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pikapihi, how can i download driver for my onboard graphics controller that has pixel shader 3.0 support?19:33
pikapiubuntu 14.0419:39
ubuntouristSo. I'm using kxstudio's cadence on an Acer Chromebook that I've reformatted as an Ubuntu Studio box. USB headphones work great, but playback through Acer's speakers not working.  Solutions?20:15
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ubuntouristGot cut off earlier. Dunno if there was a reply to my query.22:35
ubuntouristSaid query follows:22:35
ubuntouristkxstudio's cadence works great getting jack-pulse-alsa playing together... for my USB headphones. Anyone know why it doesn't play over the Acer Chromebook's built-in speakers?22:37
ubuntouristChromeOS has been wiped completely from the machine. It's now Ubuntu Studio + kxstudio.22:37

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