andystarI have some questions about Xubuntu, but I don't think there are enough people in here to answer my question.05:14
andystarMost people will be idle.05:14
wiredfool1is there a way to tile/snap windows to 1/3 width in xubuntu 14.04?  I've got the half working, but I'd rather have narrower windows on the big screen.12:20
bodomHi there! In lightdm, what's the difference between "xfce" and "xubuntu-session"?14:50
cfhowlettbodom, strictly speaking xfce is the desktop environment.  xubuntu-session = xfce + xubuntu apps14:51
bodomcfhowlett: but when i start xfce i have xubuntu apps anyway14:52
cfhowlettbodom, because you have xubuntu.14:53
bodomcfhowlett: so there is no difference?14:54
cfhowlettbodom, if you installed xfce4 on ubuntu that would *not* be xubuntu because no xubuntu apps.14:54
bodomcfhowlett: thank you14:58
cfhowlettbodom, happy2help!14:58
krytarikbodom: I think this explains it pretty well: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2105703&p=12459424#post1245942415:54
bodomkrytarik: thank you, it's very clear now15:59

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