ajacmacpython 3.4, dur00:00
frostschutzweva, cryptsetup works with image files too, so you can cryptsetup luksDump some.image to see if it's LUKS or not00:00
ajacmacit installed to 2.7 by default00:00
frostschutzweva, or did you mean you are migrating an unencrypted one to luks?00:00
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wevafrostschutz, I tried it not with luksdump, but with luksopen, and the results were the same for different disk images I have: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13075829/00:05
wevaI tried it with the mounted images that I had difficulty unmounting in the recent session00:05
frostschutzweva, cryptsetup would create (and remove) the necessary loop devices for you00:06
frostschutzweva, what does 'file the.image' say?00:06
DJ_Hi All,  does anyone have any advice on Research and implementing a mail server with ubuntu server 14.04.3? I am new to these kinds of "Big boy" projects and would like to learn how to research these kinds of things00:08
nieehi. i write "su -l" to give a root, now i need to typed "sudo -i". how to fix this. i want to give a root after typed "su -l"00:08
wevafrostschutz, it says "image.dd: data"00:08
ulkeshDJ_: Found on the google: http://www.tecmint.com/setup-postfix-mail-server-in-ubuntu-debian/   hope it helps!00:09
k1lniee: on ubuntu we use sudo. so we use sudo -i to get a root shell00:10
frostschutzweva, so it's not a known type, filesystem, luks, or raid image... were you expecting it to be?00:10
DJ_ulkesh, While I appreciate thel link share I am not asking for an article to blindly follow. I am reaching out to ask how the community Plans their implemenations and researchs their products00:10
wevafrostschutz, this was a partition that I properly created as encrypted, and then transferred 2,5 gb of files into, and locked before powering off the drive. in the next session, the partition was shown as "unknown"00:11
nieekl1 but befor in my ubuntu 11.04 i use "su -l" to give a root shell.00:11
ulkeshDJ_: pardon me, then00:11
quanticniee: then it was improperly configured.00:12
HoloIRCUserok, not sure how well this will come across, so work with me. I have a new HP Envy computer. I bough an SSD that im trying to upgrade it to. Ihave been trying to clone the partitions, but i cant seem to boot into windows 10. ( i have been using DD to clone it). SO - WOuld you suggest or believe that intead of using the parittion command, and went for the entire drive, it would work? My Other question, is that, the origianal 00:12
wevaI dont know what happened, but 2,5gb of data must be somewhere inside, as I haven't deleted any file, folder or partition00:12
quanticniee: The Ubuntu standard is that you use sudo to elevate, such as using "sudo -i" to gain a root shell.00:15
quanticniee: If that's what is now necessary - Great! It's working as it should.00:15
frostschutzweva, encrypted as in LUKS? you need to find the LUKS header then00:15
DJ_uklesh, I'm not trying to be a dick, promise00:16
daftykinshopefully your LUKS not run out00:16
nieeok. tnx for help :)00:16
quanticdaftykins: oh, nicely done00:16
daftykinsquantic: thanks :D00:16
daftykinsso glad someone noticed ;_;00:16
ulkeshDJ_: No worries, I gotcha :)  I assumed too quickly and didn't properly read your original question.  Apologies here :)00:17
wevafrostschutz, yes, it is luks encrypted. but, aside from the question how i can find the header, does it help when the file is not shown as an encrypted ext4 filesystem?00:18
quanticweva: because until its decrypted, how would the system know it's a filesystem at all?00:18
OerHeksHoloIRCUser, transfering windows is beyond the scope of this channel, in ##windows they should be able to tell how without activation problems00:18
wevaquantic, so it's shown as unknown because it's encrypted?00:18
quanticweva: Being able to determine what type of filesystem exists inside an encrypted container would be an information leak.00:18
frostschutzweva, normally, testdisk should find LUKS headers... if you're looking for alternatives, 'sudo strings -t d /where/to/look | grep LUKS' (but it will give you false matches as well)00:18
HoloIRCUserOerHeks. i know- but they refer me to here because im using DD00:19
davegriCan anyone recommend a good laptop, reliable best bang-for-buck. Minimum specs: [15.6",1600x900,4GB RAM,option for ssd upgrade] under $1000?00:19
Guest83556literally any 300$ laptop will do00:19
HoloIRCUserdavegri - yoga00:20
davegriMost $300 laptops don't have those specs or they are complete shit00:20
davegriYeah I'm leaning towards Lenovo00:20
davegriI've never actually owned a laptop though so I have shit-all experience00:20
HoloIRCUseroh :/00:20
HoloIRCUserthe yoga is hot- but ur cant mod it. SO- maybe something HP or ... less slim line.00:21
ajacmacI got mine used for $500~ with 8 gigs of ram, I just put in a caddy for an ssd where the cd drive was00:21
baiterlaptops suck00:21
HoloIRCUseryeah.. i got a new HP that im messing with on the same way.00:21
ajacmacthe screen isn't 1600*900 though00:21
wevaquantic, I understand. the root cause seems to be something gone wrong in the filesystem, because not all the partitions have become "unknown", there are intact luks partitions.00:21
HoloIRCUseryeah, true- but they are portable.00:21
baiterthey have heat issues, speed issues, interface is shit00:21
davegriHow is this deal? http://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-ThinkPad-20DF0040US-15-6-Inch-Laptop/dp/B00SJ2G7UI/ref=sr_1_27?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1446294635&sr=1-27&refinements=p_n_size_browse-bin%3A2423841011%2Cp_n_feature_five_browse-bin%3A7817222011%7C7817223011%7C7817224011%2Cp_n_feature_three_browse-bin%3A9647485011%7C964748601100:21
Guest83556a 15.6" monitor and 4GB of RAM is pretty much the standard these days. The only problem is the underpowered CPU compared to desktops.00:22
k1ldavegri: please ask that in ##hardware or #ubuntu-offtopic00:22
ajacmacyou should look for a laptop with a decent cpu, nothing over the top, 4+ gigs of ram and a cd drive, you can just swap the cd drive out for an ssd and be good to go00:23
HoloIRCUserdavegri - i have the same CPU on my new HP. I have 16gb ram though. ..... so - id weigh out the usage of hte new computer.00:23
wevafrostschutz, I also read about testdisk or gparted could restore filesystems. that was why I thought about changing file type via testdisk and creating the image of the new file to restore a partition from it00:23
daftykinsdavegri: #ubuntu-offtopic for system advice, this is support only.00:23
wevado you think it might help?00:23
ajacmacyou can get an i5/i7 in that price range easy, even if it's a QM the performance will be respectable00:23
daftykinsbaiter: that language is NOT acceptable - and don't bring that negativity here either.00:24
frostschutzweva, not sure what you mean by change file type via testdisk... testdisk is supposed to find things, not change things00:25
locutus_ok first time on irc and just wading into debian00:26
daftykinslocutus_: this is #ubuntu - so you might want to join #debian00:26
locutus_thank you dat00:27
locutus_actually, mean "debian based"00:27
trimetaI'm trying to build a server with a BTRFS RAID 1 root on top of encrypted volumes. Normally, initramfs doesn't want to decrypt two different volumes on boot, but I modified /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local-top/cryptroot to fix this. However, the system still refuses to boot if the BTRFS system wants two devices, even though both of those devices are unlocked.00:27
trimetaAnyone know what's going on here? I can mount the BTRFS system without error from within the initramfs rescue shell, but for some reason it's not mounting automatically in the scripts.00:27
locutus_I'm more accustomed to redhat historically00:27
daftykinslocutus_: ok, support chat only here - chat in #ubuntu-offtopic :)00:28
locutus_ok thankyou. will add that as well00:28
wevafrostschutz, that's also what I should think. but I found an online post about it, and saw in testdisk the "T" option, which changes the file type, and I set it as "linux LUKS"..then I copied the new file to a drive, the dd file that I referred to.00:29
andystarI think I am going to have to reinstall Linux, after just reinstalling it a while ago.  I don't think it should be necessary, except that I installed all of these sound applications from kxstudio.  They required the use of jack audio.00:30
frostschutzweva, do you actually have to recover this data or can you just ... copy it again from wherever you copied the first time?00:33
daftykinsyeah that'd break it :)00:33
andystardaftykins, Who is your comment aimed at?00:34
daftykinsandystar: you00:35
wevafrostschutz, the two places on two different drives, where I copied the data, have both become "unknown" at the same time. so I can get image of two partitions as many times as I can, but cannot access the data which I suppose is still in there, as I saw them there before all this happened00:35
andystardaftykins, Thanks.00:35
samthewildoneso I'm having a problem where I cannot have my bluetooth (bose ae2w) work in conjunction to outputing/inputing sound.00:35
wevasince they are LUKS partitions, I might not have success with testdisk anyway, if I'm not mistaken?00:36
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:36
samthewildoneTrying to use teamspeak but, it's become a pain.00:36
wevaI mean in trying to recover data right now00:36
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/00:37
wevafrostschutz, sorry for the long answer, the answer to your question is that the data is only in these two borked partitions now00:37
frostschutzweva, if it was luks encrypted you need the luks header. if testdisk does not find it, try strings. otherwise, end of the line00:38
wevaexcept that I could probably use testdisk on my hard drive from where I cut-pasted them to the external drive00:38
samthewildoneandystar, hey looking for some great games for linux ?00:38
wevabut I think strings would be much easier than digging into hundreds of GB to find 2,5gb of data00:39
samthewildoneandystar, Steam has some great games for linux for free; just need to have an account with them to access their linux games.00:39
wevafrostschutz, I see. so no use in creating a partition from the dd image?00:40
rbongHey, trying to customize a LiveCD. It says here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization that the home directory is generated at some point. I think it's through casper, but I tried adding lines in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/casper-bottom along the lines of what was in there and nothing is added to the LiveCD. I'm in a chroot now on the same image in Ubuntu Customization Kit.00:40
wevaor no possibility of file system restore via gparted or, theoretically, via fsck?00:41
andystarsamthewildone, The sound query to ubottu was for you.  I was curious as to what ubottu had in its database about games, as well.00:41
wevajust asking, as I am wary of fsck, being unfamiliar with it00:41
andystarsamthewildone, Teamspeak is only used for games, from what I have seen.00:42
samthewildoneandystar, ah, but I'm having more of a bluetooth output problems.00:43
daftykinsandystar: please query the factoids or PM the bot directly in future :)00:43
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone00:43
wevafrostschutz, so in the command 'sudo strings -t d /where/to/look | grep LUKS'  "where to look" would be the "unknown" luks partition on the drive?00:45
andystarsamthewildone, Have you tried asking in a hardware forum?00:45
andystardaftykins, !ubottu can be pretty fun.00:45
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moon__How would I go about creating a VPN on my home machine so when at work I can connect to my home VPN?00:47
andystardaftykins, It looks like I didn't trigger it, by including an exclamation point in the middle of my sentence.00:47
daftykinsandystar: no, nor should you as you're now spamming.00:48
wevameanwhile, I'd like to see what happens with the image file.  in this command "dd if=image.dd of=/dev/sdX bs=1M" will /dev/sdX be the destination drive where the partition created by the image will be saved?00:52
andystardaftykins, Sorry.  My first two queries to it were for samthewildone's sake.  The third one was in response to yours.  You seemed to want to be jovial about the chatbot.00:52
daftykinsandystar: well i mentioned private messaging or clicking the factoids link, so... bear that in mind :)00:53
frostschutzweva, it would be the drive or image file where you believe the luks header to be. and don't dd the image back to the disk, that's unnecessary...00:53
frostschutzweva, i.e. if you don't know where it is, search the whole drive, with testdisk too if you used testdisk on a partition instead of whole disk before00:54
wevafrostschutz, I presume the luks header would be on the external drive where I created the partition, am I correct?00:55
wevacould it be anywhere on the whole drive, or is it likely that it is found within the partition's own area(as it is still clearly seen as /dev/sdbX)00:57
frostschutzweva, it would be at the very beginning of the partition in question normally, (and file -s -L /dev/device would say it's LUKS as would luksDump)00:58
wevaso if the partition in question is /dev/sdb9, would it be correct to type sudo strings -t d /dev/sdb9 | grep LUKS ?00:58
wevafrostschutz, so if the partition in question is /dev/sdb9, would it be correct to type sudo strings -t d /dev/sdb9 | grep LUKS ?00:58
wevafrostschutz, file -s -L /dev/sdc9 says '/dev/sdc9: data', like earlier01:01
moon__VPN, anyone?01:04
wevafrostschutz, in that case, would it still be correct to use " sudo strings -t d /dev/sdc9 | grep LUKS" ?01:05
bazhang!vpn | moon__ have a read01:05
ubottumoon__ have a read: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN01:05
xburger@moon__ i use it when im under linux01:05
bazhangread that link above moon__01:05
xburgervpn1clik i use01:05
xburgeror is it called 1clickvpn01:05
xburgergoogle for it01:06
andystardaftykins, I have reread your comment.  It looks like you were just trying to inform me about ubottu.  I have already seen the factoid, and I already had ubottu in a private message room, though.  I guess you wanted ubottu to just quote the link for you.01:06
moon__on it, thanks for the info bazhang AND xburger01:06
daftykinsandystar: ok01:06
bazhangandystar, take the chat to the offtopic room NOT here01:06
xburger@moon__ you may wanna edit /etc/resolv.conf and add line nameserver to be abele to use it01:07
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daftykinsxburger: probably best not to get carried away when you're not sure of the persons' provider yet ;)01:08
andystarbazhang, stop yelling at me.01:09
xburger@daftykins whell thas what i needed to add in order vpn to work its dns server01:09
daftykinsxburger: that IP looks like it could be one for your ISP, so that'd be totally irrelevant01:10
xburger@daftykins im not under vpn now im in windows now when im in ubuntu im using vpn cause it's my boot routine under ubuntu01:11
wevafrostschutz, ok, I am applying the command as I pasted above, but how will know if an output is a luks header? does it have a particular extension, expression..?01:11
daftykinsxburger: none of what you just said is relevant to me, or anyone01:11
xburger@daftykins im trying to understand what are you telling to me but i just dont....01:12
daftykinsxburger: nevermind then :) best not to advice people if you're not familiar.01:13
wevafrostschutz, i found one01:13
wevahow will I proceed?01:13
wevait is a ten-digit number with LUKS next to it01:14
xburger@daftykins everything i wrote to moon_ is just what i did and waht im doing every time when i boot in ubuntu cause /etc/resolv.conf is restarting every time you reboot01:16
daftykinsxburger: stop.01:17
ghost-face1my touchpad on a dell running dual boot ubuntu 14.04 and windows 10 is not working either on ubuntu or windows 10... it was working until now... i havnt noticed anything that mightve changed it... anyone can help?01:17
moon__so in the gateway portion of the VPN connection window what should the gateway be?01:18
daftykinsmoon__: you need a provider first.01:18
moon__Is this a pay service, I had thought I read somewhere that you could use cisco any connect as a free provider?01:18
daftykinsghost-face1: pull the battery + mains, hold power for 5 seconds then reassemble01:18
frostschutzweva, create a loop device, using losetup --read-only --offset=thenumber, then cryptsetup luksDump the loop device01:19
ghost-face1daftykinds: what are the mains?01:19
daftykinsthe electricity supply.01:20
ghost-face1daftykins: ok i will try.. thanks... whats the reason do you know?01:20
micahupgraded to wily, there doesn't seem to be a suspend option in the logoutt menu in gnome now (classic)01:20
daftykinsghost-face1: just try it.01:20
wevafrostschutz, the offset would be the start point of the first partition on the drive, that is, /dev/sdc1 ?01:22
ghost-facedaftykins: thank you very much sir.. it helped.. idk why but it did :)01:26
SatshiRoleI botched my system installing ATI drivers on 14.04 can someone help me fix it?01:27
daftykinsghost-face: nice reset to the hardware there \o/01:28
arnoldoi gatinha01:30
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:30
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.01:31
synergisticsDoes installing linux persistently on a flash drive make the installation non-portable?01:32
monty_hallhow can I screen shot a selection of a screen?01:33
monty_hallcan unbuntu do this out of the box?01:33
Mike41synergistics due to issues with drivers it's not portable01:33
Mike41monty I don't think so but you can edit the capture later01:34
k1lmonty_hall: alt+print screenshots the active window01:34
TJ-synergistics: to a large degree yes; with proprietary drivers (especially GPU) sometimes not01:34
synergisticsTJ-: So installing the drivers for the computer you go to is the barrier to portability?01:35
synergisticsThen what's the best way to maintain a constant installation but migrate computers?01:35
synergisticsOr make the transition to a new computer as seamless as possible01:35
synergistics(Not using a VM)01:35
wevahello, frostschutz seems to have gone. can someone here help me further maybe?01:35
TJ-synergistics: Well, generally it won't be a problem for open source drivers which are the majority, because the Linux kernel loads drivers in response to what hardware it discovers each time it starts01:36
TJ-synergistics: but where, for example, there's a hard-coded /etc/X11/xorg.conf for, say, an nvidia Optimus system, that is going to cause the Xserver to failsafe itself on a system with an Intel GPU01:36
TJ-synergistics: same issue with, say, Wifi drivers. If the installer system only has fully open-source driver hardware 0 not Broadcom - but then you move the USB to a system with a Broadcom Wifi chipset, you'll have to install the broadcom drivers - unless you've gone through that beforehand01:38
synergisticsTJ-: So if I do move to another computer, installing the proper drivers will be sufficient in some cases?01:38
fluffy_punchdoes anyone here regularly do console emulation?01:38
fluffy_punchspecifically wii (dolphin) ?01:38
TJ-synergistics: Yes, and if you know ahead of time what drivers are likely to be needed you can install them on the system that doesn't require them01:38
synergisticsAh I see01:38
TJ-synergistics: E.g. accelerated GPU drivers for AMD, Nvidia. WiFi drivers for Broadcom,, some Realtek01:39
synergisticsWhy is it that hardware will sometimes just work without me needing to install drivers01:39
TJ-synergistics: because the drivers are already in the Linux kernel because they are open-sourced01:39
synergisticsAh, yea01:40
TJ-synergistics: Generally, the Linux kernel contains the drivers for every device you can imagine, with some notable exceptions because the hardware chipset makers won't/don't release the technical specifications or help kernel devs develop a driver01:40
synergisticsYea, I remember reading about the kernel and drivers01:41
synergisticsOk, thanks for the help01:41
TJ-synergistics: And, at boot-time the kernel identifies each hardware chipset and loads the correct driver01:41
synergisticsI see01:41
synergisticsit seems like it doesn't take much storage space to hold all the driver specifications; why is that?01:42
synergisticsOr that it would take more than it does to do so01:42
TJ-synergistics: drivers for each kernel version are stored under /lib/modules/${KERNEL_VERSION}/. Drivers really don't need that much space for their code in most instances. Generic code - stuff that all drivers use - is implemented just once in the kernel and called by all modules (drivers) that need it01:43
ASSCAPTAINhi all01:43
synergisticsOh ok01:43
Mike41hello there01:45
TJ-synergistics: Ubuntu builds kernels with the most common essential modules already built-in to the kernel image, which is stored at /boot/vmlinuz-${KERNEL_VERSION}. Additional modules are loaded as the hardware is discovered, when the kernel sends an Event to the udevd (user-space device daemon) which in turn calls 'modprobe' which locates the correct driver and inserts into the kernel's memory.01:45
SatshiRoleI cannot log in 14.04 since I installed AMD proprietary driver. Can someone help?01:46
mjaykSatshiRole: can you acess a non-graphical tty?01:47
Admin__hey everyone.. anyone know where i can get a little help with pimd ?01:48
Admin__i am stuck... i have the multicast route .. i can ping.. i have sysct.conf settings setup.. everything.. i can pickup the MUlticast on point B > C .. but i can't pickup from A > B > C01:48
Admin__anyone know pimd well?01:49
synergisticsTJ-: Ok, I see01:49
synergisticsTJ-: I was reading the book "How Linux Works"; I'll have to get back to that now!01:50
Mike41Hello. I would like some clarification on something. Lately I've been hearing about Ubuntu sending local search queries to Amazon, among with other data that really shouldn't be send anywhere. My question is whether this actually occurs, and if it's directly related to the Unity UI, as I'm currently running Lubuntu.01:50
mjaykMike41: afaik its unity specific01:51
TJ-Mike41: there is/was an Amazon shopping 'lens' or whatever Unity calls them which forwarded dash searches, which is user configurable. I'm not sure about the current state of those recently since I use Kubuntu.01:53
Mike41ok thanks01:55
SatshiRolemjayk: No, can't even log on. I guess, I'll have to go into single user.01:55
TJ-SatshiRole: can you Ctrl+Alt+F1 to a console and "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" ?01:57
Bashing-omSatshiRole: What we mean, at the login screen - key combo ctl+alt+F1 ; does this activate a console interface ?01:57
Admin__anyone help with pimd ?01:57
SatshiRoleBashing-om: TJ-: I understand. Once you type in the username, and password. It sits there for a bit, and then just goes back to tty1 logon:01:59
TJ-SatshiRole: Now THAT is unexpected!02:00
TJ-SatshiRole: did (you) change anything else at the same time of installing the AMD driver? What you describe sounds like a possible issue with the PAM modules (Portable Authentication Modules) which handle log-ins02:02
SatshiRoleTJ-: No, I was following these directions:02:05
SatshiRoleUnder section 3.1, but several issues occurred....02:05
TJ-SatshiRole: if you reboot to single-user mode, check the /var/log/auth.log for clues02:05
maddawg2hmmm... so i have a linux box i'm using as a router... it has 3 network cards.. one I want to use for WAN then two LANs (each serving iPS dor differnet subnetS) how do I tell the linux server to hand out IPs in the subnet on eth2 and to hand out IPs on on ETH102:05
TJ-SatshiRole: I can't think of anything GPU driver related that should/could affect log-in02:05
maddawg2right now the server is listening on interfaces02:05
SatshiRoleTJ-: I won't know how to read it, but I can pastebin it for you.02:05
maddawg2but i dont know how the server knows which interface to use for each subnet02:05
TJ-maddawg2: sounds like a job for Shorewall02:06
daftykinsmaddawg2: #ubuntu-server02:06
maddawg2using IPTables actually02:06
daftykinsor pfsense :)02:06
* daftykins hides02:06
TJ-!info shorewall | maddawg202:06
ubottumaddawg2: shorewall (source: shorewall): Shoreline Firewall, netfilter configurator. In component universe, is optional. Version (wily), package size 672 kB, installed size 2059 kB02:06
SatshiRoleTJ-: second though, it would be very painstaking to do so.02:06
maddawg2i know what shorewall is02:06
maddawg2but i cant use shorewall02:07
TJ-SatshiRole: you could boot the system from a live ISO with network access and then pull the log files out that way02:07
Pinkamena_Dhas anyone ever tried to pipe mic input as well as system sounds to a virtual mic for the purpose of combining both sources to a skype call?02:07
SatshiRoleTJ-: Yes, I could.02:07
TJ-maddawg2: the system 'knows' based onthe routing table02:07
maddawg2ah gotcha TJ-02:08
maddawg2technically my second interface is actually a VLAN interface (not a physical interface)02:08
TJ-Pinkamena_D: there's a PulseAudio module that can do loopback; that might be what you need02:08
maddawg2and eth102:08
SatshiRoleTJ-: Is that where you'd like me to start, or do you want to hear more about what I did, and the errors that occured?02:08
TJ-SatshiRole: it's far easy and quicker for use if we can see the logs; we often spot things quickly from experience that you may not realise are significant02:09
daftykinsmaddawg2: i really think -server or ##networking would be more relevant.02:09
TJ-SatshiRole: it also avoids miscommunication and wrong assumptions and interpretations02:09
maddawg2thanks daftykins but TJ- jst answered my question so no need to02:09
daftykinsmaddawg2: well anything further and yeah, better off there :P02:10
SatshiRoleTJ-: okay, I'll get the live CD.02:10
Guest77381i am using the live session of xubuntu from usb flash stick, windows did something so grub does not start, how can i reinstall grub again?02:10
Guest77381please help?02:11
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:12
daftykinssee there02:12
maddawg2Guest77381, http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd02:12
maddawg2or there too02:12
wevahello, sorry I was about to apply a solution to recover luks headers of my partition, but frostschutz has left, can you help me further maybe?02:21
wevaI'd last applied strings and a number was detected02:22
TJ-weva: recover headers? does that imply you had back-ups?02:24
Pinkamena_DTJ-: really weird way of thinking about it, but yes, that module works! Thank you for the suggestion.02:24
hazamonzo_ooft. What a pain. So I've just reinstalled Ubunti 15.10 (a couple of times today) due to Nvidia driver issues. I struggle to get into the OS on a fresh install unless i follow a strict process. Now... i have the OS installed and the Nvidia drivers working. The question is, for how long.. Is anyone who is familiar willing to look at the Xorg.log output for me to see if they can spot something out of the usual?02:24
hazamonzo_The reason being is that after a couple of reboots with zero changes... i'll have issues getting into the OS due to graphics problems02:24
TJ-Pinkamena_D: I recall doing that myself some time ago, for another purpose.02:24
TJ-hazamonzo_: cold or warm reboots? That can sometimes make a difference?02:25
daftykinshazamonzo_: let me guess, are you installing the download from their website?02:25
hazamonzo_Im worried that if i setup all the apps on this laptop again that i need it will just bork out on me :)02:25
hazamonzo_daftykins: Afraid not. Im doing it via the commandline (nvidia-352)02:26
daftykinswell that's good!02:26
hazamonzo_TJ-: Last time the OS failed to let me in was a cold boot02:26
hazamonzo_daftykins: I've been doing this a couple of times the last few days! :D02:26
TJ-hazamonzo_: is it a UEFI or BIOS system?02:26
hazamonzo_TJ-: Bios02:26
SatshiRoleTJ-: booting now. Nickname will be Rexter, or Rexter1.02:27
hazamonzo_Opted for Win7 on this system :)02:27
TJ-hazamonzo_: And, is it Optimus (hybrid) or only Nvidia ?02:27
hazamonzo_TJ-: One of the erros that i noticed before this fresh install in the Xorg log was issues with "finding a display"02:27
hazamonzo_TJ-: Hybrid. Intel and Nvidia K2100M02:28
hazamonzo_()K2100M is supported as far as the nvidia website is concerned for the 352 driver02:28
hazamonzo_I did notice an odd thing though02:28
hazamonzo_i get one error hen booting from the live dvd or the regular install02:29
TJ-hazamonzo_: OK, so the issue is likely to do with the system having issues with the Optimus config, and possibly setting up the video output incorrectly occassionally.02:29
hazamonzo_Some error about the intel i915 (can't remember the number) having issues loading02:29
hazamonzo_TJ-: I tink you might be right as the system is working fine now but its unstable when i restart02:29
TJ-hazamonzo_: possible sources of clues/help: /var/log/gpu-manager.log, run "sudo /usr/bin/prime-supported" and then look at /var/log/prime-supported.log, as well as /var/log/Xorg.0.log and friends02:30
hazamonzo_TJ-: Perfect! Let me have a look02:30
TJ-hazamonzo_: Optimus is a nightmare I steer well clear of!02:31
hazamonzo_TJ-: Noted. Im having a hard enough time as it is :D02:32
hazamonzo_I installed all my dev tools earlier only for the system to give me a hard time :(02:32
TJ-hazamonzo_: You've probably already checked, but there are sometimes settings to influence it in the BIOS Setup02:32
hazamonzo_TJ-: I didn't actually dig into the BIOS just yet02:33
hazamonzo_But i've been pointed in the direction of prime-select and bumblebee ect02:33
hazamonzo_Im... not a GPU guy...02:33
hazamonzo_TJ-: So prime-supported = yes02:34
hazamonzo_TJ-: And i can pastebin the Xorg.log if you have a moment to run your eyes over it for any unusual items?02:35
TJ-Bumblebee is deprecated now Nvidia has nvidia-prime, but we were discussing this earlier; Last time I dug in deep I found that -prime driver doesn't support MUX-less Optimus chipsets - that is, dual GPUs where the outputs are NOT switched between the GPUs using a multiplexer. That's caught a few people unawares but not sure if that support is still absent02:35
hazamonzo_I know that when i was having issues booting i had a couple of EE errors in there02:35
TJ-hazamonzo_: sure, more eyes the better02:35
hazamonzo_TJ-: Appreciated! One mo02:35
daftykinsnot gone into BIOS?! wowzer :)02:36
hazamonzo_TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13079423/02:36
hazamonzo_daftykins: hehehe. I only ever visit it if i have to change the boot order :)02:36
daftykinsah that's a rookie mistake, one time boot menus are far superior to messing with order02:37
daftykinsoh a xorg.conf has been made.02:37
=== Admin__ is now known as prelude2004c
hazamonzo_daftykins: Hehehe. Hey! i had a hard time with windows 8+ even getting to the BIOS! :D02:37
daftykinsshutdown -s -t 102:38
daftykinsactually that fails to factor in fastboot i guess02:38
daftykinsnm, off topic02:38
hazamonzo_daftykins: lol. I was about to google it02:39
TJ-hazamonzo_: I'd suspect, when it goes wrong, you don't get this line: "[    21.875] (**) |-->Inactive Device "intel""02:39
TJ-daftykins: there always is with -prime02:39
wevaTJ- I have backups that are shown as "unknown" partitions..I think we were talking about it yesterday02:39
hazamonzo_TJ-: you think the intel card kicks into life or something and has issues?02:40
daftykinsTJ-: so maybe that user i mentioned needs to run nvidia-xconfig ? o002:40
daftykinsi've always had folk use prime with auto02:40
TJ-hazamonzo_: Yes, that'd be my best guess. If the Intel starts as the primary for some reason02:40
wevathe problem was that I created these partitions as backups before reinstalling system. I saw the data was transferred in them. but now they are there as "unknown" partitions02:41
hazamonzo_TJ-: There might be something to that... i see an error even on the live dvd thats related to the i915 or something?02:41
TJ-daftykins: the installer usually does it from what I've seen, but yes, possibly. Every -prime system I've looked at has a default xorg.conf with the GPUs listed.02:41
hazamonzo_And from what i've read thats an intel thing02:41
daftykinsTJ-: hmm, are we talking about something other than grabbing nvidia-352 and nvidia-prime together?02:42
TJ-hazamonzo_: yes, i915 is the driver for many recent Intel GPUs. Although, there are a few common warnings it puts out that can be safely ignored02:42
TJ-daftykins: not that I know of, but as you know I try to avoid -prime!02:42
hazamonzo_Hehehe. Is there a couple of configs i could check reagrding the loading of these cards?02:43
TJ-weva: does "sudo blkid /dev/sdXY" fail to identify any meta-data in them?02:43
TJ-hazamonzo_: I think it depends on which one is set as primary in BIOS, but that's a hunch not proven02:44
RexterTJ-: http://pastebin.com/vkLNxS2002:44
hazamonzo_TJ-: I assume there is no config where i can for the working Nvidia card to be primary. At least for now02:44
hazamonzo_I'd rather have an OS i can rely on that one that performs well on the battery :)02:45
TJ-hazamonzo_: Well, /etc/X11/xorg.conf is the xserver config but that was auto-generated and I'd trust it to be correct. The log you showed just now suggests everything is optimal using the Nvidia GPU, but if you want the low/high power switching you'll likely need to check BIOS settings first in case the Intel is disabled.02:46
wevaTJ- the command gives no output. it just jumps to command prompt02:46
TJ-weva: which suggests there's no intelligible metadata there02:47
hazamonzo_TJ-: Would there be any reason that the intel would be disabled as this is a brand new laptop and i haven't messed with the BIOS so far02:47
wevaTJ- but strings returned a ten-digit number with LUKS written in red next to it02:47
TJ-Rexter: hmmm, which user, 'mike' or 'aj' (or both) have the log-in issue?02:47
TJ-Rexter: this bothers me: "PAM unable to dlopen(pam_kwallet.so): /lib/security/pam_kwallet.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"02:48
TJ-Rexter: you have/had Kubuntu installed on that PC?02:48
SatshiRoleTJ-: Both users cannot log in. Mike is admin. No, just regular Ubuntu. I was able to log in both users, just a couple of hours ago.02:50
TJ-SatshiRole: line 185/186 might be important - looks like PAM is trying to authenticate to a Windows/Samba server )pam_winbind)02:51
hazamonzo_TJ-: Well im going to do a reboot and have a quick look at BIOS to see if i can spot anything. Lets hope i can get back afterwards! :D Thanks for your help02:53
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TJ-SatshiRole: also line 177/178 suggests 'aj' is unknown to the unix password file02:54
SatshiRoleTJ-: is it possible that the system was doing some sort of updates, and there was a conflict.... none of this makes sense. Did you take a look at the directions I was following?02:56
TJ-SatshiRole: these auth issues don't make sense if user 'aj' is a local system user, that's for sure.02:59
knikollaHi guys. I'm having an issue with upower. It doesn't correctly report line_power events. Only when i unplug it reports both the line_power and bat events together.02:59
SatshiRoleTJ-: well, the devel's in the details, so let me tell you what I did, and maybe someone will chime it.03:00
SatshiRoleHere are the directions I followed:03:01
SatshiRolesection 3.103:01
hazamonzoWell dang!03:02
mrblackwhere can i find a discussion about nootropics03:02
SatshiRoleI gt an error message on the step one. I don't know the exact error, but either a folder didn't exist. So I just moved on.03:02
hazamonzoTJ-: Hey mate. Just restarted. Didn't see much interesting in BIOS but the machine in question failed to get to the UI. If you're interested this is the latest Xorg.log. http://paste.ubuntu.com/13079607/03:02
monty_hallthere should be no mister black03:03
monty_hallrather mr orange or mr pink03:03
cfhowlettmonty_hall, this is ubuntu support.  stay on topic.03:03
monty_hallwrong channel :P03:03
TJ-weva: what does "sudo cryptsetup isluks /dev/sdXY" report for the backups?03:04
SatshiRoleStep two, there was nothing to remove.03:04
hazamonzoTJ-: I see... (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown. but thats about it. Some error about "No monitor specified for screen "nvidia"." also03:04
hazamonzoNot sure if it helps03:04
SatshiRoletherefor, I did not reboot as instructed in step 303:04
TJ-hazamonzo: weird; that log file indicates everything is OK03:05
hazamonzoTJ-: Oh yeah? :s03:05
hazamonzoTJ-: Maybe the OS is working but not on the default LCD display?03:05
TJ-hazamonzo: how many monitors are connected?03:06
hazamonzoNone at the moment03:06
hazamonzoTJ-: And none since the fresh install03:06
wevaTJ- it reports these: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13079630/03:06
amicrawlercan any body lead me how to get my wifi working right03:08
TJ-hazamonzo: you remember what I said earlier about MUX-less Optimus?03:09
cfhowlett!wifi | amicrawler03:09
ubottuamicrawler: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:09
wevaTJ- but the partition is shown with a star here : http://is.gd/htJ1hK does this not mean that it is mounted?03:09
amicrawlerused that no help03:09
amicrawlerwifi is Qualcomm Atheros Device 0041 (rev 20)03:09
TJ-hazamonzo: I wonder if the PC you have, is of that type. In which case, the Intel GPU would need to be active since MUX-less works by the nvidia doing the work but the Intel writing the framebuffer to the outputs, rather than with MUX systems where each GPU writes to its own framebuffers, and the outputs are switched between the 2 GPUs03:10
wevaalso gparted shows it is mounted at /home03:10
amicrawleros is ubuntu 15.1003:10
TJ-weva: which ubuntu release is that on?03:10
hazamonzoTJ-: That sounds.... technical! :D03:11
wevaTJ- it is on my external drive, my system is 14.04.303:11
TJ-weva: Oh! my typo! "sudo cryptsetup isLuks /dev/sdc9" (not the UPPER-CASe L) !03:11
TJ-hazamonzo: it's a computer, not an apple pie :d03:12
wevaTJ- so it has to be upper case?03:12
dshovechannel #etherboot03:12
TJ-weva: The 'L' of Luks does, yes03:12
TJ-weva: oH!! Add the option '-v' in there too, as in "sudo cryptsetup -v isLuks /dev/sdc9" so it tells you the status03:13
hazamonzoTJ-: Hahaha03:13
hazamonzoIm just pottering around. setting up a moniter03:14
hazamonzoSee what happens :)03:14
wevaTJ- well.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/13079668/03:14
wevaI find a luks string in /dev/sdc9, but it turns out not to be a valid luks device..the question remains; what am I to do, where is my data that i saw there with my own eyes..:)03:15
TJ-weva: was /dev/sdc9 always an encrypted block device using LUKS, or was its data copied from an original LUKS device elsewhere?03:16
wevaTJ- it was created just before the data transfer to it. its data was copied from my hard drive, which was at least not home-folder encrypted.03:17
wevasorry, not copied, but cut-pasted03:18
hazamonzoTJ-: ooft. I give up for now. It gone 3am. I'll take a look again tomorrow. Thanks for the help mate03:18
Scriptonauthey guys, does anyone know of a package or a configuration that will make my super key (windows key, command key, etc) act like the command key in os x?03:18
ScriptonautI use os x at work often times, and ubuntu everywhere else. I prefer ubuntu, but one thing I really miss is the command key03:18
Scriptonautand I don't want to merely bind the command key to ctrl, that doesn't work very well in the terminal03:19
michael__Question about future compatibility03:19
TJ-weva: so the process was effectively "cryptsetup luksFormat ... /dev/sdc9; cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc9 crypt_sdc9; mount /dev/mapper/crypt_sdc9 /mnt/tmp; ... cp -a /home/$USER/ /mnt/tmp; ... umount /mnt/tmp; cryptsetup luksClose crypt_sdc9" ?03:19
michael__After Mir is released, will Xlib-based applications still work?03:20
wevaTJ- if you're asking me how I created the partition and transferred the files, I used all GUIs for them03:20
wevanautilus and gnome disk utility03:20
TJ-weva: Hmmm; wasn't aware they had LUKS format capabilities03:21
wevaI might have used gparted to do initial formats of drives..which made me think when I heard of mbr-gpt mismatch as a possible cause of this filesystem problem..03:21
SatshiRoleScriptonaut: what does the command key do in the terminal in OSX?03:22
wevaTJ- yes, gnome disk utility can do ext4 luks encryption03:22
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TJ-weva: can you show me "pastebinit <( sudo dd if=/dev/sdc9 bs=16384 count=1 | hexdump -C )"03:22
ScriptonautSatshiRole: it doesn't output a control character, like it does in ubuntu. For example, if I Command+v, it pastes my clipboard contents03:23
TJ-weva: obviously it doesn't do it correctly!03:23
wevaTJ- with the final ")" included?03:23
TJ-weva: that <( ... ) is process I/O redirection, collects the output, gives it to pastebinit03:24
wevaTJ- here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13079728/03:25
TJ-weva: don't know what the tools did, but the LUKS metadata header should be at offset 0 through to 00000250 ... there's none there03:26
=== Elroys_Testicles is now known as LinuxDopeFiend
TJ-weva: so you need to figure out if the tools create detached LUKs headers and if so where they put them!03:27
VergilPrimeSo i have a stupid question03:27
TJ-weva: this is the kind of thing you'd expect to see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13079742/03:28
VergilPrimeIs it possible to symlink files so that I can write code on my machine and have it automagically update code on another code via SSH?03:28
VergilPrimeon another machine*03:29
TJ-VergilPrime: Yes; use sshfs03:29
TJ-!info sshfs03:29
ubottusshfs (source: sshfs-fuse): filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol. In component main, is optional. Version 2.5-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 40 kB, installed size 133 kB03:29
wevaTJ- I see..where else could they be places?03:29
somsipVergilPrime: there are various types of software that allow syncing, either on demand or manually. git-sync, btsync for example03:29
TJ-VergilPrime: with sshfs you would directly edit the remote files, mounted in the local file-system03:30
ScriptonautVergilPrime: is there any reason you don't just use git for this?03:30
ScriptonautYou want it to automatically update with each file save?03:30
ScriptonautI used to have a setup with ftp that did this03:30
=== user is now known as Guest64342
ScriptonautI dunno if ftp is the ideal setup though03:31
TJ-weva: I have no idea; any tool that does detached LUKS headers and doesn't inform you is bad. I wonder if that is even a LUKS device at all; it could be a 'plain' dm_crypt device with no LUKS header at all, in which case you'd need to know the key to unlock it03:31
VergilPrimeThis code is for prototyping so I generally preffer speed over anything else and I am used to A. deploying code on my own machine or B. using windows Notepad++ FTP that automagically uploads every time I save.03:31
somsipVergilPrime: git with a post-commit pull to update the remote machine. But not really on topic here03:31
VergilPrimesomsip, sorry, didn't know where specifically to ask.03:31
wevaTJ- I sure still have my password03:31
VergilPrimeI'll look into sshfs and git03:32
TJ-weva: try "sudo cryptsetup open --type plain /dev/sdc9 crypt_sdc9"03:32
roberhello i need help. i need change a file from utf-8 to ascii03:33
VergilPrimeopen it in a text editor and save it under the new format?03:34
wevaTJ- gosh, it asks me "enter passphrase"..should I enter the partition's encryption password?03:34
VergilPrimeAm I stupid in thinking that's how that works?03:34
roberit is not possible03:34
somsip!info iconv | rober (iconv --from-code UTF-8 --to-code US-ASCII -c inputfile > outputfile)03:34
ubotturober (iconv --from-code UTF-8 --to-code US-ASCII -c inputfile > outputfile): Package iconv does not exist in wily03:34
roberi tried with incov but do not work03:35
TJ-info uni2ascii | rober03:35
TJ-!info uni2ascii | rober03:35
ubotturober: uni2ascii (source: uni2ascii): UTF-8 to 7-bit ASCII and vice versa converter. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.18-2 (wily), package size 53 kB, installed size 188 kB03:35
TJ-weva: Yes, and then you'll need to test the resulting device mapper node to see if the data in it makes sense, with "sudo blkid /dev/mapper/crpyt_sdc9"03:36
TJ-weva: I rather think it'll be garbage though03:37
wevaTJ- I entered my password and it said "Device crypt_sdc9 already exists"...by the way, I think itwasnt there before, but now I see in device list /dev/sdc9 mounted at /dev/mapper03:37
roberi need explanation how to use that command. i am sorry for my english i speak spanish03:37
cfhowlett!es | rober03:37
ubotturober: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:37
wevaTJ- crpyt_sdc9 or crypt_sdc9 ?03:38
roberin ubuntu-es nobody answered me03:38
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adun153Hello everyone, my Enigmail on Thunderbird stopped working after I upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10. It doesn't ask me for my private key passphrase anymore,  and immediately returns this message when I try to open an encrypted message "Error - no matching private/secret key found to decrypt message"03:41
adun153"gpg --list-key" still lists my keys as being there.03:41
adun153What could I try out?03:42
TJ-weva: "Device crypt_sdc9 already exists" suggests some other tool already tried/did unlock the block device03:44
TJ-adun153: sounds like an issue with the password agent that (should) run in the session03:44
wevaTJ- I don't know about it..I entered my password for the first time since the partition has this state03:45
wevaTJ- this is how it currently looks: http://is.gd/nMkiti03:47
TJ-weva: something created /dev/mapper/crypt_sdc9, if it was there before you tried my 'cryptsetup open ...' suggestion03:48
wevaTJ- I, too, first noticed it after I entered my passphrase03:49
TJ-weva: You'll have to research what the tools you used to encrypt the partition actually did/do, since it obviously is NOT LUKS - unless the tools used detached headers, but that makes no sense, since the first 4KB was left blank, which is where the header should be. It looks to me as if something wiped the original header out03:52
wevaTJ-, that is probably the whole story behind the switching of the partition from encrypted LUKS label to "unknown"...if I could only know what happened. the same kind of damage on three different drives.03:54
wevaand at the same time interval03:55
wevaspeaking of two of them, also at the same time03:55
wevaTJ- frostschutz had last written that I should do " losetup --read-only --offset=thenumber, then cryptsetup luksDump the loop device"03:57
wevaTJ- does it point to another approach?03:57
TJ-If 'something' added that /dev/mapper/crypt_sdc9 node that 'something' must have some configuration somewhere telling it to do that, since there is no metadata attached to /dev/sdc9 itself. If you find that config data it might help you figure out what is going on03:57
TJ-if you've got /dev/mapper/crypt_sdc9 is it possible you've got 2 layers of encryption going on?03:58
wevaTJ- where might I need to look in? under /dev/mapper there is a file named crypt_sdc03:58
TJ-weva: in other words, is there a LUKS header in that device?03:58
wevasorry crypt_sdc903:58
TJ-weva: "sudo cryptsetup -v isLuks /dev/mapper/crypt_sdc9" for example?03:59
zoidfarbHi, this isn't strictly an Ubuntu question, it's more of a bash question, but if I'm running `$spark-submit --master spark_align.py --scoring_matrix PAM250 --gap_penalty 5 --output_file score pdbnr.100.fasta` How do I make sure the later options get passed to the Python script and not to spark-submit?03:59
TJ-zoidfarb: that would be up to $spark-submit04:00
wevaTJ- no different http://paste.ubuntu.com/13079907/04:01
TJ-weva: whatever those GUI tools were doing, I'd take it up with their developers!04:03
wevaTJ- do you think they could explain what might have borked the partitionsß04:06
TJ-I don't know, but they should be able to recreate the scenario from your description of what you did04:08
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wevaTJ- I will reboot shortly, and be back04:16
MobilHi, If I'm running a certain desktop environment04:17
MobilHi, If I'm running a certain desktop environment and I switch over to another one with a new hdd but backup all my stuff from my previous hdd, what would work and what wouldn't?04:17
fowlWow I tried to install 15.10 and the installer just sits there like it doesn't know what to do04:20
fowlIs that intentional04:20
liquid4rchiv3anybody know how to add virtual desktops using linux mint 17.2 mate edition04:21
baiterwrong chat04:21
fowlI tried to boot into it and it was slow as hell too then it gives me messages that the USB is out of space04:21
fowlIt was slowly eating the persistent part04:22
baiterhow much space did the partition you were installing to have?04:22
fowlI didn't get that far04:22
liquid4rchiv3usb gets slower with more disk space used04:23
baiterhow far did you get?04:23
baiterbasically, select partition is very early in the process04:24
baiteronly after does install really begin04:24
fowlI got to a very slowly loading kde desktop with messages like space remaining: 400 mb, 200 mb, 0 mb, then it kind of stopped04:24
fowlUm when I tried to install from the first menu I clicked continue, the first button, and it hanged04:24
baiterwere you using live usb?04:25
fowlNeither worked04:25
wileeefowl, the persistent fills up not really any way to clear it, you can delete the casper-rw though that is it.04:25
fowlCouldn't even get to choose partitions04:26
wileeefowl, you have a non sequitur, installs has nothing in general it can be sone with the iso only, you filled it so, fix it.04:26
LambdaComplexliquid4rchiv3: FWIW, back when I used Mint XFCE, for some reason I stopped being able to change my workspace settings (i.e. add or remove)04:27
fowlwileee: no guy it filled itself04:27
wileeefowl, Yes while you were using it.04:27
wileeestandard procedure04:28
fowlwileee: lol? What?04:28
fowlwileee: it filled itself before the desktop loaded04:28
wileeefowl, well you're either trolling or stupid, I gave you the answers04:28
fowlYou are trolling04:29
fowlAs I said it filled up before the desktop loaded04:29
DeaDSouLhi, my M.2 ssd (samsung XP941) was working and booting just fine with (efi) ... then i replaced the m.2 ssd with another one I have, which has another distro... and when i was done, I put the M.2 ssd (xp941) back in the motherboard.. but now I can't boot it at all.. does anyone know why ?04:29
wileee<fowl> I got to a very slowly loading kde desktop with messages like space remaining: 400 mb, 200 mb, 0 mb, then it kind of stopped  This was not a one time event04:29
fowlI thought that persistent part was for my data. Not for Ubuntu to fluff off and use it for whatever it wants to04:30
fowlwileee: yes it was, I had just created the USB through startup disk creator04:30
=== Blaster is now known as Guest63036
wileeefowl, Ah, my mistake, than remove the casper no persistent then, check the md5sums at some point if needed, other outliers in this area really04:31
baiter<DeaDSouL>, check uefi, see all the storage drives appear04:32
DeaDSouLbaiter: is there any command ? blkid, lsblk ?04:33
baitercan't you go into uefi?04:34
baiteron start, press the hotkey for efi04:34
baiterjust make sure all the storage devices are appearing properly04:34
wevaoh, TJ- seems to have left..04:35
AyyHelloHello, yersteday with ioria I was able to find my home folder with a liveusb, and see my files. (I didn't open them though) Can anybody help me with copy pasting the home folders to my hard drive?04:37
fowlTrying again with xubuntu04:39
baiterif it's not encrypted, you can just use cp04:39
AyyHellobaiter:  I am experiencing a problem with that04:40
AyyHellobaiter:  Since I dont know the syntax etc04:40
DeaDSouL_baiter: it is /boot/EFI and /EFI/04:42
baiteri mean your uefi04:42
baiteras in bios04:42
baiterwhen your computer starts04:42
baiterit does a check04:43
baiterand a screen will appear04:43
baitersaying press delete or f11 or something to enter bios04:43
baitermake sure both storage devices appear04:43
DeaDSouL_baiter: yes, in the ExFlash i have EF0 and inside it i have dir called EFI04:44
DeaDSouL_baiter: means EzFlash *04:45
MarchHareQuestion: I would like to run a very simple dhcp serverr from the command line, no special configs, possibly one-off. A simple command line invocation involving the interface and the range to hand out would be nice. Any suggestions? Everything I'm finding on the net involves isc and dhcp3, both of which are daemons that I really don't want running on their own on a normally-client machine04:47
MarchHareTo wit: if I run it, it terminates cleanly when I ^C out of it.04:47
=== DeaDSouL_ is now known as DeaDSouL
DeaDSouLbaiter: in the EzFlash Utility it shows FS0 > EFI04:50
=== gms is now known as Guest31703
fowlXubuntu works much better than kubuntu so far04:58
MarchHareQuestion: I would like to run a very simple dhcp serverr from the command line, no special configs, possibly one-off. A simple command line invocation involving the interface and the range to hand out would be nice. Any suggestions? Everything I'm finding on the net involves isc and dhcp3, both of which are daemons that I really don't want running on their own on a normally-client machine. To wit, I want a simple command-line dhcp s04:59
MarchHareerver that terminates cleanly when I ^C04:59
finch_how can i apply after upgrede to ubuntu04:59
Osirezfinch_ http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/how-to-upgrade-from-ubuntu-15041410-to-ubuntu-1510-wily-werewolf05:03
slumbazdoes anyone could help me to install buzztrax05:28
ajmalHow I can add fonts in ubuntu?05:48
Osirezajmal: Just download the .ttf or .otf in Ubuntu. Doublick the downloaded file. That should open the font viewer where you'll see an install button.05:50
emitattuoIf there's a ton of fonts, can you still select them all, right click them in Nautilus, and click install?  (Or manually move them to /usr/share/fonts)?05:52
ajmalOsirez : thanks for the response. I will try it.05:53
OsirezajmalL: No problem05:53
Osirezemitattuo: That should work yes in theory. Try just one and see if its added. If so then do the same with all the others.05:55
OERIASAnyone here know how to change the cursor on Ubuntu 15.10?05:59
OERIASI totally forgot how to do it.05:59
OERIASI already installed the cursor05:59
NR87zHi all anyone awake? Can anyone tell me what I would cloud use to take snapshots of one server and pump it on to another?06:06
NR87zI'm trying to create a production/staging environment at home06:06
=== wook is now known as Guest4002
emitattuoNR87z, rsync can be used for that.06:10
dboy17hi. fresh install of ubuntu 15.10 and sshfs no longer works. openssh-server is installed. but I get "sshfs connection reset by peer" although sshfs is installed on my clients machine.06:11
eziosalve a tutti06:55
=== ezio is now known as Guest34628
OERIASAnyone here know how to change the cursor on Ubuntu 15.10?06:56
OERIASI already installed the cursor06:56
OERIASI already installed the cursor06:56
VergilPrimeWhere should I go to get help with sshfs?07:03
KartagisVergilPrime: if it's ubuntu, here07:05
mikubuntuhave a question about using databases with lubuntu, not sure if this is the place to ask. i try to open a large .txt file with abiword, or gnumeric or libreoffice, and it loads very sluggishly and takes forever to search -- is .txt the right type of file to use in these applications?07:06
VergilPrimeOkay, so I'm mounting my server's user directory to my system at ~/mnt/server/07:07
Kartagisvia samba?07:07
VergilPrimeOn both machines my user is the same (vergilprime)07:08
=== venkat_331 is now known as venkat_330
samssammerzmikubuntu, What is your application trying to do? What does this textfile have to do with databases?07:08
VergilPrimeIdk what samba is, using sshfs command in terminal.07:08
VergilPrimeThe mount is successful but the file permissions are all wrong so I can't actually do anything with the mounted directory07:08
VergilPrimeinstead of "vergilprime" being the owner and group i see "501"07:09
VergilPrimeand frankly this is a bit above my head :I07:09
edistois it me or is the kernel 4.3 mainline amd64 bit version missing?07:10
mikubuntusamssammerz: the file is a list of names and addresses, and i want to be able to search it for individual entries. so i assume i want to have in like a spreadsheet configuration. i'm not familiar at all with using files like this.07:10
=== manjaro-kde5 is now known as evade
flyingbutterim l33t h4xxor07:11
flyingbutteri come 4 ur eye pees07:11
VergilPrimeShould I try creating and adding myself to a "501" group? :I07:12
=== obli-AWAY is now known as AbyssOne
mikubuntusamssammerz: abiword has been loading for at least 5 minutes now and still not displaying the data from the file07:15
samssammerzmikubuntu, Yes, a spreadsheet or database would be better than a textfile. This will let you at least break things up into fields like first name, last name, street, city, etc ... if you are just searching through the textfile with regex, you'll have all kinds of problems.07:15
mengazoVergilPrime: 501 most likely represents the read, write, and execute permissions of your files. Make sure to check the owner, too. Enter "ls -la" to determine the owner07:16
samssammerz(for instance, the word "james" would match "James Connor", "711 St. James Ave", and "Jamestown, VA"07:16
mikubuntusamssammerz: so should the file have been provided to me in a different type than .txt?07:16
mikubuntusamssammerz: what are typical database file types?07:16
mengazoVergilPrime: Owner information is normally listed in the third column of that output from "ls -la"07:16
samssammerzmikubuntu, If the only thing you are doing is storing names/addresses/phone #'s etc and looking them up, then you just need a spreadsheet, not a database.07:17
mikubuntusamssammerz: i'm sure the office that provided the file probably uses windows07:17
mikubuntusamssammerz: so could i populate a linux spreadsheet using the .txt file that was provided to me?07:18
mikubuntusamssammerz: you are correct, i want to be able to sort by first name, last name, etc.07:18
mikubuntusamssammerz: abiword STILL 'loading,' i know this isn't supposed to work like this .. lol07:19
samssammerzmikubuntu, Yes, assuming that the entries in the file are in some kind of consistent format. Also, how large is the file?07:19
mengazoVergilPrime: Check out this, as well: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Sshfs#Checklist. The last mentioned step should be helpful07:20
samssammerzmikubuntu, I mean, if you are dealing with some enormous # of entries (millions of names), then using an actual database might be warranted.07:20
mikubuntusamssammerz: this particular subfile is 138 mb07:20
VergilPrimethanks mengazo07:21
mikubuntusamssammerz: this subfile would be less than 800k entries i suppose07:21
MoL0ToVhowto configure a linux domain? i want to save home directories on unique server and authenticate users with this server07:21
mengazoVergilPrime: And if the owner of those sshfs files are something other than what you're expecting, keep in mind that the "1" in "501" indicates what level of permission *other* users apart from the owner have over those files07:22
samssammerzmikubuntu, Ah, ok - that's still too big though for a spreadsheet. I would look into using MySQL or PostgreSQL.07:23
mengazoVergilPrime: The "1" means that other users can only execute, which means that other users can't read or write to those files07:23
mikubuntusamssammerz: where could i get some help with that?07:23
hateballMoL0ToV: Will the domain consist of only Linux machines or will you mix OS's ?07:24
MoL0ToVhateball: only linux07:24
VergilPrimeeven sudo ls -la tells me that the file perms are ?????????07:24
mengazoVergilPrime: You would need to change that "1" to a "6" for read and write permissions, or "7" for read, write, and execute permissions (use only for scripts, programs, and directories)07:25
hateballMoL0ToV: I would setup OpenLDAP for auth, mount /home over NFS for client machines07:25
samssammerzmikubuntu, If you've never used MySQL before, I would start by using a search engine to find some tutorials on it. If you have further questions (after doing some reading), you can ask in #mysql07:26
MoL0ToVhateball, yellowpages is not best?07:26
mengazoVergilPrime: Go to the server that's hosting the SSH service and determine/fix the permissions from there07:26
mengazoVergilPrime: UNIX permissions are a bit tricky to learn at first. Here's a reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_system_permissions#Numeric_notation07:27
mikubuntusamssammerz: ok i'll see what i can figure out -- just looking at this page now: http://www.gfi.com/blog/top-10-free-database-tools-for-sys-admins/07:27
VergilPrimeperms on the remote host show that I am owner :I07:27
VergilPrimeI don't necessarily want to let anyone mess with these files, but I am their owner on both machines and I am not entirely sure how to get my machine to realize that.07:28
hateballMoL0ToV: Suppose it would do as well. Using openldap should let you be more flexible in case you need to introduce other OS or applications I think07:28
samssammerzmikubuntu, Honestly, the suggestions in that blog post are pretty terrible. I'd highly recommend looking into MySQL, PostgreSQL or some other actively developed project - you will get a lot more support, better documentation/tutorials, and less bugs.07:29
hateballMoL0ToV: http://www.ltsp.org/ has lots of good documentation about some of this stuff07:29
samssammerzmikubuntu, Also, just a heads up that there is going to be quite a bit of a learning curve to learn how to use a database, but once you learn the basics, it will be a skill that you can apply in many different areas.07:29
mikubuntusamssammerz: okey dokey then -- thx :P07:30
samssammerzmikubuntu, You're welcome. Good luck!07:30
mengazoVergilPrime: Do both the user you're logged in as on your client machine and the owner on the remote server have the same uid?07:30
VergilPrimeI don't knowwwwww :307:31
VergilPrimeuid is a new thing to me.07:31
mengazoVergilPrime: Enter "id -u" to determine that on both machines07:31
VergilPrimeuid on remote host is 50107:31
VergilPrimeuid on my machine is 100007:31
treeprogramthe vertical line that signifies where the letter you type will appear - is it called a cursor?07:31
mengazoThere's the problem, right there07:32
VergilPrimeIs that fixable?07:32
treeprogramso like if I want to type in the middle of the paragraph, I click in the middle of the paragraph, and that vertical line appears there, and I can start typing in the middle of the paragraph. What is that vertical line called?07:32
mengazoVergilPrime: Absolutely. Though, it requires a few steps, but nothing too tedious07:32
VergilPrimetreeprogram, cursor.07:32
MoL0ToVhateball, i don't want ltst or the complication of openldap, i think that use yellowpages is the more simple solution, here in my school exists only linux machines07:33
treeprogramVergilPrime: thanks. Isn't that also what the mouse pointer is called?07:33
VergilPrimeOkay lemme google it first.07:33
VergilPrimetreeprogram, yes it is.07:33
hateballMoL0ToV: well then you already have your mind made up :)07:33
hateballMoL0ToV: I was only suggesting ltsp for their docs on how to set up NFS et al, not using it as a whole07:33
mengazoVergilPrime: Let me fetch some documentation07:34
MoL0ToVsomeone know if is possible to use yp with dynamic assigned ip address on clients?07:34
VergilPrimeIve got some mengazo07:35
VergilPrimebut feel free07:35
VergilPrimeI'm an idiot07:35
mengazoVergilPrime: We all have our moments, dude. If you're relatively new to the *nix world, we all have to start somewhere :)07:36
=== Guest64342 is now known as wokao
mengazoVergilPrime: Just make sure the uid and gid (group id) of both client and server users match, and you change the owner (uid and gid) on all files you currently own07:38
mikubuntusamssammerz: do you know why i might be getting a 'can't send to channel' msg from #mysql ??07:39
hateball!register | mikubuntu07:40
ubottumikubuntu: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode07:40
mengazoVergilPrime: usermod -u UID username07:41
mengazoVergilPrime: usermod -g GID username07:41
mengazothe group id (gid) is normally the same as the uid07:41
wbillim on ubuntu 14.04 and i forgot my passwd im in recovery mode at root, what do i do if it won't let me change the passwd gives me an authentication error07:42
wbilli checked the passwd file it definately has my id listed07:42
mengazoVergilPrime: find / -uid OLD_UID | xargs chown username07:44
wbillauthentication token manipulation error07:44
mengazoVergilPrime: find / -gid OLD_GID | xargs chgrp username07:44
yousertc<wbill> authentication token manipulation error07:44
wbillim doing a :  tb passwd07:44
yousertc<mengazo> VergilPrime: find / -gid OLD_GID | xargs chgrp username07:45
yousertc<wbill> im doing a :  tb passwd07:45
yousertcwbill> anyone?07:48
VergilPrimeWish me luck! :D07:50
wbillyousertc >wbill > eatme...  > /dev/null07:51
mengazowbill: Is it possible to chroot into your system from a live CD and change the password using "passwd"?07:51
yousertcVergilPrime> Wish me luck! :D07:52
mengazoyousertc: Go away07:52
wbillfor whatever reason live cds dont load properly or usb stick for that amatter07:52
wbilllive usb sticks'07:52
yousertcwbill> yousertc >wbill > eatme...  > /dev/null07:52
wbillis yousertc a troll???07:52
yousertcmengazo> wbill: Is it possible to chroot into your system from a live CD and change the password using "passwd"?07:53
mengazoyousertc needs the banhammer pronto07:53
iBurleyAnybody know if it's safe to install proprietary AMD graphics drivers through the GUI tool on 15.10 yet?07:55
yousertcOps! mengazo07:55
yousertciBurley: don't know07:56
mengazowbill: This article is a bit dated, but it's still relevant: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/reset-your-ubuntu-password-easily-from-the-live-cd/07:56
mengazowbill: I'm should be possible to accomplish from another distro and not just Ubuntu07:57
mengazowbill: *That should07:57
vakhi all08:09
vakmy ubuntu 15.10 still has many packages that I have installed from Ubuntus 12.*,  13.*, 14.* and some packages are not updated using 15.10 repo! how to force the update for all such packages?08:12
nipsingreinstall 15.1008:12
vaknipsing: what for?08:13
vakexample: http://pastebin.com/XSW1QtCA08:13
nipsingvak, simple to solve all problems08:14
lotuspsychjevak: not all packages from older versions will still exist on 15.10 either08:15
vaklotuspsychje: take a look at example08:16
vakvagrant installed is 1.5 whereas 1.7 is available08:16
lotuspsychjevak: sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade?08:17
vaklotuspsychje: done of course08:18
lotuspsychjevak: wich ubuntu version did you have before 15.10?08:18
lotuspsychje!info vagrant vivid08:18
ubottuvagrant (source: vagrant): Tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.5+dfsg1-2 (vivid), package size 272 kB, installed size 2239 kB08:18
vakyou see08:18
lotuspsychjevak: doesnt got your version from your paste weird08:19
vakvagrant was even in vivid of version 1.6 already08:19
lotuspsychjevak: wich version you had before vivid?08:19
vakprobably 1.5 that i am still having.08:19
lotuspsychjevak: ubuntu version sorry08:19
Steve_JobsHi all08:19
vakand vagrant is just *one* example.08:20
Dumle29Anyone had any luck with office 365 in ubuntu?08:20
lotuspsychjeDumle29: there are unity webapps for office 36508:20
Dumle29I'd like to swap my laptop to linux, but the SSD is too small for dual booting, so I'd like my programs to work :)08:20
vaklotuspsychje: oh, i did distro upgrades each half-year since 12.04, i guess.08:20
Dumle29lotuspsychje: I don't use unity, I use gnome :/08:20
=== Blaster is now known as Guest9688
lotuspsychjeDumle29: ask the #ubuntu-gnome guys perhaps if the know08:21
iBurleyAnybody know if it's safe to install proprietary AMD graphics drivers through the GUI tool on 15.10 yet?08:21
Dumle29will do,thanks :)08:21
lotuspsychje!info vagrant precise08:21
vaklotuspsychje: so, abuot 6 distro upgrades08:21
ubottuvagrant (source: vagrant): Tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-1 (precise), package size 112 kB, installed size 589 kB08:21
lotuspsychjevak: did you install packages manual instead of official repos?08:21
vaklotuspsychje: could be08:22
lotuspsychjevak: you get errors when sudo apt-get upgrade?08:22
vaklotuspsychje: nope.08:22
lotuspsychjevak: what does it do?08:22
vaklotuspsychje: what 'it' ? vagrant? it's not relevant now. I have about 100 packages of this sort after many years08:23
lotuspsychjevak: i need to know what happened to your system, as i cant find that version from your paste08:24
vaklotuspsychje: my current distro version is 15.1008:25
lotuspsychjevak: yes you already said08:25
lotuspsychjevak: got ppa's installed?08:25
vaklotuspsychje: maybe it was installed from ppa. but apt-cache sees clearly that there are newer alternatives, but they are marked of a low priority or something like this and not respected therefore during 'apt-get upgrade"08:27
=== michael__ is now known as Guest12938
lotuspsychjevak: listen mate, if you mix manual packages, ppa's, with official versions your system gets a mess after a while...best to clean install once08:28
vaklotuspsychje: fresh install isn't the option now08:28
vakthat's why i am here asking...08:29
lotuspsychjevak: if you had installed everything officially, it would have cleaned up correctly and upgrade to latest08:29
lotuspsychjevak: try remove/purge the old versions and reinstall new ones08:30
lotuspsychjevak: and remove all ppa's from your system08:30
vaklotuspsychje: i cleared the ppa entries already08:31
vaklotuspsychje: but now idea how to fix the false repo/version priorities mentioned in pastebin above08:32
lotuspsychjevak: they way i would do this, is make a list of your packages with aptoncd and clean install 15.10 again08:32
lotuspsychjevak: no sorry, your system should be doing this automaticly08:33
=== GitGud is now known as Papi
vaklotuspsychje: i see them quite well in Ubuntu Software Center --> Installed --> Unknown08:34
lotuspsychjevak: try a manual purge of vagrant and then reinstall the wily version08:34
vaklotuspsychje: pretty sure it will work. but what about other 100+ packages that sticked over the years here?08:35
lotuspsychjevak: all do them manually08:36
=== nudtrobert1 is now known as nudtrobert
=== Papi is now known as GitGud
lotuspsychjevak: or make the list with aptoncd, then purge all old versions and reinstall with aptoncd08:37
lotuspsychjevak: what happens when you install a new package?08:37
lotuspsychjeiBurley: does the xorg driver not work for you properly?08:38
vaklotuspsychje: just tried: got a new version as expected.08:38
lotuspsychjevak: after the next 9months, you might experience the same issues over08:39
lotuspsychjevak: i would clean install08:39
lotuspsychjevak: making backups is always a good idea, also on your favorite packages08:40
vaklotuspsychje: i have enough machines where clean install is not an option. I'd better learn the way to fix such an issue08:40
lotuspsychjevak: i think mixing manual install with official version will always get you in trouble08:41
lotuspsychjevak: better start the right way from the start right08:41
lotuspsychjeto avoid situations08:41
pierre__Hi guys, I never compiled and installed a C++ program on ubuntu yet but now I need to install one and I get errors.. it says C compiler cannot create executables and the config.log is all chinese for me. Can anyone refer me to any kind of help page on this kind of trouble ?08:42
SachiruLiterally chinese?08:43
pierre__lol Sachiru !08:43
pierre__pretty much!08:43
lotuspsychje!compile | pierre__08:43
ubottupierre__: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall08:43
SachiruAs in it spits out chinese characters?08:44
SachiruOr are they English, and you just don't understand them?08:44
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Muon, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!08:45
shreddingI have an upstart script like this and somehow the number of daemons increases over time until my machine runs out of memory: https://dpaste.de/iPNa08:47
shreddinghowever, only one of them has this 'bash -c' prefix in ps aux08:47
shreddingdoes that mean that they are initialised somewhere else?08:47
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!08:48
shreddingpierre__: That's for me?08:49
lotuspsychje!msgthebot | pierre__08:49
ubottupierre__: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".08:49
VergilPrimeI lived mengazo08:49
lotuspsychjevak: try the apt-get clean and such: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto08:50
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Unhammeranyone know how to change the icon of an instance of a program shown in xfce's alt-tab? (I always have several instances of "sakura" running, and they all have the same icon in alt-tab)08:59
Unhammerthought 'wmctrl -I' would do it, but no luck09:00
tuorhi, (using Ubuntu 14.04) I have formated my SD-Card with nautilus and now mounted. When I try to copy something on it or just create an empty file, i get the error: "The destination is read-only."09:05
tuorThe line of mount is: /dev/mmcblk0p1 on /media/tuor/32GB 01 type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096)09:06
tuorIt looks liek mounted rw for me. So what can be the Problem, that I can't write on it?09:06
wbillanyone know what baf-2.index is in ubuntu09:07
wbillunder /usr/share/applications09:07
tuorWhen I open nautilus as root I can write to it.09:07
wbilland has anyone got skypw to install on  14.0409:08
Kartagiswbill: yeah, why?09:08
wbillhow did you do it not sure why im having issues installin g skype it being a .deb package and all09:09
wbillor is there a version i need to download from somewhere other than thew skype website09:09
KartagisI've just downloaded and issued dpkg -i, that's all09:09
Kartagisdownload the multi arch for 12.0409:10
wbillhow do you invoke it09:10
Kartagisinvoke what?09:10
Kartagisfrom the menu09:11
wbillah what menu09:12
kashyap1113is there any script to automate canon printer driver installation?09:12
Kartagiswbill: the OS menu09:12
wbillit says it is in /usr/bin/skype09:12
Kartagisit creates a menu item09:13
wbillou mean unity09:13
=== SK_ is now known as Guest71747
Kartagisin my case, cairo-dock, but aye09:15
GnomethrowerHi there09:15
Gnomethrowerdoes anyone know of a utility like tar that archives things with deduplication?09:15
kashyap1113what do you mean by duplication?09:16
=== nudtrobert1 is now known as nudtrobert
bhuddahyou mean compression?09:17
wbill ok dumb ? what does apt-get install -f do?09:17
kashyap1113@wbill it will try to install missing dependencies from repository09:18
wbilldohh, it been doing it for like 2 hours now kricky09:18
kashyap1113wbill : your connection might be slow09:19
wbill80 mbps down and 10 up and i hav elike 0 services running weras i usually have a radio station for my podcast out of her and no issues can download a 1 GB file in like 2 minutes09:21
wbilljust a flood of dep installs my screen is screaming09:21
kashyap1113Oh man 80 mbps down....You must be feeling like in heaven09:22
wbillok finally it installed skype or it installed the deps needed ty for the help09:23
developeranyone here?09:25
nunyathere has GOT to be something better than SKYPE09:25
SCHAAP137there is09:26
samssammerznunya, ^09:26
SCHAAP137it's called: IRC09:27
Kira9204irc isnt great for calls xD09:27
SCHAAP137hmm true09:27
SCHAAP137Google Hangouts works well imho09:27
Kira9204i'd second Google Hangounts09:27
Kira9204it works really well09:28
samssammerznunya, Tox is a p2p VOIP client that does not include spyware09:28
Kira9204and has good quality09:28
samssammerzGoogle Hangouts, like Skype, is corporate spyware. Google is known to share information with third parties, such as the FBI, and cannot be trusted with your private data.09:28
Kira9204samssammerz: newsflash, ALL corporations store information about you09:29
samssammerzKira9204, Yes, which is why you should use a P2P VOIP application such as Tox that is not run by a large corporation.09:29
nunyaoh crap HANGOUTS duh...kicks SKYPE's arse09:29
MonkeyDustsamssammerz  sure you're not from NSA?09:30
nunyaI'll check out TOX09:30
kashyap1113Does Tox encrypt the data?09:30
samssammerzkashyap1113, yes09:30
nunyaHey yeah of yer from the NSA then you HAVE to tell us...it's the law09:31
=== root is now known as Guest74990
samssammerzYes, it is good. And unlike Skype and Google Hangouts, there is nobody that is holding your encryption keys (so they can't do this: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jul/11/microsoft-nsa-collaboration-user-data)09:31
MonkeyDustok guys, take discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic, keep this channel clear for support09:32
nunyadamn that microsoft {synonym for flacid}09:33
nunyaI was hoping for some assistance with WINE. Seems like most things don't work. Is there a better 'frontend' than PlayItOnLinux?09:35
MonkeyDust!wine | nunya09:37
ubottununya: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu09:37
samssammerznunya, In the rare case that I'm forced to use Windows software, I generally find it easier to just run a pirated copy of Windows in a Virtual Machine.09:38
Dylan____Hello guys I'm trying to install my b43 driver09:38
nunyamostly just want it for games09:39
Dylan____Someone in the forums told me to install b43.zip09:39
akiksamssammerz: no warez here09:39
Dylan____After doing what the forum mod told me to do09:39
Dylan____Nothing happened no wifi09:39
Dylan____And I feel like I'm stuck09:39
Dylan____I'm tried mod probe nothing happened09:39
Dylan____I extracted b43.zip09:39
Dylan____And used these commands09:39
Dylan____And like people were saying oh it worked etc09:39
Dylan____Well I feel like I'm been screwed over09:40
MonkeyDustDylan____  spare the enter key09:40
Dylan____So could you help me??09:40
nunyab43 driver?09:40
Dylan____I downloaded it off someone's other forum post09:40
Dylan____They said it would help with my driver or something09:41
samssammerzakik, Wow hearing the word "warez" takes me back a couple of decades, to my parents basement, searching for a free copy of doom 2 ... but yes, I'll avoid suggesting downloading software for free with bittorrent here.09:41
MonkeyDustDylan____  don't trust and download everything from any random site09:41
Dylan____It wasn't a random site09:41
Dylan____It was clearly marked Ubuntu09:41
samssammerznunya, Broadcom 4309:41
Dylan____So it was legit09:41
Dylan____I have a Broadcom 432209:42
Dylan____And it shows up as Broadcom airport extremes but it just doesn't allow me anything09:42
Dylan____Search google type in this forum post09:42
nunyaDylan: Which Ubuntu? 14.04?09:42
Dylan____On my MacBook 201009:43
nunyawhat piece of hardware is needing the driver?09:44
Dylan____I need this for the wifi09:44
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
Dylan____http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2098717 this is a forum post that the guy had b43.zip09:45
Dylan____This is my post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=230075109:46
afidegnumgood morning all,09:47
nunyadid you use terminal for lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network09:47
afidegnumhello, I am developing a GUI application and I am having permission denied on /dev/input/event7          i did chmod 777 to /dev/input/event7 and I am having "Operation not permitted" error  how can i make it available to other apps and utilities?09:47
Dylan____I didn't use that I used09:47
Dylan____Scroll to bottom09:48
nunyalspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network   will identify your broadcom09:48
Dylan____And see that lspci09:48
Dylan____That's what I was told to use09:48
Dylan____And it came up with the number09:48
Dylan____It's by Hadath09:48
MonkeyDustafidegnum  there's also #ubuntu-app-devel09:49
nunyahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx -- Dylan09:50
Dylan____Is that gonna help me??09:51
Dylan____Because when I load the additional drivers09:51
Dylan____It says sta Linux09:51
Dylan____So I don't know what I'm doing09:52
Dylan____I'm been told something from someone else followed that09:52
Dylan____And it doesn't do anything09:52
Dylan____And also I can't install the propitery drivers for the sta other wise it crashes my Ubuntu09:53
Dylan____Because it says can't mount cd dvd etc09:53
Dylan____I don't have long so can you walk me through what I need to download??09:53
MonkeyDustDylan____  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:54
Unhammerto answer my own question, https://gist.github.com/unhammer/cfa9cd907adcdf391290 lets you change icons of running programs09:55
Dylan____What do I click on monkey dust09:56
Dylan____When I'm on that link09:56
Dylan____By the way I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 not some stupid version before??09:57
plHi. I know my question is specific but I'll try anyway. I upgraded a thinkpad x250 from 15.04 to 15.10, it went fine, but now the system often freezes completely (does not even reply to pings). A hard reboot is needed. This happens quite often. Do you know what issue could it be?09:59
samssammerzpl, when does it freeze? at boot? or random times during use?10:00
Seveaspl: smells like kernel or driver issues. Are you using the normal ubuntu kernel? Any binary drivers (amd, nvidia...) in use?10:01
plsamssammerz, at random times during use, while doing nothing special10:01
samssammerzpl, Have you checked your log files (dmesg, etc) for clues as to what might be causing it?10:01
plSeveas, no proprietary stuff, the laptop is almost 100% intel hardware10:01
plsamssammerz, as it freezes completely I can't use dmesg :(10:02
Seveaspl: noting in /var/log/syslog either after reboot?10:02
plI have to check10:02
Seveasmaybe make a cronjob that saves dmesg output every minute. There could be symptoms showing up just before the hang10:03
samssammerzpl, You can check after reboot, before it freezes.10:03
=== gms is now known as Guest64515
plThanks, I will check the logs10:04
plIf I want to try an older kernel in 15.10, is there an easy way to install it from the official repository?10:04
samssammerzpl, And in the worse case, if you can't boot up long enough to do that, you can boot into a liveCD, mount the root partition and just look at the log files that way.10:04
plsamssammerz, it normally lasts enough time, even one hour or so10:05
Seveaspl: you can add the 15.04 repos to sources.list and apt-get install linux-image-$old_version10:07
plDo you think it's fine if I download linux-image-3.19.0-15-generic from the Vivid archives and install it (dpkg -i) ?10:07
plI really don't want to mix the packages10:07
Seveasyou'll need more than linux-image-* probably (linux-image-extra, linux-headers)10:08
Seveasbut it should be fine to install with dpkg after manual downloading10:08
plwell, thanks10:08
samssammerzpl, It might be OK, but installing an older kernel version could also cause problems if there are any currently installed packages that depend on the current kernel version. I would suggest trying to look at the log files and fix the problems with the current kernel, rather than downgrading.10:08
Seveassamssammerz: that's very rare though, the only time that was really a problem was in the younger days of udev10:09
plsamssammerz, I agree, but in the meantime I really need to have the laptop working...10:09
plEven if it's fixed in linux 4.3, it will take a while to get it10:10
samssammerzSeveas, Indeed, it would probably be OK. But it would also be untested, so who knows? ... and in the meantime, it would just be better to fix the problem, which is probably a really simple issue with drivers10:10
samssammerzpl, It might be something really simple. Take a moment to look at the logs, see if it's something easy before downgrading.10:10
plwill do, samssammerz10:11
plbut I'm not so sure it's a trivial issue, after all it worked fine with ubuntu 15.04, so it's probably a regression that needs to be fixed upstream10:11
samssammerzpl, Perhaps. But after looking at the logs (which will take a couple of minutes), you might discover that it's a known bug with a known solution.10:12
plsamssammerz, I can't do it now, I don't have that laptop with me right now, but for sure I'll check later today10:13
dionysus69hello all can you explain me how this works? I have a boot menu at startup with debian windows loader and hard drive name, if I select debian i get a grub menu as expected, if I push windows lodaer, I get windows and if I push hard drive I get windows, why does hard drive default to windows bootloader instead of grub? I just have 1 efi partition with all those records inside it.10:13
MonkeyDustdionysus69  this is ubuntu, not debian10:14
cfhowlett!debian | dionysus6910:16
dionysus69ugh I know but its same10:16
dionysus69I actually have ubuntu too10:16
ubottudionysus69: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!10:16
cfhowlettdionysus69, somehow, I doubt that ... and it's NOT the same.  ask #debian.10:17
dionysus69grub is same but ok you dont have to answer lmfo10:17
MonkeyDustdionysus69  type /j #debian10:18
samssammerzdionysus69, They are not the same. Ubuntu is a buggy, bloated bastardization of Debian. But it's OK, because Ubuntu has the latest and gr8est softiez ...10:18
MonkeyDustdionysus69  then ask for ubuntu support in the debian channel (meh)10:18
MonkeyDustsamssammerz  watch it now10:18
* samssammerz grovels10:19
dionysus69ubuntu channel is more active thats the reason I am asking it here. my question would still be same if I were asking about fedora or whatever10:19
MonkeyDustdionysus69  ##linux for general linux questions, this channel is ubuntu dedicated10:20
wbillok anoder ? anyone have any issues with skype doing video calls or the configuration thereof i ubuntu 14.04.310:34
wbilli wanna see who im talking 2 as scary as that sounds..lol10:34
MonkeyDustwbill  find 'video' on this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype10:41
huwjrfstab setup, rebooted and 1 of several mounts is not mounting? run mount manually and it works as expected? any ideas?10:42
quantalrabbitThis question might be beyond the scope of this channel....  I am trying to install the latest kernel 4.3 from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds on ubuntu precise 12.04 but am getting an error saying that dependency kmod is missing.  Latest I'm able to install is kernel
quantalrabbitThe mainline builds i'm trying are actually on this page: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/10:57
Seveasquantalrabbit: that's not entirely surprising, you're installing a kernel that's 3 years newer than your userland.10:58
quantalrabbitSeveas: I guess I should have expected this would happen...10:59
Seveasquantalrabbit: you might be able to install it when manually compiling, but those packages are not meant for 12.0410:59
quantalrabbitquantalrabbit: i see.  that might too much trouble in the long run.  was hoping that ubuntu 12.04 could have support for skylake goodness.11:00
auronandace|workquantalrabbit: have you considered moving to 14.04, that is also lts?11:01
quantalrabbitSeveas: i'm losing it.. talking to myself.  haha11:03
Seveasquantalrabbit: that's ok, I've seen much worse in here :D11:04
czeraszI'm using Ubuntu 15.04 with an encrypt hard drive. Since the few latest kernel updates I can't enter my paraphrase when the system boots. It looks like the cursor is not in the input box. The last kerner which works for me is: 3.19.0-26-generic. Has anyone experienced this issue?11:18
czeraszI'm using Ubuntu 15.04 with an encrypted hard drive. Since the few latest kernel updates I can't enter my paraphrase when the system boots. It looks like the cursor is not in the input box. The last kerner which works for me is: 3.19.0-26-generic. Has anyone experienced this issue?11:18
Seveasczerasz: I've been using ubuntu with encrypted harddisk and have never seen that. Try hitting [ESC], you'll be dropped in a text console  and should be able to enter your password there.11:21
ikoniaSeveas: I've seen that situation on poor supported fake raid controllers, it looks like some of the updates broke some frake raid controllers11:23
czeraszI'm using a Dell Inspiron-7548...11:24
wamHi, since the upgrade to wily, I see empty squares instead of letters for the font ubuntu regular italic (and only italic). This font is used for example in pidgin or even in gnome preferences. Any idea, why regular works but only italic is dead? Should I just find the package and reinstall the italic font?11:29
nikolamI get terribly slow btrfs send | pv > /dev/null , in range of Kbytes/s11:29
nikolamAnd it is fom SSD, when Copying files to another magnetic HD, it copies 200Mb/s it says..11:30
wamok never mind11:30
nikolamDOES btrfs snapshot of root (@) , snapshots also @/home by default maybe??11:33
ikonianikolam: it does anything that hangs off the root file system on that same volume11:36
ikoniaif it's on a different volume, then no11:36
nikolamikonia, well default install on ubuntu is at "@" subvolume" and /home is at "@home" volume  so I suppose it does not11:38
ikonianikolam: I'd assume no then11:38
nikolamBut it something else hangs on root file systema nd it is another volume?11:38
nikolamI made more volumes, for other disks and share volum11:39
ikonianikolam: can you pastebin the output of "mount" and "df -h" in a pastebin, lets see what it looks like11:39
nikolamikonia, http://pastebin.com/5bPsa56M let me clean some snapshot and files, I was thinking just to ask the defaults, thanks.11:40
ikonianikolam: that looks to me like it will take home as home and / are on the same volume11:42
nikolamikonia, they are on differend subvolumes I presume?11:43
nikolamso when it does snapshot one subvolume (root) it does not snapshto also /home too?11:43
nikolamI expect it like that?11:43
JessicaJung_hi guys, if you install a kernel, will it replace the existing kernel you use in your system?11:50
nikolamikonia, seems like btrfs-tools are at 3.12-1 version in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and kernel is at 3.19.0-3111:51
k1l_JessicaJung_: you can only boot one kernel at a time. you can choose in grub with wich kernel you want to boot11:51
nikolamCould be Ubuntu problem with not upgraded tools in LTS release, for production ?11:51
ikonianikolam: it's hard to be clear on, the docs are not solid, I'd assume it does te subvolume named root only11:51
ikoniabut from looking at the top level volume, it should do the whole lot11:52
=== wolf is now known as Guest74543
nikolamikonia, I actually had issue with btrfs send  is very slow , that is where question of maybe not upgraded btrfs-tools in LTS arised11:53
JessicaJung_k1 l_: does it like, delete the existing kernel or you have to manually delete it, I'm running 14.04 LTS and I just downloaded the werewolf kernel11:53
k1l_JessicaJung_: no, it doesnt delete the old one. like i said the new one will added to the list in grub. there you can decide what kernel to boot11:54
nikolamikonia, I got question: "Are you using the 3.13 kernel and 3.12 btrfs-progs?" So obviously Ubuntu did not update btrfs-tools when updating kernel... (!)11:55
nikolamkernel is on 3.19.0-31 on LTS now11:55
JessicaJung_k1 l_: oh thanks, lemme try that once the LibSSL quiets down11:56
smartasshi, do cgroups balance memory even if I don't set soft_limit_in_bytes ? 14.04.1 here11:57
JessicaJung_smartass: I think it groups the pages, IMO, I'm not really sure12:02
JessicaJung_smartass: you could ask the devs on how it works12:03
kzarAny idea why there's no amd64 mainline build for 4.3? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.3-unstable/12:06
k1l_kzar: maybe the build failed12:07
lotuspsychjevak: got any further with your issue?12:08
nikolamikonia, seems like problem with slow btrfs send had something to do with btrfs itself. It seems like running very fast, now I deleted older snapshot of a subvolume using disk space and mare new read-only subvolume to do btrfs send. Now it flies...12:08
ZarusHey i got a hybrid graphic card on my laptop when i install fglrx, the login loops what can i do12:08
smartassJessicaJung_: thank you, which devs would it be?12:08
lotuspsychjeZarus: did you test radeon driver (xorg)?12:09
Zarusi had xorg but then i was not using my card with a gpu12:09
JessicaJung_smartass: I guess the cgroups devs could help you out12:09
lotuspsychjeZarus: wich ubuntu version?12:10
Zarus14.04 lts12:10
lotuspsychjeZarus: radeon should work fine, anything unusual in your logs about it?12:10
Zarusdont know what you mean12:11
lotuspsychjeZarus: syslog and dmesg12:11
lotuspsychjeZarus: they might hold errors about the radeon driver12:11
smartassJessicaJung_: ok, would you have ny suggestions as to how to contact them? a mailing list or some IRC channel?12:13
vaklotuspsychje: corrected about 50 pkgs manually in 20 min. postponed the rest12:14
lotuspsychjevak: cool :p12:14
JessicaJung_as of now, smartass, you could ask around the devs of ubuntu via mailing list but wait for someone to turn up with a knowledge of cgroups12:15
lotuspsychjeZarus: /var/log/syslog example or the log viewer icon12:16
lotuspsychjeZarus: have you installed ubuntu with internet enabled + updates during setup?12:18
lotuspsychjeZarus: what kind of card did you have ( sudo lshw -C video )12:19
Zarusradeon 4200/565012:19
lotuspsychjeZarus: it was clean install or upgrade from a previous ubuntu?12:20
omenbtw. just to be curious: anyone had any problems with Ubuntu 15.04 and AMD R9 290?12:21
Zarusi removed gfglrx from termian that helped but the computer is lagging, clean install dint like win10, so i tried ubuntu :)12:21
lotuspsychjeZarus: ok great, if you can pastebin your syslog ill take a look at it12:21
lotuspsychjeomen: best to ask your specific issue to the channel mate12:22
omenI don't have any, I'm just preparing. I have 290 and ubuntu 15.04 with no problems.12:23
lotuspsychjeomen: preparing for what?12:23
omenfor worst12:23
Zaruslotuspsychje: give me a min12:25
tomhardyi'm trying to connnect to a shared folder from osx.  when i try to connect as a user it says "there was a problem connecting to the sever "blabla"12:26
ikonia"blah blah" doesn't help12:27
tomhardywhen i try and connect as guest, it says the operation can't be completed because the original item "share" can't be found12:27
tomhardyblabla is the name of the server12:27
tomhardyso any idea on how to debug the issue?12:28
gulzarwhat is a good partiton schema for ubuntu14.04 server edition on a 1TB HDD?12:28
hjjgis it possible to downgrade zfs-on-linux to a specific version?12:28
omenpartion schema, i have no idea12:28
gulzaromen: the size of /, /home/ boot etc12:29
lotuspsychje!zfs | hjjg12:29
ubottuhjjg: For information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS12:29
ikoniatomhardy: what technology are you using to share the folder on ubuntu12:30
lotuspsychjegulzar: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might help with that?12:30
omenikonia: magic12:30
tomhardyikonia, right click, share folder12:30
ikoniaomen: be helpful - or be quiet12:30
ikoniatomhardy: ok, samba then12:30
gulzarlotuspsychje: ok12:31
ikoniatomhardy: so you need to verify that the mac can talk to the ubuntu machine using the samba/cifs client12:31
ikoniathat would be the starting point12:31
Seveasgulzar: tiny boot and the rest an lvm pv. Create a small-ish volume (50GB) for the root filesystem and separate volumes for each application you put on it and its data12:31
hjjglotuspsychje: thanks for the Link. I've seen this article already - I don't see how this answers my question.12:32
tomhardyikonia: yeah ok.. trying to find the client12:32
tomhardymount_smbfs: server connection failed: Operation timed out << that's what i get when i try to mount it12:33
ikoniatomhardy: so that suggests either a.) the samba server is not running on ubuntu b.) a firewall/something is blocking it, c.) you're talking to the wrong machine12:33
hjjglotuspsychje: but thank you for the message to gulzar. I'll ask that same question in #ubuntu-server, because, in my case, it is server related.12:33
tomhardyikonia: hmm, i wonder if i can mount via ssh12:34
lotuspsychjehjjg: ok i hope youl find your answer12:34
ikoniatomhardy: that is a different technology12:34
tomhardythe problem is i have never been  able to get osx <-> windows <-> ubuntu to actually talk to each other, even with a clean install of ubuntu12:35
SkubbHey, has anyone attempted to extend their home partition with LVM/LUKS after cloning to a larger drive?12:35
ikoniatomhardy: I do it all the time without issue12:35
ikoniaSkubb: yes,12:35
ArchNoobhello here, how can i know my monitor driver description?12:35
tomhardyit's odd. i thought it would be right click, share folder.. then connect from the other machines12:35
tomhardyubuntu <-> ubuntu works fine12:36
BluesKajHey folks12:36
SkubbI seem to be missing something, I cant find out how to expand my home to take up the extra space12:36
ArchNoobBluesKaj: Hello there!12:36
SkubbAll documentation points to fresh installs but my set-up has remained unchanged since 2013 with Ubuntu 12-1012:37
BluesKajhi ArchNoob12:37
ikoniaSkubb: extend the logical volume12:37
SkubbI have extended the logical volume however my home still reported 233 GB instead of 480 GB12:38
ikoniaSkubb: exten the logical volume then12:39
nikolamSkubb, you can use btrfs and do it all at that level12:39
SkubbIm using Ext4 and do not want to change FS or have a fresh install12:39
frostschutzSkubb, did you grow the filesystem after making the volume larger? resize2fs12:39
nikolammigrating from ext4 to btrfs is easy an dyou won't need LVm anymore, because it is integrated12:40
crlcan81I know this is likely not the place for questions specific to a program that is available on other things besides Ubuntu but I've not really found any irc support for this program in particular, and have already attempted to send emails to the people who run this particular audio stream am still awaiting an answer. I wish to play a local college station's web based audio stream using another program then what is 'default' for such things, and12:40
crlcan81can't seem to get it to 'save' instead of download and launch using chrome, and when it loads using VLC it doesn't tell me anything at all about the stream so I can use the same data to open it using the program I want to try and use.12:40
BernzelAnyone got a suggestion on what to do if I don't have enough room on my ssd to update the given updates from Software Updater? I've already removed as much as I can. Should I just ignore them?12:40
SkubbI did; I used the default set-up Ubuntu 12-10 which automated the process for LVM/LUKS12:40
cfhowlettBernzel, sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove12:41
lotuspsychje!paste > zarus like this12:41
ubottuzarus, please see my private message12:41
nikolamext4 is stupid because doesn't have snapshots, send, checksums, raid..12:41
SkubbI dont want to change to btrfs, I want to know how to update home with the additional space12:41
nikolamok sorry Skubb12:41
crlcan81I'm using 14.04 LTS Ubuntu, not sure exact version at the moment but I can find out, and I am not using Unity either, but attempt to use as close to default on programs that I can while allowing me to customize the setup to my needs.12:41
Bernzelcfhowlett, I've done that. Still not near enough room :/12:41
frostschutzSkubb, needs more info then... df -h /home/your/name/ should display the device and filesystem size; blockdev --getsize64 /dev/device should give you the device size; result?12:42
cfhowlett!home | Bernzel make a /home reinstall lubuntu over existing ubuntu.12:42
ubottuBernzel make a /home reinstall lubuntu over existing ubuntu.: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving12:42
Skubb$ df -h12:43
SkubbFilesystem                  Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on12:43
Skubbudev                        977M     0  977M   0% /dev12:43
Skubbtmpfs                       200M  9.7M  190M   5% /run12:43
Skubb/dev/dm-1                   233G  218G  2.9G  99% /12:43
Skubbtmpfs                       996M  160K  995M   1% /dev/shm12:43
cfhowlettSkubb, ue pastebinit12:43
Bernzelcfhowlett, well the update is on 120mb and I have 36gb free space on that disk. But it claims I need to free up space in the /boot directory?12:44
cfhowlettBernzel, ah!  you, sir, have old kernels and need to clear some out!12:44
ikoniaSkubb: thats the file system, not the volume size12:44
Bernzelcfhowlett, show me the12:45
frostschutzSkubb, sudo lsblk; sudo blockdev --getsize64 /dev/dm-1?12:45
Bernzelway senpai12:45
cfhowletthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/removing-old-kernels Bernzel12:45
Bernzelthanks! cfhowlett12:45
cfhowlettBernzel, sorry, wrong url ...12:46
Bernzelcfhowlett, Ok!12:46
Skubb$ sudo blockdev --getsize64 /dev/dm-112:46
frostschutzSkubb, looks fine, should be: sudo resize2fs /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root12:48
frostschutzif it's ext4 as you said12:49
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
SkubbNice one, that was the final thing to do12:50
SkubbI cant believe I haven’t came across that or noticed that final command. Maybe I missed it because all the tutorials were starting from scratch12:51
SkubbThis has been the most painless migration I have ever done. Went from 256 GB to 480 GB, using Clonezilla (expert mode with -k1) which took two hours, now extending in a matter seconds12:52
tomhardyok with my ubuntu problems i can list the shares using smbutil, i just cant mount or connect to them12:53
AsdasdHow do i get bf2 on linux with dual screen?12:56
SkubbThanks for the help12:57
ArchNoobhello here, how can i know my monitor driver description?13:06
p4trixI want to reproduce a Dvd. I think I ll need to mount the DVD device.13:08
sarawaraanywhere to ask a question related to typing chinese ?13:08
cfhowlett!cn | sarawara13:08
ubottusarawara: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:08
p4trixHow do I list the devices: Like fdisk -l but for the optical devices?13:08
sarawaraIn English I meant13:08
lotuspsychjeArchNoob: you mean the graphics card driver?13:09
sarawaracfhowlett I have a problem when I type for example when I type "shen me", I get "sang enme" (and the corresponding characters, so not those for "shen me", though [shenme] is  to be seen near the "sang enme", might it be a faulty setting? (I had no trouble before)13:12
mjaykdpkg: error processing package matlab-support (--configure):13:12
ArchNooblotuspsychje: I guess.. Yes!13:12
mjayki get that error on all apt commands13:12
cfhowlettsarawara, this is ubuntu?  not ubuntu-kylin??13:12
mjaykhowever the program matlab-support seams to be working fine13:12
mjaykany suggestions ?13:12
sarawaraI'm sorry cfhowlett, yes 14.0413:13
cfhowlettsarawara, really might be better to ask in one of the chinese language ubuntu channels.  While it's true I'm in China, I do NOT speak Chinese nor do I have chinese language support installed.13:14
dhalsimhello, I'm trying to add a new startup script to init.d, If I "sudo ./myscript start" it works, but "sudo service myscript start" it just prints "myscript start/post-start, process 3098"13:14
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sarawaraWhat channel would that be? (not in chinese I hope, cause I don't speak chinese (yet :D) )13:16
cfhowlett!cn | sarawara13:16
sarawarais  !cn  a channel cfhowlett?13:16
cfhowletthuh.  #ubuntu-cn13:17
k1l_!alis | sarawara13:17
ubottusarawara: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http13:17
k1l_sarawara: search alis if there is a general chinese channel on freenode13:17
ArchNoobhello here, how can i know my monitor driver description?13:17
beecarrhi guys, am tying to upgrade ubuntu 12.4 to ubuntu 14.3, on my laptop. I persistently get : Problem occurred while loading the URL http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/ReleaseAnnouncement.html?lang=en_GB&os=ubuntu&ver=14.04.3%20LTS13:17
beecarrIs there anywy round this?13:18
k1l_beecarr: what are you doing exactly? running the versionupgrade?13:18
sarawarak1l_ I don't need a chinese channel, I need someone English who knows about keyboard input for chinese13:18
beecarryes just that from the update -manager13:19
k1l_sarawara: please specifiy what you need support with exactly. so long i just saw you taling about learning chinese13:19
k1l_beecarr: open up a terminal and do a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to make sure you have the latest version of 12.04 installed. if there are any errors please put all the output into a pastebin and link it here13:20
ArchNoobHello, a little help please. I'm using i3-wm, with dual screen. Whenever I boot my pc, while not connected to the monitor and then connect it later, It doesn't recognize untill i log out then login. How can I get around this issue?13:20
beecarrwill do . many thanks13:20
k1l_ArchNoob: seems like i3 is so minimal and not running the plug&play services in the background.13:22
sarawarak1l_  something is wrong with the text entry for pin yin I'm on 14.04 lts :   for example when I type "shen me", I get "sang enme" (and the corresponding characters, so not those for "shen me", though [shenme] is  to be seen near the "sang enme", might it be a faulty setting? (I had no trouble before)13:23
cousteauHi.  Ubuntu 12.04, trying to install mingw-w64 via apt-get, I'm getting "mingw-w64 : Depends: gcc-mingw-w64 but it is not going to be installed / E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."13:24
k1l_cousteau: please run a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and show the output in a pastebin13:25
cousteauis that the same as installing all updates?  (I just did that)13:25
ArchNoobk1l_: mmmh nice answer. That explains more.. Thank you!13:25
k1l_cousteau: yes, but it also installed held packages13:26
bruce_lee\(^_^)/ @all13:26
bruce_leehow long is ubuntu 14.04 going to be supported?13:26
cfhowlett!lts | bruce_lee13:27
ubottubruce_lee: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)13:27
bruce_leeeol this year or next year?13:27
k1l_bruce_lee: 5 years13:27
beecarrBack again. Heres my feed back from my sudo : W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu/ precise/main i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/linux.dropbox.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_main_binary-i386_Packages)13:27
beecarrW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems13:27
beecarrReading package lists... Done13:27
beecarrBuilding dependency tree13:27
beecarrReading state information... Done13:27
beecarrCalculating upgrade... Done13:27
beecarr0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.13:27
bruce_leethank you! @all13:27
k1l_ArchNoob: did you have a read here already? seems like its a common issue: https://i3wm.org/docs/multi-monitor.html13:27
cousteaudist-upgrade: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.   full output: http://codepad.org/yl0Uwp5t13:28
omilunhello i need to mound a flash memory on a pc ?13:28
k1l_beecarr: please put it all on paste.ubuntu.com and link it here13:28
BluesKajomilun, install ubuntu-restricted-extras13:29
omilunwhen i mount /dev/sdb i said :linux-zq5p:/media/disk # mount /dev/sdb13:29
omilunmount: can't find /dev/sdb in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab13:29
k1l_cousteau: what says a "apt-cache policy mingw-w64"?13:29
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omilunBluesKaj: i need to ssh on my pc13:30
zykotick9omilun: "sudo mount /dev/sdb /mnt" <- you're missing the mount point (if it's not pre-setup in fstab)13:30
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crlcan81Does anyone here have skills with MOCP or MOC itself? I'm on ubuntu 14.04, unsure of precise version, but I'm wishing to do something that i think can be done as lately I've found a stream I couldn't play at all now plays on my browser, and can be opened using VLC. I simply wish to use MOCP instead to play the same stream. Just not sure how to get the proper address vlc uses to open it and copy it to MOCP itself. What I did use originally13:30
crlcan81isn't the right stream url exactly.13:30
cousteauer...  ok, after tracing all the "won't be installed" packages, I found out that apparently I can't have mingw32 and mingw-w64 simultaneously13:30
crlcan81If someone mentioned an answer to my question I didn't notice as you didn't mention my name directly so I didn't see a 'highlight' relating to my question.13:31
BluesKajomilun, you can run the command once you ssh into it13:31
elok/server -ssl 40079 GpkRVLp7rTi76WC13:31
elok/server -ssl 40079 GpkRVLp7rTi76WC13:31
elokserver -ssl 40079 GpkRVLp7rTi76WC13:31
elokRDF 313:31
omilunzykotick9: when i use only  mount it dose not know my flash memory13:33
cousteauk1l_, http://codepad.org/c4X4FvvZ in case you were curious13:33
cousteaubut it seems to be an issue of mingw32 and mingw-w64 being mutually exclusive13:33
k1l_cousteau: yes, sounds like that.13:34
zykotick9omilun: i'm unclear on what you mean.  are you sure it's /dev/sdb and not /dev/sdb1 or a different device sdc perhaps?13:35
k1l_beecarr: i did not see a pastebin of the output yet13:36
k1l_!paste | beecarr13:36
ubottubeecarr: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:36
cousteaudamn, I thought I could have both since their names are different13:36
k1l_beecarr: that is not paste.ubuntu.com13:36
cousteauso the only way to compare them on this machine is to uninstall one and install the other each time, or to download and install it manually13:36
beecarrhow do I do that pls,13:36
cousteaustep 1: go to http://paste.ubuntu.com13:37
k1l_beecarr: mark all the text, copy it to paste.ubuntu.com. get a new url when sending the text, paste the url here. like uploading a photo just with text13:37
cfhowlettbeecarr, or run your command in terminal and append | nc termbin.com 999913:38
cousteaustep 2: paste the huge amount of text you were going to paste here on the Content frame13:38
cousteaustep 3: click [Paste!]13:38
cousteaustep 4: copy the URL you get redirected to (which will be something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/ASADfsdfaASDf4) and paste it here13:38
sarawarak1l_ here you can see what is happening: I type shen me, but get something different :  http://imagebin.ca/v/2LAdwK28qaeb13:39
joelI recently pulled an external video card out of my machine, I'm now using onboard video. When I log into X I get shown a screen that says ubuntu 14.04 lts in the bottom right, but it's as if my desktop environment isn't being started. Calls to xset say unable to open display "". Thoughts on how to fix?13:39
beecarrSorry guys must go now . Will be back soon. Many thanks13:39
k1l_sarawara: what website is that?13:40
cfhowlettsarawara, is this in the terminal or your browser13:42
k1l_sarawara: see this site: http://www.pinyinjoe.com/faq/ubuntu-1404-chinese-ime-problems-faq.htm13:42
k1l_sarawara: but since i dont use chinese you would have more luck finding one in #ubuntu-cn who uses chinese input13:43
pjphHow many ram isu ubuntu used13:45
cfhowlettpjph, depends.  open your terminal and type in this command:          free13:45
k1l_pjph: did you install it already? if not see here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuGNOME13:45
smartasshi, what is the recommnded way to set up cgroups in ubuntu 14.04.3 ? cgroup-bin does not have any daemons enabled, only some in examples13:48
smartassthe init scripts in examples seem to be only for RH systems13:51
pjphWhat is best linux de?13:52
Picipjph: the one you like best13:53
zykotick9pjph: What is the best colour?13:54
pjphI just use kde,xfce and mate but i like mate ,i had not tried unity yet13:56
ZarusI removed my glfrx drivers, and cant get xorg graphic drivers to work waht to do ?13:59
joelit seems like it's trying to load a non-existant nvidia driver and I don;t know how to stop it14:03
hateballjoel: Have a look in /etc/modprobe.d/ and see if there's anything there14:05
Palm_premiumI use Gnome shell 3.18 the default Debian desktop14:07
Palm_premiumStill beats Unity :P14:07
crlcan81I am a cairo dock fan myself, even if I'd love to use mate more.14:09
crlcan81My favorite overall has been openbox with tint2 taskbar, but it doesn't offer all the fatures I need for everything I want to do on this system.14:09
pjphI tried many distro in vm but it seems laggy what may the cause of it?14:10
crlcan81Yah, honestly an abacus beats unity, it's the Linux equivilent of the windows metro UI.14:10
Palm_premiumHow is Cairo now a days. I used a couple of years ago when Ubuntu still came with the classic gnome desktop14:10
k1l_pjph: too less ressources for the vm14:10
crlcan81what version did you use? I can say one major flaw still remains that bugs me, though some other things I dealt with seemed to be smoothed over toa degree.14:10
k1l_crlcan81: Palm_premium please take the chat to #ubuntu-offtopic so we can have technical support in here14:11
crlcan81sorry we shall14:11
Val_Hi, I have a script, strt.sh, which is executable and runs properly from the CL using "/home/ipt/strt.sh" I add it to my crontab but it fails to execute. I've done google searches and tried a number of fixes, but am missing something. Any help appreciated.14:11
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EriC^^Val_: add > /tmp/script.log 2>&1 to the end of the command14:14
Val_ok, once sec EriC^^14:15
roscoeIs it possible to install older,unsupported versions of Ubuntu on Windows XP computers or is 12.04 the earliest that will work?14:15
EriC^^!lubuntu | roscoe14:16
ubotturoscoe: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.14:16
EriC^^roscoe: lubuntu is made for older hardware14:16
cfhowlettroscoe, lubuntu for the win14:16
roscoeis there a seperate installation CD available for lubuntu?14:17
EriC^^releases.ubuntu.com roscoe14:17
cfhowlettlubuntu.net roscoe14:17
Val_EriC^^ /tmp/script.log 2>&1 added, script run, tried to cat the log and got "/tmp/script.log: No such file or directory"14:17
EriC^^Val_: add a > before /tmp/script.log14:18
Val_lol cool, thanks :d14:18
PiciVal_: 2>&1 sends stderr to the same place that stdout is going, which in this case is the logfile mentioned above.14:19
pjphWhat is the best distro to play dota 2?14:21
crlcan81why so many palms, what's happening to palm's connection, is it a 'bot of some kind, or script?14:22
cfhowlettPalm_pre1ium, this is ubuntu support.  ask your questions.14:22
k1l_pjph: one that works for you. and since you ask in #ubuntu its ubuntu :)14:22
akxwi_davepjph, I find xubuntu seems to be the best for games. All flavours ill play games great but for me they seem to run better under xfce14:23
k1l_Palm_premium: are you done now? please keep this channel free for ubuntu support14:24
Val_EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13082508/ is the script I am truing to run - adding the logging seemed to do nothhing14:24
cfhowlettPalm_premium, this is ubuntu support.  stay on topic or play somewhere else14:25
Val_EriC^^: my crontab: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13082521/14:26
EriC^^Val_: you're never calling the function14:26
Val_EriC^^: Line 22?14:27
EriC^^Val_: either just make it if [[ ... or add start_rtorrent at the bottom14:27
EriC^^no i mean the function start_rtorrent isn't being called14:28
Val_ah, I see - once sec let me load the poriginal and see what i missed14:28
edenc_Is this a reasonable irc to ask a beginner bash question on?14:29
baizonedenc_: just afk14:30
EriC^^ask away14:30
Val_EriC^^ http://forums.rutorrent.org/index.php?topic=1442.0 is the original and as i say, run manually it does what it should - it onloy fails when i try to run it via crontab14:30
edenc_so I'm working from copied code, just want to make a folder if it doesn't exist. The copied code uses if [ $# -ne 1 ] then mkdir $DIR fi14:30
EriC^^Val_: when you run it manually what do you type?14:30
edenc_why check arguments in script?14:31
Val_./strt.sh or /home/ipt/strt.sh14:31
Val_let me verify again :D14:31
Val_yes, the forst works properly, EriC^^14:32
EriC^^edenc_: that just checks if you supplied a dir after the script name i guess14:32
EriC^^Val_: hmm, try to add start_rtorrent at the bottom of the script14:33
edenc_Okay so it wouldnt run if $DIR wasn't defined basically14:33
EriC^^edenc_: yeah14:34
mouI love having amazon with normal installation of new ubuntu14:34
Val_Sorry, EriC^^ I missed a few lines from the paste: start_rtorrent >/dev/null exit 014:35
Val_exit 0 is its own line14:35
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cric32anyone here fimilar with mdadm ? i need some help trying to recover an array if anyone has a sec14:35
EriC^^edenc_: it actually checks if the parameters are not equal to 114:36
EriC^^edenc_: so if you pass nothing it also runs, or 2 arguments etc. too14:36
DaffyWhat's the help room?14:36
EriC^^Daffy: here14:36
edenc_EriC_:, that's helpful.14:36
EriC^^Val_: oh ok, makes sense now14:36
Daffyawesome i need some advice or pointed to a place i can learn.14:36
Val_yeah, my bad - sorry14:37
EriC^^Val_: remove the /dev/null part so it outputs then check /tmp/script.log again14:37
cfhowlett!manual | Daffy,14:37
ubottuDaffy,: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:37
Val_ah! yes, that makes sense. one sec14:37
cfhowlettDaffy, also, www.fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads.  Start with #0.  read. #1.  read. >>> #10214:37
DaffyThank you Ubottu. I don't know that it'll go into what i really need here.14:37
cfhowlett!details | Daffy,14:38
ubottuDaffy,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)14:38
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DaffyOkay. So I installed cpufrequtils to help conserve battery life since it was just terrible. But i noticed that running cpufreq-info in terminal tells me ubuntu is seeing my cpu's hardware limits as 1.10ghz - 1.90ghz14:39
Daffybut i know my cpu caps at 3.2ghz with turbo14:40
Val_EriC^^: I replaced > /dev/null withe the clause you initially game me, ran the script and cat /tmp/script.log returned an empty file14:40
Val_EriC^^: rtorrent executed in the screen fine14:41
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EriC^^Val_: oh ok14:41
EriC^^maybe cause it's running in screen14:41
Val_if the script executes shouldn't it execute under cron?14:42
Val_sorry, this is all brand new to me14:42
EriC^^what do you mean?14:42
Val_well, if the script executes successfully manually14:42
k1l_Daffy: for newer intel cpus it uses intel-pstate and it sets the limit to what is actually needed right now to not burn too much battery for running at turbo speed14:42
Val_shouldnt that same command execute when added to my crontab?14:42
EriC^^Val_: not necessarily, different environment and stuff14:43
DaffyAh. I probably should have mentioned i'm actually using an amd apu.14:43
EriC^^Val_: try just putting the command without screen so you can see what output it gives when cron runs it14:43
Palm_premiumval_: check your syslog, if the cron has run you should be able to find it there14:43
EriC^^Val_: is rtorrent a gui app?14:45
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Palm_premiumEriC^^: rtorrent is an ncurses application, quite user friendly for a command line torrent client.14:45
Val_grep of syslog shows my edit just now, but the last list activity is an hour ago.14:46
Val_what palm said. I'da just said no :D14:46
EriC^^Palm_premium: i see14:46
EriC^^Val_: does it say CRON <your command here> in syslog?14:46
Palm_premiumEriC^^:grep CRON /var/log/syslog14:47
Val_Nov  2 14:45:01 tedsSB CRON[35094]: (ipt) CMD (/home/ipt/strt.sh)14:47
Val_but when I do a screen -ls it shows no sessions14:48
Val_nor is the service available14:48
EriC^^Val_: try replacing COMMAND= in the script with just "rtorrent"14:48
bodomHi there14:48
Daffyhmm i see what you're saying i think.14:49
=== BOHverkill is now known as BOHverkill___
DaffyMaybe it's not the actual max i'm looking at but rather a range it's currently running at?14:49
DaffyThat doesn't seem right though. lscpu also is listing it as 1.90 max.14:50
Val_EriC^^: It hangs like there is a process running invisibly14:50
Val_ctrl-c breaks it14:50
rafael_HELP. My Ubuntu 15.10 won't  shutdown. [Sorry bad english]14:51
EriC^^Daffy: do something cpu intensive maybe14:52
Palm_premiumrafael_: sudo shutdown -hP now14:52
EriC^^Val_: try it in cron14:52
BluesKajrafael_, ctl+alt+delete?14:53
Palm_premiumrafael_: is it hanging during the process of shutting down or are you getting an error?14:53
Daffywould running a couple tabs playing youtube videos work?14:55
EriC^^try for i in {0..100000000}; do echo $(($i+$i)); done14:55
Val_EriC^^: No go I'm afraid. It shows as executing in syslog but no rtorrent14:56
EriC^^maybe drop a couple zeros14:57
frostschutzVal_, if you're open to alternative solutions, I run rtorrent in a screen using https://github.com/frostschutz/Screen-Manager (which lets you sm start rtorrent, sm attach rtorrent, sm stop rtorrent, also in cron)14:58
EriC^^Val_: what about /tmp/script.log ?14:58
Val_ah hah!14:59
Val_EriC^^: /home/ipt/strt.sh: 24: /home/ipt/strt.sh: [[: not found15:01
mouI love having amazon from normal installation thank you so much15:02
moui love you15:02
Val_EriC^^ if [[ -z $(pgrep -u $USER rtorrent) ]]; then15:02
fynnHi. I just finished installing Ubuntu onto my Mid-2012 MackbookPro. Installation seems to have gone smoothly, gives?but now it won't boot at all. What15:02
=== rain is now known as Guest13004
mouubuntu really helps linux developpement15:02
Val_frostschutc: thanks, if i can not get this sorted i will deffo look into it15:02
=== gremlin_ is now known as Daffy
DaffyThat did not go well.15:04
DaffyI actually froze up.15:04
Daffyand had to reboot.15:04
Guest13004Hi, I am looking for help with setuid and setgid. I want to start xampp as root user with out having to type password everytime. If I understood correctly, it can be done with setuid and set gid. This is how I did it:15:05
Guest13004rain@rain:/opt/lampp$ sudo chown root managger-linux-x64.run15:05
Guest13004[sudo] password for rain:15:05
Guest13004rain@rain:/opt/lampp$ sudo chmod u+s manager-linux-x64.run15:05
Guest13004rain@rain:/opt/lampp$  ./manager-linux-x64.run15:05
EriC^^Val_: sorry, got dc15:05
Guest13004Now it runs but not as root15:05
Guest13004Because it does not have permissions to start/stop apache15:05
Val_EriC^^ no worries, I'll repeat the last15:05
Val_EriC^^: /home/ipt/strt.sh: 24: /home/ipt/strt.sh: [[: not found15:05
Val_EriC^^ if [[ -z $(pgrep -u $USER rtorrent) ]]; then15:05
Guest13004And I still have to use sudo ...15:05
Guest13004Any ideas how to get it work?15:06
Val_Fynn, When I bootcamped to Windows I sometimes had to hold the option (I think) key down to get the boot menu - maybe that will help you?15:06
EriC^^Val_: maybe it's running the script with sh15:06
Val_EriC^^: #!/bin/bash at the head of the script. Is there a way to explicitly invoke bash in the crontab?15:07
EriC^^Val_: in the crontab type bash /path/to/script15:08
Val_k, thats easy enough :D15:08
Daffycould it be something with the gallium driver?15:09
Daffykidn of terrified to switch to the proprietary driver... last time it bent my system over and boinked it.15:10
artoiswhat's that mean?15:10
artoisyou had to reinstall the open source one?15:10
artoissounds like the worst possible outcome! :p15:11
Val_EriC^^: pgrep: invalid user name: rtorrent (from bash /home/ipt/strt.sh in crontab)15:11
Daffyno, it messed everything up even for the open source one.15:11
Daffyreverting back left a ton of problems.15:11
EriC^^Val_: you're adding it in crontab -e?15:11
Val_EriC^^ yes15:12
EriC^^try pgrep -u rtorrent in a shell15:12
EriC^^oh nevermind15:13
Val_same message :D15:13
EriC^^Val_: modify the script15:13
BluesKajDaffy, intel graphics ?15:13
EriC^^this line15:13
EriC^^just set it to USER=rtorrent15:13
alteregoawhere can i get configure options from ubuntu packages?15:14
EriC^^Val_: or put it in the rtorrent user's cron, sudo crontab -u rtorrent -e15:16
EriC^^actually don't nevermind15:17
DaffyHmm even dmidecode -t 4 reads it back as that.15:18
Daffymax speed 1900Mhz.. current speed 1900Mhz.15:18
Daffythat's like.. the minimum speed this goes.15:18
Daffythe version and cpu info is correct though.15:19
AvocetVIStrying to create a ipv6 tunnel using hurricane electric and here's what I got >> http://pastebin.com/xjWvVwvF   - I should mention there is also a vpn server setup on this machine. and the machine itself is actually a vps15:19
Guest49226does anyone know of a way to force a drive to be say /dev/sdb or /dev/sda. I have a raid with a drive having issues, one is /dev/sda and the other is /dev/sdb but no matter which drive I pull on reboot the leftover one is now /dev/sda15:20
EriC^^Guest49226: udev rule maybe15:20
Guest49226EriC^^ is that something I can assign a /dev/sdX* to a UUID or something?15:21
BluesKajnot familiar enough anymore with amd graphics and their manydrivers and options , seems kind of hit and miss15:22
Val_Well, that's beaten me up enough for today. Thanks, EriC^^, frostschutz15:22
someDudeWhat is a good program that works like truecrypt for Linux?  I'm looking for on-the-fly-encryption15:23
mouI love having amazon from normal installation thank you so much15:24
mouubuntu really helps linux developpement15:24
DaffyI feel like this is probably a kernel issue.15:24
k1l_someDude: erm, truecrypt?15:24

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