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nhainesWell, it's meeting time again tonight!03:00
nhainesTonight's agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15November0103:01
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nhainesWho's around for the meeting?  :)03:01
jbermudesHello :)03:03
nhaineso hai!03:04
nhainesOkay, I guess we'll hold the metting after all.  :)03:04
nhaines#topic Upcoming events03:04
nhainesNew things might be happening and this is where you get to say them!03:04
DonkeyHoteiare there any?03:04
nhainesUbuntu Online Summit starts on Saturday.03:05
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DonkeyHoteiis that what replaced uds?03:05
nhainesOr more specifically, http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/03:05
darthrobotTitle: [UOS November 2015 03 Nov - 05 Nov 2015 | The Summit Scheduler]03:05
nhainesI'll be hosting a session on Tuesday to gather ideas for the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase for xenial.03:06
nhainesAnd we'll be holding our weekly Ubucon Summit planning talk in public on Wednesday.03:06
nhainesMeanwhile, SGVLUG is having a 20th anniversary celebration on November 14th, and everyone's invited.03:07
nhainesjbermudes: any information about that?03:07
jbermudesYup! Please RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sgvlug-20th-anniversary-party-tickets-18956875525 so we can know how much food to get03:07
darthrobotTitle: [SGVLUG 20th Anniversary Party Tickets, Pasadena | Eventbrite]03:07
jbermudesThere's going to be food, games, prizes, and a look back at the things we've done as a community over the past 20 years03:08
nhainesPretty awesome.  We sent DVDs and a conference pack over.03:09
jbermudesEver since nhaines and Flannel gave a talk there a few years ago there's been a growing number of Ubuntu users there and have even spun off an Ubuntu Hour that meets before each LUG meeting, so Ubuntu is a star in that community, which is why you're all invited :)03:09
nhainesAnd the Ubuntu Hour crowd there is a lot of fun.  I was glad I drove out to Pasadena early last time before my talk.03:10
nhaines#topic Announcements03:11
nhainesIt's about time to start thinking about holding LoCo leadership elections again.03:11
nhainesI plan to open the nomination period starting on November 15th, and then after two weeks we'll vote.03:11
DonkeyHoteiit's been a light year for the loco03:13
nhainesAre there any other announcements?03:14
nhaines#topic Agenda items03:17
nhainesThere are no items on this meeting's agenda.03:17
nhaines#topic Other business03:17
nhainesAnything else before we wrap things up tonight?03:17
DonkeyHoteihave there been announcements about the convergence device?03:18
nhainesOkay our next meeting is November 15th!  I'll see you all there!03:22
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pleia2sorry I missed the meeting, busy and chaos since finally getting home yesterday06:22
ianorlinpleia2: +1  I basically ended up crashing at 4pm yesterday19:02
ianorlinThen ended up eating something and being really hungry hnd having to help my dad19:03
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