denza242is it safe to hotplug/hotremove printers?00:55
Johnny__hi i need some help with the Kde plasma network manager01:25
Johnny__the kwlan app cant turn off and turn on specific wifi or ethernet hardware01:27
HULK_what is this?02:35
jrgwell.. encrypting the hard drive sure doe bring a string of problems03:28
jrglike apt requiring the passphrase a thousand times but muon not realizing it03:28
VeryBewitchingIs anyone having an issue where their ktorrent process goes into 'disk sleep' for cpu %?03:28
FritigernOH-EM-GEE!!! I've just found out that my .xsession-errors is 19.7 GB!!!!!!!03:31
VeryBewitchingFritigern: How long have you had that file?03:32
VeryBewitchingMine's 1.2MB for comparison03:32
FritigernBeats me.03:32
FritigernTime stamp is 11/2/201503:33
VeryBewitchingIt was probably written to when you started your session.03:33
FritigernTrying to figure out what I'll use to read that huge file. any suggetions?03:34
FritigernI mean, something is wrong, but I need to know what03:35
VeryBewitchingLook at the contents.03:35
FritigernRead wghat I said03:35
VeryBewitchingIf you see large swaths of pages that repeat, look at what is generating it.03:35
Fritigern[19:34:38] [[ Fritigern ]] : Trying to figure out what I'll use to read that huge file. any suggetions?03:35
link2xFritigern: maybe use less?03:35
VeryBewitchingYou could use vi too.03:36
link2xtail would open near the end03:36
link2xless opens in parts03:36
VeryBewitchinglink2x: tail will show you the most recent errors.03:36
link2xif you have enough ram you could open it in anything03:36
link2xVeryBewitching: I know, haha, just stating the purposes, since they do differ03:37
FritigernThere is a lot of qml related spew03:37
FritigernThis log is useless. Clearly there is something qml relted going very wrong. But without a pid or file name there is nothing that can be done03:39
VeryBewitchingFritigern: 1) How do you know it's QML related and 2) If you're certain of that, what QML classes/objects is it logging about?03:41
FritigernHow i know? Because it says so! And if it mentioned anything at all, classes or whatnot, it would not be a useless log03:42
FritigernVeryBewitching: https://paste.kde.org/pxht7nhmm03:43
FritigernThat's a mere fragment, but it does not mention any process, class, lib, file name, or what have you03:43
VeryBewitchingFritigern: Do you have an FPS counter running, perhaps the QML applet?03:43
VeryBewitchingFritigern: It looks like debugging updates about counts from that plasmoid.03:44
FritigernI do not have an fps counter03:44
FritigernI wouldn;t know why i would want one anyway03:44
VeryBewitchingFritigern: One exists.03:44
VeryBewitchingFritigern: This looks like output that could be from it.03:44
FritigernThat may be, but i did not question that03:44
FritigernHmmmm.... Besides the qml stuff, I see some console output from a SecondLife viewer. How the ^&%^&%#^$ does that end up in that .xsession-errors?03:49
FritigernLooks like the file has been growing at least since 22 Oct. And there is this uptime plasmoid that I am running, I'll bet that one is responsible for the qml spam in the log04:01
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gombeanis it possible to set up my gmail accounts on kmail?  It won't log in and google sent me an email about an application trying to log into my account which "does not meet modern security standards"....!??09:04
soeegombean: somethig liek mentioned here: https://plus.google.com/+ThiagoAderaldo/posts/UvA4TnZNFbh ?09:09
gombeansoee: that's the exact one, yeah09:19
gombeansoee: thanks for the pointer, one down 3 to go... yawn09:23
tzvikatrying to upgrade to 15.04 from 14.0409:49
tzvikagetting could not calculate the upgrade error message09:49
tzvikaany idea?09:49
tzvikai see a lot of baloo-kf5 messages10:01
dv_anybody else noticed that when logging in in 15.10, the splash screen stays there for quite some time even though apparently the system already started? its as if some timer is blocking it10:20
hateballdv_: it is a known bug10:22
gombeandv_: I just disabled mine in settings10:22
hateballdv_: probably https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-nm/+bug/150933410:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1509334 in plasma-nm (Ubuntu Wily) "[regression] [sru] plasma-nm blocks temporarily on startup w/o bluetooth device – KDE/Plasma very slow to launch (Kubuntu 15.10)" [Undecided,Fix committed]10:23
gombeandv_ but my plasma-panel takes about a minute to fully appear too. I just open programs with alt+f2 when I log  infirst10:23
dv_sooo this is bluetooth related? hm I could try to unplug my USB dongle10:23
hateballdv_: it doesnt matter if you have it enabled or not, if you read the bug10:24
hateballthe problem is that something hangs when plasma-nm checks if you have bluetooth or not10:24
gombeanenabled/disabled/present/not-present no diff10:24
voicuHi guys. I'm on 15.04 and I notice that when a program is doing heavy IO the whole kde desktop hangs...10:24
voicuI know IO is problematic usually but the screen doesn't get any updates at all10:24
hateballdv_: anyhow a patch should be released in a few days10:25
BluesKajhiyas all12:34
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SmurphyHia BluesKaj ...12:47
SmurphyFixed my kmail problem, well, circumvented the problem.12:48
BluesKajHey Smurphy, good , a workaround of some sort ?12:49
SmurphyBluesKaj: yes. The hang came from the Password UI not showing up. Actually, the Send and Password UI tried to take control of the UI - and that hang it.12:54
Smurphyafter "storing" the password, that problem went away.12:54
SmurphyThe VA-API stuf, I circumvented by actually configuring vlc to not use the automatic Codec playback, but the VA-API via DRM.12:55
BluesKajSmurphy, thanks for the expalnation about the vlc codec choice, good to know12:58
Smurphy:} well, at least one thing ;)12:59
BluesKajwell, in case we see a simialr problem in the future13:00
BluesKajsimilar even13:00
BlackMagewhat is xenial?13:31
BlackMagethe kubuntu daily called xenial-desktop-arch.iso, what is xenial?13:36
BlackMageI can not find anything about xenial13:39
lordievaderXenial is the codename for 16.0413:39
Pici /5013:41
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+113:41
BlackMageSo in 16.04 there is no KDE ?13:47
BluesKajof course there is13:48
BluesKajthe bot gives the url for ubuntu , not kubuntu which is silly for this chat13:50
BluesKajBlackMage,  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/13:51
BlackMageBluesKaj: xenial-desktop iso´s no kubuntu-desktop iso´s13:54
BluesKajBlackMage, if you already have ubuntu 16.04, then just install kubuntu-desktop13:57
BluesKajthere are no kubuntu -desktop isos , just like there are no ubuntu-desktop isos, BlackMage13:58
BluesKajthe kubuntu-desktop is included in the kubuntu-iso... don't think of it as a ppa13:59
BlackMagethere is no kubuntu-iso only a xenial-desktop iso14:01
BluesKajBlackMage, do you wany kubuntu or not ? it includes kde/kubuntu-desktop , do you uinderstand?14:02
BlackMageBluesKaj: yes i understand14:03
BluesKajto be clear, kubuntu xenial iso contains kde, kubuntu-desktop, all associated kde and plasma applications and packages14:04
BlackMageBluesKaj: why it is not so named ?14:06
BluesKajso named , how?14:07
BlackMagekubuntu instead of xenial14:07
BlackMageBluesKaj: or is it a all-in-one ISO?14:09
BluesKajit's called kubuntu xenial because it's the latest developmentr version, the official current vers ion is called kubuntu wily14:09
BluesKajyes , all in one14:10
BlackMageso no (k,x,l)ubuntu more? only all-in-one?14:12
BluesKajBlackMage, they are all flavours of ubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu , kubuntu , and all have their own isos and deskktop environments14:14
BluesKajso there is no iso containing all , each flavour is separate14:15
BlackMageBluesKaj: ok14:15
BluesKajlike kubuntu  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kubuntu14:15
BlackMageBluesKaj: and the Alpha´s Beta´s will built also for there?14:23
SmurphyDoh.... knode has heen dumped, damn... I loved it.14:52
svend-evGood morning15:00
rodolfojcjhello everybody15:05
rodolfojcjsince Kubuntu 15.04 I'm suffering the same bug described at http://www.eenyhelp.com/bug-794126-plasma-widgets-addons-digital-clock-widget-does-not-show-proper-time-help-215759130.html15:05
rodolfojcjafter upgrading to Kubuntu 15.10 the bug is still present15:06
rodolfojcjit's about Digital Clock taskbar widget showing the wrong time for Venezuela time zone15:06
rodolfojcjthe Fuzzy Clock is the only one that shows an approximate right value15:07
BluesKajrodolfojcj, open a terminal and do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata15:07
rodolfojcjBluesKaj: I did as you said. No luck :(15:08
rodolfojcjDigital clock shows exactly +1 hour of difference15:09
BluesKajperhaps a relogin15:10
rodolfojcjI'll try...15:10
rodolfojcjI'll be back in a while...15:10
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cor_rhey everyone, before switching to kubuntu I#d like to know whether there is MS exchange support through kmail or the webaccounts applet?!?15:15
yossarianukcor_r: I do not believe so (may be wrong)15:16
yossarianukfor exchange support I have used both evolution and thunderbird )with plugin)15:17
yossarianukexchange is horrible.15:17
cor_ryossarianuk yes, but I wanted to use something native to KDE. And yes, it is horrible need it for work though15:17
yossarianuksomeone may know better .... I have never used kmail really.15:18
cor_rthank u anyways :)15:18
yossarianukcor_r: this may help (or not) -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/22977/can-i-connect-to-my-companys-exchange-server-through-kontact15:19
yossarianukalso https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7862915:20
ubottuKDE bug 78629 in general "MS Exchange mail support" [Wishlist,Reopened]15:20
yossarianukReally its only the browser and email client (I now use gmail anyway) that i don't use native kdm apps.15:21
yossarianukthere is a good browser(ish) thats QTbased15:21
yossarianuk(but not compatible with all sites - ie trello)15:22
rodolfojcjI'm back15:22
rodolfojcjno, Digital Clock continues giving me the wrong time15:23
cor_rthank you very much yossarianuk Ill try davmail, otherwise Ill have to switch back again. why are were u talking about qupzilla though?15:23
rodolfojcjdefinitely there's a bug15:23
yossarianukjust mentioning that the few apps that i use that are not kde native are browser+email client15:29
yossarianukreally KDE needs a good QT browser...15:40
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SmurphyHave you tried Konqueror ?15:56
Smurphyyossarianuk: it is a web-browser.15:56
AndChChecking phone15:59
AndChCheck nick16:08
m-kaHello. I has problem with show all on kubuntu 14.04 (after last update). Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/8ymffr How fix it?17:30
denza242so for some reason apport/drkonqi is popping up everywhere18:14
denza242like, when i normally close say, kinfocenter, i get either a drkonqi or a apport message18:14
denza242heck, once when i closed drkonqi, i got a drkonqi thing for the instance of drkonqi i closed18:14
Smurphydenza242: lol. Big fail.18:25
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supermanintightshi does anyone have experience with dual screens, using a laptop and vga cable?19:05
supermanintightsusing kubuntu system settings, i can't get it to display on my laptop and second screen as extended display.  it only displays on second screen, and shows laptop as disabled, no matter how many times i try to enable and position it before the second screen, it just seems to logs me out, then gives a "kdrunner has crashed" box19:07
Chasersupermanintights: Did you try xrandr ?19:11
supermanintightsno, i saw that on the arch wiki.  is it something i need to download19:12
Smurphysupermanintights: which Version you using ? under 15.04 it works. 15.10 I didn't try.19:13
Chaser!info xrandr19:13
ubottuPackage xrandr does not exist in wily19:13
supermanintightsSmurphy: 15.1019:14
ChaserAh its part of x11-xserver-utils19:14
supermanintightsis that what i need to apt-get Chaser?19:14
SmurphyI think that if Display configuration menue does not work, it won't be easy to get it to work.19:14
Smurphyxrandr is installed with plasma...19:15
supermanintightsit was working ok, although when i try my laptop's keyboard shortcut to display change it was a bit interesting the different display options - however it was working fine last night when i set it to second screen only, but despite several restart attempts and fixes, it won't go back to extended now19:15
supermanintightsoh, i just saw "run xrandr"19:15
supermanintightswill try now19:15
supermanintightsso as someone who is familiar with linux - ubuntu and mint, what should i bear in mind with KDE/kubuntu?19:16
supermanintightsAny particular tips/suggestions?19:16
supermanintightsSmurphy: i run xrandr in console, and get this output https://ptpb.pw/mFiy19:18
Smurphyso he detected both screens.19:21
SmurphyYou need to configure the type of screens to use. Clone, or big surface etc.19:21
SmurphySorry, have to go feed the kids. Be back later ...19:22
supermanintightsis big surface the same as 'extend' display - so i can use 2 screens worth of space, with each having their own individual resolution?19:22
supermanintightsok no problem, thanks for the tip19:22
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SupermanintightsSo unfortunately I have the same problem even when I use randr19:39
rodolfojcjis there someone here to give a hand hunting a bug with Digital Clock plasmoid?19:41
rodolfojcjI'm reviewing that plasmoids's QML files19:41
rodolfojcjand I've identified a line where it's returrning the wrong time offset (in seconds) for my timezone19:41
rodolfojcjso, that seems to be the reason that the Digital Clock displays a wrong time19:42
Supermanintightsdoes anyone have any experience with Kontact - the mail client seems to be running really slow, and only has emails up to august of this year, nothing newer showing in inbox20:03
rodolfojcjhere I am again20:03
rodolfojcjregarding a bug with Digital Clock showing the wrong time for Caracas timezone, that's a known bug that has been solved20:04
rodolfojcjand according with https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=343610 and https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/120779/ this has been solved for Qt Core 5.520:05
ubottuKDE bug 343610 in Digital Clock "Clock widget shows incorrect time for -04:30 timezone" [Normal,Resolved: upstream]20:05
rodolfojcjand Kubuntu 15.10 ships Qt Core version 5.420:06
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rodolfojcjis it possible for the Kubuntu package maintainers to backport that solution that solvest that bug?20:06
rodolfojcjnote that is not only Caracas timezone that is affected, but several timezones that have a fractional part20:07
jrgsorry but i lose track of these names21:35
jrgwhat is kubuntu 15.10 called?21:35
jrgthe codename21:36
Unit193WIly Warewolf21:36
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10 - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/wily21:36
Unit193...I can't spell.21:36
jrgah ok21:36
jrgany tor instructions somewhere?21:36
* genii feeds Unit193 a nice strong Robusta blend21:36
Unit193What do you mean, jrg?21:36
geniiFreenode no longer works with tor, it was being abused too much21:37
jrgwow really?21:37
jrgthought you had to register for tor on fnode21:37
jrgi have a spare laptop.. was just curious if it was possible to make it anonymous all around. not really for doing anything special but just to see if it can be done21:38
geniijrg: https://twitter.com/freenodestaff/status/564848187710906368  ...been off since then21:40
Unit193jrg: Correct, and there were people trying to brute force accounts with it, and you couldn't block them.  You may also want to look into VPNs?21:40
jrgUnit193: possibly. i'll look at those later. no big deal.. just wanted to play a bit with it21:41
AndyMan1Hi, when KDE Applications 15.12 is released, will it be included in Kubuntu 15.10, or will I have to wait till 16.04 to see those changes?21:59
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Unit193It's dolomite, baby!22:52
jrggenii: interesting thing about the tor stuff. bit strange tho.23:47
geniijrg: Since Freenode is a network supposedly for the main purpose of work on open-source and other similar projects, the majority of users really don't have a requirement for anonymity to begin with.23:50
geniiSo it's not a great loss23:51
jrgI suppose. Then again... people can exchange exploit code in order to prevent issues. I would guess that reverse engineering things might fall into the category of wanting anonymity. But who knows. There seem to be quite a few channels on freenode not dedicated to code at all. like the reddit-sports channels23:56
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jrganyways tho. not really a topic for #kubuntu ;)23:56
jrgi managed to get tor installed in it tho. i was just working on making a 100% anonymous kubuntu laptop. just to see if it were possible.23:57

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