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ahoneybunmhall119: I can't take any more days off for awhile... 19:49
ahoneybunI was trying to see if I could leave friday and come back on sunday19:49
mhall119ahoneybun: are you still able to attend FOSSETCON?19:49
ahoneybunyea yea19:49
ahoneybunthat's all good19:50
mhall119awesome, we would miss you if you weren't there19:50
ahoneybunthanks lol19:50
ahoneybunI really would like to A. go to LA B, meet Bryan Lunduke19:51
ahoneybunand everyone else too of course lol19:51
mhall119you know, he used to come to Orlando once a year when they had OpenSuseCon there, sadly that's stopped19:51
ahoneybunoh I think there was one last year right.?19:54
ahoneybunsomething SUSE was going on 19:54
mhall119there was a SuseCon, not an OpenSuseCOn19:55
ahoneybunso I could leave friday at 6:30 pm or so and get there at 9pm or so, then leave on sunday at 2:30pm or so19:55
mhall119aw, you're going to miss UbuCon then19:56
ahoneybunXD if the days made any sense to the board lol19:56
ahoneybunyour thinking they will say yes to that anyway19:57
ahoneybunwhat day is it? thur?19:57
mhall119say yes to what?19:57
mhall119yeah, thursday the 19th19:57
ahoneybunyes to funding19:57
ahoneybunthe thing starts on the 2119:58
ahoneybunI'm talking about SCALE19:59
ahoneybunI'll be at fossetcon all the time19:59
mhall119oh, SCaLE, ok, I was all confused19:59
ahoneybunyep lol19:59
ahoneybunI'm kinda your headling act for UbuCon lol20:00
ahoneybunmhall119: 20:00
ahoneybunI'm kinda your headling act for UbuCon mhall119 lol22:02
mhall119ahoneybun: you're headlining for me?22:10
mhall119I thought you were doing a short presentation22:10
ahoneybunyour trying to get 50mins or something?22:16
ahoneybunright mhall119?22:18
mhall119ahoneybun: if you can22:59
mhall119i have the morning hours booked already23:00
mhall119I was thinking of doing the afternoon as an unconference with a more flexible schedule, that way you don't have to be 50 minutes23:01

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