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tsimonq2hey, after UDS tomorrow, where caqn I watch the sessions? I will be at achool but I would still like to watch03:54
mhall119tsimonq2: you can watch them from the same pages as the live stream on summit.ubuntu.com04:00
tsimonq2ok, thanks04:03
josedupingping: certificates can take some time. there have been cases where it takes up to 6 months. it is sent via slow mail so it takes time04:38
dupingpingjose, already sent?04:39
josedupingping: I don't know. someone at Canonical handles them. just be very very patient04:39
dupingpingjose, oh, 6 months?04:40
dupingpingvery very slow.04:40
joseslow mail takes a lot of time, but it lets us save money so all Members can get certificates04:41
dupingpingjose, yes. But they can send me an email attach the certificate scaned the certi paper.04:42
dupingpingjose, So i can print the paper by myself before get real certificate.04:43
josedupingping: no, unfortunately not. there are many many certificates so it would be very difficult04:43
dupingpingjose, they can let me trace the mail transport id?04:44
josedupingping: no, certificates do not have one. they are sent with the less expensive option to save money. remember we need to send certificates to all members and it can be expensive if we start adding things like tracking numbers04:45
josedupingping: may I ask, why are you in a hurry to get the certificate?04:45
dupingpingjose, yes, i think that it's related to my reputation.04:46
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joseevening, Guest60019!04:47
Guest60019hey jose04:47
josedupingping: unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed up the process. you need to be patient - the certificate will arrive. we just don't know the time04:47
dupingpingjose, I see, thank you. I'll just wait.04:48
joseI'm sorry we can't do more.04:48
joseand also, congratulations on membership :)04:48
dupingpingjose, oh, no problem. And thank you.04:49
davidcalleMorning o/08:38
dholbachI'm out for lunch - see you in a bit10:47
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davidcallemhall119, hi, two questions: does collectstatic run during deployments? I believe the devportal.css used on prod is missing a change made a while ago, there is a diff between what's in the prod branch and what's visible online for this file12:30
davidcalleSecond q. I'm getting errors when I run the apidoc importer on a fresh local trunk, is there any command to run (other than make dev) before ./update_apidocs.sh?12:33
mhall119davidcalle: it's run my mojo's postdeploy, but if you only do a juju set it will not be run12:33
mhall119nothing else should be needed for update_apidocs.sh to run, are you inside the virtualenv?12:34
davidcallemhall119, oh ok, what's the exact command we need to run on prod for that then? On staging, collectstatic hangs.12:35
* davidcalle tries again12:36
balloonsEveryone uos ready?12:36
mhall119davidcalle: juju run --unit devportal-app/0 './run.py make collectstatic'12:36
davidcalleFrom the virtualenv "api_docs.models.DoesNotExist: Topic matching query does not exist."12:38
davidcallemhall119, for all imports12:38
davidcallemhall119, thanks for the command, can we run this safely on prod?12:40
davidcalleballoons, yes!12:41
mhall119davidcalle: oh, you need to setup topic, language and version for anything you're importing12:42
mhall119through the django admin12:42
davidcallemhall119, ok, I wasn't sure if this was manual or automated12:43
mhall119dpm: can we move the UOS planning session up to 1500 on thursday?13:18
dpmmhall119, wfm if it works for others13:19
mhall119popey: dholbach balloons davidcalle ^^ work for you?13:21
* balloons looks13:21
popeyi have a session then13:22
balloonsprobably doesn't really work, why?13:22
popeywhere is it now?13:22
mhall119CC meeting with mark got moved to 160013:22
balloons1600 thursday13:22
mhall119if it doesn't work then leave it where it is13:23
mhall119it can go on without me13:23
davidcallemhall119, js scopes session at that time, can't really miss it13:24
dholbachmhall119, I have another session at 16 too already13:28
dholbachand one at 150013:28
Pici(keeping an eye on the bots, I'll mess with them if they don't do what they're supposed to)13:54
mhall119thanks Pici13:54
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dpmdholbach, mhall119, balloons, popey, davidcalle, http://pad.ubuntu.com/mark-qa-151114:15
Piciokay, something was messed up, should be fixed now. will make sure things go smoothly in about 40 minutes14:20
dpmpopey, mhall119, balloons, davidcalle, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYeRHiqNwDa8kgsKodSS_ok2EJQbERsSp0SkAHgt61u6dIVijA15:06
Picimhall119: woo15:07
dpmfor the community roundtable15:07
davidcalledpm, ty15:07
Picigood too, since I was stuck in my boss's office15:08
dupingpingpopey, hi. how are you today?15:14
dupingpingpopey, i sent an email you.15:14
popeyoh, not seen that15:14
dupingpingplease check now, sent one sec ago.15:15
popeydupingping, you may have to wait a while for the certificate15:16
popeyThey aren't done immediately, but done in batches.15:16
dupingpingyes, then may i get it before new years day?15:16
dupingpingpopey, i'm very wondered about the getting time. :)15:19
balloonsczajkowski, davidcalle, hggdh can one of you host the unity8 session for the next hour? http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22638/unity8-convergence-show-tell/ The presenter needs a someone to host15:24
popeydupingping, we don't promise when they will be sent, sorry.15:24
davidcalleballoons, sure :)15:25
balloonsdavidcalle, thank you. I'll let mzanetti know15:26
dupingpingpopey, thank you for your help. may i send mark an email? So he can see about my cert?15:26
davidcalleballoons, but I won't be able to take the 2 after15:26
balloonsdavidcalle, ack.15:26
popeydupingping, i personally wouldn't15:27
balloonsif czajkowski or hggdh can grab one of those sessions, that would be helpful15:27
dupingpingpopey, wow, it's so bad idea?15:27
czajkowskiballoons: cant do the next hr I'm grabbing new manager from the station15:29
popeydupingping, as I said, we don't promise when they will be sent15:29
dupingpingpopey, yes, but if i go to the canonical company to get the certificate?15:32
popeydupingping, the certificate will come, please be patient15:33
dupingpingpopey, yes, i see. I'll try to wait for the certificate. I'm very happy about meet you. You're very kind.15:34
dupingpingpopey, thank you. When i have any questions, may i ask you directly? I'm sorry to waste your time.15:38
czajkowskidupingping: you're not wasting peoples time15:39
czajkowskihe is on the roundtable session atm so maybe slow at replying15:39
czajkowskidupingping: or if anyone else can help just ask15:39
czajkowskifriendly channel :)15:39
dupingpingczajkowski, :) thank you very much. there are many kindly peoples.15:39
dupingpingczajkowski, can i join the meeting? i'm just a new ubuntu member.15:42
popeydupingping, sure thing, any time.15:43
dupingpingczajkowski, where can i find the meeting schedule?15:43
dupingpingJorge castro saying :)15:47
josedupingping: summit.ubuntu.com16:00
dupingpingyes, jose. I found it. thank you. And i saw the meeting just now.16:01
* davidcalle shakes fist at his laptop17:00
dpmdholbach, mhall119, popey, balloons, who's not in sessions and up for the team Q&A later?17:24
popeyI will be in a session dpm17:26
dholbachI would like to be in a session, but could make myself available17:30
balloonsI believe I might be free17:30
balloonsdholbach, you'll be in http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22594/snappy-clinic-bringing-ros-apps-to-snappy-ubuntu-core/ yes?17:31
dholbachballoons, or I'll watch it tomorrow that should be fine too17:32
dholbach(and let sergiusens know beforehand)17:32
dholbachI'm happy either way17:32
mhall119dpm: I'm available17:39
dpm ok, I've set up the hangout for UbuntuOnAir in summit, and I'll be sharing the hangout link here for those who want to join17:40
dholbachso who's going to do the Q&A now? :)17:45
dpmI'm up for it, and seems Mike too17:48
dpmHere's the link to join. I'm going to start it as the UbuntuOnAir user in ~7 https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYf9y8d48GDT5pnbcI3OJskEVk3VhiPlF2zeQbaXJC_rCLMfBw17:48
dholbachok cool17:50
balloonspopey, should this be removed? http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22586/sdk-roadmap/19:34
dholbachall rightie... I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!20:05
dpmcheers dholbach, have a nice evening!20:06
dholbachyou too! :)20:08
jcastropopey: I lasted like 20 seconds on your soundcloud clip21:50
jcastrountil the guy started talking21:50
jcastroI then got visibly angry and closed the tab21:50
popeypart 2 is more fun than part 1, he calls me all kinds of things21:51
popeyone of them claims I stole the computer21:51
jcastropopey: I do admit, as an american, your accent makes you come across as so smug it actually makes the entire thing even more hilarious21:52
popeyhah :D21:52
jcastroit's like, a cartoon21:52
popeyI was playing dumb, so that's quite the compliment21:52
jcastro"Because I am not stupid"21:53
jcastrothat is awesome21:53
jcastroman how come none of these guys ever call me21:54
jcastropopey: OMG, I wish you could have told him you worked at Canonical at this part21:55
jcastrothat is awesome21:55
jcastroI would have21:56
popeyyeah, i probably should21:56
jcastropopey: this turned out way better than it should have turned out21:56
popeydid you listen to #1 and #2 ?21:56
popey1 is long and quite boring21:57
popeytill I rickroll him21:57
jcastrohmm, the international routing system21:57
popeyyeah, be scared21:57
jcastrothis guy reading this huge number21:57
jcastroover the phone21:57
jcastroyou can't make that up21:57
jcastrothat's so ridiculous21:58
jcastropopey: actually, nevermind, the teamviewer URL being spelled out wins22:00
popeyyeah, that number is one that's the same on every windows install.22:00
popeymy wife listened earlier and was stunned how rude they were22:00
jcastropopey: I think listening to them out of order is actually better22:03
jcastroman I wish this would happen to me so much22:07
jcastrook I just got to the rickroll22:07
jcastropopey: why does he want that ID number for?22:08
jcastrois that the teamviewer conf # or something?22:08
popeyjcastro, depends, one long number _he_ read out was to "prove" he had my license ID.22:16
jcastroit sounds like he says "living in this app"22:19
popeyjcastro, the code I was read was the teamviewer code to remote control my pc22:19
popeyhe would probably have installed malware while there22:19
jcastroman, you should have installed the deb22:20
jcastroand watch him flip out when he sees a unity screen22:20
popeythats a great idea22:20
popeyi might setup a spare vm for next time22:20
jcastro"oh wait, sure, I'll be happy to give you access, give me a second to fire up a container for you."22:20
jcastroMan, I'm going to play this whole thing at my next party22:21
jcastrothis is awesome22:21
jcastro"Cause I'm not stupid" is the best22:22
jcastrolike, you can feel the guy like ... deflate22:22

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