xavigarciatrainguards ping08:30
xavigarciatrainguards: Hi guys, I saw that there was a problem publishing silo 46. I don't have permissions to upload, but I saw that sil2100 had the same issue. The silo contains new strings so we should land this asap to give enough time to the translations team08:32
Mirvxavigarcia: yes, we'd need a core-dev for it, me or sil2100 do not yet have those rights either (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/+members)08:42
xavigarciaMirv: ack... thanks08:42
Mirvxavigarcia: Laney just did a couple of indicator uploads yesterdays, maybe he'd be up to this too. But I see a problem with the packaging unfortunately - it build depends on libunity-api-dev which is in universe, while the indicator is in main.08:44
Mirvthis won't be allowed, so either the dependency should be removed or the unity-api source package should be MIR:d via a bug report containing this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements08:45
xavigarciaMirv: Okay... I will take a look, but I'm afraid I cannot remove that dependency....08:47
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xavigarciaMirv: Hi again, I see the network indicator has also libunity-api-dev as a build dependency and it's landing normally09:52
seb128xavigarcia, that indicator is not used on the desktop and is in universe09:54
xavigarciaseb128: true... I didn't realize it was not in main. thanks!09:56
bzoltan_Mirv:  what should i do with this? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-016-1-build/268/console10:14
Mirvbzoltan_: we're back to normal landings - ie those where you need to wait for the -proposed migration in xenial before the trunk gets merged..10:16
Mirvbzoltan_: but if it's OTA-8 related you're preparing, let's just merge manually10:17
TrevinhoLaney: why do I get that error? ^10:17
bzoltan_Mirv: it is indeed an OTA8 bugfix10:17
TrevinhoIs that already in xenial?10:17
Mirvbzoltan_: ok, just a moment then10:17
LaneyTrevinho: tick box to ignore it10:17
bzoltan_Mirv:  thank you10:17
TrevinhoLaney: how is called?10:18
TrevinhoLaney: FORCE_REBUILD?10:18
Laneyforce something10:18
Laneysounds right10:18
Mirvbzoltan_: trunk up-to-date, feel free to retry now10:19
Mirvthe merge job said something funny but did the main thing anyway10:19
TrevinhoLaney: ok that went ok10:19
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oSoMoNtrainguards: can the armhf xenial build in silo 39 be retried, please?12:30
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MirvoSoMoN: ok12:35
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alf_cihelp: Hi! We are getting CI failures because of intermittent network issues ("Temporary failure in name resolution"). Is this a known issue? For example, see latest failures in https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-mediumtests-runner-touch/12:58
psivaaalf_: this seems very similar cause  due to a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/151104913:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 1511049 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "add-apt-repository intermittently fails on krillin" [Undecided,New]13:03
alf_psivaa: I don't know... what we are seeing is clearly a network issue, whereas the bug you mention seems like a problem with the API (i.e. connection to LP is made, but something goes wrong after that)13:06
psivaaalf_: Since the actual root cause of the bug hasn't been investigated,  i'm not sure if we can either confirm it as the same cause or a different one. May be a different out come of the same cause or slightly different causes. i.e. Could be in the networking used by software-proporties13:13
psivaaalf_: i'll add this output to the bug too13:14
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dobeycihelp: can we have a pending click autopilot mako job killed to circumvent the extreme long wait time, if we aren't relying on successful completion of the autopilot?14:38
josephtdobey: which job?15:20
dobeyjosepht: the pending generic-click-autopilot-mako job for pay-ui15:21
josephtdobey: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-click-autopilot-runner-mako/ ?15:23
dobeyjosepht: yes, #949 is the pending job for pay-ui there15:23
josephtdobey: okay, let me figure out if killing it is going to cause any issues15:25
dobeyjosepht: ok, thanks15:25
josephtdobey: I killed it15:27
dobeyjosepht: i saw. thanks :)15:28
josephtdobey: np15:28
dobeycihelp, trainguards: can we get http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-click-builder-14.09-armhf/49/artifact/output/com.canonical.payui_15.01.135_armhf.click uploaded to the store please?15:29
sil2100dobey: hey! You'd need someone like popey15:29
Saviqtrainguards, remove unity-scope-click from silo 21 please, and can we have a silo for reqs 595, 596?15:30
sil2100Saviq: oh, we low on silos now? On it15:30
sil2100Saviq: packages deleted, now for the requests15:31
Saviqsil2100, yeah, thanks15:32
sil2100Saviq: assigned15:33
sil2100Landers, please make sure to free up silos that you are not using right now15:33
popeysil2100, dunno who uploads payui, usually fginther I think....15:34
sil2100Oh, hm, ok15:34
sil2100fginther: ^ ?15:34
fginthersil2100, hey15:34
dobeyusually fginther or plars in the past15:34
dobeyfginther: can you upload http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-click-builder-14.09-armhf/49/artifact/output/com.canonical.payui_15.01.135_armhf.click to the store?15:35
sil2100fginther: dobey wanted a payui upload to the store, if you have a moment :)15:35
fgintherdobey, sure15:35
fgintherdobey, done15:38
dobeyfginther: great, thanks15:39
bfillersil2100: out of silos? not letting me assign through train15:41
sil2100bfiller: yeah, you have a request I should assign?15:41
bfillersil2100: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/59715:42
dobeytrainguards: for requests for click package landings, do we just abandon the request once it's done? i don't see a way to manually set the status to landed15:42
robrudobey: what happens if you force merge?15:42
sil2100bfiller: assigning15:42
bfillersil2100: ty15:43
dobeyrobru: how do i do that?15:43
sil2100bfiller: assigned, but we're no officially out of silos15:43
bfillersil2100: darn, any that can be deleted?15:43
robrudobey: run the merge job with FORCE checked. IIRC it should not try to delete any nonexistent PPA but still set the status to Landed.15:43
dobeyrobru: i only see "Assign" "Abandon" and "Edit"15:43
dobeyrobru: oh i need to assign a silo ppa for it?15:44
robrudobey: oh crap, nm then15:44
robrudobey: you won't be able to because we're low15:44
dobeyoh ok15:44
dobeyrobru: but assign and then force merge, should theoretically result in it being "landed" ?15:44
robrudobey: just mark it abandoned I guess. I still to this day have no idea why people insist on cramming non-ppa-using things through the ppa-wrapping-tool15:45
dobeyrobru: because you haven't given us a solution for getting clicks built, QAed, and uploaded to the store :)15:45
dobeyit all has to be done manually this way15:45
robrudobey: I could create a spreadsheet for you...15:46
dobeygive me a way to have silos for clicks, and it will get used15:46
robrudobey: well I can't make ppas support clicks, talk to colin15:47
sil2100xavigarcia: hey! So, I also checked quickly the packaging diff for silo 46 and as probably already someone else mentioned, we can't release it due to the cmake-extras and libunity-api-dev deps which are in universe15:59
sil2100xavigarcia: we'd either need to get rid of those or move them to main16:00
xavigarciasil2100: although they only depend for building?16:01
xavigarciasil2100: I only need those packages for the integration tests16:01
sil2100xavigarcia: yeah, sadly, a main package can only build-dep on main packages16:01
xavigarciasil2100: it's going to be a problem, then I guess....16:02
sil2100Otherwise there's a component-mismatch16:02
xavigarciasil2100: I see16:02
sil2100xavigarcia: if it's required and the both packages are still maintained by us, I guess we can look into getting them into main16:02
sil2100Then you could just leave those deps, but I'd need to check if it's possible and how much work would it need16:02
xavigarciasil2100: ok...16:03
jhodapprobru, can you please dput qtmultimedia from ppa:jhodapp/ubuntu/ppa to the silo 9 ppa?16:07
robrujhodapp: one sec16:07
robrujhodapp: ok one, you can run the build job now to track it16:08
jhodapprobru, thanks man16:08
robrujhodapp: you're welcome16:08
sil2100alecu, xavigarcia: looking at the packages main-inclusion possibility in a minute16:21
alecusil2100: xavigarcia is also looking at splitting the landing16:21
alecusil2100: and taking the tests and new dependencies out, and trying to land them for OTA-916:21
alecusil2100: so, let me know if the main-inclusion is not possible, and we'll try to push that16:22
alecusil2100: hopefully it can be solved in the way you propose, so we don't have to retest all the silo.16:22
xavigarciaalecu, sil2100: I already pushed the changes to remove the integration tests.... so if you think we can include those packages in main without issues please let me know so I can roll back16:24
xavigarciaalecu, sil2100: I'm rebuilding the silo, as it takes some time16:25
alecuxavigarcia: if you are rebuilding the silo we'll need QA approval again16:26
alecuxavigarcia: make sure to mention that there are no changes in the main code16:26
sil2100alecu, xavigarcia: ok, thanks guys16:27
alecusil2100: thank you!16:27
sil2100alecu, xavigarcia: so, it looks like we could potentially get both packages rather easy to main, but let me double-confirm that16:32
sil2100alecu, xavigarcia: ok, filled in an MIR for unity-api, doko will be looking at it in a moment16:43
sil2100Fingers crossed it gets approved16:43
sil2100Ursinha: hey! Could you add me as an admin to the https://launchpad.net/~touch-packages team? :)16:48
sil2100Ursinha: since it's a team that's subscribed to a few touch packages and I see you're the only person in it16:50
boikojibel: hi, I was wondering, do you think it is necessary to have QA verification on silo 000?16:50
boikojibel: there are no code changes there, just changes to the CMake files to support cross compiling16:51
Ursinhasil2100: sure :) I'm on the move right now but as soon as I get to my computer I'll do that16:51
dbarthi guess that's a sil2100 request ;)16:53
dbarthcould you help me upload the latest oxide to silo 6?16:53
dbarthfrom https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~osomon/oxide-1.10.4-vivid-overlay/16:53
sil2100Oh my16:53
sil2100Sure, I'm on a sprint though, not sure if I won't thrash the internet for everyone when uploading it to the silo16:54
sil2100But I guess there's no one else that could do that right now ;)16:54
dbarthsil2100: uh, could be yes16:55
sil2100Downloading, will try doing that in a minute16:55
dbarthor is there someone else with you privs to do that? robru when he arrives?16:55
sil2100robru: is here with me as well16:56
dobeyrvr: the purchase button state returns to the correct state just fine here on my mako with the silo. are you sure it wasn't just being a little bit slow for you perhaps? or that the old pay-service wasn't left around running? did you reboot the phone after installing the silo?16:57
alecusil2100: should we stop xavigarcia's build if you are moving forward with the MIR?16:57
rvrdobey: Yes, I rebooted the phone, and tested without the silo. Then reinstalled the silo (citrain reboots), and problem was back.16:58
xavigarciasil2100: I'm afraid moving those packages to main is going to take more time, so I think that it's best to land now without those dependencies and land them for next OTA....16:59
dobeyrvr: can i see your ~/.cache/upstart/dbus.log when that happens?16:59
xavigarciasil2100, alecu: the new build for silo 46 is almost finished16:59
dbartheh :)17:00
sil2100Ok, let's just leave it as is17:00
oSoMoNsil2100, would it help if I dput’d this source package in a PPA somewhere, and you triggered a source copy from the PPA to the silo?17:02
rvrdobey: Sure, let me reinstall it17:03
dobeyrvr: ok thanks. this is very odd indeed. i need to go get lunch now though. thanks17:05
dbarthoSoMoN: i thought sil2100 needed to redo the changelog anyway17:05
oSoMoNdbarth, why would he need to do that?17:06
sil2100oSoMoN: that might help, if the package version has ~overlay1 in it17:06
oSoMoNsil2100, yeah, it does already, I prepared it with the overlay PPA in mind17:06
dbarthsil2100: it does17:06
dbarthah, so then a ppa source copy can just work17:06
oSoMoNok, let me see if I can push it to my personal PPA17:07
dbarthoSoMoN: you'll need the space quota upgraded17:07
oSoMoNnot necessarily for the source package, although the build will fail because of lack of space, but that doesn’t matter much, what we’re interested in is the source package17:08
Ursinhasil2100: done, can you check if that's enough?17:19
oSoMoNsil2100, okay, you should now be able to do a source copy of oxide-qt 1.10.4-0ubuntu1~overlay1 from https://launchpad.net/~osomon/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages to silo 617:25
sil2100oSoMoN: thanks!17:28
sil2100Ursinha: looking :)17:28
sil2100Ursinha: could you also make me an admin of the team?17:29
Ursinhasil2100: done :) and now?17:30
sil2100Ursinha: excellent, thanks!17:31
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Train trouble? ping trainguards | CI problems? ping cihelp | Train: http://bit.ly/1hGZsfS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: -
sil2100oSoMoN: ok, I'll copy it over, but for the next release I would recomment using the sru versioning for the vivid package of oxide17:34
sil2100oSoMoN: you know, 1.10.4-0ubuntu0.15.10.1~overlay1 etc.17:36
oSoMoNsil2100, noted, I’ll keep that in mind for the next one17:37
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sil2100oSoMoN: thanks! Package copied :)17:38
rvrdobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13093327/17:53
dobeyrvr: that's the payui.log; i need to see dbus.log17:56
rvrdobey: Hmm17:59
rvrdobey: The button eventually changes back to the price, takes long, but it does18:00
rvrdobey: This is the dbus.log for a couple of requests http://paste.ubuntu.com/13093425/18:00
dobeyrvr: how long did it take? here it's maybe 3-4 seconds; but i have 500 Mbps connection too18:00
dobeyrvr: ok, looks like it's not logging an error there, at least. i wonder why it's taking so long for you though. for me, it's about the same amount of time for both versions of pay-service18:01
rvrdobey: Weird, I went to another app, and now it doesn't get the price back. 1 minute and counting...18:03
rvrdobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13093503/18:03
dobeystill no errors. hrmm18:04
dobeyrvr: hmm, anything in unity8-dash.log ?18:07
rvrdobey: file:///usr/share/unity8//Components/LazyImage.qml:91:16: QML Image: Cannot open: file:///usr/share/unity8//Dash/Previews/broken_image18:10
rvr** (process:2453): WARNING **: /build/pay-service-MZO9y2/pay-service-2.0.0+15.04.20151021.1/libpay/internal/package.cpp:223 item_properties variant has no sku or package_name entry18:10
dobeyrvr: ok, thanks. looks like maybe something in libpay is awry. i'll see if i can track down what's going on there18:11
rvrdobey: Cool, thanks18:11
xavigarcia_trainguards, Hi! is there any problem building silos for arm64? I'm trying to build silo 46 but it's been waiting with the message: INFO arm64: Needs building18:51
robruxavigarcia_: looks like it just started. I guess the builders were just busy19:16
xavigarcia_robru: it finally finished... thanks!19:28
robruxavigarcia_: you're welcome. let me know if you need any more help19:28
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dobeyToyKeeper: hey, are you around?21:45
dobeyToyKeeper: can you test the rest of silo 26 please? rvr found an issue earlier today with the new pay-service, and i've fixed it and rebuilt pay-service in the silo now.21:46
ToyKeeperSure, I'll take that one next.  :)21:47
dobeyToyKeeper: great, thanks!21:48
sil2100Love queuebot's spamming21:58
cjwatsonxavigarcia_: heh, the problem is that we have five builders and they aren't keeping up.  we're in the process of commissioning scalingstack on arm64, which will fix this once it works properly22:14
* sil2100 waits for his ocaml rebuilds to get built on arm6422:23

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