luck11:50
foobarryi think their android guy has left too11:56
Myrttibrowsed through Amazon's Deals of the Day section, and they've changed the layout of it. Accidentally added 30 Blurays on a wishlist.11:58
Myrttifrom their 2 for £10 deal bin11:58
zmoylan-pii never saw a single hudl here in ireland.  i was keen to get one for a while11:59
foobarrystill the best tablet for the price11:59
foobarryalthough i heard they were stopping them because of screen cracking issues11:59
foobarrymy guess is that they are ditching blinkbox etc and realising they are not amazon12:00
diplofoobarry: funnily enough I was reading up on that too, yeah lead engineer has gone and 2 of his underlings I believe, no hudl3 is going to come so I'd say we're not going to get anything12:00
foobarrya real shame as i'd saved vouchers to buy another12:00
diploThey are, decided in August so I read, and their home broadband12:00
foobarrythey have no reason *not* to release the keys12:00
zmoylan-piwhat's in it for them?12:00
diploThey don't have the engineers to do it now ?12:00
foobarrythey have some reason to release them as lots of users up the creek without support12:01
foobarryand 5.1 on the hudl2 just landed and experiencing a few problemw12:01
zmoylan-pithat's not their problem now that they've abandoned them12:01
foobarrythey are still obliged to support those who just bought it12:01
zmoylan-pithey can replace their defective units with another defective unit till the user gives up or fights for a refund12:02
foobarryor give back to the users . many other tablets unklock bootloaders12:02
foobarrynow there is no incentive for tesco to lock it, they should12:02
zmoylan-pii just don't see tesco been that nice12:02
foobarryi would even pay to unlock12:02
foobarryi would also pay to unlock kindle fire12:03
foobarryi wonder who the android devs were12:03
foobarrymaybe linkedin knows12:04
foobarrythat was quick12:04
foobarryLinkedIn Member12:04
foobarryAndroid Engineer (about to start something new)12:04
foobarryLead Android Developer at Tesco (hudl)12:05
zmoylan-piwill code for coupons... :-P12:22
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foobarryif you get a speeding ticket, you pay twice. my insurance has gone up loads12:59
awilkinsAfter ex-wife got one, she found it cheaper to have me on her policy as a second driver than without13:02
foobarrysome insurers don't touch you13:08
foobarryshould have contested it13:08
foobarrya new meerkat might soothe the pain13:09
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Myrttiyay meerkats13:20
zmoylan-pior relax on a nice moomin cushion... http://imgur.com/sZulXCj13:23
foobarryone of our meerkats has to stay in the box13:33
foobarrythe dog hates it13:33
foobarrysomething about the eyes13:33
foobarryshe thinks its a squirrel or meerkat or something13:33
zmoylan-pi is there a way to transfer the smell of the dog on to the meerkat to help it accept it?13:34
foobarryi don't think shes a dummy13:40
foobarryshe's bred for ratting13:40
foobarryalthough hasn't caught our mouse yet13:40
diddledan_that's because mouse != rat :-p13:42
zmoylan-pia dog/cat brought up seperate from other dogs/cats may not learn how to hunt13:43
zmoylan-pisomewhere in all that picking kitten up by scruff of the neck mother cats impart the information on proper way to bring down a rottweiler :-P13:45
foobarrymy dog loves to chase squirerls and rabbits13:47
foobarryand has despatched some13:47
diddledan_hmm, http://techrights.org/2015/10/30/xamarin-vs-robovm-freedom/14:54
zmoylan-pims is your friend...14:55
bashrc...or not as the case may be15:09
zmoylan-pino no, their pr is all about how they love open source15:10
diddledan_zmoylan-pi: therefore we love MS :-p15:21
zmoylan-piover THEIR dead body :-P15:22
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* diddledan_ splits some nets15:41
* zmoylan-pi nets somes spills15:42
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ujjain-what are those like candles called that smell?16:40
ujjain-not candles16:40
ujjain-ah incense16:43
diddledan_foggy outside16:43
diddledan_glad I don't have to walk home today16:43
ali1234i wish websites like facebook and linked-in had a thing that would tell me why they think i know a person they are suggesting16:44
diddledan_I think oftentimes they just link you to people who are connected to people you're connected to - two degrees of separation16:46
diddledan_and of course linkedin loves harvesting addressbooks16:46
diddledan_that one person you replied to once on a mailing list. yeah linkedin thinks you want to be their business partner16:47
ali1234i see people and the name is kind of familiar but i don't know why16:47
diddledan_I wonder if you know me? :-p16:48
diddledan_linkedin probably could find a way of linking us16:48
diddledan_I heard nasa are going to release news of a major discovery on mars - they found an object floating in the water... rumours are it's a linkedin email16:49
diddledan_(that's a joke, btw - there is no announcement that I'm aware of)16:50
ali1234i see a bunch of people from here on there16:50
ali1234no dans though16:51
diddledan_yeah we're probably all on various mailing lists so you might have got email addresses from there into your addressbook which then got harvested16:52
diddledan_I wonder if the twitter link-up on linkedin has any effect on recommendations, too16:53
ali1234i'm not ever sure what that means :)16:53
ali1234i don't use the twitters either16:53
diddledan_I'm a twitter consumer, not a producer16:54
ali1234i think some of the people it's showing me are people who i just looked at their profile once16:54
diddledan_I just watch the feed occasionally16:54
Laney"this person looked at your profile so now we are suggesting them to you"17:30
awilkinsEncryption : Tories don't know how it works :http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/11970391/Internet-firms-to-be-banned-from-offering-out-of-reach-communications-under-new-laws.html17:48
foobarry^Tories^Politicians and civil servants17:52
awilkinsJust MEH17:58
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ali1234the funny thing is that microsoft, apple, google etc can just ship us the same crap version of their software that they send to crypto-embargoed terrorist states18:39
zmoylan-piat this point is there any crypto secure software that hasn't been backdoored18:44
ali1234almost all of it?18:46
mappscsi cyber time;d18:54
davmor2One, two princes kneel before you  That what I said now  Princes, princes who adore you !19:52
diddledan_so that encryption thingy - are they saying that companies must retain full transcripts of communications to correlate against an encrypted version when asked to provide the unencrypted?20:21
diddledan_they need to MitM all web browsing, too?!20:26
zmoylan-piit been the uk... both20:41
zmoylan-pijust to be sure20:41
zmoylan-pibut there's no real change there. sinn fein used to have a site were you could bid for british spy gear they kept finding everywhere...20:43

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