yofelsgclark, marco-parillo: that looks about right00:13
snelesgclark: qtcurve installs and works fine now. thank you for rebuilding it02:10
=== gla_ is now known as zoranoth
mgraesslinsorry my fault ;-)09:05
sitteractually ours09:07
sitteralso yours though09:07
mgraesslinit also failed on KDE CI09:07
mgraesslinso my fault09:07
sitteryeah, just saw09:07
sitterI thought it was the pile of red kci has been for weeks :(09:08
mgraesslinmeh that sucks09:09
mgraesslinI should just upgrade minimum epoxy version ;-)09:09
mgraesslincompile fix pushed09:14
mgraesslinon kde ci it compiles again09:24
sitterwon't compile on kci though as kwayland doesn't build on account of not having qt5.5 I think https://launchpadlibrarian.net/223711698/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.kwayland_4%3A5.4.2%2Bgit20151030.0058%2B15.10-0_BUILDING.txt.gz09:34
* sitter away09:34
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shadeslayerjmux: any news on the BSP?11:57
jmuxshadeslayer: I'm waiting for my last approval from the hierarchy, which should happen tomorrow. I'm waiting for mor people to sign up in the doodle11:59
shadeslayerah ok11:59
shadeslayerjmux: did you send it out? I don't think I saw it on the mailing lists12:00
jmuxBut everything looks ok, so I really expect this to happen, whatever WE is choosen12:00
jmuxshadeslayer: Well I wrote to the people which normally forwarded the info (Riddell, mbanck, Swee5hark, mbolander, hefee, ...), as I'm not subscribted to the lists12:03
jmuxBut feel free to post the info wherever you think it's appropriate12:04
shadeslayerah ok12:04
shadeslayeryofel: happy birthday! :D12:14
ghostcubeo.O  yofel has birthday today?12:17
yofelshadeslayer: thanks! :D12:22
yofelghostcube: yes ;)12:22
ghostcubehttp://www.grusskartenkaufen.de/images/produkte/i41/4166.jpg  yofel 12:22
yofelhahaha XD12:22
soeehappy birthday yofel :) http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view7/2479107/birthday-gif-o.gif12:29
yofelheh, thanks :D12:30
BluesKajhiyas all12:34
soeehiho BluesKaj12:41
BluesKajHey soee12:44
yofelahoneybun: sorry, took a while until I had time to look into the bootstrap theme import, but now your content is on http://docs.kubuntu.org/sphinx/ - please check if something's missing or wrong, otherwise ping me and I'll move it to the root folder12:46
ahoneybunnp yofel and happy bday 12:47
yofelthanks :)12:47
ahoneybunit looks all good to me12:47
yofelok, let me move it then12:49
ahoneybunthat was fast 12:50
yofelwell, it was 2 shell commands :P12:50
ahoneybunyofel: http://docs.kubuntu.org/_sources/docs/installation.txt12:51
ahoneybunjust text :)12:51
yofelyeah, RST is certainly more readable than docbook..12:51
ahoneybunyea that was a +1 for sure about using it12:53
ahoneybunyofel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6zAAODZFwQ2MzY4aWVkbFVBRkk/view?usp=sharing12:53
ahoneybunepub :)12:54
ahoneybunworks in Google Play Books app12:54
ahoneybung2g bbl12:55
yofelI think that would fit great into an "Alternative content" section or so12:55
yofelhm, the Search is a bit weird as it shows the source file content in the page excerpt..12:55
yofelbut that's minor issues 12:56
yofelahoneybun: I don't think much has changed since trusty, but do you think it would make sense to provide both $latest and $latest-lts docs? (After all we do promote both on the download page)13:11
yofelmaybe adding a link to the old docs (the folder is still there) would solve that for now?13:12
alleefor a quick(!) test of a kwin upstream patch: What do I have to make this work: patch < ../try-me.diff; debuild14:00
alleeI would like to avaid adding quilt machinery for the test14:01
yofelbetween those commands run "dpkg-source --commit", that'll auto-create a quilt patch14:03
yofelalternatively, set debian/source/format to "3.0 (native)", then it'll ignore the tarball14:04
alleeyofel:  thx, trying ... 14:04
santa_allee: just in case you are very very very veteran and you didn't notice: with the source format 3.0 (quilt) you don't have to add any quilt machinery; while the source format is called "3.0 (quilt)" quilt isn't needed to build the package, so you would just need to do something like14:10
santa_echo "try-me.diff" >> debian/patches/series14:10
santa_cp ../try-me.diff debian/patches/14:10
santa_and that should work out of the box as long as the patch is -p1 iirc14:11
yofelit should, yes14:11
alleesanta_: interesting.  Looks like I'm very very very veteran :-)   Since format 3.0 was introduced I had almost no time for packaging14:14
santa_for the record my favourite way to do what you did is just quilt import /path/to/patch14:15
santa_note that it doesn't require to change debian/rules or adding quilt to build depends14:16
santa_allee: welcome to the future :P :)14:16
* allee hides in his stone age cave14:19
sgclarkHappy birthday yofel!14:22
alleeyofel: All the best!!14:23
yofelsgclark, allee: thanks! :)14:23
sgclarkyofel: 4.14.3 to backports? or another day testing?14:33
alleesgclark: trusty? with ppa?  I can check/test them on my work computer if you want14:36
yofelI think we've tested what we could. It didn't explode on me in KVM and I can't find any more package upgrade problems14:38
yofeldon't forget to update l10n though14:39
sgclarkyofel: I tried and it was already updated. apparently by you14:39
yofeluhm, ok, looking14:40
sgclarklooks like it was to fix a bug14:41
sgclarkallee: staging-kdeapplications is the ppa for trusty 14:41
yofelall the things I do that I don't know of, how amazing14:41
yofelok, joking aside. I don't see 4.14.3 in lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-l10n-common-trusty-backports14:42
sgclarkcuz it is in kde-l10n-common-trusty14:43
yofelsgclark: that's 4.13.3, not 4.14.314:45
yofelthe -backports branch has 4.14.2 from you as the latest14:45
sgclarkoh hah dislexia lol14:45
sgclarkok updating :)14:46
yofelI was wondering already because I made that annyoing branching scheme exactly to not mess that stuff up14:47
yofeloh, UOS started already. Time flies..14:49
sgclarkugh, when is ours?14:52
yofel19:00 UTC (in ~4h) according to the schedule14:54
sgclarkoh good grief14:55
mamarleyWhat's a UOS?14:56
sgclarkubuntu online summit14:56
yofelthe "we have no money so lets say that meeting online is easier for people all around the world" version of the developer summit14:56
yofelmamarley: today's schedule if you're curious http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/2015-11-03/14:57
yofelI'll try to prepare some items to talk about once I get home.. lets see who shows up14:59
* shadeslayer has a flipping headache, not moi15:03
sgclarkI have not slept well in days, so will likely skip the videon part, but will be there on headset15:13
geniiWill there be a presentation of some sort for UOS?15:15
yofelthere was a CI showcase session at least15:16
yofelnot sure if the plasma mobile one is going to happen15:16
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marco-parilloI also see this: https://plus.google.com/+RickTimmis/posts/Bwc6ZhmGeCT timed with UOS, I think.15:53
yofelthe timing is coincidence, they always do it on the first wednesday of a month15:54
yofelgood timing indeed though ;P15:54
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pursuivantmuon (Plasma/5.4) v5.4.2-10-ga24e495 * Aleix Pol: libmuon/backends/PackageKitBackend (3 files)16:00
pursuivantBatch resource package id's16:00
pursuivantThis way we make sure it stays consistent16:00
pursuivantBUG: 35456216:00
ubottubug 339148 in gnome-app-install (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #354562 gnome-app-install crashed with ValueError in _refilter()" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33914816:00
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-161-gcbb878f * Aleix Pol: libmuon/backends/PackageKitBackend/PackageKitResource.h16:00
pursuivantconst will be const16:00
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-164-gd717480 * Aleix Pol:  (4 files in 2 dirs)16:00
pursuivantMerge branch 'Plasma/5.4'16:00
sgclarkkl10n uploaded for trusty, afk till uos meeting, that is 2 hours now right yofel?16:05
yofel3 I think. run "date -u" in konsole and then see when 19:00 UTC is for you16:05
sgclarkahh 3 even better, thanks16:06
yofelgreat, tried to upload the autopackagetest fixes16:10
yofel35 of 80 uploads were rejected16:10
yofelour packageset is soo broken16:10
sgclarkto archive?16:12
yofelI'll update the seed later16:13
sgclarkouch. yeah I get rejected on several of those still16:13
yofelwe should probably have a scripted section in our supported seed that we can update in an easy way16:14
yofel(that that lists binary packages doesn't make things easier...)16:14
alleesanta_, yofel: thx for the patch test tips.  I confirmed the fix upstream. I hope the patch makes it into 5.4.316:23
yofeland kwin failed to build, dangit16:28
alleeyofel: lucky me,  I used apt-get source kwin ;-)16:31
yofelwell, you probably didn't build on xenial ;)16:31
alleeYessss, sir :-)16:32
mck182__does anyone know what provides "bzr fast-export"?17:01
clivejoyofel: do you know what this means?17:24
clivejo<dvratil> although that would only lead to the crash if if KDE on kubuntu is being compiled without Q_ASSERT. Otherwise we would hit the Q_ASSERT earlier and get a more clearer backtrace :)17:24
yofelanswered that in #kontact17:53
ovidiu-florinyofel: happy birthday17:59
ovidiu-florinAre you partying ?17:59
yofelnot today, over the weekend ;)17:59
ovidiu-florinhave fun18:00
yofelthat's the plan :D18:02
soee_someone tried Firefox 42 with Mizilla's  adblocker ?18:02
Mamarokyofel: Happy Birthday :)18:03
ovidiu-florinyofel: 18:03
ovidiu-florinI'm drinking a beer right now in your honor18:03
marco-parillosoee_: I have not. I simply replace my /etc/hosts with: http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.txt I do feel guilty about the wholesale approach to the sites I like that have small, unobtrusive ads, but they seem to be the minority. 18:48
clivejothanks yofel18:54
yofelreminder: kubuntu UOS 16.04 planning in ~10min http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22602/kubuntu-xenial-planning/so18:54
clivejoshould we be using that in Kubuntu?18:54
clivejoyofel: can I listen in?18:55
yofelclivejo: dunno, asserts are usually debug stuff for developers. I'll wait for Dan to answer18:55
yofelsure, the stream is open, feel free to even join in if you want18:55
yofelat least in the IRC channel18:55
clivejois it all Ubuntu or just for Kubuntu?18:56
yofelit's just for us18:56
yofelgeneral planning meeting about what we want to do for 16.0418:56
clivejois there video feed?18:57
yofelthere will be one once the hangout starts18:57
clivejo2minutes and counting18:58
yofelovidiu-florin, sgclark, valorie, Mamarok, ahoneybun, allee: ^18:59
sgclarkI am present19:00
sgclarkbetween sneezes19:01
clivejo19:02 by my watch :P19:02
clivejowho is ridgewing?19:13
* shadeslayer is around listening passively 19:14
shadeslayersgclark: needs fast ssds19:20
shadeslayerWe run kci on a AWS medium right now 19:20
shadeslayerI thinm19:20
shadeslayerWe have provisioning via chef19:21
shadeslayeryofel: ^19:21
BluesKaj need a filter for KB noise on youtube :-)19:23
sgclarkshadeslayer: ok thank you19:28
Mamarokcouldn't heare a word he was saying...19:39
Mamaroknot just quite, almost mute19:41
ovidiu-florinyofel:  link to hangout?19:42
Mamarokah, now it works :)19:42
Mamarokovidiu-florin: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22602/kubuntu-xenial-planning/19:43
clivejoovidiu-florin: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/onair/watch?hid=hoaevent/chaqbkhl79mnqv56rh9la8teicg&ytl=fgMjIXTdzb... 19:43
ovidiu-florinthe link to join in19:43
ovidiu-florinnot to watch19:43
Mamarokyou can join from the one I sent19:43
clivejohttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/onair/watch?hid=hoaevent/chaqbkhl79mnqv56rh9la8teicg&ytl=fgMjIXTdzb... 19:44
clivejothats the onair link mhall119 sent 19:44
ovidiu-florinMamarok: no I can't19:44
ovidiu-florinclivejo: that's just a watch link19:44
Mamaroksee below the video, set a nick19:45
ovidiu-florinthat's irc not hangout19:45
clivejowatch it and there is a wee join in link appears on the video19:45
Mamaroklet me check again...19:45
Mamarokyeah, here is a link the the lover left of the video framet19:46
ahoneybunI guess I missed it19:49
clivejohi ahoneybun19:49
ahoneybunhey clivejo19:49
clivejotry this link - https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYe8_qHwGDAJy7i0Ns3nPmxiHaCK6Tm5h2Cr6FWb9IjJXSDHEw?h... 19:49
clivejoahoneybun: can you join #ubuntu-uos-convergence19:51
clivejocurrently talking about docs19:52
ahoneybunthanks to yofel19:52
MamarokI don't see how the moin moin wiki would be an improvement :(19:53
alleeclivejo: thx for the hangout link above. I'm no in. Where did you find this URL?20:08
clivejothere is IRC chat too20:08
geniiMan, how many uos channels are there? Now I know of -convergence, -showandtell, -core, and -community20:13
* clivejo shrugs20:15
alleegenii: these are for the parallel UOS session20:17
ahoneybunclivejo: there was a lot of ban on Jon about pushing Plasma 5 as "half baked" and "broken" when it was KDE 4 was getting no more updates so what else could you do20:22
Mamarokovidiu-florin: not just you, I don't like it at all20:24
Mamarokand I have used a fair share of bug trackers20:24
Mamarokhow about waht plasma does currenlty, Bug Days?20:29
clivejodoes plasma not have a built in bug reporting tool?20:29
Mamarokthat's not the point, they use bugzilla, but they do weekly triaging and bug cleaning20:30
Mamarokso we should just organize a weekls day or half day for bug triaging20:30
MamarokI do triaging daily in Amarok since years, but I let slip the Kubuntu bugs because I dislike launchpad's bug tool20:31
clivejothe problem I find users have is that they dont know where to report bugs to20:31
Mamarokwell, that's rather easy: if it is abpout plasma or a KDE application -> always upstream20:32
Mamarokif it is Kubuntu specific, or the underlying system (kernel, etc) then to launchpad20:32
clivejomost users dont bother reporting them any more20:32
clivejoas useful as an ashtray on a motorbike as one user put it!20:32
Mamarokmost users never bothered to report anyway, some just complain and thinkg the bug is so obvious they don't need to report it, but many bugs are just hitting one specific isntallation20:33
Mamarokadn if everybody has that attidued for "oh but that is so obvious", nobody ends up reporting it20:33
clivejowho is kiera?20:36
clivejoIRC handle20:36
Mamarokyeah, who is keira?20:36
Mamarokovidiu-florin: who is keira in here? Never heatrd that name before20:39
clivejomhall119 clivejo2: he's Ridgewing I think 20:39
Mamarok*sigh* doesn't really help if he is not here...20:40
clivejoanyone interested in working on the ring-kde client?20:41
clivejoLOL I think yofel's face said it all!20:42
ahoneybunwhere is rick20:43
ahoneybunin here?20:43
clivejoI dont think rick is monitoring IRC20:44
clivejohe was having windowing trouble20:44
clivejobeing onair and in IRC at the same time20:44
clivejorelocate ahoneybun to europe!20:45
ahoneybunI would not mind it, I would just need a job before I get there lol20:46
Mamarokhow about the day before and send report to the ML, so the podcast people can work with it20:46
Mamaroknot really a good time, the early evenig is fitting everyone, there are no USians in Plasma20:47
Mamarokearly evening CET I meant20:48
alleeURL for the follow up hangout?20:52
sgclarkstill in same hangout20:53
clivejoI thought mhall had to leave?20:56
clivejoyofel: whats the plan for xenial ?  are we ready to start devel work on it?20:57
yofelwait, let me read the channel backlog as I didn't pay attention to this channel20:57
sgclarkme either20:58
ahoneybunyofel: I've got the card up: https://trello.com/c/SkNy0AJ4/25-package-manual-for-shipment20:58
sgclarkclivejo: well I have a few backports to wrap up, then we have to start debian merges...20:59
sgclarkwondering though if being on debian git might help us here20:59
clivejohave you started a new hangout, or just moving to IRC?21:01
yofelclivejo: mhall had to leave, but we're still in the hangout21:01
sgclarksame hangout21:01
yofeltry to join if you want to listen in21:01
clivejoI cant join it21:01
clivejokeeps replaying the 1:40 long one you just had21:01
clivejomust be a new link21:01
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/Artwork#Mini_book21:02
ahoneybunyofel: ?21:03
yofelahoneybun: clive wanted to join I think21:05
alleeclivejo: still works for me: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYe8_qHwGDAJy7i0Ns3nPmxiHaCK6Tm5h2Cr6FWb9IjJXSDHEw?h21:05
clivejothat link is asking me to join21:05
yofeldo that21:05
yofeljust mute yourself and turn the video off21:06
clivejoI dont have the plugin21:06
clivejoI give up!21:11
yofelwell, we're wrapping up and scheduling the next kubuntu podcast21:12
yofelso not much to hear21:12
yofelhey, this was supposed to be an 1h meeting and we went far beyond that :P21:12
yofelclivejo: back to your question, yes, xenial is open. I'm going to make the trello cards for it over the next days21:13
clivejobut its nice to see stuff being talked about and plans made21:13
ahoneybunyofel: the public knows that we were down but not out for sure21:15
yofelclivejo: are you on https://trello.com/kubuntu ?21:15
ahoneybunnow with that hangout out21:15
yofelah yes, you are21:15
clivejoyofel: yes21:15
RidgewingHello everybody .. 21:16
clivejohi Ridgewing21:17
yofelwelcome to the crowd ;P21:17
allee Ridgewing: hi!21:17
sgclarkwelcome :)21:17
RidgewingGood stuff = happy 2 help !21:17
* clivejo kicks meteor and angularjs21:24
wxlsgclark: et al. please let me know if it would be helpful for me to round up esp. testers for you21:24
wxlafter that session i'm not quite sure among all the issues kubuntu has which ones are the biggest priority21:25
yofelQA probably later in the release timeline. Currently I think it's getting our documentation in order and packaging21:26
wxlyofel: docs a la bzr?21:26
yofelwe can come back to you in a week or two once we know better what we have21:26
wxlthat works for me, yofel. just know i'm happy to help in any way i can.21:27
sgclarkwxl: yeah what yofel said, but yes I will definately get back to you, thanks!!21:27
ahoneybunyofel: the manual?21:27
soeesgclark: Plasma 5.4.3 tars this thursday, will you package them ?21:27
wxlnp sgclark 21:27
yofelwxl: docs a la docs.kubuntu.org, our wiki and general docs are a mess, etc21:27
clivejowheres the wiki?21:28
yofelwe're getting better, but a lot is covered by lots of dust21:28
* ahoneybun thinks it is half decent21:29
wxlsgclark: yofel: when you get in touch, let me know what you need and who the contacts are and i'll round some bodies up for you21:30
sgclarkgreat meeting all, thank you21:31
wxlyay kubuntu :)21:31
* wxl wants a kubuntu t-shirt with that cute dinosaur thingy!21:32
wxlnot stallman videos21:36
Ridgewingbye all.21:50
clivejobye Ridgewing, hope you come back soon!21:51
RidgewingNo probs .. see you soon.21:51
sgclarkovidiu-florin: I sent you a message with my patreon , please let me know if you got it, thanks22:17
Mamarokthat's not a dinosaur, that's a dragon :)22:22
wxlMamarok: forgive me. i'm usually a lubunteer. though we do use kubuntu at work. :)22:26
Mamarokwxl: no problem, it's Konky, the dragon, it has a bit change appearance since it's early days, go younger and that :)22:33
Mamarokborn on April 23, 1999, btw, for the release of KDE 2.022:37
valoriebtw, afaik, touch in Plasma 5 Just Works23:03
valorieno problems seen in my little travel notebook with touch, at all23:04
valoriealso: happy birthday yofel!23:08
valoriewhat a great planning session I missed23:52
valorielooking forward to the kubuntu podcast23:55

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