PrabakaranHello Team, I have created a new bug for my charm and after linking bug id to the trunk branch in the lauchpad i am not able to see my charm in the review queue.  Could you please advise on the same?06:21
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gnuoyjamespage, charmhelper mp as discussed https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charm-helpers/service-framework-loader/+merge/27651912:22
jamespagegnuoy, landed - thankyou!13:13
jamespagecoreycb, hey - thanks for the  tox landing yesterday - I updated the two borked branches and generated a new one for ceph-radosgw13:14
jamespageI think that just leaves swift stuff and cinder-ceph13:15
gnuoyjamespage, follow up for the charm itself, sync + minor change to services.py https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charms/trusty/neutron-api-odl/ch-sync/+merge/27652013:36
jamespagegnuoy, +113:37
gnuoyjamespage, In the interests of not duplicating effort I'm going to start on the unit and amulet tests for odl-controller14:14
jamespagegnuoy, ack14:14
jamespagegnuoy, I'll deploy ovs-odl and start looking at the north/south traffic issues BjornT hit14:15
coreycbjamespage, no problem, those other two branches are landed now14:27
jamespagecoreycb, thanks14:28
coreycbjamespage, do you have swift/cinder-ceph in the works?  if not I can pick those up if you want.14:28
jamespagecoreycb, yeah done this morning - links on the pad - http://pad.ubuntu.com/tox-charm-landings14:29
coreycbjamespage, great I'll review them14:29
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gnuoyjamespage, git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~sdn-charmers/charms/+source/openvswitch-odl is proving problematic with amulet. There's no series in there and I'm going to need to update python-charmworldlib to be able to parse it15:26
jamespagegnuoy, oh I pushed that to lp:~openstack-charmers/charms/trusty/openvswitch-odl/trunk this monring15:27
gnuoyjamespage, \o/15:27
jamespagethat sounds like a nasty blocker to git migration...15:27
gnuoyah well, lets stay on bzr then15:28
bdxhey whats going on? Im testing out "enable-local-dhcp-and-metadata15:44
gnuoyjamespage, Using http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ost-maintainers/openstack-charm-testing/trunk/view/head:/bundles/ovs-odl/ovs-odl.yaml relates neutron-gateway and openvswitch-odl with the juju-info interface, is that right?15:45
jamespagegnuoy, it is15:45
bdxI'm having a hard time locating the metadataproxy datasource that instances get cloud-init userdata from when enable-local-dhcp-and-metadata is set15:46
bdxhas anyone had luck using enable-local-dhcp-and-metadata ?15:46
gnuoybdx, I have had lots of luck with it15:47
bdxI'm guessing the metadata api endpoint is also the dhcp port then yea?15:47
bdxor the dhcp port will at least forward traffic to correct?15:48
gnuoybdx, if I remember correctly the dhcp request returns a static route pointing at the nic inside the dhcp namespace15:49
gnuoybdx, give me a minute and I'll fire up a deploy and remind myself15:50
bdxgnuoy: that is consistent with what I'm seeing....15:51
bdxgnuoy: when you do, create your tenant networks as vlan networks15:51
bdxif you don't mind15:51
gnuoybdx, I do15:51
gnuoybdx, haha that was out of sync15:51
gnuoyI meant 'I do create them as vlan networks'15:52
gnuoybdx, ^ I didn't mean I minded15:52
mattywjose, ping?16:07
josemattyw: pong!16:08
bdxNodes fail to reboot/powercycle when ceph-osd + (nova-compute + hugepages) due to deadlock16:25
bdxI'll be filing a bug for it in a few16:25
bdxits had me stopped up for the last few days16:25
PrabakaranHello Team, I have created a new bug for my charm and after linking bug id to the trunk branch in the lauchpad i am not able to see my charm in the review queue.  Could you please advise on the same?16:31
gnuoybdx, ok, I'm up and running with enable-local-dhcp-and-metadata16:32
gnuoybdx, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13092618/16:33
bdxgnuoy: nice!16:33
gnuoyso those networks are provider networks16:34
PrabakaranMy charm link is "https://code.launchpad.net/~ibmcharmers/charms/trusty/ibm-platform-rtm/trunk"16:34
gnuoybdx, so your guests get an ip but fail to retrieve metadata?16:35
bdxgnuoy: yes.....I just found an inconsistency on one of my physical nodes  port <-> vlan trunk was on eth4 ....whereas the rest of my nodes use eth3...grrr16:36
gnuoybdx, ah !16:36
gnuoybdx, you can use mac addresses in the data-port setting for neutron-openvswitch16:38
gnuoyto cope with inconsistencies16:38
bdxgnuoy: oh no way tahts huge!!!!!!16:38
bdxI must of missed that16:38
gnuoybdx, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13092664/16:38
bdxoh taht is awesome!16:39
gnuoyyeah, it really useful16:39
tvansteenburghhazmat, you around?17:29
PrabakaranHello Team, I have created a new bug for my charm and after linking bug id to the trunk branch in the lauchpad i am not able to see my charm in the review queue.  Could you please advise on the same?  Charm link is "https://code.launchpad.net/~ibmcharmers/charms/trusty/ibm-platform-rtm/trunk"17:55
tvansteenburghPrabakaran: see https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-charm-store#recommended-charms, point #317:58
tvansteenburghPrabakaran: i think you need to subscribe the charmers team to your bug17:59
tvansteenburghPrabakaran: i subscribed charmers for you, so your bug should show up in the Review Queue shortly18:08
PrabakaranThanks <tvansteenburgh>18:19
firlany openstackers on able to help me diagnose something?20:02
catbus1firl: Hi, if you ask the question about the specific issue you encounter, chances are higher for someone who can help to respond.20:16
firlcatbus1, yeah I am trying to diagnose why I can’t spawn an instance and see the actual log file still, but haven’t been able to get anything more than a vague python error20:17
catbus1firl: so you have got openstack cloud deployed using juju, and are you using juju to deploy a workload to this openstack environment? or are you using openstack dashboard to try to launch an instance?20:21
firlI have a juju deployed kilo setup20:21
firllast night I had to reboot the state machines20:21
firland now when I launch a vm from horizon I get this error:20:22
firlbeen trying to find the issue in the log files, but 42 nodes and multiple log files lends it self to taking a while20:22
catbus1firl: Thanks for the error info. I personally can't help.. wait to see if others on this channel can help.20:28
firlit might be related to neutron / rabbitmq but no idea how to make sure20:28
catbus1firl: do you think this is related to Juju? if it's openstack kilo, wanna also check #openstack for help?20:29
firlI was hoping from the juju side to help figure out how to diagnose it since the bundle created it, and I can upgrade via juju if there is a patch etc20:30
firlbut no I haven't20:30
firllike, I think it’s rabbitmq but I don’t know how to check the credentials because I didn’t set it up juju did20:32
catbus1firl: can you share the kilo bundle yaml file you used?20:34
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bdxhey whats going on? Quick question on deploys using enable-local-dhcp-and-metadata....22:39
bdxIf enable-local-dhcp-and-metadata is set, then floating ip assignment can't happen, because no neutron router right?22:40
bdxand well to add to that, neutron routers can't exist either right?22:41
bdxcore, dev:^^22:45
bdxany takers^^?22:52

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