krytarikknome: Also, just remembered, "xubuntu-docs (16.04) xenial; urgency=medium" should be "UNRELEASED", and you introduced a 'debian/changelog.dch'. :P00:42
flocculantknome: bah - in amongst all that hoohah yesterday - missed the startpage change ... https://code.launchpad.net/~flocculant/xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs/+merge/27636107:34
flocculant<knome> [22:36:52] this is why you shouldn't let others update the website ;) - this is why other people would prefer that they didn't have to chase about doing that as well :p08:12
SwissBotfeed xubuntu-docs had 4 updates, showing the latest 308:23
flocculantslickymasterWork: the one from this morning should be the only one left 08:30
slickymasterWorkI'll have to go through everything to see what happened08:31
slickymasterWorkand I'll check this last one tonight, at home08:31
flocculantgtg - back later08:32
slickymasterWorkhave a good one flocculant 08:33
slickymasterWorkyou're right about the missing UNRELEASED in the changelog krytarik, but that's my fault, not knome's08:39
slickymasterWorkI'll deal with that tonight08:40
slickymasterWorkand remove changelog.dch knome added08:42
slickymasterWorkhmmm I don't remember introducing that colon in the links08:46
knomeflocculant, yes i agree ;)09:11
knomeslickymasterWork, no need to do that, i just did it09:14
slickymasterWorkmorning knome ~09:15
slickymasterWorkwell, you steeping in did got me confused09:15
slickymasterWorkdid you also remove the extra changelog file?09:16
knomesorry to have confused, but the --overwrite command broke the dough :P09:16
slickymasterWorkjust one question, was it me that added that colon to the links in the wbsite?09:16
knomewhat colon?09:17
knomesplit in two links meant that there were two <a> tags, not that there was a colon09:17
knomebut i think you did09:18
knomebut *shrug*09:18
knomegot to run09:19
slickymasterWorkdon't know how the hell I did it as I merely wrote the article and add the link to Cenial09:19
* slickymasterWork will prevent himself from touching the website09:20
akxwi_daveoops wrong text box...09:43
krytarikslickymaster: I just bundled the two up for knome - but yeah, that was you, again. :P13:09
flocculanto/ krytarik 13:09
krytarikHi flocculant.13:09
flocculantknome: the contributor stuff doesn't build yet I assume13:11
krytarikflocculant: "make contributors" - but no translations, nor PDFs yet.13:15
flocculantok - thanks krytarik :)13:20
krytarikknome: Btw, just noticed 'contributor-docs/style' found its way in, too. :P13:23
krytarikknome: (Just add "$(MAKE) -C contributor-docs clean" to the 'clean' target of the main Makefile.)13:28
Unit193xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin 0.2.4-1 uploaded by Yves-Alexis Perez (corsac)13:38
Unit193Why isn't it something more like http://paste.openstack.org/show/1HJP8DrvghLSoteEAul6 ?14:51
slickymasterWorkkrytarik, how come 'again'?????14:55
slickymasterWorkit was my second edit in the website, so that hardly qualifies as 'again', since in the previous one  it wasn't me who published the article14:56
* slickymasterWork shrugs anyway14:56
Unit193slickymasterWork: https://git.launchpad.net/~unit193/xubuntu-docs/commit/debian/changelog?id=7382187e6f5dc1f870832cedf249b97738af7ffc14:59
Unit193Did it last release too, that is.15:00
slickymasterWorkwhat are you saying Unit193? how's the changelog related to the site?15:01
slickymasterWorkor are you speaking about the miss UNRELEASE?15:01
slickymasterWorkin the changelog15:02
flocculanttoo much half complaining going on lately if you ask me15:05
Unit193coreutils (>= 8.16)  can be dropped after precise is officially dead.15:08
Unit193flocculant: Hmm?15:09
=== meetingology` is now known as meetingology
krytarikslickymasterWork: Yep, referring to "[08:39] <slickymasterWork> you're right about the missing UNRELEASED in the changelog krytarik, but that's my fault, not knome's".15:39
flocculantuse a bib15:43
ochosievening all20:11
flocculanthi ochosi :)20:11
ochosihope ppl will flock to tomorrow's meeting, since i'm sacrificing my lunch break for it :)20:28
flocculantha ha - well if it was wednesday I would :)20:29
dkesselI will have my lunch in front of the monitor ochosi :) so you will not be alone20:59
krytarikThat'll be my breakfast. :P21:00
flocculantochosi: I've got the info's for the meeting - how do you want them? 22:00
Unit193flocculant and I already NACK'd the RSVP.22:14
flocculantI'm off - if I don't see any different I'll just chuck them in channel tomorrow morning22:27
bluesabreochosi: I'll be there22:47
bluesabrewhether I'll be of any use at this meeting remains to be seen22:47
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings not much, and the things aren't something I can contribute to so not a loss anyway.22:48
bluesabreadn time to run out again, bbabl22:49
ochosiflocculant: yeah, dunno, either a pad or just pipe them in here22:50

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