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seb128DanChapman, hey, thanks for triaging my dekko bugs reports ;-)12:43
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DanChapmanseb128: hey! np. :-)13:33
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mzanettimhall119, hey, who will be the co-host for my session?15:13
mhall119mzanetti: you15:14
mzanettimhall119, so I'll be alone there?15:14
mhall119oh, co-host?15:14
mhall119mzanetti: which session?15:14
mzanettiunity8 convergence show and tell15:14
mzanettiin 45 mins15:14
mhall119balloons maybe then15:15
mhall119if you need a co-host15:15
mhall119or one of the other Show and Tell track leads15:15
mzanettiballoons, I like what I see (reminders-app)18:02
mzanettiautolanding still complains tho...18:02
mzanettiwhere did you add the dependency?18:02
mzanettiand where is my commit to fix that? I did that last night18:02
mzanettiah ok... the commit is there...18:04
balloonsmzanetti, I needed to add the dependency to the chroot; as we don't use debian packages in the new jenkins18:04
mzanettioh, I see18:04
balloonsthough the old one is still running, and failed it, so it didn't autotrigger18:04
balloonsI'll manually kick it18:04
mzanetticool :)18:04
mzanettiballoons, you using the click packages now in jenkins?18:04
balloonsmzanetti, yes18:04
mzanettiballoons, awesome18:04
mzanettiI wonder if we can drop the dpkg stuff then18:05
balloonsmzanetti, there's a session I'll talk more about what's going on18:05
mzanettiok. thanks so far18:05
mzanettilooking great18:05
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snizzomzanetti: is that online meeting? will it be streamed online?22:39

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